Top 49 Games Similar to Knight Joust Idle Tycoon

Tap the Monster - Medieval RPG Clicker 1.1.1
Hawk Games!
* A fantasy RPG game of heroes and monsters * Tap the Monsterisafascinating endless action medieval RPG clicker that youhavebeenwaiting for! Use the best strategy to become a clickerhero.Tap toattack monsters, level up your hero, slay monsters forgold,findtreasure and explore new worlds and dungeons. Tap theMonsteris afantasy idle clicker game with hero simulation mode andRPGstorywith idle and strategy based gameplay in medieval times.Juststartyour medieval tycoon adventure. * Strategy is important*Buildmedieval village to earn gold coins even if you areoffline,idlesystem applied. Building gold mine, market, blacksmith,tavernandmore! - gives you profit. Gold mine and explorer's guildgiveyouidle profits, invest it to earn more! Different buildingshelpgrowyour medieval village so you collect more money, evenwhenidle.Medieval village tycoon simulation. * Fantasy RPGclickerwithendless gameplay and with best tap tap mechanics *Fightotherplayer in PvP Arena. Complete daily missions, use yourtacticsandstrategy to become a hero, earn gold and discoverfantasyRPG-basedworld. Battle cursed monsters, explore darkdungeons tofind evenmore treasures. RPG Hero tycoon simulator &medievalworldsimulation. ★ Features ★ • ADVANCE through thousandsof levelstoprove your skills • FIGHT with over 150 differentmonsters!•MANAGE your own medieval village and get more cash •UPGRADEyourcharacter and items • INVEST money and boost your income•OPENCHESTS to gain powerful equipment! • COMPLETE hundredsofquests,missions and daily quests! • PROGRESS through 8islandsbydefeating epic bosses and monsters! • PRESTIGEforbattle-hardenedplayers to gain even more power • PLAY offline,nowi-fi needed ★Online Features ★ • FIGHT against other players •BUYand SELLitems on the marketplace • TRADE with other players•FRIENDS -chat with friends, play with friends. ★ Nointernetconnectionneeded. No wi-fi needed. You can play offline.The gamedoesn't endafter reaching the maximum level, you can do theREBORN(PRESTIGE)which will reset your character to level 1 andyou'llface evenstronger and more rewarding monsters! Download TaptheMonster forfree and begin a simple, yet incredibly funadventure. ★Join us inour Facebook, Discord & Redditcommunities★
Merge Wars: Fun Idle Game Inc 1.0.36
Merge Wars is a merging game where you combine heroes to createmoreand more powerful ones. Use your army to defeat a series ofenemies,but watch out: as you become more powerful so do they. Canyoudiscover all 80+ heroes? In a land of adventure, in a timelongago... The people of the world awaited a hero. Someone tounitethem against a horde of beasts... Of dragons, goblins anddemonicweeds. That hero could be you. So, what do you say? Youcould mergethem all to victory and help save the day! Earntreasure... withknights, wizards and dwarfs. Go forth and enterEzone's Merge Wars!- Mergelin the Wizard • Idle earnings: yourheroes attack even whenyou aren't playing • Personality: 80+ cuteand crazy characters todiscover • Quests! New challenges andlocations every day •Upgrades, boosts, rewards: there's alwayssomething to do Whatabout if you don't have an internet connection?No problem: Mergeon a plane, Merge on a train, Merge in the car,Merge near and far!Your offline progress is tracked and updatedonce you reconnect.You will need to reconnect occasionally to getall the latestquests and events and to update your clan progress.If you likemerge games, idle games, clicker games, incrementalgames, incgames, tycoon games, fun games, cool games and free gamesthenMerge Wars is the game for you! We are constantly updatingandadding new features to create an even better game experience.Besure to give our game a rating and send feedback on what youlikeand what you want to see added to the game. We'relistening.Cheers! - The Edis Brothers (Jamie and Simon) "RoyalMembership"for $1.99 offers a weekly subscription (after a 3-dayfree trial)which unlocks 2 merge slots, 2 attack slots, 20% moreidleearnings, 20% more gems from in-game purchases, special rewardsanda daily reward of 20 gems. This price is for UnitedStatescustomers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and actualchargesmay be converted to your local currency depending on thecountry ofresidence. Payment will be charged to your Google Playaccount atthe confirmation of purchase. Subscription automaticallyrenewsunless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end ofthecurrent period. Your account will be charged for renewal within24hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manageandcancel your subscriptions by going to your Account SettingsinGoogle Play after purchase. You can turn off the auto-renew forthesubscription whenever you want to through Google Play. Anyunusedportion of a free trial period will be forfeited when youpurchasea subscription. Merge Wars is free to download and play,however,some game items can also be purchased for real money. Ifyou don'twant to use this feature, please disable in-app purchasesin yourdevice's settings. Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
PaladinZ: Champions of Might 0.83
Build, upgrade and defend your very own medieval castle!Usestrategyand command your army of holy knights to attackyourenemies (orfriends) and battle your way to glory in this newgameof Paladinsand Knights! PaladinZ is simple and easy to play,thisgame is acombination of strategy, magic, knights, and somefunnyjokes. Itrequires you plan how to protect your castle (don’tjustbuild andupgrade everything you can in a random order) andplanyour attackscarefully (just sending every knight you havewon’tcut it) in orderto win every battle and make your Lord - THELordof the Land and allpaladins. Game Features: ✔ Build andupgradeyour very own medievalcastle and Paladins! ✔ Place yourdefensesstrategically and defendagainst other players’ attacks ✔Watch outand protect your landsfrom the Poachers ✔ Train your armyof funnycharacters - Spearmen,Archers, Witches, Griffons and more✔Upgrade and evolve your armyinto an unbeatable force ✔Battleplayers worldwide and take theirGold, Food, and Trophies✔Challenge your friends to see who has thebest army and who isthebetter Lord ✔ Discover your favorite attackand defense forcesfromcountless combinations of units ✔ Watchreplays of every battle-Watch your holy army in battle to improveyour strategy ✔ Seehowyou compare to other players worldwide inGoogle AchievementsandRanking ✔ Knights & castles themedgraphics and soundwithadorable, funny characters ✔ Free actioncharged strategy game-You have to have a strategy in your attacks!✔ Play as eitheramale or a female and command your army of holyknights tovictory!Join our Paladins Community and get updates,participateincompetitions or just watch some funny videos of ourholyknights:Like us: TermsofService:
Medieval Clicker Blacksmith - Best Idle Tap Games 1.6.4
Medieval Clicker Blacksmith – Fantasy clicker and tapgame.Over500.000 downloads so far! Welcome to the firstMedievalClickeradventure, a game where you’ll be able to craft themostepicfantasy weapons ever as a talented blacksmith! WieldtheLegendaryHammer and join Talkor the medieval blacksmith andherdaughterVala in this adventure forging the most rarematerialsandtherefore, crafting amazing medieval weapons. Click andtap!Thatwill be the only way your blacksmith will be able toforgeepicmedieval weapons nonstop! Discover fragments of the storyineachmission your blacksmith takes in this adventure, they willtakeyouto an amazing medieval fantasy world. Each level, ingotswillbetougher to craft, but your blacksmith will be able toproducemorecomplex and rare weapons. Don’t forget to craft themostepiclegendary weapons! FEATURES ● This game is a clicker gameandit isbased in a single input. Click with one finger, two or asmanyasyou need so your blacksmith can craft epic medieval weaponsasfastas he can! ● Prestige system to accelerate the progressoftheclicker game ● Multiple materials to forge, tons ofepicmedievalweapons to discover ● 6 new weapons permaterial,includingLegendary Weapons! (Legendary Weapons take sometime togetdiscovered, so don’t be discouraged, you willeventuallyforgethem!) ● An amazing gallery, so you can enjoy allthe weaponsyoucraft through the adventure whenever you want. ● Epicstorythatwill make you feel inside this medieval fantasy world andmakethisadventure more real! ● Tons of upgrades for yourblacksmithhammer,materials, etc to make your game experience evenbetter! ●Twocharacters, Talkor and Vala, with some really niceskins! ●Loadsof achievements to be completed Clicker games: Clickergamesareone of the most easy path learning games. These kind ofgamesarevery addicting, so prepare yourselves to tap the screenofyourdevice hundreds of times! In this particular game, thefasteryoutap, the faster you will make medieval weapons, andearnmoneyfaster. That way, you will increase the abilitiesofyourblacksmith and progress in your adventure. So remember!Clickandtap! That is the anthem of Medieval Clicker Game! Becomethemostepic and legendary blacksmith in this fantasyclickeradventuregame!
Knights Age: Heroes of Wars 1.1.4
Knights Age: Heroes of Wars will bring you todifferenthistoricaleras of humanity: from the savage stone age totheunbelievablefuturistic environments. This game goes beyondthanjustannihilating the enemy and its military bases. Yourmainmission isto become the leader of your army to defendyourterritory whileattacking the enemy. You will have to fightthroughthe feature agefrom the Stone Age then evolve to AncientEgypt,Ancient Roman,Present and the Future. For each age you willhave abase to trainsevent types of soldier. You also have two typesofturret to buildto protect your base too. Especially, each agehasone specialskill to attack the enemy. FEATURE: - War acrosstheAges! - 4difficulty modes and Generals + Addictive gameplay. +8unique agewith different types of soldier, turret and skill.+Beautifulgraphics for battle game with a friendly user interface.+Dynamicsounds and musics. SUPPORT Should you have any problems,wearehere to help: Email: [email protected] All ofyourinquirieswill be addressed within 24 hours.
