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Bible Songs for Kids (Offline) 11.1
Bible for Kids - Free Offline Christian Songs for Kids withAudio& Lyrics
Nursery Rhymes Songs Offline 2.46.20150
Baranki Apps
Singing songs and rhymes with your baby is really good forthem,asthe rhythms and repetitive language make it easier forbabiestolearn language skills. Your baby will love hearing thesamerhymesover and over again and will soon learn to join inwiththeactions. Singing and reciting with your child is also agreatwayof bonding with them. *** Songs for kids fun children'ssongs****** Nursery rhymes songs with video and lyrics ******Nurseryrhymes FREE mp3 *** The collection includes thefollowing"nurseryrhymes for 2 year old baby": - Old MacDonald Had AFarm -This OldMan (Knick-Knack Paddy-Whack) - The Grand Olde DukeOf York- OhDear What Can The Matter Be? - Yankee Doodle - MichaelFinigan/poems for kids / - The Farmer In The Dell - Polly Put TheKettleOn- I Had A Little Nut Tree (fairy tales stories book free) -SkipToMy Lou (educational songs for kids) - Frère Jaques. Kidssongsfunsongs for kids free. - Bingo (nursery rhymes for kids)-PeasPudding (audio stories) - Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses - ABC - ISawThreeShips (nursery rhymes sing and learn) - Oranges And Lemonsfor2year old baby - Goosey- Goosey Gander / Baby songsvideofreerhymes in tamil - The Big Ship Sails On The Ali-Ali-O.Babysongsvideo free rhymes in tamil. - Simple Simon (educationalgamesforkids nursery) - Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake / Bible songs forkids -TomTom The Piper's Son for kids train songs - For He'sAJolly-GoodFellow / Songs for kids fun children's songs Featuresofour free"kids songs" application: - install to SD card -handysleep timerto sleep to - ability to set melody as ringtone,alarmornotification - HD quality background images for each storysound-ability to remove ads for extra money via in-apppurchase-suitable for kids and parents (stories for babies) -worksoffline,no internet needed - guided reference / educationalsongsfor kids- in app volume control; - bedtime stories for babywithpictures(lullabies) - Most popular songs for kids from 0 to 7yearsold Wecreate a lot of educational kids applications inEnglish,Spanish,Italian, telugu. A nursery rhymes songs with videoandlyricswithout internet is a traditional poem or song forchildreninBritain and many other countries, but usage of the termonlydatesfrom the late 18th early 19th century. In North AmericathetermMother Goose Rhymes. Poems for kids in video inenglishfree.Nursery rhymes videos free download for kids in hindioffline.Achildren's song may be a nursery rhyme set to music, asongthatchildren invent and share among themselves or amoderncreationintended for entertainment, use in the homeoreducation.Children's music is music composed and performedforchildren. InEuropean-influenced contexts this means music,usuallysongs,written specifically for a juvenile audience. Thecomposersareusually adults. Children's music has historicallyheldbothentertainment and educational functions. and skills. Alullaby,orcradle song, is a soothing song or piece of music,usuallyplayedfor or sung to children. The purposes of lullabiesvary.
Kids Song Offline - Baby Songs 20
Sing along kid's favorite songs with kids songs app that canbeplayed offline
Lullaby Songs for Baby Offline 2.46.20150
Baranki Apps
Even if you've never been a big fan of karaoke, you mayfindyourselfsinging a lot as a new mom. Crooning a lullaby is asweetand simpleway to calm your baby. *** Lullaby songs forbabyOFFLINE *** ***Sleep sounds with timer *** The collectionincludesthe following"lullaby songs for baby with lyrics andsounds": -Hush Little Baby.Bedtime stories for baby free.(classicallullabies) - O mio babbinocaro. Nursery rhymes videos.(soothingmusic for sleep) - Sweetdreams. Lullabies for toddlersleeps. -Sleep my little Prince.Lullaby music for baby freedownload. A lotof classical music songwritten by Schubert, Brahms,Mozart,Schumann, Tchaikovsky,Mendelssohn. Relaxing bedtimesounds.Features of our free "lullabysong for baby go tosleep"application: - install to SD card - handysleep timer tosleep to -ability to set melody as ringtone, alarm ornotification- HDquality background images for each story sound -ability toremoveads for extra money via in-app purchase - suitablefor kidsandparents (stories for babies) - works offline, nointernet needed-guided reference / educational songs for kids -runs inbackgroundwhile using other apps or when the screen islocked, justpress the"Home" button - in app volume control; -bedtime storiesfor babywith pictures (lullabies) - Most popularsongs for kidsfrom 0 to 7years old Nursery rhymes songs with videoand lyricswithoutinternet. Baby songs to sleep. If you are lookingforlullabies forkids' songs like You Are My Sunshine. Rock a ByeBabyor, Sleep MyLittle Baby. they will definitely put your littleonedown for thenight. But be careful, they might put you to sleeptoo!
