Top 50 Games Similar to Battleplans

Fortress Under Siege HD 1.4.6
A conspiracy throws our kingdom!
A Little War 1.7.7
Bakumens Inc.
A greater war is going to break out,pick up your sword todefendyour home!!
Demonrift TD - Tower Defense R 1.0.6
Menara Games
Defense the realm in this FREE Offline Tower Defence RPGStrategybattle game
Sky Battleships: Pirates clash 1.0.19
Sky ships battles in real-time.
Mushroom Wars 2: RTS Strategy 2023.07.06
Defend your mushroom towers in a real-time strategy war games!RTStower defense
Redbros 3.1
This is a hardcore game. Best of 2016 Google Play IndieGamesFestival!
Fortress Under Siege
A conspiracy throws our kingdom into themostdangerous moment, which needs you and your army to shouldertheresponsibility of safeguarding the kingdom. The powerfulenemyalready launches the attack, which leaves you no choice as youarethe last hope of the kingdom.The particular fortress construction mode allows you to buildtheunique fortress of your own, which will bring you a strong senseofproud especially when seeing tens of thousands of enemies fallinfront of your elaborate fortress. Feel free to build wallsandfortresses, set up gatehouses, pits, barriers and towers andpaintpitch on the ground to launch fire attack against your enemy.Youcan also build all kinds of buildings to boost yoursoldier'sbattle efficiency. The establishment of magic towersenables you touse magic. Arrow towers and round towers of differentscale helpyou to form solid defensive line.You can also have your archers shoot enemies on the wall…With 22 types of military units and numerous styles of bosses,thegame will impress you with rich and skillful playing methods,forexample, upgrading your soldiers' level or building functionallmake your defensive line more strong. Weather your fortresscansurvive the surrounded enemies?With the vast battlefield and splendid background music, youaresure to throw yourself into this war in the Middle Ages.Story Mode:10 epic campaigns with 50 levelsGlory Mode:Hold fast to your fortress and stand firm against your enemy for20days.Features:- 22 types of units- Various Bosses- 47 map types- Superior AI- Unit upgrade mode- Building upgrade mode- Magnificent background music- Auto save...Thanks for your support. EASYTECH
Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator 1.8.6
★★★ Recruit Legendary Heroes and Command Mythical SoldiersintoBattles ★★★ Welcome to Knights and Glory, a place to showcaseyourstrategic and tactical abilities in a war to claim yourvictoryamong millions of people in a battle of clans and alliances.❰KING'S CHALLENGE - NEW ❱ ● Earn new resources by battlingthestages in the King's Challenge ● Use the new resources tofurthertrain up your units ● Beware, you must follow the King'srule tobattle! GAME FEATURES: ● Collect new powerful cards orupgradeexisting ones. ● Build an ultimate army of legendary heroestoconquer your opponents. ● Vanquish enemy's troops to earnCrownsand Treasure Chest. ● Defend your kingdom's caravan to secureyourclan's treasure. ● Fight through single player campaign andmightybosses. ● Two difficulty war mode in single player campaign●Enlist the service of powerful generals and soldiers. ● Buildanalliance or clan to share cards and join clan events. ●Friendlybattles and special events, strike early and rise to thetop of theleaderboards. ● Shape your skills at the Training area.AWESOMEREWARDS ● Mini Archery game for coins and even new units. ●Earnmultiple free treasure chests to get awesome rewards. ●Weeklyevent to participate and compete! ● Adventure Mode Challengetoearn more cards, diamonds and gold. Collect and upgrade dozensofcards featuring a series of historical generals, mythicalheroesand advisors such as Arthur the Lionheart and Leonardo DaVinci.Command legendary troops from great civilisations such asmedievalEurope and Asia, like The Knight Templar and The JapaneseSamurai.Enlist the help of the wisest tactician, Zhuge Liang, fromtheThree Kingdoms era. Huang Zhong is another recruitablebravewarrior from the Three Kingdoms era that can help you fightagainstthe enemies' onslaught. Build an army to plunder yourenemy'streasure and create strong defensive lines to protect yourowntreasure. Join and form an alliance or clan to share cardsandfight for bigger rewards and rise to become the greatest kingdominthe empire. Take your army to victory and be prepared for anepicmedieval battle! Grow your empire and master the art of wartostrike hard against your enemies. Win battles, win the wargamesand be remembered as a true warrior in the whole empire!SupportAre you having problems? Emails us [email protected] orcontact us in game by going to Settings> FAQ and Support.Facebook: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: A networkconnectionis also required. NOTE: Knights and Glory is free todownload andplay, however, some game items can also be purchasedfor realmoney. If you do not want to use this feature, please setuppassword protection for purchases in the settings of yourGooglePlay Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service andPrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownloadKnights and Glory.
