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Guided meditation for sleep, anxiety, stress and relaxation withmindfulness app

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Learn Crafts and DIY Arts APK
Rstream Labs
Are you looking for an art app to learn to craft all your own? Wehave the perfect collection of craft ideas to do unique hand madeprojects. Get hands-on with our latest craft ideas like hand madeSlime, house decorations, fashion ideas, and so on. Here you canfind the most super-cool collection of papercraft for kids, thebest tips to learn trades, and DIY art ideas. When it comes tohandmade projects, there is so much skill involved rather than whatmeets the eye. It could be a pastime activity or a profession, andthe beauty lies with the fact that you can change ordinary thingsinto amazing artworks. We have ideas for all types of handmadeprojects, from tips to reuse old plastic bottles, clothes, or paperto skillful home decoration that can be done all your own. crafthand made app helps kids with their school projects. Getbeginner-level tutorials for artworks using popsicle sticks, designtips for science exhibitions. Holidays are a great time to indulgein artworks. Surprise your friends with amazing gifts anddecoration ornaments made by you. Let it be hand made Halloweencraft such as pumpkin mason jar, home grown snowflakes, handprintand footprint projects for Christmas, ideas to celebrate New year,and we have step by step tutorials for all of it. Transform yourhome to suit the festivity spirits. Much of our art projects costless than a Dollar and make use of waste materials. - We have asimple and fun craft for kids and toddlers. - Simple Ideas to dofun activities with kids at home. - Cheap 5 minute craft that canbe done for under a dollar. - Handicraft for kids using cardboard,construction paper. - Make and sell decorations that are cheap andcost around a dollar, like friendship bracelets and wood craftideas. - Cute beauty tips to transform old clothes using macrame,crochet, and stitching. Do it yourself. diy art and craft app hassome amazing crafts for school suitable for boys and girls. The DIYhome decorating ideas has simple diy wall hanging ideas made withtoilet paper roll. We have diy paper craft wall hanging made usingorigami plane, animals & weapons. Enjoy the paper craft videosto make beautiful fathers day card, christams ornaments. Help yourkids create a wonderful world with craft hand made. The step bystep tutorials, along with easy to understand videos, can help yourlittle ones to understand the methods faster. Let them play withegg cartons, doll making ideas, home grown greeting cards. We alsohave advanced courses to learn artwork such as quilling,origami(paper, modular, wedding, fashion, art, and design),embroidery, knitting, sewing. Craft app provides easy craftingtechniques, life hacks, and handcrafted you can make yourself.Create your room decor, hand made gifts, diy phone case, toys, andschool supplies. Make Chinese art paper, gift packing for holidays,trending recycled ideas with unique art & craft app. Let yourkids make a creative world of craft with easy home decoration thatcan be done independently. The paper craft app offline has trendingcrafts like diy tie dye shirt, popsicle stick crafts, diy phonecase & diy room decor for girls. You will also find christmasand halloween crafts in out paper craft app step by step. Ourlatest categories included are:- - 5 Minute craft & food artwith exciting twists in crochet and decoupage. - Make sell craftideas and earn money using cross stitch and knitting projects. - DoIt Yourself tips to make farm animals, snowman, dollar trees withkids. - Kids craft for preschool students and more. - Offlinearticles to make learning fun and easy. Don't be too quick to throwaway old clothes! We provide you the super easy and stylish ways torepurpose it. Craft hand crafted is a new creative way to transformyour old clothes into cool new items from items you get from acraft store near me! Create a simple 5-minute craft with cheapproducts. Our Learn craft and the hand made app can make your lifeso much easier!
DIY Easy Crafts ideas APK
Rstream Labs
Work on diy craft ideas and easy homemade diy crafts at home withus
Beauty tips app APK
Rstream Labs
Beauty care app provides beauty tips and hacks for skincare andbeauty routine.