Spartania: The Orc War! Strategy & Tower Defense! 3.17
Build, upgrade and defend your very own Spartan city!Usestrategyand command your Spartan army to battle Barbarians, Orcsorevenother Commanders! battle your way to glory in Spartania!Afunny,new kind of Strategy & Tower Defense gamefromGoogle’sTop-Developer Spartonix with Millions of downloads!Wasalsofeatured on Google Play in over 120 countries! SmallweightfullStrategy! - in less than 35MB! Spartania is simple andeasytoplay, this game is a combination of strategy, magic andsomefunnyjokes. To be the best Spartan Commander you shouldBuild,Upgradeand Evolve your Spartan city! Also Plan yourbattlescarefully theOrcs are not an easy enemy! (just sendingeverysoldier you havewon’t cut it). Win every battle and makeyourcommander - THECOMMANDER! Game Features: ✔ Build, upgrade&evolve your veryown Spartan city ✔ Collect Shards to CraftMagicalLegendaryWeapons! (shiny!) ✔ Find Collectibles to strengthenyourSpartancity & army! ✔ Place your defenses strategicallyanddefendagainst other players’ attacks ✔ Defend from theBarbarianAndOrcs! ✔ Train your army of funny characters -Soldiers,Archers,Sorcerers, Elephants and more ✔ Upgrade and evolveyourarmy intoan unbeatable force ✔ Battle players worldwide andtaketheir Gold,Food and Trophies ✔ Join a Clan to have many alliesandconquer theranks! ✔ Challenge your friends to see who has thebestarmy andwho is the better spartan ✔ Discover your favoriteattackanddefense forces from countless combinations of units ✔Watchreplaysof every battle - Watch your Spartan army in battletoimprove yourstrategy ✔ See how you compare to otherplayersworldwide in GoogleAchievements and Ranking ✔ Spartanthemedgraphics and sounds withadorable, funny characters ✔ Freeactioncharged strategy towerdefense game - You have to have astrategy inyour attacks! Jointhe Spartan Community and getupdates,participate in competitionsor just watch some funny videosof ourfunny Spartans:Likeus: TermsofService:
Empire Rush: Rome Wars (Tower Defense) 3.2.8
Join Empire Rush: Rome Wars...Epic Castle Defense! Enjoy one ofthebest conquest games! Fight the fiercest battles with strategy.Takepart in a rush wars to rise the great empire of the age.ROME!BUILD YOUR EMPIRE! If you love Tower Defense (TD), Conquestgamesand Collectible Cards, Empire Rush: Rome Wars merge thesefeaturesand leads you on a journey filled with epic battles toconquer theworld! CRUSH THE HORDE! Rome is the most powerful empireof theage, and grows by the power of Caesar and his warriors, butnow itis begin to be under siege by barbarian hordes to demiseCaesar.DEFEND THE EMPIRE! ⚔️ Join Empire Rush: Rome Wars! JOIN THEBATTLE!⚔️ ★★★HIGHLIGHTS★★★ ✓WAR GAME! Enjoy this Tower Defense RPG,FREEStrategy title. ✓GROW FAST! Conquest game with many upgradestodevelop in your castle. ✓DEFENSIVE CASTLE! Improve your defenseandprotect your castle from the HORDES! ✓EPIC BATTLES! Fightagainstyour enemies and defeat the Boss! ✓DAILY REWARDS! Claimyourmissions! Farm gems across the conquest!! ✓COLLECT CARDS!Mergeunits to defend and find the best strategy to cast yourcards!✓ROME WARS! Ancient warriors, praetorian guards, elitearcher,roman legion and imperial army vs. barbarian hordes. ✓TIMEKILLER!Rule your Empire all day! ★★★★★ We are working with newupgrades!Your suggestion makes the game better. Leave some review,if youlove it! Thank you! ⚔️ Download Empire Rush: Rome Wars JOINTHEBATTLE! ⚔️HOMEPAGE:
Knight War: Idle Defense Pro 1.1.9
Criss Cross Games
🏆 Premium feature: Double coin rewarded for Pro, No Ads,UnlimitedLucky Wheel 🎯 Note: This is a stand-alone game. You cannottransferyour data from the free version to the paid version. KnightWar:Idle Defense is fantastic roleplaying game with both actionandidle game elements. Download now for free to fight withgiantmonsters and defend your kingdom! Time of battle is back.Yourkingdom is on a thin thread with the attack of hordes ofenemies.Stand up, brave knights! The destiny of the kingdom lies inyourhands. Train your skills, gather your squad and search forpreciousmaterials to form the strongest army to survive in nonstopbattles.Features of Knight War: Idle Defense: - Idle stress-freeactiongameplay: A hero RPG ideal for playing on the go. - AutoSystem:You do not need to struggle in fighting monsters only buthave moretime focusing on other features in the game. - Rich gamemechanics:Smash enemies with melee attacks or remote attacks witharrows, ordestroy all with magic. - Diverse weapons and craftsystem: You cansearch for materials, create new weapons or uniqueitems that makeyour strength superior and defeat your opponents. -Upgrade youridle knight to fight better in this action offlinedefense game! -Discover new abilities for your knight to unleashepic actionskills in battle. Your idle RPG experience will never bebetter! -Epic battles with various enemies and giant bosses. KnightWar:Idle Defense, a fun and simple action RPG with just onethumb.Let's join the game and become united the strongest knight ofthekingdom.
A Little War 1.7.7
Bakumens Inc.
A greater war is going to break out,pick up your sword todefendyourhome!! You are a national hero, but the evil dragonofavengersattack your home with Infinite orcs. The only thingyoucan do is topick up sword,attack all enemy and defendyourhomeland. Fight foryour home,fight for justice. Features: ★Fightwith 100 soldiers ★ 6different skills, chances changesituation ★fast and intense battleHow to Play: ★ You are a herohanded withjustice sword, lead allsoldiers to fight ★ soldiershave threebranches,sword-soldiers,gun-soliders and hammer soldiers★ amongthe threebranches,sword-soldiers resistgun-soliders,gun-solidersresisthammer soldiers and hammer soldiersresist sword-soldiers ★soldierscan be lifted level, and with morepower ★ Heroes canupgrade thevitality, attack, defense, speed,attack speed, thenumber of troops,more power,more stronger ★ 6skills which canchange the situationand at the same time toconsume magic power ★Goddess will show up tohelp you ★ the elfwill also appear in thebattle , just click theelf to get more goldcoins ★ More 100levels to be challenge ★Goddess endow the heropower and force tosmash the enemy
Idle War Camp 1.5.11
Sloth Studios
THE BATTLES HAVE BEGUN! Congratulations my lord! You have justbeengranted command of the kingdom's war camp. It is up to you totrainthese peasants into mighty warriors! ... While earning alittlegold on the side! UNLOCK GEAR FOR YOUR COMMANDER Earn magicalarmorand weapons for your commander in order to improve your WarCamp'sperformance! EARN GOLD WHILE AWAY! You don't have to bepresent toearn your fortune, while away your captain will collectearning foryou! UNLOCK DIFFERENT TRAINING AREAS! Start by trainingyourpeasants to use a simple club, then progress them to usemoreimpressive weaponry like swords, axes, crossbows, pistols,halberdsand great-swords! A total of 12 different types troops totrain onlaunch!
Kingdoms of HF - Empire Games 2.13
Build your Kingdom, train your Dragons and start destroyingthingstoday. Goblins! Skeletons! People with weird Moustaches!Battlethem all in this RTS mobile MMO kingdom game! Now with 4xmorecontent. Feel the thrill of real time crusades! TheultimateKingdom Empire game on the planet. Find the best strategyto attackthe Enemies Kingdoms. Either defeat them or be defeated.This is areal-time City building & strategy game that lookseasy butrequires substantial brainpower. Most Kingdom Empire gamesare funbut this city building game is on another level. The mostfun andaddicting War strategy Kingdom building game is right onyour sightwaiting for you to join. Rip through the realmcompetition and shedsome blood, sweat and tears by engaging inmedieval kingdom gamebattles using your kingdom guard and theirmighty Dragons! Youwon’t have a chance to rest once you’re doneterrorizing yourneighbors either because new Raids and Dragon Bootyequipment havebeen added to your kingdom’s arsenal. Increase thatfire powertoday & Create your own empire in this city buildinggame andsee the rise of your kingdom! Kingdoms of Heckfire is amultiplayerwar strategy game. As a king, you need to build andupgrade avariety of buildings to build your stronghold, graduallybuilding amighty dragon army to defend your empires. This onlineEmpire gameis very special, it implements fresh and interestingrules,well-designed city Building game mechanics that allow you toenjoythe fun of a real war strategy game. Make your Kingdom rise&become one of the best world warriors. A treasure trove ofnewfeatures has been added in this army MMO Empire buildinggame.Check out the 4x more kingdom game content we’ve been workingonbelow! FEATURES of Kingdoms of Heck Fire - Empire Games •Amedieval inspired real time, open world map filled withdragonmonsters and pvp players from around the world! • Hatch andraise apowerful Dragon army to strike fear into your enemies hearts(andother bloody organs) to build a kingdom for a king! • Completeepicquests issued by a semi nude wizard who lives in your kingdom!•Engage in kingdom games by creating powerful Clans and Alliancestorule the realms of Heck Fire! • Train your kingdom guard withnewDragon Booty equipment upgrades, adding further RTS strategydepthto your gameplay! If your pvp enemies want fire and blood,they canexpect both! • Up your kingdom game! Construct medievalbuildingsfaster with the added Second Kingdom Builder mechanic thendominatein city building pvp battles! • Battle well groomed Titanmonstersfor massive amounts of medieval loot! Possibly even raretreasurefor raining hellfire on the competition! • Can’t standenemy fire,get out of the realm with our new Realm to RealmTransfer Token!Elevate your kingdom game by starting fresh in adifferent realmwith new threats and rewards. Once you upgradeenough, use theRealm Transfer Token to explore other realms andchase your enemy’skingdom down! • Fresh kingdom and Clan wide Raidsawait withincreasing MMO strategy difficulty! • Rise through theranks withdynamic Event schedules! Build up your empire wins andcompete inelite SLG style gameplay leaderboards! • Tournaments andevolvingpvp mechanics such as Dragon lethality weaknesses ensurethis armyMMO will constantly challenge your kingdom games strategy.So stayon your toes or RIP! Rise to the occasion and defeatyourcompetition if you dare!
