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This is a hardcore game. Best of 2016 Google Play Indie GamesFestival!

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Redbros APK
This is a hardcore game. Best of 2016 Google Play Indie GamesFestival!
Hero Factory - Idle tycoon 3.1.28 APK
***New feature : Boss Challenge & Relics Dive into the epicworld of Hero Factory and unstop the massive hero production fromyour own factories to challenge powerful bosses. Dispatch yourheroes from the factories to hunt epic enemies down and earn plentyof golds to become a rich enough to expand your hero productionlines. Various kinds of epic weapons and helmets! Collect uniqueitems and discover new epic gear combinations to define your ownhero style. Merge an enchant stone and make your items more epicand powerful for the heroes Collect golds from the monsters andupgrade the hero factories for stronger heroes. Customize yourheroes with epic skins and merge them into a united team. HeroFactory is an easy-to-play idle tycoon RPG where you can experienceincomparable pleasure by managing your heroes and factories tostand against the enemies. Upgrade your heroes and factories withenchant stones and golds to create stronger army and send them tothe battlefield for more epic rewards. Download for free today andbegin to make your own heroes and factories! ★ Hero FactoryFeatures ★ * Various types of Heroes from different factoriesSwashbuckler, Hunting Queen, Dagger, Witch, Axe King, Gunslingerand more heroes * Strategical game play on the battlefieldStrategically choose and use powerful skills to achieve a victoryin the battle * Managing and Enhancing Your Heroes and factories Goon vacations countless times to increase your heroes’ stats and thefactory production * Tile-matching Mini-merge game Merge enchantstones to find out more mysterious and powerful stones to upgradeyour heroes and gears * Exciting Adventure Explore Infinite epicbattles throughout the journey with your heroes and obtain enormousrewards ♠ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ♠https://sites.google.com/view/playhardco/terms-of-usehttps://sites.google.com/view/playhardco/privacy-policy
Merge Cakes 2.03 APK
Merge Cakes! Can merge the same cakes and make new one. Youcanmerge the same cakes and collect pretty and delicious cakes.Youcan sell them to the customers to earn money faster. The purposeofthe game is simple. Merge the same cakes and find total 81 typesofcakes. The customers will pay more money to the newly foundcakes.Improve your store selling variety and delicious cakes. Howto playthe game 1. Touch the cake case to get a cake. 2. Merge thesamecakes. 3. Sell the cakes to the visiting customers. 4. Touchtheabove screen so that the customers visit your store faster.5.Enjoy the fantastic Fever mode in every four minutes. FEATURES1.Collect 81 types of cakes from cherry cake to New York cheesecake.2. Sell the variety of cakes to the customers and make money.3.Grow faster through Fever mode in every 4 minutes. 4. You cangetupgraded cake at the special box. 5. You can purchase higherlevelof cakes at a store, if you have a lot of money. The ultimategoalis to find the best cake. Every player can get various cakes.Sharethe cakes you got with your friends. The customers are waitingforthe delicious cakes that you make. Play Merge Cakes! Andmakevariety of cakes.
Trap Master: Merge Defense APK
Thrilling merge defense game!
HeroShip - Adventure Idle RPG 1.5.005 APK
▶ Start your adventure! Various monsters and islands will appear inthe seas. Also, you'll see the heroes have cute conversations! ▶Create your own hero party! There are a variety of heroes inHeroShip! There are healer, damage dealer, and tank heroes. Whichdo you think is the strongest? Discover the best hero combinations!▶Acquire equipment! There are thousands of options for combiningequipment. Equip your heroes with the very best equipment! ▶ Mergeyour heroes! The tier of each hero can be upgraded by mergingheroes. A top tier hero… is awesome! ▶ Offline battle rewards!!Your heroes continue their adventures even if you exit the game!Collect massive rewards accumulated through the painstaking effortsof your heroes. ▶Three elemental towers with various monsters. Youcan find new dungeons during the adventure. Show off your power inthe three towers that each have a different element. UpcomingUpdates ▶ New growth content! Equipment? Treasures? Guess whichcontent will be added! ▶New dungeons! A completely new special modeis under development! Please look forward to new content that willbe added! Guidelines ▶You can obtain plenty of gems for free. ▶Noadditional downloads are required after the install. CustomerService If you have any questions or feedback about our game,please contact us at: [email protected] HeroShip strives toimprove the game and is always open to feedback/opinions. OtherContact information : Contact email : [email protected] Number :418-88-00378 E-commerce number : 20160423 Terms ofUse and Privacy Policyhttps://sites.google.com/view/playhardco/terms-of-usehttps://sites.google.com/view/playhardco/privacy-policy
Idle Bodybuilder Manager 0.0.43 APK
