Top 50 Apps Similar to Lumosity Mind - Meditation App

CogniFit Brain Fitness 4.3.4
CogniFit Inc
Train your brain while having fun.CogniFittechnology automatically builds for you an optimal braintrainingregimen based on your ongoing performance and yourcurrentcognitive needs.CogniFit is constantly used by the scientific community. Forthelast 15 years all our brain fitness solutions have beenclinicallyproven and the results are published in manyscientificjournals.For references see: provides you with a platform to assess, train andtrackyour cognitive skills such as concentration, memory andattention.The CogniFit technology has been developed to provide youwith anoptimal and personalized brain fitness and is now availableon yourmobile!Choose among a large number of brain training exercises tohelpimprove the skills that are important for learning andpersonaldevelopment- Train your brain on the go.- Assess your brain and discover your cognitive power.- Get personalized results for key cognitive abilities such asyourmemory, concentration and attention.- Train with the CogniFit patented personalized training ordecideto play single games.This app is fully integrated with PC/Macplatform.Every progress you make is fully synchronized and saved onbothplatformsCogniFit Brain Fitness for Android is free to sign up and letyoutrain in demo mode up a limited number of brain games.If you are serious with your brain training, you shouldconsidersubscribing to CogniFit and get access to all of thetrainingprograms, brain games available and much more. Subscribingwillgrant you full access to the mobile platform and the webplatformof CogniFit.See the minimumrequirements: our privacypolicy: about our terms ofuse: us: us:
NeuroNation Ease: Mindfulness & Meditation
Meditation + Mindfulness to beat Stress, Anxiety, and DepressionbyNeuroNation
Panic Attack Relief & Breath
GymStreak Ltd
Breathwork Coach for Anxiety & Stress
Meditation & Breathing Joy calm relax sleep guide 34.0
Meditation & breathing - Joy will help you find yourinnerpeaceby following one of the best guided Meditationsrecordedespeciallyfor beginners but also for advanced users.Reachmindfulness, learnhow to meditate properly and change yourlifefor the better. Useour meditations to feel better,energised,loved. Guided breathingmeditations will help you fallasleepfaster and improve sleepquality. Managing Stress Meditationcanproduce a deep state ofrelaxation and a tranquil mind.Duringmeditation, you focus yourattention and eliminate the streamofjumbled thoughts that may becrowding your mind and causingstress.This process may result inenhanced physical andemotionalwell-being. Deep Sleep Guided sleepmeditation is a methodforhelping you to let go of worryingthoughts and relax yourbodybefore bed. Like other forms ofmeditation, this practiceinvolvesmoving your focus away from yourthoughts to sensations inyourbody. Focus and ConcentrationResearch confirms that thebrainfunctions of frequent meditatorschange for the better.Meditatorsare less likely to find themselvesat the mercy ofdistractions andan unruly mind than people whodon’t meditate. Thereare manydifferent meditation techniques forconcentration; ifyou’relooking to sharpen your focus, you canchoose one that appealstoyou. Calm Nature Sounds Joy will offer alot of nature soundsthatcan be used as a background music for yourmeditation or justasway to relax before going to sleep or fallasleep. All ofourmeditations are recorded by a famous meditationexpert withyearsof experience. Joy tracks your progress andencourages youtocontinue building a healthy meditation practice.We willrewardeach minute of your meditation by recording yourexperience inasimpatic animal badge ranking system. We will recordyour streakandhelp you stay on a correct path. WHAT'S INCLUDED:Meditation ✔Guidedmindful and loving-kindness meditations withaprofessionalinstructor ✔ Choose your own time for ameditationsession ✔ Chooseunguided meditation sessions ranging from5 minutesto 24 hours inlength ✔ Sit in silence or choose soothingbackgroundtracks(bells, blocks, bowls, streams, and other gentlesounds)thatencourage restfulness ✔ Live meditations: get anewfreshlyrecorded meditation each week Breathing ✔ Simpleyogicbreathingexercises that can easily be performed on-the-go ✔OptionsincludeBox Breathing, Deep Calm, and Awake sessions Sleep✔Guidedbreathing exercises help relax your mind as you drift offtosleep✔ Choose silence or gentle background sounds to playduringandafter your session Rest ✔ Guided breathing activitieshelploosenup your psyche as you float off to rest ✔ Choose quietordelicatefoundation sounds to play during and afteryourmeetingContemplation Timer ✔ For unguided contemplation, setyourcustomintervention length, foundation sounds (or quietness),andinterimtolls Progress Tracking ✔ Joy tracks the quantityofminutes/hoursyou've thought, careful breaths you've taken, andthequantity ofreflection/breathing meetings you've achieved, justasanycontinuous streaks Build an oak strong mind withlivemeditationsavailable each Sunday.
BrainHQ 2.6
Posit Science
Train your brain with BrainHQ from Posit Science—the mostrigorousprogram available for better brain health, and the only onebackedby more than 100 scientific papers showing benefits. Now withnewfeatures that contribute to your brain fitness success!BrainHQrepresents the culmination of 30 years of research inneurologicalscience and related medicine. Top scientists fromaround the worldhelped to develop and test the BrainHQ exercises.The result: atraining system that comprehensively improves brainfunction, fromthe most basic elements of perception through themost complexelements of memory, thinking, and decision-making. Noother brainfitness program can match BrainHQ in scientific proof.More than100 publications from independent, randomized controlledtrialshave shown that the exercises and assessments in BrainHQdrive realchange. These changes include: • functional changes, suchas bettermemory and faster processing speed • real-worldabilities,including safer driving and a lower chance of depressivesymptoms •physical brain changes, like healthier white matter andmorecoordinated neurons. All of this means that BrainHQworks—inlaboratory studies, and in the lives of everyday people:TheBrainHQ app helps you set and achieve your brain traininggoals—soit not only works, it works for you. Each exercise adaptsto yourperformance and gets more challenging as your performanceimproves,just like a personal trainer for your brain. The trainingisdesigned to fit into your life: train for just 5 minutes inyourspare time, or do a complete workout in an hour. BrainHQ is afreedownload, and includes a core set of exercises that areavailablefor free. For full access, we offer the followingsubscriptionoptions: 1 month: $14 year: $96 These prices are forUnited Statescustomers. Pricing in other countries may vary andactual chargesmay be converted to your local currency depending onyour countryor residence. 