Medieval: Idle Tycoon - Idle Clicker Tycoon Game 1.2.4
Build medieval town, grow your kingdom and become king in thistapidle clicker! Your fantasy empire is waiting for you! 🏰Downloadthis building tycoon simulator game for free and build inmultiplelands to earn gold coins and to collect your village'scash. If youlove idle games - this one is for you! Building castle,market,inn, and more! - gives you profits. Upgrade them for boostandbecome medieval billionaire tycoon! 🤴If you search for idlegames -you've found best! Get idle loot - quest give you reward,invest itto earn more! Create Medieval Inc. Different buildingshelp growyour medieval clicker kingdom so you collect even moremoney. Bethe operator of your medieval business, hire advisors -best idleheroes - to get bonuses. 👑 Tap, Develop new technologiesand profitfrom them! 💰💰💰 Your town continue to run, even when youare offlinefrom the game! This is your City Inc. Improve yourbuildings andyour cash income increases! Try to be the best kingfor yourpeople. Craft technology and upgrade your idle realm.Create CashInc.! 🏰👸 This is one of the most addictive simulationgame thereis. Use best strategy to grow your empire! Features: ★Manage yourown medieval city and get more cash 🏰 ★ Your villagecontinue torun, even when you are offline from the game 💤 ★ Investmoney andboost your income 💸 ★ Hire advisors - your idle heroes -to earneven more 🧕 ★ Develop new technologies ⚙ ★ Complete quests ❔★Kingdom's wizard can speed up the time! 🧙 ★ Double yourearningsfor 24 hours ❕❕ ★ No internet connection needed 📶 ★ Manymore greatclicker game mechanics 🎮 Become the greatest buildingtycoon ever!
King Rivals: War Clash - PvP multiplayer strategy 1.3.4
➤ Duel players from all around the world in the bestreal-timegame!➤ Collect and upgrade 40+ troops and spells. ➤ Fromthelovely Dryadto the tremendous Dragon! ➤ Play now, for free!Leadyour army tovictory! Fight the enemy clans and defend yourarmy!Open yourchests to discover and unlock new powerful warriorandspell! Willyou get one of the epic legendary cards? Defineyourstrategy andchoose your warriors carefully: ⚔ An archer tokillfrom a distance?⚔ A Royale Golem to break through the defense?⚔Or a heal spell togive a boost to your troops? ⚔ Your decisionwillmake thedifference between victory and defeat!
Battleplans 1.13.8
Battleplans infuses unique squad tactics intoanaction-packedstrategy game. Command your troops directly instylishreal-timeclashes of epic proportion! Attack enemy camps orlead apowerfuldefense as you and your online enemies battleforvaluableresources. Save the island kingdom from the evilSkullinvaders:Take back your lands, free your heroes and build anarmyto claimyour victory! Sail into battle in online PvP, andreclaimlostresources using cunning defense and careful strategy!FEATURES•OUTSMART ENEMIES: Choose from a mix of unique heroes asyouattackand defend both computer and live players. • DIRECTCONTROL:Clashin real time, controlling heroes and troops with aswipe.•COMPETITIVE PLAY: Dominate the map. Plan, attack, anddefendonyour schedule. • STRATEGIC CAMPAIGN: Conquer bases andfreeheroesfrom the evil Skull King and his minion, the SoulTitan.•INTUITIVE CONTROLS: Easy to learn and fun to master.Quickthinkingbeats quick fingers. • REAL-TIME TACTICS: Choose yournextmovequickly to turn the tide of battle. • REFINE DEFENSES:Usesmartdefense planning to predict and thwart attack options.•BASEBUILDING: Use resources to improve your bases andpushbackinvaders. • MULTIPLE OPTIONS: Mix and match heroes andtrooptypesfor endless team combinations. Experience arousingstrategiccampaign, or sail into battle with online enemiesin PvP.Vie forsuperiority over the islands freed from the Skulls inepicwars,climb to the top of the rankings, and earn extraresourcestoupgrade bases, train troops, and even level up or hireextraheroesfor the next war. Download Battleplans and startplanningyour nextattack! Note: Battleplans is free to download andplay,but someoptional items can be purchased with real money frominsidethegame. You can disable in-app purchases within the settingsmenuofyour device. We cannot offer support or compensation relatedtouseon non-recommended devices. Battleplans requires deviceswithatleast 1GB RAM to play. Come talk with us about the [email protected] Facebook
Redbros 3.1
‘Best Game of 2016 Google Play Indie Games Festival' The bestmobilegame you've been waiting for is finally out! ‘Red Bros' isan actionpuzzle adventure game that you play using gestures. Nomoreauto-play games that leaves you bored - command your troopdirectlywith your own fingers! They will be more than willing tofollow yourorders. Get into the Tower, rescue the heroes caught byyourenemies, and defeat the Skeleton King with them! Control thetroopsusing gesture Just draw any shape with your finger. Yourtroop willget into any formation you draw. Come up with your ownformation andtactics! You can control more than 20 heroes with asingle swipe!Use two fingers to split and send your troops todifferent places.The victory is (literally) at your fingertip!Traps? Lure them intothe trap! Traps are usually just plainannoying... But here, thingsare different. You can use traps toyour own advantage. Avoid thetraps and get your enemies get inthem instead of you! Well done.That's what I’m talking about! Avariety of puzzles! The SkeletonKing has set up a variety ofpuzzles in his Tower to stop theheroes. But it's going to be apiece of cake for you, am I right?I’m sure it's nothing for...OOPS! Hurry, the traps will set off ifyou spend too much time!Amazing Spells! Meteors! Arrows! Bombs andTeleportation! Get avariety of Spells and kill your enemies - allat once! Drag anddrop your Spells to wherever you want, and they’llbe activated!Yup, just like that! Get 10 monsters at once usingMeteor! VeryGood! Wait, where are you transporting to!? There areso manyheroes to choose from! There are a total of 47 heroes in RedBros!With different abilities and weapons, they’ll follow yourorders.Meet strong, unique heroes and make your best troop!You’lldefinitely find heroes that suit your style. 100 Stages?No,there's more, more, MORE! We’ve prepared more than 100 stagesforyour entertainment. Complete Missions on your way, and makeyourtroops stronger. We’ll be adding new stages every month, sodon'tworry and keep playing this game for a long time. We promisewe’lldo our best to keep you entertained as long as youwant.-----------------------------Website: Bros is completely FREE to play,with some in-app-purchaseoptions available within the app. Terms ofUse: *If thegame does not start, please restart your phone and run it.
Idle Mania 1.0.224
Please contact FB fan page for black screenissues 【Game Introduction】 Thefirst3D Poly RPG Idle mobile game! More than 150 heroes from 6differentfactions with unique skills are waiting for your call torestorethe order to the world. Let’s start a crazy adventure in thenew 3Dlow-poly world —— Idle Mania! ★24H auto-fighting and levelup! No.1AFK RPG! No more time-wasting! Say NO to complicatedcontrollingand gestures. 24H auto-treasure-hunting when AFK.Release stressand claim great rewards after whole day work! ★150amazing heroes,worthy of your collection. Low-poly is the new trendin the 3D RPGworld. Experience the first 3D RPG poly idle mobilegame! Discoverthe fantastic heroes, including Pumpkin Archer, GhostWarrior,Goblin Bomber, and Angel Guard. Surprises are in gameeverywhere!★Strategic thinking, use your wisdom to get victory. 6factions,including Lawful, Chaotic, Harmonic, Savage, Civilized,and Undead.Each faction has a distinct set of battle skill. Idlingdoes notmean playing without strategy, combat ability is always thekey tosuccess. Summon SSR heroes, arrange hero’s lineup place, tobeatdown the strong opponent! ★Global Rank, challenge topworldwideplayers. The game opens up a variety of Rank points modesforchallenging, including 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. Join theworldwidetournament to win the honor! ## SUMMARY ## Faced withimminentchaotic invasion, the order is about to collapse. As asavior,player is tasked to summon the epic heroes from six factionsandunite a clan team with other players around the world. Thisworldneeds you to create a new balance between order and chaos!Theadventure begins at this moment! Enjoy infinite fun of AFKRPGtogether! Let’s fight to evil power and challenge top playersfromall over the world in Idle Mania! ##About Subscriptions andGooglePlay Website Subscriptions 1. Pricing & Billing CycleEnable“Subscription (Weekly)” within the game for $0.99 a week,whichwill be billed every natural week (every 7 days). (Price mayvaryby location) 2. Subscription Content Subscribers will beeligiblefor certain perks during the subscription period,including:●Exclusive “Honor“ Player Portrait ●Resource collectionincrease(Gold+100%, Soul Fire+100%) during AFK time ●1 extra chanceforrefreshing castle mission every day ●$0.99 per week ●Price mayvaryby location 3. Automatic Subscription Renewal ●Payment willbecharged to Google Play Account at confirmation ofpurchase.●Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew isturned offat least 24-hours before the end of the currentperiod.●Subscription is not compulsory. User can managesubscription andauto-renewal can be turned off by going to theuser's AccountSettings after purchase. ●Please Notice: Only 3 daystrial forfree. Players need to pay for continuously usingprivilege. 4.Subscription Cancellation On your Android phone ortablet,go to theGoogle Play Store. Step1.Check to see if you havesigned in to thecorrect Google account. Step2.Click the [≡] menuand choose[Subscribe]. Step3.Select the【Idle Mania】to cancel.Step4.Click[Unsubscribe]. Follow the instructions.
