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Lumosity - Brain Training 2021.03.15.2110326
Used by over 85 million peopleworldwide,Lumosity offers a comprehensive brain training programwith 30+brain games. Start challenging your Memory, Attention andmoretoday!Here's what you'll get:Daily workouts that draw from 30+ brain games to challenge 5corecognitive abilities.Workout Modes: carefully curated sets of games that useyourtraining habits and preferences to target different ways totrainyour brainDetailed Insights: analysis of your game play that sheds lightonyour game strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns — givingyoua deeper understanding of your training.THE STORY BEHIND LUMOSITYWe’re a team of scientists and designers exploring new waystochallenge the brain and push cognitive research forward.Our scientists take common cognitive and neuropsychologicaltasks,or design entirely new, experimental challenges. Workingwithexperienced designers, they transform these tasks into fungamesthat challenge core cognitive skills.We also work with 40+ university researchers worldwide. Wegivequalified researchers free access to Lumosity training andtools —helping them investigate new areas in cognition.As we learn more about the possibilities of brain training,weinvite you to train with us, and join us in our mission toadvancethe understanding of human cognition.The app is available in English, German, Japanese, French,Spanish,and Portuguese. To access the app in one of our languages,changeyour device setting to the desired language. English is thedefaultlanguage for devices not set to one of oursupportedlanguages.GET HELP: http://help.lumosity.comVISIT US: http://www.lumosity.comFOLLOW US: US: US:
NeuroNation - brain training 3.5.25
NeuroNation is one of Google's 'Best Appsof2015'!More than 12 million members!Improve your brain effectively with NeuroNations'sprofessionalbrain games.Create a personal workout plan for your brain and see the changeinyour performance.ADVANTAGES OF EFFECTIVE MEMORY TRAININGNeuroNation brain training – constantly increasingyourperformance:✓ Strengthen your memory✓ Improve your attention✓ Train your intelligence✓ Make faster decisionsTrack your progress and compare yourself with membersandfriends.THE SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND BEHIND NEURONATION'S BRAIN TRAININGA recently published study by Freie University Berlindemonstratedthe effectiveness of NeuroNation's brain training. Allbrain gameswere developed in cooperation with renownedneuroscientistsandare based on state of the art scientific research.According to scientific studies, what is true for our musclesisalso true for our brains: Use it or lose it. Your brainperformancein your hands. Train your brain with scientificallydevelopedexercises.Try it out and let us know!CONTACTVisit us at: www.neuronation.comFollow us
MindPal - Brain Training 3.0
MindPal is your daily brain trainer that challenges yourmemory,attention, language, and problem solving skills. Enjoyapersonalized daily workout of entertaining games based ontheskills you'd like to improve. MindPal includes 40 educationalgamesthat train 7 key cognitive areas: Memory, Attention,Language,Math, Flexibility, Speed, and Problem Solving. Track yourprogressand compare your brain scores with others now! FEATURES -Over 35games and 1000 levels to train your brain in differentskills. -Personalized daily workout based on your training goals. -Expandyour vocabulary and writing skills with word games. - Improveyourmemory, attention, math, and problem solving skills. - Trackyourperformance and get smarter everyday! - Get in-depth insightsandcompare your scores to other users.
Memorado - Brain Games
Memorado Gmbh
Join the leading brain training program with over 10 millionmembersworldwide and give your cognitive skills a boost! New!Unwind withour all-new audio relaxation stories and exercises anddaily tips!It's time to give yourself a break! A stronger brainleads to abetter life. Improve your memory, concentration,reaction, logic andmathematical skills with 14 fun and challengingmind games over 420levels. Track your statistical progress as youplay your way towardsa sharper mind! PRESS TechCrunch: "I’llconfess, I’ve recentlybecome hooked on so-called brain traininggames" OUR FEATURES - Over420 levels within 14 games to trainmemory, logic, concentration,reaction and mathematical skill -100+meditative audio sessions calmyour mind - Stunning graphicscoupled with easy usability -Personalized daily workouts that areconfigured according to yourwishes - Regular scientific tests willtrack your progress over time- Statistics to show your strongareas and the potential forimprovement - And more! SCIENCE BEHINDMEMORADO Memorado is at theforefront of neuroscience. Our in-houseteam of neuroscientists hascreated games to train memory,concentration and much more. Based onthe science ofneuroplasticity, studies have shown that braintraining can improveworking memory and increase fluid intelligence.OUR BRAIN Astronger working memory enables quicker learning and animprovementin brain connectivity. Scientists have found that strongbrainconnectivity is an important component of human intelligenceandmemory and may slow down dementia. They have concluded thatyourmind and brain can be trained like you train your body.MEMORADOPREMIUM Memorado is completely free to use for you.However, if youwant to improve 74% faster (on average), werecommend to upgrade toMemorado Premium. It offers trulypersonalized workouts, which arebeing updated on a daily basis andoptimized for maximum trainingbenefit for the duration of yourmembership. Furthermore, MemoradoPremium grants unlimited access toall games and statistics. Formore information: Terms of Use- Privacy Policy- We want to THANK allourusers who are already playing Memorado! DOWNLOAD it now and seehowmuch progress you can make!