Monthly subscription are billed onceper month, andan annual subscriptions are billed once per year.Subscriptionautomatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off atleast24-hours before the end of the current period. Account willbecharged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of thecurrentperiod, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptionsmay bemanaged by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off bygoing tothe user's Account Settings after purchase. Any unusedportion of afree trial period, if offered, will be forfeited whenthe userpurchases a subscription to that publication, whereapplicable.-privacy:
Serenity: Guided Meditation 3.9.0
Serenity: Guided Meditations & Mindfulness allows you to learnavariety of meditation and mindfulness techniques to bring a senseofpeace, calm and happiness to your life. Learn the basics withthefree, easy to follow 7 day audio course. Gain the skillsrequired tomake mindful meditation a part of the rest of yourlife.Foundations: Expand your skills and learn about mindfulness,selfawareness, values and goals Sleep guides: A selection ofguidedmediations designed to guide you to sleep usingrelaxationtechniques, peaceful music and tranquil sounds Stressrelief:soothe anxiety with relaxation and mindfulness techniques tocalmthe mind and body Quick meditations: short sessions topracticeyour skills or provide a sense of serenity and calm fromthestresses of your day Daily meditations - Different meditationseachday to help maintain regular practice Plus more being added totheapp all the time Other features: No sign up/log in required -startmeditating straight away Ideal for beginners with over 2 hrsoffree audio. No subscriptions necessary - extra content isavailableeither through one time permanent purchases or unlockeverythingwith a subscription Easy to follow - serenity is idealforbeginners and more experienced mindful meditators alike Silentmind- learn a technique to quieten the mind of thoughts Meditationandmindfulness skills - Learn to separate thoughts from feelingstoimprove your emotional well being Gratitude - Changeyourperspective on life by understanding gratitude and gain anewappreciation of the world around you Plus Set up daily reminderstostay on track Stay motivated by completing challenges andunlockingmore free sessions as you progress Monitor your progresswith statsand graphsSee if mindful meditation can improve your life- installnow!
Guided Meditation Masters: Daily Mindfulness Focus 1.5.1
MyPsychic LLC
It is confirmed through thousands of years worth ofancientwisdomthat meditation reduces stress, calms the mind andincreasesinnerpeace. Studies have proven that meditation can givethe bodydeeprest that is deeper than the rest from that ofsleep.Regularmeditation is proven accumulate deep rest in the bodyovertime,and it is that deepening reservoir of rest that reducesstressandresults in the many benefits of muscletension,improvedcirculation, energy, focus, inner peace, and anoverallbetterquality of emotions. Stress accounts for over 60% ofdoctorvisits.Meditation can lower blood pressure, cholesterol andtherisk ofheart disease and stroke, can help relievestress,depression,insomnia, sleeplessness, anxiety and worries, andcanincreaseproductivity, learning, happiness, well being andinnerpeace.Drastically change the quality of your life byfollowingthecurated collection of top quality meditation coursesfocusedonhealing, stress and anxiety reduction, sleep and more.Thecourseswill help any seeker at any level of experience,whetherthey'renew to meditation, exposed to it or a dailypractitioner.
Brainwell Mind & Brain Trainer
Brainwell Mind Trainer has games to train your brain &memory.Play today!
Meditation Helper Plus
A meditation timer with a widget to help motivate you tomeditateregularly.
The Mindfulness App
Meditation for you. Sleep better, relax & become more present.
Brightmind Meditation
Industrial-Strength Happiness
KettleMind - Competitive Brain Games
23 Brain Exercises - Train your brain with mind games &improvecognitive skills
Plum Village: Zen Guided Meditation & Mindfulness
Free mindfulness app meditation practices by Zen BuddhistMasterThich Nhat Hanh
Neuro Active Brain Training 1.0
Neuro Active Brain Training with Neurobic Exercises toHelpPreventMemory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness. As thepopulationgrowingapproaches middle age and beyond, the issue ofpreservingmentalpowers throughout greatly increased life spans hasreachedanalmost fever pitch. There is a growing interestin—andoptimismabout—preserving and enhancing the brain’scapabilitiesinto senioryears. With the help of powerful new toolsof molecularbiology andbrain imaging, neuro scientists around theworld havebeen lookinginto the mind as it thinks. Almost daily,they arediscovering thatmany of the negative myths about the agingbrainare, indeed, onlymyths: “Older and wiser” is not just ahopefulcliche but can bethe reality. In much the same way that youcanmaintain yourphysical well-being, you can take charge ofyourmental health andfitness using our Neuro Active Brain Trainingapp.Although new andtherefore not yet proved by a large body oftests,Neurobics isbased on solid scientific ground; it is anexcitingsynthesis ofsubstantial findings of the brain that providesaconcrete strategyfor keeping the brain fit and flexible as yougrowolder. ☑Disclaimer: The data collected is provided free ofchargeforinformational purposes only, with no guarantee ofwhatsoeverforaccuracy, validity, availability, or fitness for anypurpose.Useit at your own risk. This app has no affiliation orrelationwithany of the social media brands.