Travel Diaries : 500+ Travel Videos 3.0.42 APK
Rstream Labs
An interesting travelogue app for travellers and explorers - apersonalized tour guide. Planning a vacation with your kids?Haven’t you tired of searching for various places to enjoy avacation? People usually take the help of a person to know aboutparticular places. Get rid of all your tension. Here we presentbefore a Travel channel app contains a lot of travel videos. Checkout new vlog videos from this tour channel, will help you to findinteresting places around the world Travelogue app is aninteresting travel app which helps to explore varieties ofcountries just by a single click. The app lets you plan trips bygiving the best travel guide on countries like Singapore, Ireland,Dubai, China, Italy, Egypt, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Canada, India,Australia, Germany, America. The main features were: Favouritevideo can be added to the wishlist for further references.Favourite videos can be shared. Convenient separation of differentcountries. As it is a travel video channel, many travel loversshare their wonderful experience and splendid sights. The mainobjective of the app is to inspire each and every viewer to take uptravel for experiencing and enjoying the world. Discover populartourist destination, places, adventure spot, road trips, trekking,river rafting etc. This travel app contains travel diaries byvarious travellers and explorers and also travel app includedifferent places values, belief, culture and so on. Travelogue appoffers a unique way to make your dreams true and also help tocapture precious moments. Explore various holiday trips and plantrips for summer vacation with your family. It is time to findhidden places in the world. Share and discover hidden places acrossthe world. Make your journey special with Travelogue app. Exploreunexplored places! Reviews and vlogs from expert travellersvisiting popular travel destinations like Tulum, Mexico; Amsterdam,Netherlands; The islands of Greece; The Maldives; Algarve,Portugal; Marrakech, Morocco; Positano, Italy; Cappadocia, Turkey;Bali, Indonesia. Popular videos from countries like: Germany ItalySingapore Ireland Australia America Brazil India Canada Dubai Egypt
Call Recorder 1.0 APK
Rstream Labs
Voice recording apps are very essentialthesedays. This automatic call recorder will automatically recordallthe calls. This voice recording app will be best automaticcallrecorder with best voice clarity. All the recorded calls willbeavailable in file manager. Our voice recording providesbetterperformance in call recording. While pressing end option wecan endrecorder. We can record call as we wish, that is we candecidewhich call to be recorded and which of them not to berecorded. Wecan listen these recorded calls later and delete orsave. Ourautomatic call recorder have a user friendly console sothat theusers can easily use it. Recording with headphones willprovidebetter sound clarity. Earphones with good quality mic willgivebest quality recording. We have two options, if we enablerecordingit record all the calls coming to our phone. The otheroption is todisable call recording. if we don’t want to record anycalls justdisable it. We record any moments in our life likebusinessmeetings, night calls, combine study etc. For businessmeetings andinterviews we can can record it and analyses themeetings easily.During combine study on phone calls we can recordit and save itfor later study. voice recorder application iscompletely free. Ourapp helps us to record phone conversation andmanage them. We canenjoy clear audio recording even forhours.Notification will be indicating the call duration of theparticularcall. Notification will help us to whether to continuetherecording or not. Even if u do recall also we canautomaticallyrecord our voice call. Our voice recorder app iscompatible withall android phones. Total records will be availablein the inbox.One by one all the records can be easily accessed fromtheavailable list. This automatic call record perfectly onalldevices. App is well tested and maintained before publishing.Callscan be also recored on a bluetooth headset. Many lovelymoments inour life can be cherished by saving our touching andlovely calls.Our automatic call recorder provides best recordingplatform forall types of users. Enjoy this ease of use.
Beauty care and skin care app 3.0.155 APK
Rstream Labs
Daily beauty care app is here for you with interesting skincarehacks that you can try at home. Explore the world of homemadebeauty tips with all you wanted to know about makeup, skincare,hair care routine, grooming, latest beauty treatments and evencelebrity skincare secrets. We provide you with a total haircareand skincare guide with all the necessary information you need, tohave beautiful, radiant skin. Find effective skin care tips andskin treatment that you can try on your own from the best dailybeauty care app. Find hair care hacks for girls for their hair andskin care from daily beauty tips app offline. Feel free to browsethrough our Skincare app for daily beauty care tips and tackle yourskincare in no time. We have the most popular skincare hacks forwomen from papaya peels to lemon juice, using home remedies, whichis one of the best and most affordable ways of getting flawlessskin. As well as expert advice to home remedies for glowing skin.Also, learn how to get glowing skin naturally from our DIY beautytips app. Stay updated with natural hair care tips, homemade makeuptips, homemade beauty hacks for girls from makeup experts from themost trending daily skincare app for free. Get the latest homemadeskincare hacks offline for face care, natural beauty tips forgirls, beauty hacks for skin, hair care, lip care and body. Explorenow! This is the perfect place where you can find homemade recipesfor hair care and skincare that come in handy. These easy remediesare the best natural alternative to cosmetic products. Start makingover your skincare and haircare routine by trying these naturalbeauty care products. We have the most popular beauty care hacksthat everyone must know. For eg; natural products with Coconut Oil,Tea Tree Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Avocado, LemonEssential Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and many more. Browse throughour beauty hacks app for hair care routine, tackle your skincareissues and follow our face care tips regularly. The DIY beautyhacks app is here with all the most known beauty tips and tricks.Although there are several expensive beauty products available inthe market, your kitchen shelves are full of home remedies that canhelp you get rid of all your beauty problems. Get beauty hacksoffline that are easy, affordable at-home remedies or beauty hacksfor women from our DIY beauty tips for girls app. We also havedaily beauty care for men offline and steps by step illustrationsfor common skin problems beauty treatment including dark circles,dry skin and cellulite that everyone can try at home. The dailybeauty care app gives you plenty of daily beauty tips and dailybeauty care for men. It provides the best beauty treatment and haircare routine with simple homemade beauty tips. The hair careroutine is much better than once you get on any haircare app forwomen. It also has a beauty tracker which will remind you of yourdaily hair care routine and beauty treatment for glowing face.Explore the beauty hacks that are perfect for your skin type fromthe DIY beauty tips and skin care app. Remedies or hacks likeEliminating Tired Puffy Eyes With Chilled Tea Bags, UsingRaspberries And Coconut Oil For brighter lips. Get A Natural FaceLift With Simple Yoga Poses. Get soft skin with a naturalpomegranate, raspberry, and sweet almond oil blend. Choose the bestbeauty care hacks for your body from the DIY beauty care app.Download the daily beauty care app today! Get the best daily beautytips and hair care routine.