Idle Empires 1.19
Ever wanted to play the role of a gold-hungry,power-obsessedtyrant?This game lets you do it without beingcharged for warcrimes! Themakers of Idle Armies and More! Gold!Now! offer ourlatest clickerextravaganza: Idle Empires! Join KingNorman andhelp turn hispeaceful little oasis of a kingdom intoafear-riddled, war-hungry,gold churning, dictatorship.Transformcottages into gold mines,orphanages into textile plantsand townhalls into prisons. Blame thepeace-loving Orcs for allofsociety's problems and invade yourneighbours... for theirownprotection, of course. Conquer fivedistinct kingdoms,includingthe hard and militaristic Old Town inthe snowy north, andtheliberal, rich Capitol in the golden desert.Raise an armyofgluttons, snipers and assassins to smash the King'sfoes. Breaktheshackles off warlocks and sorcerers to unleash theirmagic onyourrivals. Collect an entourage of henchmen and yes-men toagreewithyour every decision. Funny, witty and - veryoccasionally-poignant dialogue explores power, corruption andpopularism inaway that doesn't take itself too seriously. Whetheryou'rebribingpriests or building propaganda towers in the villagergreen,youcan bet Norman and his goons will have somethinginappropriatetosay. Idle Empires has everything you’d expect fromaclicker;tapping, heaps of upgrades, achievements,collectables,mountainsof gold *catches breath* and a whole loadmore. +Beautifulpixelgraphics! +Heaps of humorous dialogue! +5different citiestouncover, corrupt and conquer! +Loads ofbuildings, villagersanditems to interact with! +Hours and hours ofgameplay!
Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator 1.8.6
★★★ Recruit Legendary Heroes and Command Mythical SoldiersintoBattles ★★★ Welcome to Knights and Glory, a place to showcaseyourstrategic and tactical abilities in a war to claim yourvictoryamong millions of people in a battle of clans and alliances.❰KING'S CHALLENGE - NEW ❱ ● Earn new resources by battlingthestages in the King's Challenge ● Use the new resources tofurthertrain up your units ● Beware, you must follow the King'srule tobattle! GAME FEATURES: ● Collect new powerful cards orupgradeexisting ones. ● Build an ultimate army of legendary heroestoconquer your opponents. ● Vanquish enemy's troops to earnCrownsand Treasure Chest. ● Defend your kingdom's caravan to secureyourclan's treasure. ● Fight through single player campaign andmightybosses. ● Two difficulty war mode in single player campaign●Enlist the service of powerful generals and soldiers. ● Buildanalliance or clan to share cards and join clan events. ●Friendlybattles and special events, strike early and rise to thetop of theleaderboards. ● Shape your skills at the Training area.AWESOMEREWARDS ● Mini Archery game for coins and even new units. ●Earnmultiple free treasure chests to get awesome rewards. ●Weeklyevent to participate and compete! ● Adventure Mode Challengetoearn more cards, diamonds and gold. Collect and upgrade dozensofcards featuring a series of historical generals, mythicalheroesand advisors such as Arthur the Lionheart and Leonardo DaVinci.Command legendary troops from great civilisations such asmedievalEurope and Asia, like The Knight Templar and The JapaneseSamurai.Enlist the help of the wisest tactician, Zhuge Liang, fromtheThree Kingdoms era. Huang Zhong is another recruitablebravewarrior from the Three Kingdoms era that can help you fightagainstthe enemies' onslaught. Build an army to plunder yourenemy'streasure and create strong defensive lines to protect yourowntreasure. Join and form an alliance or clan to share cardsandfight for bigger rewards and rise to become the greatest kingdominthe empire. Take your army to victory and be prepared for anepicmedieval battle! Grow your empire and master the art of wartostrike hard against your enemies. Win battles, win the wargamesand be remembered as a true warrior in the whole empire!SupportAre you having problems? Emails us [email protected] orcontact us in game by going to Settings> FAQ and Support.Facebook: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: A networkconnectionis also required. NOTE: Knights and Glory is free todownload andplay, however, some game items can also be purchasedfor realmoney. If you do not want to use this feature, please setuppassword protection for purchases in the settings of yourGooglePlay Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service andPrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownloadKnights and Glory.
Knight War: Idle Defense 1.7.3
Knight War: Idle Defense is fantastic roleplaying gamewithbothaction and idle game elements. Download now for free tofightwithgiant monsters and defend your kingdom! Time of battleisback.Your kingdom is on a thin thread with the attack ofhordesofenemies. Stand up, brave knights! The destiny of thekingdomliesin your hands. Train your skills, gather your squad andsearchforprecious materials to form the strongest army to surviveinnonstopbattles. Features of Knight War: Idle Defense: -Idlestress-freeaction gameplay: A hero RPG ideal for playing on thego.- AutoSystem: You do not need to struggle in fighting monstersonlybuthave more time focusing on other features in the game. -Richgamemechanics: Smash enemies with melee attacks or remoteattackswitharrows, or destroy all with magic. - Diverse weaponsandcraftsystem: You can search for materials, create new weaponsoruniqueitems that make your strength superior and defeatyouropponents. -Upgrade your idle knight to fight better in thisactionofflinedefense game! - Discover new abilities for your knighttounleashepic action skills in battle. Your idle RPG experiencewillneverbe better! - Epic battles with various enemies andgiantbosses.Knight War: Idle Defense, a fun and simple action RPGwithjust onethumb. Let's join the game and become united thestrongestknightof the kingdom.
Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games 2.0.9
Idle King Clicker Tycoon stands out of all these idle gamesbecauseit combines a management mechanic with a battle game withheroes ina medieval setting. We mixed Clicker games and Tycoongames and theresult is one of the best Idle games. out there. Thisidle gamescan be played actively by tapping like a hero. Or youplaypassively and make all the right strategy decisions. Idle Kingis agreat medieval idle game to pass the time. Manage your ownlittlekingdom, fight with brave knights and epic heroes to savetheprincess and become the idle king of the world. As Idle King-Clicker Tycoon Games you have many tasks: Harvest grain, earngoldand become rich. Earn gold even if you are not in the app.Investgold in your knights or collect heroes to fight epicbattlesagainst your enemies. Your job as the king is to fight withyourarmy to expand your kingdom and save the princess who isimprisonedby your enemies. Unlock epic knights and collect heroesand conquernew lands to become the king of the world If you want,this idlegames has also clicker games mechanics that you can playactivelyif you like. Equip your finger with weapons and fightactively. Soit is perfect for you if you like a tycoon games orclicker gameswith strategy. FEATURES: - Become Idle King ClickerTycoon GamesManager of your own kingdom - Farms Gold, even if youdo not play -Active and passive playable - Increase your incomesteadily -Activate new resources - Collect knights and collectheroes - As aking you win new kingdoms and become the best playerof clickertycoon games - Find the best strategy and manage the gameeconomyto get ahead faster - Our idle games work even without anyinternetconnection - Ingenious pastime, there is always somethingto do Weare continuously improving Idle King Games and are veryhappy toreceive your feedback at [email protected]
Fortress Under Siege
A conspiracy throws our kingdom into themostdangerous moment, which needs you and your army to shouldertheresponsibility of safeguarding the kingdom. The powerfulenemyalready launches the attack, which leaves you no choice as youarethe last hope of the kingdom.The particular fortress construction mode allows you to buildtheunique fortress of your own, which will bring you a strong senseofproud especially when seeing tens of thousands of enemies fallinfront of your elaborate fortress. Feel free to build wallsandfortresses, set up gatehouses, pits, barriers and towers andpaintpitch on the ground to launch fire attack against your enemy.Youcan also build all kinds of buildings to boost yoursoldier'sbattle efficiency. The establishment of magic towersenables you touse magic. Arrow towers and round towers of differentscale helpyou to form solid defensive line.You can also have your archers shoot enemies on the wall…With 22 types of military units and numerous styles of bosses,thegame will impress you with rich and skillful playing methods,forexample, upgrading your soldiers' level or building functionallmake your defensive line more strong. Weather your fortresscansurvive the surrounded enemies?With the vast battlefield and splendid background music, youaresure to throw yourself into this war in the Middle Ages.Story Mode:10 epic campaigns with 50 levelsGlory Mode:Hold fast to your fortress and stand firm against your enemy for20days.Features:- 22 types of units- Various Bosses- 47 map types- Superior AI- Unit upgrade mode- Building upgrade mode- Magnificent background music- Auto save...Thanks for your support. EASYTECH
Tower Defense Heroes 71
In Tower Defense Heroes, uncover a world of heroes andmonsters!Stop evil creatures from raiding innocent lands! Command ateam ofheroes to defend the remaining stockpiles! In this fantasytowerdefense game, defeat monsters to earn resources, tap toupgradeheroes. Create a team of heroes and place them instrategicpositions to defend against an endless swarm of foes! Yourmaingoal is tower defense; use your heroes to stop the monstersfromreaching the treasure. Tower Defense Heroes Features EpicTowerDefense: - Fend off an Orc Horde and Epic Bosses - Dailymissionsto complete Epic RPG - Fantasy RPG-based world and heroes -PvPTournament hosted twice a week Master Your Party in TowerDefenseHeroes! Enjoy it online or offline!