Declutter The Mind Meditation 1.3-rel
Declutter The Mind offers guided meditation for mindfulness,sleep,anxiety, stress, work, and a lot more. In addition, DeclutterTheMind offers 30-day courses that will teach you how tomeditate,form the habit of a regular practice, and expand your mindthroughthe teachings of mindfulness meditation. This is allwithoutpositioning meditation as something mystical, spiritual,orsupernatural for it to work for you. The science already showsthata regular meditation practice improves mental health andhappiness.Let our app help you unlock these benefits withoutattaching it tosomething woo-woo. Declutter The Mind offers apractical and easyapproach to sitting down and observing the mind.With enoughpractice, you’ll start to have insights into your mind,how itworks, and how busy it is. These insights can make you acalmer,less reactive, and happier person. WHAT IS MEDITATION If youwantto understand the mind, sit down and observe it. Meditationisusing a non-judgemental awareness to notice whatthoughts,feelings, and sensations appear in consciousness. It’saboutbecoming aware of just how busy the mind is, and breaking awayfromthat momentum. Buddhists call this the monkey mind, the mindthat’sconstantly busy and chattering, sometimes without us evenfullynoticing it. We can call this clutter, and this app will helpyoudeclutter the mind. HOW IT WORKS Meditation doesn’t requireanyspecial equipment, or crossing your legs in a particular way,orholding your fingers out. You just need a comfortable andquietspot where you can remain undisturbed for 10 minutes. Onceyou’vefound your spot, choose the guided meditation that best suitsyourneeds. If you’re unsure where to start, check out theEssentialscategory to find meditations for beginners. Choose thesession,select your length, and follow the guided instructions.WHAT’S INTHE APP - Several categories of individual guidedmeditations -Courses for new practitioners and experiencedmeditators - A newguided meditation every single day with the DailyGuided Meditationfeature - 30-day mindfulness course for beginners- 10-dayloving-kindness course - Theory included in each lesson,along witha guided practice - Emergency category allowing you quicksessionsin times of need - Selectable meditation length - Heartyourfavorites so they’re easy to find and return to later - Set adailyreminder to meditate at the time you want with the built-inPushNotification Reminders - Track stats such as your totalminutesmeditated within the app and the number of days total thatyou’vemeditated - Meditation timer for when you’d rather do anunguidedmeditation - Pre-download guided meditations and play themofflineand on - the go - Different types of meditation:Mindfulness,Vipassana, Loving-Kindness, visualization, body scan -Meditationand mindfulness articles to deepen your leaning - Guidedmeditationled by a 15+ year practitioner TOPICS INCLUDE -Mindfulness - Bodyscan - Loving-kindness - Breathing exercises -Anxiety - Stress -PTSD - Depression - Sleep - Relaxation - Focus -Concentration andclarity - Morning and waking up - Energy -Cravings - Anger -Mental health - Managing emotions UPCOMINGFEATURES - Live guidedmeditations - Group meditation sessions withfriends and family -Friends list - Google Fit integration - AndroidWatch integrationAll guided meditations are free for life. Besidesthe guidedmeditations, the app includes meditation courses, whichyou can trythe first 5 days for free. If you’d like to continue thecourses,you can subscribe for $7.99 USD a month or $79.99 USD ayear. Needhelp? Visit for support, andhead on overto for more information and freeguidedmeditations you can try on our website. Terms ofuse: Privacypolicy:
Smiling Mind
Smiling Mind
Meditation for all ages Meditation App
Guided Mindfulness & Sleep Meditations, Soothing Music&Sounds
Mindbliss: Relax & Meditation
Over 200K members! Let go of your ego, unwind anxiety,meditate& self care.
Waking Up: Guided Meditation 2.1.0
Waking Up LLC
Combining meditation and mindfulness techniques withpracticalwisdom, Waking Up is a guide to unlocking the mind andlearning howto meditate. Follow one of our guided meditationcourses and trackyour mindfulness habits with new sessions, updateddaily. Meditateto go beyond calming or relaxing. Balance your mind,and meditatewith guided sessions and mindfulness techniques withSam Harris, aneuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author.Explore thetheory behind meditation, from gaining awareness ofoneself tounderstanding the source of feelings like anxiety orstress.Through our meditation guide, discover philosophy andneurosciencein short audio lessons with Sam Harris, other teachersandscholars. Topics include: mindfulness meditation, mentalhealth,how to meditate, gratitude, anxiety, neuroscience,awareness,meditation techniques, zen, stoicism, and much more. 4reasons todownload Waking Up: 1. Unique meditation sessions:Through avariety of mindfulness techniques, Waking Up weaves ameditationguide to help you build a mindfulness habit, meditate andgo beyondthe standard understanding of meditation. 2. Meditationtheory tohelp you understand mindfulness: Ground your experienceofmeditation in practical wisdom, gratitude, awareness, andarational understanding of the world. Learn the neurosciencebehindanxiety, mental health, and mindfulness meditationtechniques. 3.Daily mindfulness reminders: Listen to short audioreflections fromSam Harris to help you stay present and mindful inyour daily life.4. Free meditation trial for 7 days: Learn how tomeditate, listento lessons and conversations with mindfulnessteachers, and buildyour meditation habit. By following ourintroductory meditationguide, you’ll discover the benefits dailymeditation brings to yourown mental health, from awareness ofanxiety to the focus of yourattention in any given moment. DOWNLOADWAKING UP AND ENJOY ALL THEFOLLOWING FEATURES: - Guided meditation:Meditation sessions forbeginners, intermediate or advanced users,to track their sessionsand meditate in the morning, afternoon or atnight. - Introductorycourse: Discover the basic principles ofmindful meditation, aswell as more advanced practices. - Dailymeditation sessions: Onceyou’ve completed the introductory course,our growing catalog ofdaily meditation sessions will help guideyour mindfulnesspractice. - Lessons & Conversations: Listen totalks onawareness, meditation, mindfulness, mental health, andotherrelevant philosophy and science. - Talks and guidedmeditationsessions from other mindfulness teachers. ABOUT SAMHARRIS SamHarris is the author of five New York Times best sellers,includingWaking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion. Hiswritingand public lectures cover a range of topics –neuroscience,meditation, moral philosophy, religion, rationality –but generallyfocus on how cultivating an understanding ofourselves, and theworld around us, can change our view of how weshould live ourlives. Sam has practiced meditation for over 30years, studyingwith Tibetan, Indian, Burmese, and Westernmeditation teachersaround the world. He received a degree inphilosophy from StanfordUniversity and a Ph.D. in neuroscience fromUCLA. PRICING INFO Thispricing is for our customers in the UnitedStates. Pricing in othercountries may vary. Your subscription toWaking Up willautomatically renew, unless you disable auto-renew atleast 24hours before the current period ends. Manage yoursubscription fromyour Google Play account settings. Payment will becharged to yourGoogle Play account. Read more about our terms ofservice here: and our privacypolicy here: - A guaranteeofsatisfaction. If you don’t find the app valuable, email [email protected] and we will give you a full refund.
Meditate & Sleep Hypnosis: MT
Mindfulness Meditation, Relax Hypnosis to ease Anxiety andStress.Meditate now!
Insight: For Stress & Anxiety Relief
Great podcasts & content to help you reduce parentalstress& anxiety.