Peak – Brain Games & Training 4.5.1
★★★ Awarded by Google as one of theBestAndroid Apps in 2016 ★★★It’s time to play smarter and feel sharper with Peak, the appchosenby Google as one of the Best Android Apps in 2016. Joinmillions ofbrain trainers worldwide and see what the fuss is allabout.KEY FEATURES- Free games that challenge your Memory, Attention, ProblemSolving,Mental Agility, Language, Coordination, Creativity andEmotionControl.- Learn which categories you excel in, and compete with friendsbycomparing your brainmap and game performance.- Meet Coach, the personal trainer for your brain, to help youtrackyour progress and improve.- Works offline so you can enjoy Peak games wherever you are.- More than 35 games available and regular updates to keepyouchallenged.- Get personalised workouts and in-depth insights withPeakPro.- Get access to Peak Advanced Training modules: intensiveprogramsthat train a specific skill, including the new Wizardmemory gamecreated with Professor Barbara Sahakian and Tom Piercyin theDepartment of Psychiatry at the University ofCambridge.DEVELOPED BY NEUROSCIENTISTSDesigned in collaboration with experts in neuroscience,cognitivescience and education, Peak makes brain training fun andrewarding.Peak's scientific advisory board includes Bruce E.Wexler, M.D.,Professor Emeritus at Yale School of Medicine andFounder &Chief Scientist of C8 Sciences, and Professor BarbaraSahakianFMedSci DSc, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology attheUniversity of Cambridge.IN THE NEWSThe Guardian : “Its mini games focus on memory and attention,withstrong detail in its feedback on your performance.”The Wall Street Journal: “Impressed with graphs in Peak that letyousee your performance over time.”Techworld: “The Peak app is designed to provide each user withaprofound level of insight into their current state ofcognitivefunction.”Selected by Google as Editor's ChoiceFollow us - us - us - peak.netSay hi - [email protected] more information:Terms of Use - Policy - Policy -
Brain Games - improve your brain power 1.2.5
iq test
Brain Games is a fascinating app for people who wanttoexperiencethe capabilities of their brain. This applicationwillhelp you tospend time not only with fun, but also withbenefit.Challengeyourself in a variety of brain games, play everyday andimproveyour skills. The Brain games app is an interestingbrainsimulator.And consists of different games. Inside arecollected: ✔️Memorygames ✔️ Thinking games ✔️ Cognitive games ✔️Tricky Games ✔️Gamesfor attentiveness Arrange a cognitive brainworkout and youwill besurprised at your capability. Play every dayand developyourskills. Inside you will also find statistics of yourbraintrainingand see the achievements of your rivals. Compete andfindyourselfat the top of the standings. Why brain gamesapplication isuseful:- develops mental abilities, - enhancescognitiveconnections, -expands consciousness, - increasesattentiveness, -trains memory,- sets up a thought process. This appis foreveryone. Someone willjust have fun, another one will havetostrain pretty hard to gothrough some levels. But even if youcan’tdo it from the firsttime, try exercising regularly and youwill seehow brain traininghelps you in everyday life. Our brainneedstraining and tasks.This application is a kind of brain food,ittrains memory andhelps to involve in the process. Moreover,insideare collectedgames that have established themselves aroundtheworld. Forexample, since childhood everyone know such gamesasSchulte Table,Spot the difference, Pair them or Find Matches.Youwill bepleasantly surprised and even shocked when youunderstandhowsimple games can help to change your life. Especiallyin themodernworld, when every person has to be multifunctional.Brainworkoutwill teach you to concentrate better. Memory gameswillimproveyour memory. Cognitive games will help the brain copewithtasksfaster. Thinking games will teach you how to think outsidethebox.This app is for you if: ✔️You are forgetful, ✔️You don’tknowhowto do several things at the same time, ✔️The quality ofyourworksuffers, ✔️You often fly in the clouds, ✔️You are boredandyouwant to have fun, ✔️You are not afraid of difficulties andliketosolve puzzles. Install Brain Games and start yourworkoutrightnow.