Horn Sounds 1.0 APK
Rstream Labs
Air horns will help you to prank yourfriends.At times if you need any attention air horn app will bereallyhelpful. Horn sound app is very realistic, all the soundseems tobe very real. Horn siren can also be used wake your friend.Appcontains different kinds of sound like air horn sounds,fartsounds, bell sounds, calling bell sounds, phone ringingsounds,train sound effects, bomb sound effects and many more. Allsoundsare with best quality. This app can be used to educate yourkidsalso. Each sound will be played with images. For example whenthetrain sound is played along with that the image of the trainisdisplayed. Like this we can teach our kids new things andtheresounds too. These sound apps can be used as stress reliefalso.This can be used for security, when we are in a troublesituationwe can press the buzzer sounds or siren sound and seekattentionfrom others, These facilities will be really helpful forladies.With Gun sound app we can scare off animals and birdswhichirritate us. We can scare pigeons which dirty our balcony withourbomb sound app. We provide best graphical interface withbestquality sound.We can use this fart sound prank to prank random people onstreet.Our crazy fart soundboard has amazing collection of fartsounds.Just press to fart. When we are around with our friendsthese fartbutton will be great fun. All the horns are played withmaximumvolume. There are large collection of bell sounds. Bellsounds formeditation will give us cool feeling. Old templeringtones willgive us refreshed mind. When we are far from our homepooja bellsound will help to stay connected. Emergency ambulancesiren soundcan be used in some emergency suitvation. Our appprovides realindian train horn sounds. Gun sounds and reload mostrealisticsimulation shots of weapon. Gun sound app collection ofsounds ofshots guns will suit everyone who is interested in wargadgets.There are different siren sounds like ambulancesiren,police sirenetc. Our sound horn app also have vehicle hornslike truck hornsound,car horn sounds etc. Our app will be trulydifferentexperience.
Eye makeup tutorials - Artist APK
Rstream Labs
Stand among the crowd and still get noticed for your charming eyesby joining millions of eye makeup app users. Learn how to make youreyes look beautiful through flawless eye makeup routines. Getmakeup tips and step by step video tutorials to make your eyes lookattractive. Your beautiful eyes are always the center of attentionon your beauty. It would help to keep your eyes sparkling from theinside out by trying some eye makeup routines. You can learn toapply flawless makeup to make your eyes look more attractive.Importance of eye makeup: Eye makeup is as important as yourhairstyles, so you have to pick the perfect eye art design suitablefor your beautiful face. The makeup styles vary according to thefunction or daily routine. If you want a natural look to try athome, then you should try a colors combination suitable for youreyes and skin tone. For an evening party, you should try somesmokey eyes to get a charming look. Beautiful eye makeup will givean elegant and lovely look to your beauty. Wedding makeup tips:Wedding makeup is essential as there are going to be many beautifulmoments to remember during the wedding. At the wedding, you willhave to look stunning with electric eye art. Your eye makeup colorsshould match your wedding dress. You would need makeup tips withstep by step tutorials on how to shape your eyebrows. You shouldknow how to use the palette brush to apply the makeup colors toeven your skin tone. Learn the beauty of eye art: You can findinspiring step by step tutorials from the best makeup artist togive the best appearance for your eyes. Eye art skills cant belearned in a day; it's going to take a long period as there aremany factors in picking the best eye makeup for your looks. Forexample, if you have a cat eye, you should know the suitableeyeshadow colors to make your eyes look attractive. Eyeshadowcolors to match your eyes: You should know the best eyeshadowcolors for those with brown or blue eyes to get a smokey look. Youwill find plenty of makeup tips and step by step tutorials to trytrending DIY eye makeup looks. To make your eyes stand out, youcould try eyeshadows colors ranging from pink, green, and purple tocopper, beige, and gold. If you want to become a makeup artist whocould learn to make any dull eye look charming. It would help ifyou learned to use mascara and a makeup brush to hide a dark circleunder the eye. To bring the sharp eye look, you will need to knowstep by step tutorial on using a black pencil eyeliner and eyelashcurler on the eyelid. You could learn all these makeup tips to makeyour eyes more elegant and charming by downloading our eye makeupapp. You would find step by step tutorials to make your appearancemore beautiful.