Omvana - Meditation for Performance & Flow States 4.3.1
Unlock your fullest potential with the all new Omvana. ✨Morethanjust 'another meditation app', Omvana is made for thosewhowant toachieve more in life, and will help you elevate yourselftonewlevels of performance in multiple areas. Designedforindividualswho aim to improve performance or achievehighperformance,increase productivity, relieve anxiety, reducestress,improvefocus, get better sleep and much more. ★★★★★"BestMeditation Appsin 2019" Healthline As reviewed in Forbes, TheNewYork Times,TIME, Today, Healthline, Business Insider,TechCrunchand more."Omvana is the life coach of meditation websitesandapps." "Beginners and more experienced practitionerswillbenefitfrom the app’s guided meditations, which range between 3and60minutes and can be tailored to help you manage stresslevelsandyour state of mind." Healthline "(What makes) this appafavouriteamong practitioners is that you can customizeyourmeditationsessions according to time and area of focus." ELLE---What canyou expect from Omvana app? • Meditation tracks andclassesperfectfor all levels, including beginners • Achieve flowstatesandimprove performance and productivity •Personalizedrecommendationsfor your goals • Customize yourmeditation withbackground soundmixer • Seamless navigation andsaved playbacksOmvana is yourultimate performance and meditationcoach, a one-stopproductivityapp that will guide you throughmeditation tracks,lessons and freeclasses on key topics such asMastery ofPerformance, Better Sleep,Focus, Clarity of Vision,Confidence,Self-Love, Fitness, Happinessand many more. Jointhousands ofpeople who’re living healthier andhappier lives: •Unlock your fullpotential and performance withguided meditationtracks, classes,lessons and more. • Transcendinto higher levels ofconsciousnessand practice meditation in awhole new experience. •Achieve yourgoals through powerful guidedvisualization from some ofthe world’sbest personal growthteachers including Marisa Peer, LisaNichols,Bob Proctor, MichaelBeckwith, Vishen Lakhiani and manymore. •Create your ownmeditation track by mixing any two of yourfavouritetracks in ourlibrary of soothing ambient music, naturesounds,binaural beats,and guided meditations. • Take control ofyourwellbeing andtransform your life today. Subscribe to Omvana togainfull accessto the entire library of meditation tracks,classes,lessons,premium features and more. --- Omvana is a partofMindvalley, aleading education platform for humanity.Yoursubscription includesa 7-day free trial that will begin onceyou’veconfirmed yourpurchase, and thereafter will auto-renew yearlytogain unlimitedaccess to all of Omvana. All purchases in appwilladhere to GooglePlay Store's payment, subscription andrefundpolicies. *AboutMindvalley*PrivacyPolicy: *Terms&Conditions: usbuildOmvana. Send us your feedback and ideas [email protected]
CHAKRAS - Meditation, Activation and Healing 1.0.21
The chakras are centers of immeasurable energy located inthehumanbody. Balance your body and mind using this ancientEasternwelfarebelief based on the seven energy centers that governall ourorgansand work together as one system yet independently. Acompletetoolto help anyone who wants to purify and activatetheirChakrasthrough Meditation (Binaural Frequencies, MantrasandSolfeggio).Detailed information about the chakras is provided,aswell asmeditation techniques to help beginners. Apart from allthechakramantras, it also contains binaural frequencies relatedtothechakras. 🧘 Chakras Meditation 🧘 Chakra meditation involvestheuseof sound vibrations to improve the balance and flow ofvitalenergyin our body. A smooth flow of vital energy leads togoodmental andphysical health. Resonant tones are directed to 7vitalnodes alongthe spinal cord that are associated withvariousbehaviors andimbalances. These time-tested sounds andfrequencieswill make you:✔️ Help you meditate ✔️ Relaxing the mindand body ✔️Cure SleepDisorders ✔️ Helping to stop bad habits ✔️Rectifybodilyimbalances ✔️ Improve mental and physical health 🧘 The7Chakras 🧘☑️ Muladhara - Radical Chakra The first chakra islocatedbetweenthe anus and the genitals. It is connected to thecoxal boneandopens downwards. ☑️ Svadhistana - Sacral Chakra Thesecondchakrais above the genitals. It is attached to the sacralbone andopensforward. ☑️ Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra The thirdchakraisapproximately two fingers above the navel. It opensforward.☑️Anahata - Heart Chakra The fourth chakra is located attheheightof the heart, in the center of the chest. It opensforward.☑️Vishudda - Neck Chakra The fifth chakra is locatedbetweenthewalnut and larynx. It originates from the cervical spineandopensforward. ☑️ Ajna - Third Eye Chakra The sexto chakraislocated onefinger above the base of the nose, in the center oftheforehead.It opens forward. ☑️ Sahasrara - Coronal ChakraTheseventh chakrais located at the supreme point, above our headandin the center.It opens upwards. With this app you will learntoActivate andPurify your Chakras > Correspondence ✔️ Color✔️SensoryFunction ✔️ Basic Principle ✔️ CorporalCorrespondence✔️Corresponding Gland Mission and Operation ✔️HarmonicFunctioning✔️ Inharmonic Functioning HypofunctionPurification andActivation✔️ Music Therapy ✔️ Aromatherapy ✔️Gemotherapy ✔️NaturalExperience
ZenFriend - Meditation Timer
Build a meditation habit with our guided sessions andbeautifulmeditation timer
Breathe • Calm down • Meditate
Joachim Nohl
Take deep breaths into your belly ... and feel calmness,positivity& optimism.
Breathe: relax & focus
Relax, focus, and let go of stress
Mind Mends: Self-Improvement
Follow a journey of self-improvement with a passive &activeapproach.
Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate
The Stop, Breathe & Think app is afreemindfulness, meditation and compassion-building lifestyle toolthatis simple, fun and easy to use.Take a break from the stress and anxiety of daily life to relaxwithmeditations for the body and mind. Self healing begins with aquickcheck-in. Tune in to how you are thinking and feeling, andselectemotions that guide you to recommended meditations. Emotionslikehappiness, stress and anxiety can be tracked pre andpostmeditation, and you can even share your favorite calmingexerciseswith friends!At Stop, Breathe & Think, we believe that taking a fewminuteseach day to feel the calm is as important as regularexercise. Ifwe can help more of you regularly find peace of mind,we’re doingour part to help make the world a better place.Stop Breathe & Think is a favorite mindfulness andmeditationapp** Winner of the 2015 Webby People’s Voice Award for Health&Fitness **** Over 2,000,000 downloads and counting! **+++++++++++Stop Breathe & Think Meditation Features:Meditation made easy with:+ Meditation guide including check-in and tailoredmeditations+ Self-meditation timer+ Meditations to start and end your day+ Tracker for your emotions pre and post meditation+ Sharing for friendsGuided meditation exercises designed to help with:+ Self healing+ Self motivation+ Anxiety & stress+ Depression+ Compassion+ Falling asleep+ And much more!Tracker for mood & meditation progress:+ Check-in to record today’s meditation progress+ Track daily streaks, top emotions, top meditations, totaltimemeditated and more+ Mood tracker plots out your mood on an intuitive chart+++++++++++Scientific evidence shows that you can develop kindnessandcompassion by focusing on self healing through the practiceofmindfulness and meditation. By using the app, you will learn howtomeditate regularly and develop skills that help you relax,supportacademic and professional achievement, in addition to morepositiveinteractions and relationships, by learning to:- Deepen your awareness of your thoughts and emotions andrecognizethose feelings in others- Manage emotions like stress and anxiety, settle yourself downmoreproactively- Feel compassion and kindness when approaching people andeverydaysituations+++++++++++Download Stop, Breathe & Think to relax, manage emotionsanddeepen your awareness through guided meditation.Praise for Stop, Breathe & Think:“You can change your whole frame of mind with just a few minutesofmeditation.” -Fast Company"Here, the killer feature is the app asking you to checkyourselfbefore you start. It asks you how you're feelingmentally,physically and emotionally before you begin. It thenoffers...meditations customized for your current state ofmind."-Lifehacker“When people think of monitoring health, they often focusoncalorie-counting, step-tracking, and other physical fitnessgoals,but often forget about their mental well-being. Usemeditation appStop, Breathe & Think for the daily zen tune upyou might noteven realize you needed.“There are many meditation services out there, but Breathestandsout with its customization tools: it analyzes your currentmoodthrough a short survey, then leads you through guidedmeditationsbased on the results." -CosmopolitanThe Stop, Breathe & Think app requires an online connection.Ifyou have any comments, or spot a bug, please tap FEEDBACK inthemenu, or email us at [email protected]**If you are running into issues loading meditations**Some users have reported an issue starting 1/7/17 that preventsthemfrom loading meditations. If you are experiencing this issue,weadvise that you update to the latest Android System Webviewhere:, which should fix it. You can email [email protected] if you have anyadditionalquestions.
Silence Finder - Deep Meditation App
Silence Finder - Mystical meditations from many cultures
Lumosity - Brain Training 2021.03.15.2110326
Used by over 85 million peopleworldwide,Lumosity offers a comprehensive brain training programwith 30+brain games. Start challenging your Memory, Attention andmoretoday!Here's what you'll get:Daily workouts that draw from 30+ brain games to challenge 5corecognitive abilities.Workout Modes: carefully curated sets of games that useyourtraining habits and preferences to target different ways totrainyour brainDetailed Insights: analysis of your game play that sheds lightonyour game strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns — givingyoua deeper understanding of your training.THE STORY BEHIND LUMOSITYWe’re a team of scientists and designers exploring new waystochallenge the brain and push cognitive research forward.Our scientists take common cognitive and neuropsychologicaltasks,or design entirely new, experimental challenges. Workingwithexperienced designers, they transform these tasks into fungamesthat challenge core cognitive skills.We also work with 40+ university researchers worldwide. Wegivequalified researchers free access to Lumosity training andtools —helping them investigate new areas in cognition.As we learn more about the possibilities of brain training,weinvite you to train with us, and join us in our mission toadvancethe understanding of human cognition.The app is available in English, German, Japanese, French,Spanish,and Portuguese. To access the app in one of our languages,changeyour device setting to the desired language. English is thedefaultlanguage for devices not set to one of oursupportedlanguages.GET HELP: http://help.lumosity.comVISIT US: http://www.lumosity.comFOLLOW US: US: US:
Anxiety Relief by Mind Ease
Relieve anxiety, stress & worry. Say no to panic attacks.
Train Your Brain
Grove FX
Improve focus, memory and train spatial thinking with thesebraintraining games
Awakened Mind: Mindfulness app 2.54
Awakened Mind is an app designed and developed by mindfulnessleaderMichael Bunting. As a professional with experience workingwith someof the most recognised corporate leaders in the fieldsofmindfulness and leadership, his insight and experience havebeenfunnelled into the Awakened Mind app. Today, it’s designed toequipyou with authentic, scientifically proven, andfully-guidedresources no matter what stage of the mindfulnessjourney you’rein. The Awakened Mind app caters to the needs ofthree distinctaudiences: • Mindfulness beginners. You belong tothis group if youare looking to develop a sustainable mindfulnesspractice and needguidance to begin. • Intermediate to advancedmindfulnesspractitioners. Our app is useful if you want to developyour growthmindset and master the four foundations of mindfulness.• You aredetached from the technical side of mindfulness and arelooking formore practical support in the form of guided meditation,and tipsto sleep better, improve your focus, and developmindfulcommunication. Our Neurosync™ feature is especially usefulif youbelong to this group. The app itself is suitable forbothindividuals and businesses in need of a corporate wellnessprogram.We know that a huge amount of time is spent in theworkplace andthat it’s a setting where you need to harness yourfull potentialand perform your best work. We can help you achievethat. As amindfulness app, Awakened Mind is easy to use andimplement. Allyou need to do is download the application, sign up,and then beginat your leisure. Whether you’re struggling withstress, leadership,communication or anything else that is taking atoll on you,mindfulness practices can help you overcome thesechallenges andmaintain your mental, emotional, and physical health.The AwakenedMind mindfulness app houses a range of programsdesigned to guideyou through your mindfulness journey and help youdevelop apersonal practice that works for you, at your own pace.The appincludes: • A Learning Center. • A library of 300+guidedmeditation tracks for sleep, managing thoughts, and evenkids’meditations. • Neurosync™ technology with 300+ tracks forsleep,focus and performance, stress and pain management,addictionsupport, and so much more. Our app also includes a rangeofprograms: • Sleep suite • Mindfulness essentials • Mentalwellbeingessentials • Pain and mindfulness • Illness andmindfulness •Kindness and compassion • Mindful stretching Ourprograms aredesigned to address what you may want to achievethroughmindfulness from leadership development to pain management.It alsofeatures a quick start program to introduce you to thebasics ofmindfulness. To achieve our goal of helping you reach yourgoals,our app makes it easy for you to chart your progress, pick upwhereyou left off, and get bite-sized sessions of mindfulnesswithouttaking too much time out of your schedule. Our guidingbelief isthat mindfulness goes beyond meditation or relaxation. Itcan helpyou transform your life and potential. Our mindfulnessapp’ssubscription terms and pricing: • Monthly automaticrenewalsubscription plan priced at $4.99 per month. • Yearlysubscriptionoption. Automatic renewal priced at $4.16 per month.The priceslisted above are applicable to our customers based in theUnitedStates. Pricing may differ according to your region.Yoursubscription to the Awakened Mind mindfulness app will renewitselfat the end of your chosen term. Your credit card will bechargedthe subscription fee through your iTunes account at leasttwentyfour hours before the end of your current period. Automaticrenewalcan be taken off at any time through your iTunes accountsettings.Please note, however, that refunds will not beadministered for anyunused portion of the term.
