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Crazy Eggs: Catch Match & Toss 1.0.1
Play eggsciting egg games for crazy fun!Choose your game - use your skill to catch, match, and toss thecrazy eggs!Can you scramble your way to hi score eggscellence?Features:Three challenging mini-gamesEgg Catch: Try to catch eggs in the basketEgg Match: Switch eggs to match 3 in a rowEgg Toss: Toss eggs into eggcupsSo what are you waiting for? Get cracking and beat it!
2 players face each other head-to-head inaslapping battle. Only the player with the quickest reactionswillreign as slap champion.SLAP! is based on the popular game called Red Hands, alsoknownas hot hands, slapsies, slaps, or simply the hand-slapgame.
Pot Smash: Type & Match 1.4.4
Like smashing stuff? Challenge your brainwhileyour fingers do the smashing. Combine thinking skills withquickreactions to smash every pot in sight.FEATURES:Awards for achievementSimple tap interfaceAddictive gameplayPot smashing satisfaction8 UNIQUE GAME MODES:Teapot Match-up - Smash 3 of a kindSmash Typing - Type to smash3 Letter Words - Find and smash 3 letter wordsSmash 11 - Smash numbers that add to 11Quick Smash - Smash pots in numerical order4 Letter Words - Find and smash 4 letter wordsMemory Smash - Memorise and recallZen Smash - Endless smashingMEDIA & REVIEWS:Joystiq.comThe Joystiq Indie Pitch: Pot Smash"Easy to get hooked""This game had my eyes buggin' out!"★★★★★"Fun. Angry Birds, then Fruit Ninja, now Pot Smash. Allmydestructive needs have been met!"- Thomas★★★★★"The perfect 10-15 min time waster for the daily commute! slickgameplay and clever use of Facebook."- Chrisso★★★★★"This game is fantastic. It is highly addictive and I havebeenplaying all day. This is the perfect game to play when on thebus,train or even the throne…yes I said it. The BEST!"- Arrrrgggghhh★★★★★"Very addictive and it brings out the competitiveness in youwhenyou know someone else with it."- DanielFor news and updates follow us
Bonza Jigsaw 3.3.3
A new type of jigsaw puzzle
Bonza Planet 4.3.3
From the makers of Bonza Word Puzzle
Bonza Word Puzzle 3.4.2
Relaxing daily puzzle