CastleStorm - Free to Siege 1.78
Zen Studios
Super genre mashup of 2D physics destruction mashed withtowerdefense brawler!
Marimo League : Be God, show M 1.8.4
Lead Marimo Warriors to victory and gather Believers to becometheGreatest God!
BattleTime: Ultimate 1.6.0
Many fast breathtaking battles are waiting for you! It's timeforBattleTime!
Tactile Wars 1.7.9
Spartania: Orc War Strategy! 3.17
Build, Upgrade & Battle Orcs! A Casual, Spartan CityStrategy& Tower Defense!
Plunder Pirates 3.8.2
Midoki Ltd
Build a 3D island, recruit a pirate crew and battle theunchartedwaters.
Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run
Jolly Pixel
Become an American Civil War general and preserve the Union orjointhe Rebels!
Warhands・Clash in chaos league
Win PvP real time battle in chaos league & Clash withwaralliance in PvP arena
Fieldrunners Attack!
Hold onto your helmets - the award-winning Fieldrunnersseriesreturns!
Steampunk Tower 2: The One Tow 1.1.4
TOO DreamGate
Tower Defense on the rise! Again!
Pocket Battles - War Strategy
Epic war strategy game! Build your army, grow empire heroes&fight in battles!
Populus Romanus 2: Britannia 1.1
Populus Romanus 2: Britannia, a hex strategy war game of theancientage.
This Means WAR!
Modern combat just landed in the palm of your hand!
Booblyc TD survival - Realm Tower Defense Strategy 1.0.662
Booblyc TD
🛡 One of the best tower defense offline game in 2020 🕹 BestMobileGame - Indie Cup Awards ⚔️ Unusual engine category winner-GameGathering Conference The game is filled with war strategyandtactics of castle defense! Explore the world, fightmonsters,conquer all missions, beat bosses and win tournaments! Doyou likefantasy RPG defense games where you need to defend thecastle? Areyou fond of tactical games that make you thinkthoroughly aboutevery step of the battle? Download NOW Booblyc TDoffline — theclassic example of epic tower defense game, but moreinteresting,hilarious, and crazy than any other TD games you knewbefore! 🎮 Putyour towers into action and defend the castle fromnever-endingwaves of enemies! Get an armor and start playingBooblyc TD Battles- Realm Tower Defense offline Game now. Rush torealm battles ofthe kingdom enemies, join a legend crusade andtower defenders! 💬 Aguy fell asleep at the table, playing hisfavorite game on asmartphone. He dreams of a crazy dream that hegets just in theheart of td battles with orc kingdom masters. Thelocal empirewarriors greet him, telling him that it would be niceif such amage helped them in the castle siege. 🃏 Defense heroesmust takepart in kingdom siege, tower defending battles, andtournaments,rush quests completing, mine resources, collect andimprove ccgcards, and train alongside the empire warriors under theking'scommand. All to join an epic empire defense in this amazingfantasyworld of kingdoms, new lands, tower wars and castles! Useyourstrategy and war tactics to win all td battles! Make sure yournameis well known in realm legends. Each level has special towerlandsto hire the warrior. You may move any unit in a specialsectoraround the base point. 🗡 Apart from challenges on the levels,wecreated a unique map of this fantasy world that is interestingtoexplore, and through which you should play individually: •Uniqueempire world! Explore castles and build the kingdom of yourdreams• Rush to win resources! • Kingdom under siege! Lead yourtroops onthe battlefields and manage tower crush • Chests!Customization andupgrades of defenders and towers • Over 300levels! Endless towerdefense with levels to apply all your tacticalskills • CrazyTournaments! Participate in survival kingdom landsand challengeyour rivals at war • Interesting quests about therealm, not onlywall defense! • Ccg cards! Over 80 unique ccg cardsto collect(weapons, upgrades for towers, magic, kings, pets) •Unique bosses,each with their attributes — fantasy tower defenseoffline game atits best! Train your skills in strategy, tactics anddefense • 16+humor! 💣 Explore the best defensive game! Do your bestto defendthe castle and crush the forces of the enemy kingdoms!Command themightiest warriors and lead the greatest defense army tovictory inunique TD battles offline! Booblyc is your chance to getin themiddle of the epic realm war and take part in excitingkingdomtower defense. Protect your castle tower no matter what!Play thiscrazy tower defense game offline for free — enjoy hours ofgameplayanytime and anywhere! It’s my defense and my kingdom! ✉️Contactus: - E-mail: [email protected] - OfficialFanpage: - OfficialWebsite:
Braveland 1.6.2
Tortuga Team
A turn-based game inspired by old-school strategies
Miragine War 7.7.10
Strategically outmaneuver your enemy by picking theperfectsoldiers.