ABrain. Improve your memory 1.8.2
ABrain labs
Hi there! So glad you are visiting my page. Let me introducemyself.My name is ABrain. I am a mind training app for Android,designed toimprove memory, attention, reaction and math skills.The more youpractice in this app, the more you improve your mentalhealth. Iwill do my best helping you to develop your cognitiveskills, toenhance your productivity at work and in life, to boostyour quickcounting and logic skills. I can offer you more than 16differentgames, which are divided into 4 groups: Memory,Attention, Reaction,Math. All games were created by educationspecialists andneurologists to achieve the best result in eachcategory.
Brainwell Mind & Brain Trainer
Brainwell Mind Trainer has games to train your brain &memory.Play today!
Math | Riddles and Puzzles Maths Games
Black Games
Challenge yourself with Complicated Maths Puzzle GameandInteresting Riddles
Focus - Train your Brain 1.93
Senior Games
Stimulate your cognitive skills with Focus - Train yourbrain!Putyour cognitive skills to the test with this dailymentaltrainingin which you will find more than 25 games tostimulateskills suchas memory, concentration, coordination,visualperception orlogical reasoning. COGNITIVE STIMULATIONThisapplication has beendesigned in collaboration withpsychologistsand neuroscienceprofessionals. You will find exercisesand games inwhich each ofthe cognitive areas is stimulated as wellas exercisessimilar tothose used by professionals in theirconsultations. Frommemoryexercises to visual acuity games. Withinthe main menu youcanchoose between games of areas such as: - Memory- Attention-Coordination - Reasoning - VisualperceptionPERSONALIZEDSTATISTICS AND METRICS Focus - Train yourbrain has astatisticssection where you can see your cognitiveevolution duringthe lastweek, month or year. In addition, the appoffers you acognitivesummary in which the average scores of theresults of yourdailyworkouts are shown. The comparison optionallows you tographicallyview your results in relation to people ofthe same ageand gender.CHARACTERISTICS - Daily workouts - Fun games- Stimulateyourcognitive abilities - Simple and easy to useinterface - Checkyourevolution over time - Compare yourself withsame profile people-Free application with subscription options toaccessspecificcontent BETA VERSION This version of the applicationis inthetesting phase so we would love to receive yourcommentsandsuggestions to improve it. To do this, you can write [email protected] Thank you very much in advance!
Brain Training - Logic Puzzles
CL - Games
A collection of brain puzzles IQ challenge,a lot of addictivegamesin one game.
Brain Games : Logic, IQ Puzzle
Boost Memory Power with Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles and MindGames.
Brain Boom: Word Brain Games
Warm Word
Test your brain and crush the word puzzle games!Come to completetheword-games!
Improve English: Vocabulary
Vocabulary Builder, Grammar, Word of the Day, ElevateyourVocabulary & Spelling
Train Your Brain
Grove FX
Improve focus, memory and train spatial thinking with thesebraintraining games
40+ Psychological Tests 1.6.31
- More than 40 psychological tests. - Intelligence tests: IQ -Testswith pictures - Detailed analysis of your answers in eachtest. -Complete tasks and receive gifts. - Modern material design.- Shareyour results with family and friends. - Take a test fordepression,personality type, self-confidence, the ability tounderstand people.Get to know your strengths and weaknessesbetter. Understand thecauses of conflicts in your family and more.
Train your Brain
Senior Games
Boost your cognitive skills with these brain training games
Word Trip
Alert: Please update to the latest build to be eligible forvideorewards!
IQ and Aptitude Test Practice
Logical, numerical, and spatial test for aptitude and IQtestpreparation
Brain test - psy and iq test
iq test
Ultimate psychological and iq test to check your aptitude.
Brain Games - Left vs Right 4.1.5
Do you exercise? Do you exercise your brain? Join the over10million people who've let their brain have a little fun!PlayingLeft vs Right only 10 minutes daily can keep your mind sharpandhelp prepare you for a day full of challenges and new problemstosolve! Train your brain with 50 mini-games in our 6 funcategoriesapplicable to your day-to-day activities! * Awareness*Adaptability * Reflex * Reasoning * Precision * Patience Youcanstart training every day for free. Additional games areavailableafter watching a short video. If you want to be a VIP, youcanenjoy unlimited games and more daily training. Did we mentionyoucan try VIP for free too? You can try a free 7-day trial and ifyoudon't like it, you can cancel at any time.* Try it foryourself,don't take it from us. Listen to the over 14000 people whohaveleft reviews averaging 4.5 stars! Thank you so much for givingyourbrain a chance to stay fit! You can view our Privacy Policyhere and our Terms ofServicehere (* PLEASENOTE: Youmust cancel the subscription before the second week if youchooseto not get a subscription.)
