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NeuroNation - brain training 3.5.25
NeuroNation is one of Google's 'Best Apps of2015'!More than 12 million members!Improve your brain effectively with NeuroNations's professionalbrain games.Create a personal workout plan for your brain and see the change inyour performance.ADVANTAGES OF EFFECTIVE MEMORY TRAININGNeuroNation brain training – constantly increasing yourperformance:✓ Strengthen your memory✓ Improve your attention✓ Train your intelligence✓ Make faster decisionsTrack your progress and compare yourself with members andfriends.THE SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND BEHIND NEURONATION'S BRAIN TRAININGA recently published study by Freie University Berlin demonstratedthe effectiveness of NeuroNation's brain training. All brain gameswere developed in cooperation with renowned neuroscientistsandare based on state of the art scientific research.According to scientific studies, what is true for our muscles isalso true for our brains: Use it or lose it. Your brain performancein your hands. Train your brain with scientifically developedexercises.Try it out and let us know!CONTACTVisit us at: www.neuronation.comFollow us
NeuroNation Ease: Mindfulness & Meditation 2.1.0
Welcome to NeuroNation Ease, a personalised and effectivemeditationapp that will help you to make your first steps into theworld ofguided meditation and mindfulness with ease. EaseMindfulness andMeditation was developed by NeuroNation, a leadingorganisation inthe field of scientific mental training.NeuroNation's cognitivetraining program was awarded theAOK-Leonardo Prize for DigitalPrevention by Germany's FederalMinistry of Health. We live in busytimes, and it can be hard tofind calm and peace among the hustleand bustle. That's why withNeuroNation Ease, you can undertakevarious guided courses to helpyou deal with stress, anxiety,sleeping problems, and to improveyour focus. There are many studiesthat already show the variouseffects of regular meditation,including: 1. Reducing fatigue andlearning how to prevent stressfrom taking hold before it arises.2. Focussing your concentrationand attention on that which istruly important for you. 3. Learningto combat recurring anxiety,worries, and panic attacks. 4. Helpingstave off depressionpreventatively. 5. Finding inner peace andthrough this, being ableto get a better night's sleep. 6. Allowingyourself to feel morecontent and happy, and to enjoy live to thefull once more. WithNeuroNation Ease, you receive: A freefoundations course tointroduce you to mindfulness and severaltechniques that canalready help you in moments of stress.Personalisation of yourmeditation sessions based on your needs -change the length of thesessions and the level of spoken guidanceat any time to make iteven easier to relax. Guidance from afriendly and experiencedmeditation expert, with content developedtogether with the MBSRand MBCT practitioner Dr Malte Thormaehlen.Daily reminders to helpyou integrate mindfulness into your routinein whichever way suitsyou best. Several courses to introduce you todifferent techniquesincluding breathing exercises and MBSR bodyscanning, with newcourses published regularly. NEURONATION EASEPREMIUM NeuroNationEase offers you an entire mindfulness course forfree withoutrestrictions. In addition to this, there are furthercourses todiscover as part of NeuroNation Ease Premium andmini-exercisesavailable to you looking at different techniques andallowing youto progress further on your mindfulness journey. Newcourses arepublished regularly, so keep an eye out!