Kid songs and Nursery Rhymes v 6.0
DD Media
Nursery Rhymes app for kids. Inspired of many kid songs channels.
AudioRec - Voice Recorder
High quality audio recorder🎙 With audio cutter ✂️ andsoundfiltering options.
Nursery Rhymes Offline Songs 10.6
Nursery rhymes will improve your kid's memory. Video &Audiooffline application
Kids songs offline 3.21_10_2022
Mama papa
Kids songs offline - fun songs for kids ! Nursery rhymes inEnglish2022
Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs (Offline 40+ Songs) 3.01
Research on the effects of music on child development hasrevealedalink between music and the early development of the brain.Inthisrespect, music will be a good tool to support thedevelopmentofyour baby, which begins to distinguish music soundsfromthemother's womb. Especially the academic development ofyourchild;language development, social-emotionaldevelopment,physicaldevelopment, creativity, in short, all areas ofdevelopmentwill besupported in many ways through music. Singingallows thechild tolearn to use his voice, and helps him understandthemeanings ofwords he does not know in his lyrics. Inshort,listening to musicaffects and supports language, socialandemotional developments.In this respect, many songs werecarefullyselected and added toour application. Since there is noInternetrequirement afterinstalling the application, your internetcottonwill not decrease.Since it plays in the background, you cando yourown work on thephone while the song is playing. 01-ABCChant02-Baby Shark Dance03-The Finger Family 04-Five LittleDucks05-Baa, Baa, Black Sheep06-Hickory Dickory Dock 07-OneLittleFinger 08-Open Shut Them09-The Ants Go Marching 10-this IsThe Way11-Johny Johny Yes Papa12-Row Row Row Your Boat 13-TenLittleIndians 14-A ram sam sam15-B-I-N-G-O 16-Rain, Rain, GoAway17-Head, Shoulders, Knees andToes 18-Down by the Bay19-LondonBridge Is Falling Downn 20-IfYou're Happy and You Know It21-FiveLittle Monkeys 22-I'm a LittleTeapot 23-Wheels on the Bus24-OldMacDonald Had A Farm 25-SevenDays a Week 26-My Litle Bee27-Once ICaught a Fish Alive 28-BunnyBop 29-Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat30-Rockythe Dog 31-Mommy Has a LittleGirl 32-Mister Cat 33-Ten in aBed34-Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star35-Hush Little Baby 36-The ABCSong37-SOCO BATE VIRA -Mini Disco38-TSJOE TSJOE WA -Mini Disco39-VeoVeo -Mini Disco 40-I Am TheMusic Man -Mini Disco 41-CrazyFrog-Mini Disco
Kids Songs Nursery Rhymes Apps 1.1.7
Offline Children's Songs, Nursery Rhymes, Baby Songs with lyricsandanimation
Animal Sounds 1.5.0
Tap to hear real animal sounds from whole world.
Offline Kids Top Nursery Rhymes Videos 1.0
❤️ 100% SAFE 100% Kid FRIENDLY ❤️ NO Surprises! He doesn'thavetoworry about what will appear in the next video!❤️Speciallydesigned for kids. ❤️ The most loved children's songshavebeenselected. Fun cartoons, educational children's songs,funnyandmuch more are now in this application! You candownloadourapplication free of charge for educational children'ssongs,funcartoons and funny adventures for preschool children,babiesandprimary school children! In addition, since itworkswithoutinternet, you can use it with peace of mind withouteatingfromyour quota ❤️ ✅ Wheels on the Bus | Nursery Rhymes &KidsSongs🎶 Bounce along in the bus all over town with thisfavoritenurseryrhyme! Our goal is to help make learning a funandenjoyableexperience for kids by creating beautiful 3Danimation,educationallyrics, and toe-tapping music. Kids willlaugh, dance,sing, andplay along with our videos, learning letters,numbers,animalsounds, colors, and much, much more while simplyenjoyingourfriendly characters and fun stories. ✅ Bingo Dog Song-CartoonAnimation for Children 🎶 Bingo, a popular children’srhymeabout adog named Bingo, for your kid to watch and sing along!Therewas afarmer who had a dog, And Bingo was his name-o. B-I-N-G-O✅OldMacDonald Had A Farm | Nursery Rhymes 2021 | Super SimpleSongs🎶 🐷🐄🐮👩‍🌾 🎶Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O. And on thatfarm hehada pig. E-I-E-I-O. With an oink oink here. And anoinkoinkthere.