Brain Training
App Holdings
Train your brain for memory,concentration,focus,speed&accuracy. Download now!
Aptitude test Personality test
iq test
Test yourself with a great collection of personality test games
Ultimate English Spelling Quiz 2021.11
*** New Spelling Facts in v3.0 ***- Similar Words- Foreign Origin Words- Common Slangs- American vs British English Spellings- Acronyms- Phobias***New Leaderboard - Compete with thousands users worldwide!!withLots of new levels and bonus quizzes!!***4 New Bonus Quizzes***- Synonyms Quiz- Antonym Quiz- Plural Quiz- Simple Past Tense QuizThe Ultimate English spelling Quiz will help you to Learncommonlymisspelled English spellings by playing Quiz.This English spelling game is just like a small dictionary ofIMPSelected Spellings.There are total 80 Levels. (Easy to Hard) & 75+ FreeBonusLevels.Many more levels will be added regularly in updates.This English spelling Quiz is also very helpful to those, whoarelearning English Speaking, English Grammar and English words.ThisEnglish spelling game will make the learning process fastandeasy.It can be also very helpful in preparing competitive exams andcivilservice exams like UPSC, IAS, MBA, BBA, HSC, SSC, GATE, CAT,CET,IPS AIEEE, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, BANK'S recruitment,Railway'sExams, IELTS and TOEFL etc...This test is designed in MCQ’s (Multiple choicequestions)style.This English spelling app will help to Increase your GK(Generalknowledge) of English spelling, so it will improve yourEnglish tosolve Words Quiz, Word Puzzles, Guess the Word likeWordGames.
Mindvalley: Self-Improvement
Explore Our Personal Development Courses And Expert ClassesForPersonal Growth
Just Riddles
Boost up your brain power with tons of riddles!
Super Brain Training
You must training your brain
CogniFit Brain Fitness 4.3.4
CogniFit Inc
Train your brain while having fun.CogniFittechnology automatically builds for you an optimal braintrainingregimen based on your ongoing performance and yourcurrentcognitive needs.CogniFit is constantly used by the scientific community. Forthelast 15 years all our brain fitness solutions have beenclinicallyproven and the results are published in manyscientificjournals.For references see: provides you with a platform to assess, train andtrackyour cognitive skills such as concentration, memory andattention.The CogniFit technology has been developed to provide youwith anoptimal and personalized brain fitness and is now availableon yourmobile!Choose among a large number of brain training exercises tohelpimprove the skills that are important for learning andpersonaldevelopment- Train your brain on the go.- Assess your brain and discover your cognitive power.- Get personalized results for key cognitive abilities such asyourmemory, concentration and attention.- Train with the CogniFit patented personalized training ordecideto play single games.This app is fully integrated with PC/Macplatform.Every progress you make is fully synchronized and saved onbothplatformsCogniFit Brain Fitness for Android is free to sign up and letyoutrain in demo mode up a limited number of brain games.If you are serious with your brain training, you shouldconsidersubscribing to CogniFit and get access to all of thetrainingprograms, brain games available and much more. Subscribingwillgrant you full access to the mobile platform and the webplatformof CogniFit.See the minimumrequirements: our privacypolicy: about our terms ofuse: us: us:
Sintelly - Psychology & Emotional Intelligence
Learn more about psychology, intelligence (IQ), mind and expandyourknowledge!
Bonza Word Puzzle 3.4.2
"Bonza puzzles are instantly addictive!" - Will Shortz(CrosswordEditor, The New York Times) "It’s an idea so simple Ican’t believeit hasn’t been done yet." - Mark Serrels, Kotaku Bonzais a newtype of crossword that has become an instant classic. Itmixes wordsearch, jigsaw and trivia to create something completelyfresh. Ifyou like a word challenge and you enjoy pushing boxesaround withyour fingers, then you'll love Bonza Word Puzzle. FREEDAILYPUZZLES Every day you'll be able to solve a new free puzzle.Someare based on current events, others are designed by theBonzacommunity. BONZA PUZZLE CREATOR Create your own customBonzapuzzles and challenge friends.