Tower Clash 2.6.2
PVP, Real-time Battles
What the Hen! 2.15.1
Battle the craziest hero duels in the cartooniest gameadventureever!
Epic Little War Game 2.025
The lighter side of turn based strategy games, gone EPIC!
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars
Tactical gameplay, card collection, and gorgeous art combineinStormbound!
Clash of Legions 1.901
Strategy Tower defense between Human vs Orc
PaladinZ: Champions of Might 0.83
Build, upgrade, and fight your way to become the greatestPaladinthere is!
Risky Wars 1.1.9
Exciting world domination game experience of strategy, riskandconquest
Ash of Gods: Tactics 1.9.16--641
The Reapers are here, and the world is on fire. Will you facetheReaping?
Battle Islands: Commanders 1.6.1
505 Games Srl
Take part in major WWII battles, from North Africa to theEasternFront!
Last Kingdom: Defense 3.1.22
Build your town and castle to protect your realm formalieninvasion.
Wars of the Roses 1.7.6
Wars of the Roses includes various battles throughout theMedievalages.
Horde Defense
Horde TD: The best strategy/arcade castle/tower hero defense ever!
Game of Trenches: WW1 Allies
From base building to RTS gameplay, play through World War 1likenever before.
WAR! Showdown
Command your troops in this fast-paced RTS strategy game!
Great Little War Game 2 2.1
They came, they saw, they drank some tea.
Fieldrunners HD 1.30
The award winning Tower Defense game you have been waiting for!
Land Air Sea Warfare RTS 1.0.21
Command giant mega units and conquer armies in this realtimestrategy game.
BattleTime: Original 1.6.0
In BattleTime is waiting for you: Huge territorieswithstrongopponents! Over 100 unique levels! 8 heroes withspecialskills!Five difficulty levels for the bravest!Achievementsandleaderboards! Competition with friends! Each battlewill beunique!Opponents do not forgive mistakes and are ready todoanything towin. Use special skills and improve your army, studytheenemy'sstrategy. Deal the decisive blow and claim thewinner'saward!
Populus Romanus 1.5
Rome, 396 B.C. Enemies everywhere.
Medieval Battle: Europe 2.3.6
Fight various battles across Europe throughout the medieval ages.
Hexonia 1.1.37
The ultimate battle between civilizations in the palm of your hand!
Civil War: 1864 3.4.3
Civil War: 1864 is the latest addition to our Civil Warstrategyseries.
Siege Castles 1.7.8
PID Games
Build your kingdom on your island and raid other kings withyourbest tactics
Command your troops in this fast-paced RTS strategy game!
REDCON 1.4.4
Command your own fortress in FTL-like real-time battles!
Thing TD - Epic tower defense game 1.0.54
Booblyc TD
With over 50,000,000 plays over the Internet, the towerdefensegameseries has enthralled and challenged many players overtheyears.Now you can save your world from darkness while onyourcouch withthe Android version of the game! Join TargaWrathbringerand KelHawkbow on their journey to save Danalor fromhordes ofmonsters,undead and demons. Find powerful runes, constructarmies,upgradeyour heroes abilities and battle against epic bossesinthis TowerDefense RPG hybrid. Survival Mode description andrules:A SurvivalChallenge is unlocked on very few levels onceplayershave beatencertain levels in the campaign. The player startswith10 lives, andhas to withstand an endless number of waves ofeverincreasingnumbers of enemies. Warrior available in your orderthatwere openedduring the game progress. Separate highscoresleaderboard for eachsurvival challenge. Highlights: - 50+enemies,each with uniqueabilities and weaknesses. - Terrifyingbosses thatwill put you tothe test. - 8 different heroes to enhanceyourplay, with specialattacks! - 25+ game stages and 16 specialarmyupgrades - 60+achievements. Can you get them all?