Biofeedback Meditation : Deep Relaxation Breathing
Guided meditation and breathing exercise for anxiety and sleep,withbiofeedback
Mindvalley: Self-Improvement
Explore Our Personal Development Courses And Expert ClassesForPersonal Growth
buddhify - mindfulness meditation on the go 4.3.11
Mindfulness Everywhere
Buddhify is here to help you bring more calm, clarity andkindnesstoall parts of your life. Whether you're looking to reducestressandanxiety, or get a better night's sleep buddhifyhaseasy-to-followguided meditations to help you live happierandhealthier. No need tofind the time for a formal meditationsessioneveryday, we'll showyou how to bring mindfulness to allparts ofyour life with exercisesfor whatever you're doing andwherever youare - from travelling,taking a break at work or goingto sleep.We'll help you find calm inany situation. And all for alowone-off cost with no recurringsubscription. WHAT'S INCLUDED?-Over 200 meditations to helpovercome life's challengesincludinganxiety, stress, sleep, pain anddifficult emotions -Mindfulnessexercises you can do wherever youare, in categoriessuch astravelling, at work, waking up, eating,and even when you'reonline- Sessions for complete beginners andthose with moreexperience,with lengths from 3-40 minutes - A solotimer for moreseasonedmeditators - A range of experienced teachersso you canchoose thevoice and style that's right for you - Kidscontent forthe littlepeople in your life - Brand new BuddhifyMembership,available asan optional in-app purchase with a range ofadditionalfeatures forthose looking to take their practice furtherHERE TOHELP Buddhifyis made by an independent family business andwe lovehearing fromyou. Your feedback, suggestions and commentsmake allthe hard workfeel so worthwhile and makes the app better aswecontinue to makebuddhify as effective, accessible and beautifulasit can be. [email protected]
Breathly - Just Breathe
Breathly is a simple way to focus on your breathing.
Ten Percent Happier - Meditation & Sleep
Get better at feeling good with meditations from the world'sbestteachers
Schulte table: brain training 1.1.18
Schulte table — useful application that helps to trainattention,peripheral vision, visual perception and, as a result,increasespeed of reading of texts and books. Due to the variousdesignstyles, the application is suitable for adults and children.Whatis this? The Schulte Table was developed by german psychiatristandpsychotherapist Walter Schulte originally as apsycho-diagnostictest to study the properties of attention andbrain reaction. It isa grid (generally size 5x5) with randomlydistributed numbers orletters. There are possible variations withdifferent dimensions,coloured cells and values. Over time, suchtables have becomepopular as a technique for speed readingtraining. Switchingattention and concentration test Especially notethere is a mode asthe Gorbov-Schulte tables. This test is designedto assess thespeed of switching attention and can be used todetermineprofessional suitability for professions that requireincreasedconcentration and quick response (for example, airtrafficcontrollers, railway train drivers, etc.). You mustalternatebetween numbers, black in ascending order and red indescendingorder: 1 black, 24 red, 2 black, 23 red, etc. It can beused forfocus training as well. Basic speed reading exercise ▪place theclassic schulte table (5x5) at the same distance as youusuallyread the book ▪ focus your eyes on its center ▪ withouttaking youreyes off the center, find each number in the selectedorder usingyour peripheral vision There should not be a lot ofattempts ofsuch training, about 10 a day is enough. Train yourbrain activityYou can use this application to keep your brain ingood shape or asa brain reaction game and compete with your friendsfor the besttime. There are different sizes, styles of grid, timerand othersettings, also you can check your stats with best results.It canbe fun and useful. Schulte table is a good way to increasereadingspeed and brain training at all. Self-improvement andpersonaldevelopment are important skills at the present time. Ifyou readfaster, you save time, but remember that it is important tokeep abalance between speed and comprehension.