🚀 Quick Brain - logic puzzles
Increase your brain power and competeagainstplayers from around the world!Experience the heated battle that will keep you on your toes!Brain games is based on principles of cognitive psychology tohelpyou practice different mental skill: memory, attention,speed,reaction, concentration, logic and more.Cool math Games is a brain-training, where logic &thinking& math meet fun ,enjoyment, amusement andlightheartedpleasure. In our Cool math Games App We will See How Toplaytogether.Fight with other people in math game in Arena!Multiplication table, flexible settings for math (Multiply,Plus,Minus, Divide), 2048 - puzzle, true false math game, quickmath andMultiplayer.Quick Brain - it is a Puzzle game with many levelsandmultiplayer.For all ages: games for kids, for parents and for everybody!The application will be useful for all ages:- students and kids - to master the basics of mathematicsandarithmetic, learn multiplication table, prepare for math testsandexams- adults who want to keep their mind and brain in good shapeDevelop your intellectual facilities by solving variousmathematicaltasks as quickly as possible: addition, subtraction,multiplicationand division! Limited amount of time for answeringonly stimulatesyour brain to work faster, better and moreefficiently.Mountain your Math skills by playing «Quick Brain» daily!Compareyour records with friends, thereby motivating yourself to bethebest among them.Brain Teasers do not require special knowledge so everyonecanimprove their brain function through repetitionandadaptation.In Quick Brain your main target is to reach the highestnumberpossible within the time limit, all while dealing with thehighdifficulty and all the other challenges that appear asyouplay.What is «Quick Brain» trainer?- Mathematical game, Multiply, Plus, Minus, Divide games;- Educational Puzzle;- 2048 game- Train concentration;- IQ Trainer;- Smart & Quick Thinking ;- Faster Reaction Speed;- Simple HD graphic;- Designed for smartphones and tablets- Rating players.Boost up your IQ with the mobile app «Quick Brain»!- We added the classic 2048 puzzle - addictive and a verysimplenumber puzzle game. You join the numbers and get to the2048tile!HOW TO PLAY:Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tileswiththe same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tileiscreated, the player wins! 8 .. 16 ... 1024 .. 2048. ToaccessLeaderboard, you will have to sign in using googleplusaccount.We in Facebook: not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I canassureyou mine are still greater. © Albert Einstein.Welcome to Quick Brain, the puzzle game where you get the powerofmath in your hands.Download that app for FREE now!
Train your Brain. Memory Games
Senior Games
English memory games to stimulate cognitive areas. Memorybraintraining!
Mental Math Tricks Workout
Math Master - Brain Training Mental Math Tricks & QuickMathWorkouts
General Knowledge Quiz
An endless stream of general knowledge questions
Amazing Psychology Facts 2.3
GV apps
Psychology facts everyone should know, and some ofthemmightsurprise you learning. Psychology is the studyofpeople'sbehavior, performance, and mental operations. Italsorefers to theapplication of the knowledge, which can be usedtounderstandevents, treat mental health issues, andimproveeducation,employment, and relationships. Psychology isinvolved invariousareas of study and application in differentsubjects.Psychology isvery important especially because it dealswith thestudy of themental processes and behavior at the same time.It isalso appliedin our daily lives and in many things.Learningsomething new aboutyourself is always interesting andentertaining.And understandingthe psychology behind the way webehave, treatothers, and expressourselves can be even moreappealing. Did YouKnow Facts: Read thembelow. We have compiled alist of the mostsurprising psychologyfacts that can help you betterunderstandyourself and others.Categories include as below:psychology factsabout personalitypsychology facts about lovepsychology facts aboutstudentspsychology facts about emotionspsychology facts peoplepsychologyfacts about girls psychology factsabout dreamspsychological factsabout yourself psychological factsabout humanbehaviorpsychological facts about sleep psychologicalfacts aboutwomenpsychological facts about social mediapsychological factsaboutmen psychological facts about animalspsychological factsaboutAnger psychological facts about Brain DidYou Know? - JustFactsThanks for downloading. Your comments,suggestions aremostwelcome. If there is an issue or featurerequest, please sendus anemail at [email protected] Disclaimer:The data collectedisprovided free of charge for informationalpurposes only, withnoguarantee of whatsoever for accuracy,validity, availability,orfitness for any purpose. Use at your ownrisk. All logos,imagesand names are copyright of their respectiveowners. All thelogos,images and names are used in this app are justforidentificationand educational purpose only. Any request toremoveone of thelogos, images and names will be honored. Trademarksandbrands arethe property of their respective owners.