🎶Learn to make animals sounds with this funandclassicnursery rhyme from Super Simple Songs, Old MacDonald HadAFarm! ✅Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 🎶 Twinkle Twinkle LittleStarlyrics:Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what youare. Upabovethe world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.Twinkle,twinkle,little star. How I wonder what you are ✅ YummyFruits&Vegetables 🎶 Yummy, Yummy, So Yummy! Lemon and Tomato, Ilikeit! ✅Rain, Rain, Go Away Nursery Rhyme With Lyrics -CartoonAnimationRhymes & Songs for Children 🎶 Nursery rhymesinEnglish ✅ No NoHealthy Habits with Baby Monkey 🎶 PracticeHealthyHabits with BabyMonkey here at Little Angel! What's yourfavouriteHealthy habit! ✅Jack Be Nimble 🎶 Kids will laugh, dance,sing, andplay along withour videos, learning letters, numbers,animalsounds, colors, andmuch, much more while simply enjoyingourfriendly characters andfun stories. We also make life easierforparents who want to keeptheir kids happily entertained, givingyouthe peace of mind thatyour children are receivingqualityeducational content. Our videosalso give you an opportunitytoteach and play with your childrenas you both watch! ✅HickoryDickory Dock 🎶 Story: This story is abattle between a groupof miceand a clock. A group of mice livesin a house. They inspect aclockwhich was newly brought into thehouse. While they inspect,they getfrightened by the sound made bythe clock every hour.Theymisinterpret the clock for a beast andtry to fight with theclock.Everybody including the king mousefail in their attempt tostop thesound and win over the clock. Sothey finally decide to livewithit. ✅ Dinosaur Song 🎶 ROAR! 🦖 Meetthe Melon PatchAcademyDinosaurs! Roar and sing with ourprehistoric friends! ✅FantasyRefrigerator Friend 🎶 This fantasyrefrigerator is everyone’sfriendand has great socializing skills!Watch this hilarious 3Danimationvideo with your tots for a greattime! Learn and Play withUS! Ourchildren's songs teach basicskills and improve their abilitytounderstand and followdirections. Nursery rhymes improvebothphonemic and linguisticskills. Kids of any age will love oursongsand rhymes as they singand dance along with theirfavoritecharacters. Kids Songs &Videos guarantees hours of funforchildren of all ages.
Kids Preschool Learning Songs 1.53
Kids Preschool Learning app for ABC, Numbers, Phonics,Shapes,Colors - Offline
Minno - Kids Bible Videos 5.19.3
Minno Kids
Stream Faith-filled Shows, Bible Stories, Worship Songs&Devotionals for Kids
Keys for Kids Ministries 2.00.09
Keys for Kids
Keys for Kids offers music, stories, and Bible lessons justforkids—every day!
Let's Read - Digital Library of Children's Books 2.0.0
Let's Read!
Enjoy reading fun and colorful storybooks with the children inyourlife for free with the Let’s Read app. With thousands of booksfromlocal authors and illustrators in a wide varietyofunderrepresented languages and English, help your children fallinlove with reading and learning! All books on the Let’s Read appare100% free to read. Your favorite books are also free todownloadand save for reading anytime, online or offline.Multilingualreaders can switch between languages within thestorybooks with aquick tap, accessing the many languages availableon the Let’s Readapp, including English. New books are being addedto the Let’s Readlibrary all the time through our wide network oflocal authors,illustrators, and translators. Let’s Read is aninitiative of TheAsia Foundation’s Books for Asia program thatfosters young readersin Asia. We focus on underserved languages andoriginal contentdeveloped through community-based workshops thatproduce culturallyrelevant stories. Learn more about the Let’s
God For Kids Family Devotional 1.4.18
Children's Bible Devotions, Stories & Music Videos centeredonGod's character
Meditation for Kids - Calmness 2.7
Meditation App for Kids to relax, Sleep Better, Stay Calm &Copewith Stress
Finger Family Nursery Rhymes and Songs 1.83
Finger Family rhymes is a entertaining app that makeslearningfunwith cute Cartoons and HD Quality 3D Animated FingerFamilySongsby Videogyan. **************** Finger FamilyAppfeaturesHigh-Quality 3D Songs . **************** FingerFamilyLearning appis educational with intuitive and fun interfaceto keepeveryoneengaged and entertained all the time.All the rhymes,can beenjoyedeven without the internet. This app brings top FingerFamilySongsand rhymes along with HD 3D Animations, CuteCartoonCharacter,andgreatMusic.**********************************************************FingerFamilyLearning Songs and Rhymes included inthisapp**********************************************************★CatFinger Family ★ Animals ★ Frog ★ Monkey Finger Family★Cellphones★ Rino ★ Cake ★ Ice-cream ★ Family Finger Family★Domestic Animals★ Dinosaurus ★ Robo ★ CrayonsFingerFamily***************************Features*************************** ★High-Quality 3D NurseryRhymes,Cartoons, and Finger Family Songs ★Great Music and SingalongSongs★ Parental Control Settings for AppSettings. ★ Enjoy SongsOFFLINEanytime. Please let us know if youlike our effort by leavingacomment and rating our app morestars.Please check our otherappstoo@ ears as always.Thanks.Videogyan------------------------------------------------------------------------Feedback:emailus @ [email protected] LikeUs:
Kids Nursery Rhymes & Stories 1.93
Kids Nursery Rhymes, Bedtime Stories, Offline videos for everyonetolearn.
