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A greater war is going to break out,pick up your sword to defendyour home!!

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    A Little War
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    Bakumens Inc.
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  • 1.6.4 (10)
  • A Little War 1.6.4 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /3/26
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 44.0 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
    File Sha1: b812ff2ed594e9a22e2c5d3ee375337d1840fb0a
    APK Signature: 64d72a024beccbdbc7eda7e5a1fb5196ea44ba9f

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iShuffle Bowling Portal 1.3.5 APK
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The best shooting game ever! Top rankedgameand over 5 million of downloads on Google play, iShuffleBowling 2now introduces new series, iShuffle Bowling 3-Portal.Tired of shooting birds? iShuffle Bowling 2 and iShuffleBowling3 give you a whole new playground with completely newshooting gameexperiences.New version is ready for your device now. You can downloadthelatest one from Google Play to indulge yourself!More tips and Like iShuffle Bowling 2 and iShuffle Bowling 3onFacebook:Facebook.com/ishufflebowlingLike Bakumens’ games on Facebook - facebook.com/bakumensiShuffle Bowling 2 series, iShuffle Bowling 3-Portal nowbringsyou an entirely new way to play bowling on your mobiledevices.Now you can play iShuffle Bowling 3 game against friends onyourmobile device .Tired of shooting birds or crash candies? Top-rated bygamersacross Europe and the US, the iShuffle Bowling 2 nowintroduces theiShuffle Bowling 3 : Portal, to bring you a new levelofextraordinary Bowling world fun.The iShuffle Bowling 3 supports two-player competition.Challengefriends to beat your score in any of the three modes. UsetheShuffle Board to record all scores and compare all players’highestachievements. In Fly mode, gamers use the slingshot toshoot thePuck at the pins to test skill and strategy for adifferent kind ofbowling enjoyment.New designs with moving obstacles and random Portalchangeschallenge your shooting skills to the max.Features:* Deluxe 3D graphics and animation* High resolution images look great* Highly realistic movements - accuracy of 3D Physics* Crowd-reaction sound effects with every score.* Easy to play, hard to master ! You can fine-tune all yourbowlingand shooting moves, and enjoy top winning scores.* Score statistics, review progress and compareyourachievements.* Items to unlock by completing levelsPlease note this game sometime is free to download and playbutcontains some in-game items will require payment that costrealmoney.Game ModesSHUFFLE MODE:* Natural puck movements - just like real-world bowling* Precise adjustment of shooting angles from both sides of thepuckhelp you strike more pins* Tap and slide the puck, control its angle and power, thenshoottowards the pins.Just slide your finger gently over the screen and rack upyourscore.* New designs make knocking over the pins child’s play. . . Orisit?* Automatic scorer* “2 players” selection - challenge your friends ! Choose blueorred pucks for either side.FLY MODE:* Tap and slide the slingshot on the bottom of the screen tocontrolangle and power. Pull the sling down to increaseshootingpower.* Precise adjustment of shooting angle on the either side ofthepuck* Release the puck by untapping your finger on the screen* Beat your best by shooting more pins!* Automatic scorer – see your progress immediately* “2 players” selection - challenge your friends ! Choose blueorred pucks for either side.Special Items – some items are available forin-appspurchasing* Gold Pins – you can purchase more pucks or other special itemsbyspending Gold Pins to extend your powers* Bombs – Strike all the pins with just one bomb !* Keys – use keys to open the treasure box and win thehiddenprizes* Cards – Every time you win a special item, you also win arewardcard* Card Collector Album – put all your cards in your CollectorAlbumto enjoy your accomplishments!More cool games by Bakumens for gamersBakumens’ A Little War Featured by Google Play!We at Bakumens would love to hear all your success storiesaboutplaying our cool games.We’d also like to hear your suggestions for ways we mightimprovethe games for you to increase the fun!Stories, reviews and commends received will be shared withgamersaround the world on our Facebook and Twitter.Happy gaming from all at Bakumens!
A Little War APK
Bakumens Inc.
A greater war is going to break out,pick up your sword to defendyour home!!
Pop Safari 1.0.0 APK
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Fun! Fun! Fun! Happy Never EndsTry to save the beauty explorer from the giant bear's claw!Brand new operation will turn on your happy mode!Helpful magical boosters to help with challenging levelsRules: Click conjoint blocks to eliminate them, the moreyoueliminate at the same time, the higher score you get.Gamer feature◆Parkour expression: Don't let the bear get you! Enjoy thegrippingescaping way!◆Fast and Easy: Be accurate, be fast, all under your control.◆Helpful tools: Use proper boosters to survive, even at thelastminute!Boosters:◆Wand: Eliminate an animal◆Rainbow: Reset current formation◆Star Bomb: Change an animal into a star bomb to eliminateanimalsaround it.◆Lighting: Eliminate animals of same kind.Come on! In the jungle!
Zombies vs Ninja 2.0.6 APK
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As a ninja,how do you do to face a mob of zombies? Zombies willcome to you! Game Introduction: As a ninja,you are about toimplement tasks,a mob of zombies comes to you. With darts as yourweapon to defend against zombies. More darts to attack,more moneyyou can get,then you can buy more darts. However,it's not so easyto defeat zombies,and zombies boss will challenge you! Ninja,cometo confront the zombies bravely! Feature: ★Work on Android device★Various of zombies ★Different levels of darts with different power★Chance to challenge with zombie boss when you coming to the newlevel How to play: ★A mob of zombies coming to you,when you carryout tasks on your way ★Click on the zombies to attack with darts★Switch different levels to enhance the power of darts ★Killingzombies to get more money to buy more darts ★Clear up all theblocking zombies!
iShuffle Bowling 2 1.7.0 APK
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Do you like to play bowling? Are you tired of playingtraditionalbowling? iShuffle Bowling 2 will present you a totallybowlingworld. Play bowling by mean of shuffle board, you can playsingleor challenge with your friends! Fly mode newly added, shootPuckswith slingshot, and enjoy endless fun! Challenge differentlevels,shoot out Pucks technically you can win all! Features: *Gorgeous3D graphics. * True and accurate 3D physical * Crowdreaction,real-time results reflection. * Simple controls, butchallenging. *Bowling scores statistics. Shuffle Play: * Parallelmove Pucks atthe bottom of the screen * Change the shooting anglefreely * Drawup lightly to shoot out the Pucks * Hit down as manyPucks aspossible * Score automatically accumulate * When two playermode,it will divide into red and blue Pucks Fly Mode: * Pull downtheslingshot to shoot, more down, more force * Changed launch angletothe best shoot direction * Bounce your finger to shoot outthePucks * Hit more bowling pins as much as possible *Scoreautomatically statistic * 2 Players mode, it will divide intoredand blue Pucks Fancy Play: * 3 Pucks available for each stage,youhave 3 chances to hit down all bowling pins * New stage startswhenall pins down * If any fail by 3 Pucks, the stage restarts *LessPuck, more stars * Try to get more stars in each stageSpecialProps: * Gold bowling pins: can buy some special props, suchas,other pucks or bowling pins * Bomb: one only, can hit downallbowling pins * Key: can open treasure box that hideunexpectedgifts.