Idle Tap Soldier 1.66
Enjoy the best idle simulation with Idle Tap Soldier!Conquertheworlds of America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and head tospace.Thistap game is made just for you, General! Just click andtaponce.Then great legendary heroes will help you conquer! Takeoverthemoon, Mars, Jupiter and Venus in space, and advanceintoothergalaxies. Reincarnate and collect heroes from each era toformapowerful army! Idle Tap Soldier Features: A click gamethatwillmake you realize your dream of conquering the world•Collectlegendary heroes! • Tap wherever and whenever you like,andleaveit alone. With this neglect click game, you can raiseyourarmywithout entering a real game! • Upgrade various systemswiththewealth you earn by taking over and developing the city.•Earnmoney and collect soldiers to occupy new cities.Collectcoreheroes! • Meet new heroes for free every 30 minutes! •Collectallheroes, including economic heroes, training heroes, andwarheroes!• Use your hero's skills to attack the city faster!Enjoythebattles you've always wanted and develop the city. A clickandatap can make your dream come true! Is there a problem?Haveaquestion? Any suggestions? Ready to help you! Please tellusyourthoughts through [email protected]
Grow Knights - merge heroes and conquer castles 1.4.1
Black Bears
Do you like casual games with idle and merge mechanics -it'syourgame! 👍 👑 Hey, my casual lord, our lands have beencapturedbybandits and monsters. It is time to raise an army andclean allourlands from the invaders. We'll start with the less,takethemilitia and fight, and after that, we will buildthestrongestarmy! Grow Knights is a merge casual puzzle withidlemechanics inthe fantasy world of "Towerlands". Orcs andelves,archers andknights, castles and werewolves - this world isfull ofthem. Thegoal of the game is to raise an army of the bestwarriorsandconquer all castles 🏰 What should you do? 1) Merge yourknightstodiscover new, stronger ones. 2) Send knights into battletofightand gain gold from defeated monsters and bandits. 3)Upgradearmyto make it more effective. Features of the Grow Knightsgame: –45unites to explore; – capturing castles. Unique siege mode;–alarge global map with castles; – offline game modewithoutInternetand wifi; – idle earn. Your knights fight withofflinemode; –upgrade army; ⚔️ Cross swords and magic to defeattheinvaders! 🔥If you liked the game, then leave a good review, wewillbegrateful 🙏 Join the players'community:– If you haveanyquestions,write to: – [email protected]
Idle Hero Clicker Game: The battle of titans 2.1.1
Genera Games
Enter in the battle alongside your heroes and fightagainstthetitans in the most epic and hardest battle of your life!Theuniqueidle game where you are the protagonist of an amazingbattlewithyour superhero and where you will have to fightagainstpowerfulmonsters and titans to save the universe from thedarkness.Youneed to evolve your superhero as much as you cansincethesuperpowers of the hero and his allies are very importanttokillthe final bosses of each level. Do tap on the screen toattackthetitans and get the highest position of our global rankingofidleplayers where the best players of this idle gameofsuperheroeswill be. The superpowers of the clicker heroeswhichwill befighting with you in the epic battle are soimportantbecause themore you improve them, the easier you willdefeat thetitans andmonsters of each arena. Spend the coins whichyou earnkillingtitans and improve your superhero and the allies tobethestrongest hero of the world. You have three important partsinthisidle game of heroes: -The level of your superhero:thislevelindicates how much strong you are and therefore, howmuchdamageyou can do with each tap on the screen. Moreover, inthispart youcan power up the skills of your hero with the coinsyouwill earnwith each monster. Remember that this superpowersareveryimportant in this idle game and you will need it to defeatthemainmonsters. -The idle shop: where you can buy specialitemslikeguns, armours and helmets which give you an extra ofdamage,coinsor critical damage per tap. You can also buyspecialimprovementsto advance faster in the levels of this idleheroclicker game andof course, you are able to buy one of themostimportant things forthe idle heroes, the boosters and thegizmos.These two things willgive you a permanent upgrade which youwillneed to advance in theglobal ranking to be the best idle playerofthis clicker game!-The level of the allies: this part is alsosoimportant for thisbattle of titans because without your alliesyouwon’t pass thelevels of monsters and titans to reach thehighestpositions of theglobal ranking in this idle game. To improvethelevels of theallies, you will need to spend the coins whichyouearn with eachtitan that you kill. Take advantage of each partofour idle game,be the fastest doin tap on this clicker game andyouwill be thenumber one of the superheroes. And if you haveanyquestion aboutour idle game, don’t be afraid and contact uswithall yourquestions, we have a special discord server for youallidleplayers!
Respect of the Realm 1.100
Respect. Honor. Power. Are you clever enough to rise to thetopofthe medieval world? SINGLE PLAYER HISTORIC STRATEGYManageyourbarons, collect taxes, equip your armies, negotiatealliances,andbuild your empire across some of the greatestconflictsfrommedieval history. Match wits against the Frenchmonarchy andHolyRoman Empire during the 100 years war or battle inthe desertasthe European Crusaders take on the Seljuk Turks, intheFirstCrusade. Each faction provides unique AIpersonalitiesandchallenges in this surprisingly sophisticatedfeudal sim.BALANCEDLEADERSHIP Respect of the Realm is an authenticeconomicandtactical simulation where the goal is to keep one stepaheadofyour enemies. Manage your knights, upgrade yourweapons,andcompete for strategic territories. Use spies to trackdownyourrivals' supply wagons, infiltrate enemy defenses, bolsteryourowndefenses with heavy weaponry and send your toughestknightsonraids into enemy territory. But don't forget to keep aneye onyourown men; RESPECT is everything and disloyalty isyourgreatestenemy. If a soldier steps out of line, you need torespond.Settledisputes, quell rebellions, promote your barons,throwlavishfeasts, track down valuable rumors, secure rare weaponsandappeasethe church with well-placed donations. EASY TOLEARN,CHALLENGINGTO MASTER Don't let the retro style fool you;Respect ofthe Realmis an unforgiving simulation of power in thedark ages,full ofhonor, deceit, risks and rewards. Three difficultysettings,twogame modes, and advanced AI provide a range ofchallengesforbeginners and true strategy veterans. Playablemapsinclude:Northern France during the 100 years war (free) andtheCrusades(unlockable). Future planned releases include theMongolinvasionof Kiev and the Genpei war in Japan. For fans ofRespectMoneyPower, this game builds on the same engine withenhancedgametuning and the following additions:Fortifications&Infiltrators, More weapons, Armor, Shields,Truces, Duels,Wisdomstat, Easier 'easy' setting, Harder 'hard'setting,Fasterend-game, Ability to turn off the tutorials, Moreadviceevents,More recruitment options, Modified Respect, PietyandValorsystems, and Assassins.
Knight TD 1.2.5
Gloomy dungeons of dragons, lifeless legions of thedead,theinfected lands of the empire, you will find a totalwarforsurvival in a dangerous and ruthless world.
Raid Heroes: Total War 1.7.2
The threat looms over the kingdom again! The army of the DarkLordappeared on the borders, which means the war will be trulytotal! -Choose a hero you like more: knight, ninja, archer and evenking! -Explore, improve and reforge artifacts: knives, swords, bowandarrow, even Bible (why not?). - Clash you band of heroes withthearmy of zombies, goblins, pirates and assassin. - Defendyoutownship from other players. - Develop and protect a castle inyourtownship. - Choose a target and attack a castle of anotherplayer.- Clash you hero band with the squads of other players intheplayer vs player (pvp) arena and become a champion! - Uniteinclans for total war! - Complete the story to the end. -Fetchrewards and tap tap tap to upgrade your knight, assassin oranotherhero. They are already not idle heroes, they are legends ofthearena! ;) The new free landscape castle game Raid Heroes: TotalWarwill give unforgettable emotions during exciting battles. Youcanfeel like a real land lord or army leader and show yourtacticalskills. This is the incredible mix of rpg, strategy, idleheroesgames and auto battle games! Do not read legends of hero warsbutbecome a part of these legends! This is a game you wish! Goodluckin the battles!