Mindfulness & Sleep Meditation 3.0.230
Rstream Labs
Mindfulness and meditation help keep our minds calm and centered.Weusually rush through our life without noticing what’shappeningaround. Learn mindfulness- the art of paying moreattention to thepresent, your own thoughts, and feelings. Theguided meditation andmindfulness are designed to help you meditateanywhere anytime.Mindfulness guide app has many exercises formanaging anxiety,stress relief, designed breathe and much more. Thesleep musicgiven in the app helps you in falling asleep quickly.Ourmindfulness guide consists of numerous high-qualitymeditation& happiness videos that motivate you every day tostay positiveand calm. The guided sleep & meditation isprofessionallycurated, covering every trending area in the world ofmindfulnesspractice and happiness. There are hundreds of videos tohelp yousleep in a few minutes and to create positivity andcalmness. Themindfulness app consists of dedicated categories likeguidedmeditation exercises to relax, morning meditation,breathingexercises, and many more. Deep and blissful meditationhelps youimprove your sleep cycle by giving you positive energy.Themindfulness app also provides you dedicated tutorial videosofmeditation for success, inner peace meditation, etc. We evenhaveChristmas special mindfulness tutorial videos. Themindfulnessguide app is also useful for sleep trainers. Meditationandmindfulness can be easily taught to students coping withanxietyand stress. If you think you have sleep issues or conditionsfornight sleep, the mindfulness app can give guidedmeditationstutorials. Falling asleep has been made easy. Listen tosleepmusic, stories that can help you practice meditation. Hundredsofpeople are coping with issues of self-esteem. Mindfulnesstrainingis of utmost help to them. If you listen to music andtakemindfulness training on designed breath regularly,personalhappiness, personal growth, and physical health can beimproved.Music can help us in many ways. Sleep music is a type ofguidedmeditation. It is designed to help you to sleep well. Thesleep appmonitors the sleep cycle and can help to reduce somestress. Scansleep time to witness the results. This can bringtremendous changein personal growth and physical health. Meditateanywhere anytime.Mindfulness training suggests exercises to receivesome stressrelief. The usefulness of guided meditations isnumerous.Especially for people dealing with issues managinganxiety. Thesleep app helps to relax through powerful music, topicsto improveself-esteem. Calm music can create the ideal mind tomeditate atany time. They aim to better our health, focus, andcreatehappiness every day. Mindfulness training and sleep exercisescando wonders. Anxiety relief in the meditation for anxiety appcancreate the perfect night sleep. When you practice guided sleepandfocus on breathe patterns, you will be able to focus onstressrelief. Master meditation and mindfulness. Get calm andsleeppeacefully. Create an anxiety relief zone around you. Relaxeveryday for the rest of your life.
Breathe: Stress Relief Meditation
Improve brain training: memory, attention, concentration bybestbreath training
Synctuition - MindSpa, Meditation, Sleep & Calm 3.32.9
Relax, get better sleep and live happier with the leadingmeditationapp. With Synctuition, you can access over 2000 hours ofrelaxingmelodies, binaural beats and music for sleep to boost yourmentalhealth and mind-body connection. Download this meditativerelaxationapp, get yourself comfortable, press the play button andlet yourmind wander freely. Enjoy the benefits of meditationregardless ofyour level and begin your journey ofself-exploration! Synctuitionis the world’s first and only MindSpa: Synctuition is the firstmeditation app offering the latestsound technologies and relaxingmelodies. Each audio journeycombines binaural beats, 3D naturesounds, ASMR and mindfulnessmeditation techniques. Ideal forboosting your daily meditation. 3Dand ASMR sounds: Synctiutionintegrates ASMR into the journeys. Bylistening to calm sounds, youexperience superior mind-bodyrelaxation and positive feelings ofwell-being. Better sleep:Prepare your mind for a good night’ssleep. Synctuition’s relaxingmusic for sleep, mindfulnessmeditation and calm sounds help youblock the stressful thoughtsthat keep you awake. Less stress andanxiety: Transport your mind totranquil places, away fromstressful and anxious thoughts withrelaxing melodies and sleepsounds. The more you listen, the betteryou are able tosuccessfully cope with stress and anxiety. The Lawof Attraction:Your mind is a powerful magnet. Listening toSynctuition’s soothingsounds and following the mindfulnessexercises clears your mind ofnegativity, placing you in the perfectstate for attracting whatyou wish! Young and healthy mind: Throughrelaxing meditation andsleep sounds, Synctuition improves sleep,creativity andproblem-solving, making you feel mentally rejuvenatedafter eachsession. Listen to the most soothing sounds fromnature:Synctuition consists of rich 3D sound journeys with morethan 13000 natural sounds recorded in over 2000 pristinelocationsworldwide. The result is an immersive experience ofmeditationmusic and journey through nature from the comfort of yourhome. A25-minutes of Synctuition = 4 hours of traditionalmeditationBecause of the advanced technology and unparalleledquality, alistening session of Synctuition can help you experienceall thebenefits of complete mental and physical rejuvenation injust 25minutes. Ready to begin? Get your free meditation musictoday!Simply download and listen to the first 3 journeys withoutsigningup. To avoid distractions and fully enjoy the experience,make thejourneys available for offline use. If you loved aparticularjourney, you can add it to a list of favorites. And, youcan shareyour thoughts and discover other people’s experiences inthecomments section. Subscription, Pricing and Terms: Please keepinmind that after you subscribe, the payment will be charged toyourGoogle account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscriptionwillautomatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off atleast24-hours before the end of the current period. Your accountwill becharged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of thecurrentperiod, and identify the cost of the renewal. You can manageyoursubscription or turn off the auto-renew by going to theuser'sAccount Settings after purchase. Synctuition also offers aLifetimesubscription. Any unused portion of a free trial period,ifoffered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription tothatpublication, where applicable. Read more about terms andconditionshere: moreabout privacy policyhere:
Brain Audio: Sleep Relax Focus
Sleep, Relax, Focus, or Meditate using audio and brainwaves.🎶Download Now!