Lumosity Mind - Meditation App
Brought to you by the experts at Lumosity
Seasons Puzzles | Mind Games & Brain Teasers 1.5
Black Games
Seasons Puzzles is a minimalist game, in which each level hasitsown gameplay and control design. All 100 riddles have theirownunique logic that you'll need to figure out to solve. Itlookssimple and clean but the mind games in them are tricky andhave aset of IQ tests. Some have similarities to classics suchas‘’sudoku’’, ‘’connect the dots’’, ‘’one line’’, ‘’sokoban’’.Eachseason is represented by its own color Spring / Green : Itmakesyou think in new ways with surprisingly simple riddles andbrainteasers. Green puzzles of spring give you clues on how toapproachfuture IQ tests. Summer / Yellow : You can challenge yourmind withreally interesting and different yellow IQ games of thesummerseason. To solve the yellow levels, you need to thinkdifferentlyand outside the box. Fall / Orange : Addictive trickyorange logicpuzzles surprise you again after yellow. Fall seasonchallenges theidea that there’s only one way of doing things.Winter / Blue :Last part of all Seasons is a great way to testthinking skills.Just because you know what to do with blue, doesn'tmean you cansolve it easily. How to Play Solving puzzles in orderto make thebackground into the color of the season is the commongoal of all100 riddles. The method of changing the color to green,yellow,orange or blue is different at each level. They involvedifferentchallenges like logic, memory, number games, shape playsand muchmore. We inspired by some classics ★ Sudoku ★ One line ★Sokoban ★Number blocks ★ Klotski ★ Connect the dots ★ Water - 3 jugriddles★ Lights out ★ Tower of Hanoi Suitable for Adults and KidsRiddlesopen your mind like an IQ test and make your free timemoremeaningful. Logical puzzles create new connections foradvancedthought and mental speed. They make strong connectionsbetweenbrain cells. If you are interested in classic games suchas''sudoku'', ''math riddles'', ''connect the dots'', ‘’oneline’’,‘’number blocks’’, you will love Seasons Puzzles. See Hints&Solutions It is a free game for anyone interested in brainteasers.You have to watch ads to see hints and solutions or to skiplevels.We need to enable ads to be able to develop new anddifferent apps.Thank you for your understanding. Please don’thesitate to reach tous for any kind of questions or comments via:Instagram:[email protected]
Logical Reasoning Test
Crack your competitive exam just like that with ourLogicalReasoning App.
TRIVIA STAR Quiz Games Offline
PLAY TRIVIA GAMES in Trivia Star - Quiz + Offline Games! GetDailyBrain Quizzes
Brilliant 6.2.2
**Featured in The Atlantic, The New YorkTimes,NPR, and more.**Master concepts by solving fun, challenging problems. We’ll helpyoulearn real math and science through conceptual quizzes that arebothentertaining and educational.With free Problems of the Week, you can solve anddiscussfascinating problems with members around the world. If youenjoythese problems, then it’s time to subscribe. Once you do,you’llhave access to courses with hundreds of guided exercisesoneverything from logical reasoning to artificialneuralnetworks.Brilliant is designed for:Student enrichment: Feed your hunger to learnRecreational learning for adults: Hundreds of interesting topicstochoose fromProfessional development: Keep your problem solving on thecuttingedgeAll you need to do is download the app and sign up. Then settleintoa weekly habit of oddly addictive, bite-sized learning.Brilliant requires Android version 4.1+. Send [email protected] US: https://brilliant.orgLIKE US: US:
Intellect: Create a Better You 1.7.7
Embark on an entirely new way to work on your traits, habitsandbehaviors. Intellect is a new form of psychologicaltrainingdeveloped by a team of world leading psychologists andbehavioralexperts, packaged into quick bite-sized sessions to helpyou worktowards who you want to be. Overcome personal struggleslikeprocrastination, low self-esteem and anxiety, or developyourselfby becoming more assertive, sociable and confident.Restructureyour personal, social or work life by tackling the rootof yourpsychology through our proven scientific process. Intellectis yournew personal companion to creating a better you.
Brain Games- Impulse Brain training & Mind puzzles 1.0.6
While playing brain games, you will get a lot of funandgraduallyimprove your brainpower, memory, concentration,attention,andaccuracy skills &#128170. Each game helps to testyourbrain;Brain memory games Train your brain to improve mindpowerandmemory skills by playing memory and attention games.Impulsebraintraining to improve your focus with accuracy and mathgames.Giveyour memory and mind a boost and become a mind puzzlerbyimprovingyour abilities with these easy brain exercises, minimindgames,and fun logical games. Thinking to train your brain?Trythese funand challenging brain workout puzzle games to testyourmemory,attention, accuracy, and math skills. Fun andchallenginggames tosharpen your brain and improve your abilities ina dynamic,fun,and engaging way. By playing Brain Games you can:Improveyourmemory Increase your focus, concentration, attention,andaccuracyskills Test your logic Train your brain Relax yourbrainTest yourbrain Memory Games: Match the pair of cards,Sortinggames, followthe path, memorize the numbers, find newelements, andmuch moregames to improve your memory skills.Attention Games:Swipeleft-right based on given directions toimprove right-leftbrainmemory, pay attention to the colors, images,and numbers.Eachattention game makes you more focused on increasesyour mindpowerand concentration levels of speed reading andattentiontraining.Accuracy Games: Improve accuracy levels byfinding thefastestmoving objects, measuring heights, and many moremind games.Braingames are challenging and fun thinking games withmultipletriviapuzzles and brain teasers improve your IQ levels andtestyourbrain. If you like to solve riddles, tricks, quiz games,IQlogicgames, try these free brain test games to train yourlogic,memory,intelligence, problem-solving skills, and creativity.Testyourbrain by playing mini-games helps to improvecreativethinking,logic, memory, and imagination. Don’t solve thebrainteasers in anordinary way, some riddles really trick yourbrainplay and enjoy!How to improve memory skills 🤔 It's verysimple,install ourapplication and train your brain every day.