Idle Armies 1.20
Top 10 Tapper of 2016. Over 1 Million downloads across allplatformsso far! Idle Armies is a tapper like no other, sure youclick,upgrade, tap, prestige and all the rest, but you do itcontrollingtwo immense armies. Start as the good guys, unlocksarcasticSabrina, the enthusiastic knight Lil Dan and a host ofother RPGcharacters. Complete quests, unlock perks and spells,battle anunending swarm of skeletons, orcs, goblins and bosses(clicking allthe while) and then… SWAP. Play as the bad guys. Putup withlove-struck goblins, an anxious cave troll and anover-zealous mummyin your evil army as you tap away. Unlock pitswhere human prisonerstoil to boost your idle economy. Discovercurses, visit swamps andwastelands. Fight endless waves offarmers, peasants and bosses andthen… BATTLE your two armiestogether to prestige. That’s rightwatch as your chatty friendsmassacre each other, but to become anidle tycoon you knew therewould be sacrifices. Prestige to becomestronger and stronger,gaining damage boosts, economy boosts and awhole load of usefulitems and perks. Idle Armies is an RPG clickerwith a difference,it’s funny, it has a lot of depth and it’ll keepyou clicking forhours! It was highlighted as a top 10 tapper of2016 by the AppleAppstore. Features: +Hilarious banter between yourarmy as youplay. Covering everything from the economy, clowns, RPGtropes andother clicker tycoons. +Control two immense armies – eachwithdistinct heroes (or villains), technologies, spells andupgrades.+26 RPG characters to unlock, upgrade and rank up. +Traveltodistant locations to unlock buildings and upgrades that boostyoureconomy. +Loads of extra features – Prestige to unlock bonusesandspecial items, weekly events, economy perks and more. +Becomeanidle tycoon – earn millions, billions, quintillions...evenoctodecillions without clicking… although clicking certainlyhelps.If you've read this far well done, when you find a hermit besureto use the code: WA4EVER!
Age of Kingdoms: Forge Empires 1.4.12
The best battle strategy game.Play with millions of onlineplayersfrom all over the world! Strong army force is essentialforensuring peace! Shape the land, build your Kingdom, trainapowerful army. Wisdom is the key to win this great war! Mylord,our Kingdom is in your hands now. Lead us to the Glory andVictory!************ GAME FEATURES ************ Multiplayer onlinegame -Millions of other players are online to chat, play and fight!-Cooperate with other players in the multiplayer battles! -Buildyour own kingdom,find more allies and fight for yourempire!Diverse troops and real battle scenes - Exclusiveperformance foreach Swordsman,Archer,Cavalry and Catapult -Legendary troops:Dragon,Pegasus,Medusa,Elven,Griffin and Phoenix Avariety of waysto fight - Take a separate adventure to get hugerewards - Team upwith other players to explore Buried Treasure forGems,Devices andmuch more items! Wonderful and diverse events toparticipate -Dragon Tamer: Eliminate the dragon to win the rewardof victory -Alliance Crystal Caves: Alliance fights for crystalcaves to getthe gem rewards - Dragon Summoner: Summon dragon andwin the battle- Dark Knight: Defend the alliance castle,team upwith otherplayers to defeat the dark knight - Alliance War:Competing forterritory with other alliances,dominate the newcontinent - Arena:Challenge other players to rise in rank and claimeternal glory!Forge allinaces with other players - Create analliance where youcan get help from members, and obtain exclusivegifts - Assist eachother to defeat the enemy in empire war -Participate in alliancechallenge with alliance members to getrewards Real-time tradingsystem - Trade resources in a real-timeonline market*************************************** CONTACT US:Having anyproblems or suggestions?You can reach us [email protected]: A network connection is required toplay. Free to play,however some game items can also be purchasedfor real money.
Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy 1.7.4
Collect, evolve and battle with unique monsters in one of themostepic tower defense game ever. FEATURES ★ Over 20collectiblemonsters with unique abilities ★ Fun battles crossrealms ★ Tons ofchallenges
Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game 1.5.6
Become the master of the gladiator house! Use smart strategytobuild, train and equip your gladiators team to fight for goldandglory. Uncover the stories of betrayal, hate and friendshipwhilecompleting Quests and climbing to the top of theArenachampionship. Key features: - 20+ hours of strategy gameplayfun -Ancient Roman Empire with 3 cities to conquer - Up to 100battlequests and strategy chained missions - 5 boss battles(asidestrategy and tactics, you will need epic swords, progladiators,and crit hits, to win) - 3 Gladiator body types withdozens ofvariations - 6 unique Gladiator fighting techniques tolearn and tomaster - Gladiators market to trade gladiators - 50+epic armors(body, arms, legs, helmets) - 50+ unique weapons(swords, bows,spears, knives) - 20 achievements - Rewards such as:gold coins,legendary weapons, rare armors - Unique story thatunveils as youfight your way to Rome - Special attacks that youhave to activatein time to deal the most damage to the enemies!After the longwanderings, Cornelius, returned home just to findthat his fatherdied and all the money had gone. Rebuild thegladiators house, andfight the strongest enemies in the arena,including the emperor ofAncient Rome! Buy and train gladiators,participate in arenabattles and don't forget about the side questsand achievementsthat may give you gold and unique equipment. Helpyour gladiatorsin the battle by activating the special attacks. InGods of Arenagame you train warrior slaves to fight your way togold and glory!But be warned, in Rome there is the Roman Emperor,and he might beinterested in seeing you, if you grab his attention,that is...This strategy game is also available at Y8 games website,where itis free to play game. Rome awaits!
Divine Legends
Divine Legends is a Tower Defense game where you designyourdefenseroute, upgrade your armies and summon the Gods!Features:-Summonthe Gods to fight for you: Athena, Zeus, the MonkeyKingand moreawait your calling -Decide your starting pointandcustomize yourdefense route, you are in control -Collectandupgrade units toforge your own unstoppable army -Use yourunitsstrategically andcounter the enemy forces -Earn epic rewardsinranking mode andcreate your own legend! Support: If you haveanyquestions orsuggestions, please feel free to contactus:Facebook:@Divine.Legends In-game Support: tap Settings (smallgearbutton) -Contact Support The game is completely free to playwithoptionalin-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasingusingyourdevice settings. Requires an Internet connection, Android4orabove and a minimum of 1GB RAM.
Idle Towers & Creeps
Idle Towers and Creeps, an Idle style game thatcombinestowerdefense with RPG aspects! Set up and upgrade your bestarmiestoadvance through the levels, defeat dragons, bossesandotherplayers. 【Collect a series of legendary unit cards】Discoverunitswhere each has their own ability and can combine withotherunits.You will want to collect each card! 【Relax and enjoyalltherewards that come your way】 While you enjoy another leisureyoucanlet your armies advance through the endlessdungeonscollectingcountless resources to increasingly defeatstrongerbosses andother players to conquer the top. 【Evolve yourdungeon toplayagainst other players】 In player-vs-player mode, youcan evolveandhave your own boss to defend your dungeon against theenemyarmy. 【Strategies and master】 Combine units, runes, andequipmentso youcan reach higher and higher levels.
Final Castle : Grow Castle 2.2.7
◆Game Intro◆ Final Castle is to train heroes, towers and petstodefend the Castle against enemies. You can deploy andcontroltowers & heroes to enjoy the game. Collect powerfulartifactsand equipment to defend the castle! ■Features■ 1) Variouscontents(Defense Battle, Boss Battle, Infinite Battle, LegendaryBoss) 2)Incremental RPG 3) Hero skill combo 4) Grow Hero 5) Simpleand easygameplay 6) Cathartic experience upon destroying enemies7)Real-time world boss ranking (You can play to clear thegamefaster, or leave it on idle mode.) ※Warning All data will belostonce you delete the game. Please use Google Cloud to saveyourdata. #Please email [email protected] for any in-app inquiresorbug reports. #FAQ Shut down during gameplay :Insufficientmemory(Especially for old phones, the game may shutdown frominsufficient memory storage.)
Fortress Under Siege HD 1.2.4
A conspiracy throws our kingdom into the most dangerousmoment,whichneeds you and your army to shoulder theresponsibilityofsafeguarding the kingdom. The powerful enemyalready launchestheattack, which leaves you no choice as you arethe last hope ofthekingdom. The particular fortress constructionmode allows youtobuild the unique fortress of your own, which willbring youastrong sense of proud especially when seeing tens ofthousandsofenemies fall in front of your elaborate fortress. Feelfreetobuild walls and fortresses, set up gatehouses, pits,barriersandtowers and paint pitch on the ground to launch fireattackagainstyour enemy. You can also build all kinds of buildingstoboost yoursoldier's battle efficiency. The establishment ofmagictowersenables you to use magic. Arrow towers and roundtowersofdifferent scale help you to form solid defensive line. Youcanalsohave your archers shoot enemies on the wall… With 22typesofmilitary units and numerous styles of bosses, the gamewillimpressyou with rich and skillful playing methods, forexample,upgradingyour soldiers' level or building function all makeyourdefensiveline more strong. Weather your fortress can survivethesurroundedenemies? With the vast battlefield andsplendidbackground music,you are sure to throw yourself into thiswar inthe Middle Ages.Story Mode: 10 epic campaigns with 50 levelsGloryMode: Hold fastto your fortress and stand firm against yourenemyfor 20 days.Features: - 22 types of units - Various Bosses -47 maptypes -Superior AI - Unit upgrade mode - Building upgrademode-Magnificent background music - Auto save ... Thanksforyoursupport. EASYTECH 2013
Roman Wars 2: Tower Defense 1.0.16
Ancient Rome's legions are going to conquer Greece! Jointheepictower defense battle for the Ancient World! Rome havecreatedthemost powerful empire but one country is able toconfrontintruders- Greece. Gather an army of free people and rebutenemy'sattack!Moreover, in Roman Wars exists a large varietyofavailableimprovemetns for your towers, which will greatlyincreasetheireffectiveness against intruders. The numerous army ofinvadersisgetting together to wipe out your kingdom of freedom.Find thebesttower defense startegy to successfully Òonfront yourenemiesinvarious locations. Marvellous greek islands will serveasthescenery for your epic adventure. Roman Wars is auniquetowerdefense game with outstanding historical units. In RomanWarsyouwill find: - Epic historical battles - Lots ofhistoricunits:roman legions, siege engines and many others -Uniqueterritoriesto defend allow you to have the full battleexperience -Uniquehistorical scenery - Upgradable towers Discoverall secretsof thisbeautiful and extreme tower defence game!