Himalayan Meditation - Go Beyond All Limitations 4.1.5
Learn the most ancient and powerful meditation techniquesandexperience life-changing transformations The HimalayanMeditationis a gateway to lead a stress free, disease free,balanced,concentrated and conscious life to open the spiritualgateway forthe higher realms. A real meditation app - An app toelevate everysoul with powerful ancient meditations available inboth guided andself-mode. Ad free and offline mode meditationsessions for anuninterrupted meditation experience. Meditations -24 differentpowerful Meditations in self mode and guided mode with500+possibilities of newness. Mindfulness - Five minutesmeditationseries for busy people at any point in a day Heartfulness-Meditation series to make you realize that you loveyourselfSoulfulness - Very powerful techniques in its kind firsttime everin the world Meditation Music - Himalayan melody forrelaxation,study and sleep A sage's way - clarify doubts to makeone progressin the inner path seamlessly Addiction programs toleave badhabits, intoxication, drugs Evolution programs likeinnertransformation, kundalini awakening, third eye awakeningHimalayanKids - A package of kid’s meditation, kids’ programs,kids’creation and kids’ daily advice Yogic life - lifestyleguidanceDescription Himalayan meditation app is to make you realizethatyou are limitless with the most powerful ancientmeditationtechniques. Beginner, intermediate and advancedmeditationtechniques. What is meditation and what is the purposeofmeditation? Meditation is nothingness. But from that nothingnessanew reality begins. A constant connection with the selfismeditation. Yogis say the primary goal of meditation is togobeyond all your limitations. What brings the practiceofmeditation? Meditation in a proper way can bring miracles inlifeand burns your karma Sankara or causal impressions. As apositiveside effect on the way it gives many benefits to name a few- deepsleep, memory, intellect, kindness, compassion. Feel thepresenceThe most ancient powerful meditation techniques are herefor you asif your master is beside you. 500+ varieties ofMeditationtechniques available, to name a few Mantra Meditation /MantraDhyana Sun Meditation / Surya Dhyana Moon Meditation /ChandraDhyana Om Meditation Flame Meditation / Bahirjyoti Dhyanabothguided and self-mode Cosmos Meditation / Mahajagata Dhyana averypowerful practise Kundalini Meditation / Kundalini DhyanaPranaKriya Meditation a powerful technique Suddha kriya Meditationtocleanse your inner self Yoga Nidra with its real essence invariouslevels Sound Meditation / Nada Yoga a very ancientpracticeBrahmarupa Dhyana / Meditation on the Supreme form mainlyfordevotees Leela Meditation / Meditation on the divine pass timesforadvanced devotees Chetana Meditation / Meditation onpureconsciousness Meditation on Shiva and many more Nature Soundsarethere to make you feel the ambience Powerful meditation soundsofflute, sitar, veena are available Various class of meditationsasbelow Object/Subject/Sound based Meditation techniquesandcontemplation to develop your thinking and perceivingabilitiesBreath Meditation at various levels to make you stressfree HigherCosmic meditation series for realizing your higherselfTranscendental Meditation techniques which are for veryadvancedlevel meditators Kundalini Meditation or Chakra meditationgiven atsix levels Also suitable for: loving kindness,third eyeactivation,trataka, nada, visualization, presence meditation,sarguna,nirguna, fitness meditation, Karma, Jnana, Raja, Japa,Dhyana,Sahaja, Samadhi, Chakra Meditation, TranscendentalMeditation,Vipassana, Affirmation.
Tergar Meditation Tracker 2.1.6
The Tergar Meditation Tracker app will help you start and maintainaregular meditation practice by tracking your sessions asyouprogress on the journey of training your mind. Main featuresonthis app: * Timer – Set a time and choose your practice. Setthelength of your session and add optional mid-session reminderstokeep your meditation fresh. * Counter – Every repetitioncounts.Record the exact number of your postrations or mantrarecitations.* Reminders – Short times, many times. Choose how manyremindersyou want throughout the day. Set the hours during whichyou'd likethe reminders to appear and enter a favoriteinspirational quote orpractice instruction. (This feature is alsocompatible with AppleWatch.) * Calendar – When training your mind,every step counts.Keep your practice log up-to-date by adding,changing, or removingsessions. * Stats – Know where you are andwhere you're going.Track your meditation journey, compare yourcurrent streak withyour best streak, and keep progressing towardsyour goal. *Settings – One practice, many personalities. Choose thealertsounds that suit you best. Security – Synchronize to saveyoursessions to the cloud. Your information will be with youanywhere,anytime, even if you switch devices. The Tergar team hopesyouenjoy the app. We'll keep improving it to make it an evenbettercompanion for your meditation practice.
Mindfulness: 2021
Guided mindfulness meditation and more.
Happy Being App 6.4
Be a Happy Being! Personalised activities for mentalwellness,elevates you to a Calmer state, creating a Strong “Body& Mind”to live and spread Happiness. The Happy Beingdiagnostics helps youmeasure and progress in eight key pillars ofhealth and happiness -health, relationships, emotional wellbeing,career, finance,social, spiritual and living environment. The awardwinningself-diagnostics will instantly provide you a personalisedandconfidential wellbeing report. Our users love thepersonalisedhappiness and success blueprint and have rated it over94%globally. The AI driven wellbeing coach in Happy Being Appoffersyou 4 - 6 weeks programs to help you grow and achieve everygoalacross 8 pillars of your wellbeing. The coachrecommendspersonalised workouts every day to build a healthymindset,overcome mental blocks and find the motivation to takepurposefulactions to turn your heart’s desires into reality.Personal growthprograms include action plan on how you can breakfree from themental blocks and cultivate healthy mindset and habitsto achieveyour life desires quickly and be a happier you. Mindspa -sleep,mindfulness, meditation and relaxation The ultimateexperience froma variety of different relaxation techniques tostress less, sleepbetter, smile more and feel rejuvenated. Over2000 curatedpractices for emotional wellbeing support, to maintainhealthylifestyle, solution for sleep problems, top meditations,relaxationtools and mindfulness practices. My Journal Happy BeingJournalJournaling helps improve mood and free your mind. Aconfidentialplatform to shift your focus away from the negativeaspects of yourlife to the positive ones. Happy Being journalprovides you thechoice of both free flow journaling as well as getstep-by-stepguidance to help you over writing block and get startedeasily,every day.
MindFi: Mind Fitness for All
Jaedye Labs
Mental Health and Wellness Toolkit
Mind Detox - Guided Meditations 5.2.18
Mind Detox
Prepare to relax and unwind with Mind Detox, theonlyguidedmeditation app for every mood. Care about your wellbeingasyoulearn to meditate with a purpose. Simply select how youwouldliketo feel from the specially designed ‘Mood Menu’ and listentotheinstructions. Develop a relaxed, happy mind for amoreconfidentand successful you. This app is created by Fiona Lamb- awellknown hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, London. Youwillbeguided through the process of shifting your mindset by anexpertinthe field. Fiona has personally used meditation tomakeprofoundchanges in her own life and continues to help otherswithherpassion for mental health. Guided meditation works byloweringyourbrain activity to a theta state. In this relaxed state,itmakes itmuch easier to make changes to your thoughts andfeelings.When youchange how you think and feel you can change yourlife.TATLER -“Fiona’s approach is thoughtful, gentle and kind” ForourfullTerms & Conditions and Privacy Policypleasevisit:
Ananda Meditation — with Yogananda’s Teachings
Guided Meditations and Techniques based on the TeachingsofYogananda