brain code — hard puzzle game 2.3.3
brain : code — hard puzzle games. Five words which fullydescribesthe game: • brain — you should use the full power of yourbrain tocomplete all the puzzles. • code — yep, you need tocode(noworries, programming skills are not required). brain codeprovidesyou a unique experience with the puzzles you have neverplayedbefore. • hard — yes, this game is hard, but you can completeit. •puzzle — six letters, one word, one meaning. Noadditionalexplanation needed. • game — great brain test, still awonderfuloffline game. But not only the brain is needed,attentiveness - iswhat you also need. Every piece of text in thegame can give you atip for the next level. Unexpected The solutionsfor the levelscould be everywhere - on one of the previous levels,in yourfriend's phone or even on the Maps (seriously, no jokes) andmuchmore. That's why brain code is a mix of unique puzzle gamesandbrain games. In short: Brain games — impressive Experience —uniqueGameplay — attractive Design — great Jokes — inluded FYI: Wegaveyou enough tips to complete the game. The reviews like "Thereis nologic in this puzzle games" and similar are not accepted. Ifyoudon't see the logic, then these brain games does not fitsyou.However, you can always ask for help in the comment sectionbelowor via email [email protected] Peace! ------------- --Thebug has been detected and process "description" has been shutdown.-- brain code system message : brain test stopped. Offlinegamemode enabled -- If this is the first time you've seen thismessage,just skip it. -- If you reading description again, thisinformationcan be useful for you. -- Tech info: -- STOP 0x000LVL09(Bad levelchecksum) -- CALCULATING REASON CODE -- [email protected]!#%*(!):+=% --Contact our support group in comments for furtherassistance.-------------
English Crossword puzzle
Litera Games
Crossword puzzle game. Easy Levels for english learners.Alloffline!
Word Collect - Word Games Fun
Play Word Games & train your brain in Word Collect - WordGamesFun Word Games!
Reaction training 3.6.4
Do you agree that good reflexes and reaction speed at any ageonlyhave a positive effect? If you want to train your reactionspeedand reflexes or just want to check the speed of your reaction- youfound the right app. It has everything that you need toimproveyour reflexes and reaction! Believe us, training can also befunwhen it’s done like the game 😉 Some of you may perceive this appasa game and you might be right. But our main task was to helppeopledevelop and train their reaction speed. Everything in ourlifehappens very quickly, and a split second can affect your life.Inaddition to improving the speed of your reaction and thinking,thepositive effect of using the game will be to speed upyourreflexes, develop logical thinking and peripheral vision, aswellas train stress resistance and concentration in everydaylife.Features: • Flexible settings, set complications forsomeexercises, remove countdown if needed, change repetitions fortheexercise. • Ability to see statistics for each exercise •Abilityto change the theme if needed. • Great gameplay formaximumconvenience. • Can help gamers who, engaged in cybersport. •Thisgame recommended for ALL ages! In this game, you will find over30small games to train reaction. And here are some of them: •Schultetable exercise. • Practice with math exercises. • Soundreactiontest. • Reaction time to the vibration. • Simple colorchangelevel. • Practice with the textual representation of numbers.•Test quick numbers count. • Moving figure level. • Eyememoryexercise. • Train reaction to color changes in differentcells ofthe table. • Check the swipe reaction time. • Practice inaiminglevel. • Improve reaction time to moving shapes. • Memorytest. •Test peripheral vision. • Color matching text level. • F1startlights test. • Spatial imagination reaction. • Test clicklimit. •Shapes comparing level. • Shake exercise. • Numberorderingpractice. • Train quick click on the random aim. All youneed isdiligence. Train every day, and the result won't be long incoming.You will improve your reaction time. If you have difficultywithany of the levels - just try to think out of the box. Each ofthegame exercises is POSSIBLE to pass. You will succeed ⭐
Logic Master 1 Mind Twist
Weez Beez
Logic Master simply makes you smarter. Creative Logic GamewithAbsurd Solutions
Make Me Better :Motivating You 1.6.0
Crafty Studio