Overloot – Loot, Merge & Manage your gear! 1.2.5
WHAT (games)
The King of Evil destroyed the peaceful village ofLootopia!Luckily, the villagers have chosen you, Hero, as avolunteer forthis epic quest to battle, save the village andrebuild thekingdom. But a magic curse is causing all weapons andarmorthroughout the kingdom to quickly crumble, so it's no time tobeidle! Collect any gear you can grab, merge equipment on thefly,stockpile gold, and attack everything as you run throughthisfast-paced puzzle RPG. A fun arcade adventure awaits you,goodknight! Can you and your sword manage the task of becoming“King ofLoot” before everything falls to pieces? **GAME FEATURES**MERGE,LOOT, FIGHT, REPEAT - Merge items to upgrade your equipment:Freeup space and make awesome armor and mighty swords. - Tap toequipyour knight and get ready for epic battles against mightymonsters.- Collect a large range of gear as your knightautomaticallysallies forth on his quest to hack up fantasy foes. BESTRATEGIC! -Manage your inventory grid by choosing the right gearto equip.It’s simple to start, but becomes a puzzle all its own! -Negotiatewith the Merchant to sell excess equipment for gold… Ifyou’re sureyou won’t need their powers… - Watch out: If yourinventoryoverflows, the Thief will steal some of your preciousloot! Mergeit and use it before it’s too late! - Over 50 uniquepieces ofequipment to mix, match and collect. Customize yourstrategy tohack your way to victory! EXPLORE LOOTOPIA - Discoverover 5 uniqueworlds with magical creatures: Dark Forest, SnowyPlains, Hot ShotMountains and more! - Each world has its own rules.You must adaptyour strategy to win every run. Being idle meansbeing dead! -Dangerous enemies will attack your board, but it’s upto you toconquer them! - An infinite number of epic levels tobattlethrough: Help your knight to write his own legend! REBUILDYOURKINGDOM! - Upgrade the RPG stats of your hero as you levelup.Nobody will be able to stop you! - Rebuild your kingdom asyousalvage: Blacksmith, Alchemist, Inn Keeper and Wizard. They’reallhere to help you in your quest! - Unlock & upgradespecialskills in each building: Upgrade your weapons, buy magicalpotions,join mighty quests and cast epic spells… Manage yourinventory,merge your gear, customize your hero, upgrade yourkingdom,vanquish boss monsters, and restore peace to Lootopia inthisunique, fun puzzle RPGadventure!_____________________________________________ Visit Follow us on:Facebook: This appallows youto purchase virtual items within the app and maycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite. End-User License Agreement: Terms of Use:
Idle Antique Gym Tycoon: Incremental Odyssey 1.20
Build an epic gym city for gladiators, warriors,andsportsmen!Upgrade unique equipment, add new training grounds,andbecome therichest tycoon in the whole Ancient Greece.Buildvariousever-expanding training facilities: from joggingandpush-ups toarchery and horse racing. Increase the number oflockersto attractmore warriors. Gym simulator features: ✔ Variousworkoutequipment✔ Useful rewards and achievements ✔ AncientGreeceatmosphere ✔ Thestory, based on the myth about Odysseus ✔ Alot ofhumor andexciting gameplay ✔ User-friendly interface Are youreadyfor theOdyssey? Welcome on board of the idle fitness gymtycoon!Startsmall In our tycoon simulator, you’ll start with ahumbletemporarycamp. Upgrade gyms. Add new ones. Expand space. Andbeforeyourealize it — you’ll become the gym owner of an epicidleworkoutcomplex! Use strategy Idle Gym Tycoon is acaptivatingtycoonsimulator where you’ll be a gym owner. Takestrategicdecisions tobuild a successful business. Invest in themostprofitableequipment. And prepare marketing campaigns to bringmorevisitorsto your training camp. Send heroes to feats Raiseyourheroes in agym simulator and make them ready to participateinworldwidecompetitions. Win and become the most successfulbetweentycoonsidle. Travel the cities Not like many other gymgames, ourtycoonsidle game has a rich storyline. Travel through theancientworldwith Odysseus and build training camps in every gymcity… Takeyourfitness empire to the highest level Our tycoonsimulator isnotthat simple as other gym games are. Try outdifferent strategiestobuild a huge idle fitness camp! Hire newheroes and gladiatorstogrow your business’ prestige. Collect theresearch bonuses andhiremanagers that will collect profit while youare out ofthesimulator. Some humorous facts about our tycoons idlegame: -Oneof the authors is a gladiator veteran of 40 yearsofexperienceplaying gym games. - While working on the gym gamewegotpersonally acquainted with Heracles. - No ancient godswereharmedin the process of making this tycoon simulator(notcountingHermes, although we have nothing to do with it). - Thegymgame wasdesigned by the personal order of Caesar. If you liketoplay gymgames & idle workout with upgrades, Idle AntiqueGymTycoon isthe best choice for you! ~~~~~~ Have questionsorsuggestions forthe game? Join our Discord community, we'll behappyto get yourfeedback: Or contact usbyemail:[email protected] ~~~~~~ Rate us in the app store 🥰.andjoinour Facebook page: ~~~~~~
Frontier Warrior 2.3.7
Dino Go
Your kingdom is invaded by orc clan. Ready to grow an armyanddefendyour castles. Drop your mighty warriors to the battleandlet themfight. Drag a warrior to another one to createthemightier warriors.MIGHTY WARRIORS From the basic units SwordManthe Melee Warrior,Archer the Ranged Warrior, Priest theHealer,you can combine them tocreate Axe Man, Tank, Mage. Buildyour ownstrategy for each battle.And each battle is adifferentexcitement. WARRIOR TALENT With talenttrees, you canbuild yourwarriors in your special way. Every WarriorTalent iseffective inspecific battle LEGENDARY HEROES Every armyhas theirlegendaryheroes. Along with mighty warriors, legendaryheroesparticipate inthe battle with their hero skills. ENEMIES& BOSSBeware theorc clan. They have over 30 kinds of orcgoblin, dragon,skeleton,devil,... and 8 bosses. You will get thejoy and the painin everybattle. Features **** 6 kinds of mightywarrior formsthousands ofstrategies **** 4 zones with over 24levels. ****Various warriortalents **** Legendary heroes withspectacular heroskills ****Equipping charms and items **** Overkinds of orc readyto crushyour army. Freshly gameplay, intensebattles, forcefulsoundeffect, Frontier Warriors will please Castledefense fans.Now,come and defend your kingdom.