▶ Training Help everybody who has their own reasons to work outbecome a bodybuilder! Let's make their dreams come true, together!▶ Management We prepared a variety of ways to help people exercise.Use any way possible to help people become bodybuilders! ▶ MuscleGrow various body parts of the bodybuilder. Make your ownbodybuilder by focusing on your favorite muscle groups! ▶Competition Now that you've trained hard, you get to bask in theglory! Enter a bodybuilding competition, flex your muscles, win aprize too while you're at it! - Customer service If you have anyquestions or ideas that would be a help for developing the game,please send your thoughts to [email protected] 'IdleBodybuilder Manager' will always hear from you to be better - etc.Contact information : Contact email : [email protected] Number :418-88-00378 E-commerce number : 20160423 Terms ofUse and Privacy Policyhttps://sites.google.com/view/playhardco/terms-of-usehttps://sites.google.com/view/playhardco/privacy-policy
Backpack Heroes 0.2.014 APK
Rogue-Like Deck-Building Game! "Min," the hero, travels to a newworld in another dimension! Let's go on an adventure with a SuperBackpack! Fight against epic monsters you come across on youradventure. Enjoy unlimited combinations of unique items essentialfor survival. Items with various functions such as a dagger, tank,frying pan, etc. will appear. Combine unique heroes and accessoriesto come up with special strategies and powerful decks of your own.Invade hideouts of users from all over the world and loot theirmoney. Have fun playing this casual CCG! Main Features: • Getrandom, unique items to support your expeditions • Collect andfight against various monsters in a fun, imaginative world •Protect your hideout and invade other players' hideouts • Competefor the highest rank against players worldwide • Collectaccessories with heroes and strengthen them • Play the thrilling'hard' mode Notice ▶ This is a free to play game. However, you canmake in-app purchases if you want to level up faster and instantlyobtain accessories you desire. ▶ This strategy deck-building gamerequires internet access for a stable gaming environment. Contactus: [email protected] ---- Combine various items to clearstages! Catch epic monsters to acquire epic equipment! Rogue-likedeck-building game with a brand new concept
Smash Kingdom : Slingshot Action Defense 1.7.3 APK
The kingdom is under attack! Vicious monsters are trying todestroythe peace of Smash Kingdom. The knights of the kingdom areall onvacation! You are the only one that can protect the kingdomfromthe monsters! Smash Kingdom is not just a simpledeck-buildingbattle game! Smash Kingdom is a new type of strategygame thatcombines card collection with real-time billiard physics.Stop thesurging enemies pouring out of the portal, obtain trophies,andunlock new arenas to collect a variety of mercenaries andmagic.All of this is possible with a simple slingshot action!Features ▶NEW UPDATE! Compete with other users at the PvP arena!Tired offighting monsters? Head to the PvP Arena! Test your skillsandstrategies by battling with others. ▶ Easy, simple, andyetthrilling, real-time slingshot battles with Billiard Physics!Pullback and fling the mercenaries and magic on the launch padtolaunch them towards the field. Turn the tables by adjustingthelaunch angle and timing, based on your tactics. ▶Organize yourowncard deck! The best strategy is…? There are mercenarieswithvarious abilities in Smash Kingdom. When hitting enemies,somecontinue to attack while others clash with their allies torecoverhealth. Be the 'Best Mercenary Captain'. Find, upgrade,andorganize a variety of mercenaries and cards to form aninvinciblearmy! The kingdom can only achieve victory through yourmasterfulstrategies! ▶ Defense or Offense? Play your way! Thebasicobjective is to destroy the Monster Portal, but you canalsoachieve victory by defending your fortress. It's up to youwhetherto aggressively attack the Monster Portal, or to defendthefortress. ▶Over five arenas with various monstersCollectingtrophies will unlock arenas with more challengingmonsters. Each ofthese monsters battle in a specific way. No matterhow strong theyseem, they always have a weakness. Plan outstrategies to defeatthe strongest monsters and claim victory!▶Improve your strategieswith a variety of artifacts! Artifacts aretreasures with specialabilities. Rather than just leveling upcards, obtain and enchantartifacts to upgrade your strategies. Youwill easily achievevictory if you obtain artifacts with the rightchemistry! ▶(Upcoming Updates) Test your strategies through variousChallengemodes! Prove your worth and redeem special rewards inChallengemodes. A special, all-new mode is under development! ▶(UpcomingUpdates) Cooperate with other users to defend thefortress!Struggling to protect the kingdom alone? Team up withother users.A co-op defense mode using respective card decks todefend thefortress is under development! Guidelines ▶This casualaction gameis free-to-play and doesn't require extra payment.However, in-gamepurchases are available in case you want to levelup quickly orobtain certain items immediately. You can still obtainenough cardsfor free, so feel free to enjoy the game! ▶This casualaction gamerequires internet connection for stable gaming. Noadditionaldownloads are needed after the initial download. Downloadthe gameand participate in a thrilling slingshot action battle!Check outour other excitinggameshttps://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=741096848095791985InquiriesIf you have any questions, or ideas that can help improvethe game,please send your comments [email protected] To becomeever better, Smash Kingdomwill always listen to you.