Your constant struggle to read something motivational andpositiveis now over. The Make Me Better app brings to you a vastselectionof easy to read articles for uplifting your mood andimproving yourpersonality. Our goal is simple: Provide the bestquality andsummarized content for daily motivation, personalitydevelopmentand self care. Besides the article, you will also getmentalwellness videos, podcast, motivational quotes, life hacksandpositive affirmations. All the articles and videos are short (3to5 min read) and summarized, which are easy to rememberandpractical in real life too. It is like your digital coachforpersonality development, mental wellness & motivation.★Articles on Self Improvement Our team writes super engagingandhighly effective articles on different topics. These articlesareto the point, very precise and are actionable too. Therearealready more than 500+ articles on leadership, timemanagement,success, motivation, relationships, and psychology. Andwe alsopublish a new article every alternate day to keep you onyour toesin the Self improvement journey. ★ Daily MotivationalQuotes Quotesare a great tool for saying too much in too littlewords. Withdaily quotes, you get transformative and powerfulquotes. You canscroll all day reading through best and unknownquotes here. Wehave inspirational quotes, love quotes, positivityquotes, sadquotes to name a few. We also have a daily quotes widgetwhichshows you a new inspiring quote every time you unlock yourphone. ★Daily Positive Affirmations Saying a few positive wordsmight soundinsignificant, but if done regularly, they have thepower to changeyour mindset and rewire your brain. Affirmations areeffective inboosting our confidence, changing our behavior andmaking usbelieve in our abilities. With these prompt positiveaffirmations,you will feel confident all day. ★ Actionable DailyLife Hacks Tomake the learning even more easy, enjoyable, andimplementable, wehave life hacks that will help you ease your dailytasks. Here youcan browse our life hacks collection on topics likefinance tips,relationship advice, health tips & much more. ★Videos andPodcasts The Make me better app also comes with a growinglibraryof podcasts and videos on various self care and self helptopics.Many a time due to lack of time, we skip mental wellnessgoal,that’s why we have started the self improvement podcast&videos. ★ Live a calm worry free life We all come acrossdifficultand stressful days in our life. To handle these daysandsituations, we need a lot of motivation and positive intellect.Ourpodcast and videos can help you stay calm and develop apositiveintellect. ★ We will remind you The Make me Better app willnotifyyou of all the new personality development articles, selfhelp tipsand motivational quotes. Hence, you will never lose yourtrack onself development. ★ Our take on Mental wellness andSelfImprovement We as a society care more about our physicalwellbeingwhile ignoring our mental wellness. We think mentalwellness isonly for intellect and decision maker. Mental wellnessplays avital role in a happy and prosperous life and to achieve itwe haveto improve our self constantly. ★ Learn Implement andimprove Makeme better will help you in personality development andmentalwellness with easy to follow articles. In the app, you willgetvideos and articles on different topics like:- ☞ Introspection☞Self Motivation ☞ Communication Skills ☞ Goal Setting ☞Lifestylechoices ☞ Habit building ☞ Career Growth ☞ Family&Relationships ☞ Mental Wellness By investing only 5 min dailyinMake Me Better app, you can reap benefit which cansignificantlyimprove your Life. If you want to improve yourself andbecomebetter than, you have arrived at the right app. Install theapp nowand meet the new YOU.
Neurobics: 60 Brain Games 106103
60 free fun mind games to keep your brain in shape, Neurobicsareaerobics for your neurons! This game is designed as a personalgymtrainer for your brain. The objective is to train a coupleofminutes every day in short sessions, to keep your brainchallengedand estimulated with fun mind games. This app willstimulate the 4key areas of your brain: Memory, Concentration(Attention),Problem-Solving (Analysis) and Calculation. It’s likeexercise foryour brain but fun! You will find free games ondifferentcategories like Memory, concentration , math, logic andmore! Ifyour job does not allow you to train your memory, mentalagilityand sharpness of the brain, you should seekcomplementaryactivities outside of work that will help keep yourbrain in shape.Don't forget that our brain can also be trained!This brain gamesadjust their difficulty to match your skill leveland continuinggrowth. The variety and complexity of stimulationthat your brainreceives can make a significant difference regardingits health.Regular training will keep your brain tuned andchallenged. Ourgoal is to decrease boredom and increase the smartfun! It's Free,It's Fun and it's Fantastic for your brain, what areyou waitingfor?? Leave a comment if you liked it, we read andappreciate allyour comments! :)
Brain Math: Puzzle Maths Games
Brain games of Math Riddles, Puzzle Games & Math gameswillsharp your brain.