Digfender 1.4.6
"There’s a million tower defense games but only one likethis"-GAMERANX "Digfender is easily one of the best towerdefensegamesI've played in a long time" - TOUCH ARCADE Beneath yourcastleanenemy lies waiting. Grab your shovel and prepare yourdefenses!Digdeep into the ground and find valuable treasures andancientrelicsto help you on your mission. Then use your loot tobuildpowerfultowers, set clever traps and unleash spectacular magiconyourenemies. FEATURES - Over 70 challenging levels - 5upgradetrees tocustomize your defenses - Survival mode - challengeyourfriends tobeat your high score - Leaderboards and achievements- Nopaywallsor wait timers - Digging. Everyone loves digging Termsofservice:
Legendary Warrior
Legendary Warrior – The fierce wars ofimmortalWarriors. Legendary Warrior – This story happens in ChaosKingdomLegend – land of chaos and dark. It was under the commandof Arestyrant - a warmonger and bloodshed addict. The whole landwasengulfed in the horrified dark and legendary wars.Legend about an immortal warrior in fierce battle with themonstersof the dark era of humanity begins! The fierce battle isonly doneby Legend of the hero, the best and the bravest willbecomeimmortal Legend.Hector – A legendary, strong and courageous warrior rose upanddestroyed this kingdom of blackest dye.The fighting journey of Legendary Warrior has started and itwillopen a Legend of an immortal Warrior.With Legendary Wars, the player will be played Legendary Hero–Hector and take part in the fierce battle and legendarywarsfighting to the end and destroying the wicked demons commendedbyAres tyrant to rescue the loved one and the whole Legendkingdom,become a Legend.HOW TO PLAY:- The players control the Hero and decimate monsters in maps toearnmoney to upgrade weapons, skills and level up.- Legendary Hero can move, jump and use the skill to killmonstersby your weapons.FEATURES- There are many skills and weapons for your Legend – Hero ofthesewars using- Legendary Warrior contains 30 maps. You can play the Bossmapafter passing 5 normal monster maps.- You can buy power up item to increase the power for yourWarrior,be a Legend!- Increase the power of Legendary Hero through mapsApplications should be granted the following permissions:+ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: used for taking screenshot and shareitwith friends;+ GET_ACCOUNTS: used for logging and using the leaderboard;+ READ_PHONE_STATE: used for checking the status of yourdevice'sinternet connection.Legend of heroes have returned, join the battle and becomealegend!Let’s download Legendary Wars, be immortal Hero and fight forthesafety of Legendary Kingdom.Hope you enjoy the game!Contact with us:
Castle Clicker: Build a City, Idle City Builder
Kelson Kugler
🏰Castle clicker is an idle clicker game where you build acitywithFarms, Mines, Seaport and grow castles! Dozens ofbuildingstounlock and upgrade! Puts a new spin on both citytycoonsimulatorand clicker games. Show your city builder skills inthisengagingidle adventure! Create the strategy of the growth -Makeyourtownsmen happy! Tired of mindless tap tycoon andcitybuildinggames? Play idle clicker games unlike any other! Justtapand clickto build a city where you can manage your workersandresources.Grow castle to help you to build your own city andbecomethe citytycoon of the medieval metropolis! Medieval gamesfans,watch out!This is the best idle city clicker game around - Tapyourway tovictory! If you love city building games, you are intherightplace - build medieval town and show your skills!DiscoverancientArtifacts and recruit special Avatars to help youwith newpowersand abilities! Build a city from a small village to abiggercityand finally to impressive medieval metropolis! Yourtownsmenwillbe grateful! ⏩Main features of this idle city buildergame:⏪✔️Beautiful, full-resolution graphics and design ✔️ Abilitytosaveyour game across all devices ✔️ Buildings withspecialgameplayattributes, like the Bank that can generate interestonyourResources. It will help you to build a city - a biggercity!✔️Full control over time management, send your Ships out foronlyafew minutes or for several days for greater rewards!Controltheseaport! ✔️ Frequent feature updates, including newbuildings!✔️Infinite Gameplay: Even when you think it ends, there'smore -Oneof the best city building games out there!✔️Full-featuredLeaderboard system. ✔️ This is not just a one moreofmedievalgames - It is an addictive and relaxing idleadventure!Build yourown city and your first Farm. Grow castle anddiscoveryour firstMine - Become a city tycoon! Thanks for playingthe bestidle citybuilder game - Enjoy in this amazing idleadventure!➡️Downloadthis idle city builder app! Show your skillsand makeyour townsmenhappy! ⭐ Best Idle Adventure Game Android ⭐Best IdleClicker GamesAndroid ⭐ Best Town Game Android ⭐ BestTycoonSimulator GameAndroid ⭐ Best City Building Games Android Allidleclicker andmedieval games fans - Sit back and ENJOY! --- Moreaboutus:E-mail: [email protected]
Gladiators: Immortal Glory 1.0.0
Reludo srl
Gladiators: Immortal Glory is the ultimate 3D,multiplatformfighting experience. Train your gladiators, expandyour gym, andearn money and glory. 3D fighting gameplay: - TacticalAction:defeat your opponent by choosing the best strategy in realtime; -Be smart and develop your strategy by taking advantage oftheend-of-round bonuses; - Simulate matches if you prefer amanagerialgameplay style; - Energy boosters can help when facingtougheropponents; - When you’re not fighting, you can bet on othermatchesbeing played all over the world. - Play online: challengeany gymwhenever you want and reach the top of the world rankingswith yourgladiators. No pain, no gain: -Check stats and monitoryourimprovements; -Unlock achievements to earn money and fame;-Reachthe top of the leaderboard: who is the best gladiator in theworld?-Trophy room: see the trophies won by all your gladiatorsTrainyour gladiators: -3 gladiator categories: recruit, warrior,hero;-Train your gladiators to improve their skills; -Playmini-games totrain your gladiators in real time; -Training boosts:enhancetraining performance with energy potions; -Equip items thatenhancecombat abilities; -6 item categories for customizingyourgladiator: shields, helmets, weapons, armors, bracers andgreaves;-Upgradable setups. Gameplay: -Tournament mode: are you thebest?Fight the toughest gladiators and become a worldchampion!-Multiple tournaments with big rewards -Get promoted bydefeatingother players' gyms Market: -Local offers: hire new,talentedgladiators that have become available in-game; -Worldoffers: hirethe best gladiators trained by other players; -Worldsales: sellyour gladiators to other players The game featuresin-app purchasesProblems or feedback: [email protected]
Wil Knight 1.7.2
Go ahead and move forward! You are “Wil Knight”!Collectpowerfulweapons and merge them! You will be the strongestknight intheworld. Something cool ◆ Collect SUPER legendary weapon!◆Combineweapons to make a stronger weapon. ◆ Activate EPICPOWERSKILLS !!◆ You can meet various enemies ◆ Be A RANKER ontheleaderboard
Wartide 1.15.04
Outact Inc
Wartide introduces the unique and highly strategic deploymentbattlesystem. Arrange your armies to out-maneuver your opponentsand thentake control of your heroes in order to unleash powerfulabilitiesto finish them off. Summon your heroes, from legendarywarriors tomystical sorcerers, assemble your armies, and reclaimthe long-lostkingdom of Atlantis. Defend your Citadel fromattacks, do battleonline against leaders from around the world,and forge powerfulAlliances to destroy your common enemies.FEATURES ● Enter theunique fantasy setting of New Atlantis ●Harness powerful heroes andsorcery to crush your opponents ● Formarmies from a roster ofpowerful heroes and troops ● Devisebrilliant deployment strategiesfrom countless combinations ofteams ● Win battles to promote yourheroes and unlock fantastic newabilities ● Battle with playersworldwide and improve yourreputation ● Join together with otherplayers to form the ultimatealliance Please Note: Wartide is afree-to-play game, but someextra game items can be purchased forreal money. You can disablein-app purchases in your device'ssettings.
Knights of Ages: Turn-based Tactical RPG
Seaease Games
In the vast Galtian Continent, where the sun risesfirst,heroesstopped the invasion of the barbarians, founded thesixpeacefuland prosperous kingdoms, and left the immortal epics.Astime goesby, the original vows are forgotten by the rulers,andthecontinent is sunk in war fire again. During the chaos,seizethechance to be a tyrant of the continent, or loyal totheknight’snorm, save the innocent, my lord, what is your choice?!About thegame: Turn-based Tactical RPG Each character hasdifferentnature,attributes, profession, skills, equipment, etc.Attractivemainlinestory. Hundreds of challenging tasks and levels.Leadyourmercenary group to defeat enemies and conquer castles.Dobusinessaround the continent to get wealth. Each characterwilldiefinally. You have to let your characters get marriedandraisechildren, to keep your family bloodline inherited forages.Underthe grand worldview, there are cultures, customsandfestivalsaround the Continent Galtian. Players can cooperatetocapture thefort and share the trophy, or they can compete inthearena witheach other. Contact us and join in ourcommunities:Email:[email protected] OfficialWebsite:https://knightsofages.comFacebook:
Orc Genocide 2.0.1
Orc Genocide is a strategy game which has a lot ofdifferentgamemodes. Original Fight against 3 different CPU(easy,medium,hard)types, against an online opponent or against afriendinsplitscreen mode. Story Rescue the 6 caged twinsisterprincessesin the Orcish Forehills, defeat the 6 stone knightsinthe OrcishMountains and defeat the 6 skeletons in the OrcishCave.TowerDefense Buy and upgrade towers. For every killed enemyyouearncoins. The game is finished if you survive all waves.KingDefenseSimilar to Tower Defense except that you have to protectaKing.Waves This mode is similar to the Tower Defense modeexceptthatyou build summon buildings instead of towers. Cliff RushAfastmode where you have to fight on 5 lanes divided bycliffs.AncientDefense A minimalistic version of DotA withoutheroes.Minigame -Orc Jumper A simple "one tap" jump and rungame.Singleplayer andup to 4 player on the same device. Minigame -HeroSiege Fightagainst different types of enemies to earn coinsandlevel up yourhero to win against the end boss. The gamesupportssplitscreenmultiplayer on the same device. Auras are animportantkey role inthe game. They increase the attributes of allyourcreeps andtowers.
CastleStorm - Free to Siege 1.78
Zen Studios
Welcome to the world of CastleStorm - Free to Siege, asupergenremashup of 2D physics destruction mashed with towerdefensebrawler!CastleStorm - Free to Siege includes all of thefeatures inthecritically acclaimed console version of the game!Build yourcastleand storm your enemies on both your phone andtablet! - 2Dphysicsdestruction - Action-strategy-beat’em up genremashup -Consolequality graphics - Full voicovers and story line-Originalsoundtrack by Waterflame - Controls tailored to thetouchscreen -Upgradeable weapons, spells and characters - 8playableherocharacters Build your own custom castle with the CastleEditor!Useyour castle in battle! Four Campaigns spanning 150battles!-Kingdom Quest (50 battles) - Welcome to Vikingland (40battles)-From Outcast to Savior (30 battles) - The WarriorQueen(30battles) Four different nations with their owntroopclass,weapons, spells and bonus rooms: - Kingdom - Norse -RoyalGuard -Viking Elites Play on your phone or tablet! CastleStorm-Free toSiege is free to play, however some in-game itemswillrequirepayment and can be purchased as in-app purchases. Youcanturn offthe payment feature by disabling in-app purchases inyourdevice'ssettings.