Videogyan TooToo Songs - Kids Fun Songs & Learning 1.80
Videogyan TooToo Baby Songs Nursery Rhymes forchildrenarehandpicked, sorted kids rhymes and toddler songs ofTooTooBoySongs - latest sensation for kids to enjoy all theirfavoritekidsrhymes videos in one app by Videogyan. TooToo SongsBabiesKidsSongs included in this App ★ Are you Sleeping ★ HappyBirthday★Are you Sleeping ★ Head Shoulders and Knees ★ Brush Song★JohnyJohny Yes Papa ★ Jack and Jill ★ Bath Song ★ABCSongs**************************Features*************************** ★High-Quality 3D NurseryRhymes,Cartoons, and Kids Learning Songs ★Great Music and SingalongKidsSongs for everyone ★ ParentalControl Settings for App Settings.★All kids learning rhymes andsongs are free to download. ★EnjoySongs and Learning CartoonSongs anytime. Please let us know ifyoulike our effort by leavinga comment and rating our appmorestars.Please check our other appstoo@ ears as always.Thanks.Videogyan------------------------------------------------------------------------Feedback:emailus @ [email protected] LikeUs:
Children’s Bedtime Meditations 1.7
This superb high quality children'smeditationapp by Diviniti Publishing features a number of kidsbedtimemeditations from best selling audio authors GlennHarrold,Christiane Kerr, Heather Bestel and Jan Yoxall. The appincludes 3children's bedtime meditations which are completely free,plus manymore children's bedtime meditations available as in-apppurchases.The app has meditations for children of all ages, and coversarange of themes to help your kids to sleep soundly at night,tofeel more confident at school and with their friends, tofeelhappier and more positive and much more. The variety of stylesandthemes in this app make it the must have children's meditationappfor all situations.The recordings included within this app are all publishedbyDiviniti Publishing and they work by guiding children intothecreative part of their mind through a number of carefullyscriptedstory meditations. Each meditation story has an underlay ofsubtlesound effects and gentle music which combined with a calmingvoicemake them irresistible and deeply relaxing. These recordingswillhelp children to relax and enhance feelings of contentment andalsofor general relaxation, or as a teaching resource.Children’s Bedtime Sleep Meditations Features:• 3 kids meditations to download and listen tocompletelyfree.• High quality professional recording techniques.• Calm reassuring voices safely guiding your kids into acompletelyrelaxed state of mind & body.• Soothing background sounds for children.• In-app purchases featuring 20+ children's sleep meditationsforboys and girls of all ages.
English Nursery Rhymes Offline 1.92
English 3D Nursery Rhymes & Cartoons.Offline Learning VideosforEveryone
ReadingIQ 4.0.0
ReadingIQ provides thousands of leveled books for kids ofallreading levels.
Bedtime Stories for Kids Sleep 6.24.10
Stas Apps
Audio bed time story books, fairy tales, baby audiobooks.Nightynight toddlers!
Animals Sounds For Kids 3.4.0
Learn more than 100 animals and their sounds in an animated andfunway.
Wonderland: read and listen bedtime stories online
Read, listen, watch fairy tales free + 13 educational games:quiz,puzzles, etc.
FabuLingua - Spanish Learning 1.6.6
A fun mobile game for kids to learn Spanish based on modernlanguagescience!
HOOT! - Educational Books for 1.0.75
Make reading a HOOT! Explore educational books designed byeducatorsfor kids.
MemLok Bible Memory (English) 9.0.0
Delmar Hager
A simple, fun, effective Bible memory app to memorizeScriptureverses.
Kids Spelling 500 words 1.0.3
Teaches young children over 500 common English words
Baby Einstein: Storytime 1.0.2
Explore early learning concepts with 12 engaginginteractivestories.
iHeartRadio Family 3.3
Music and Radio perfect for Kids
Pinkfong Kids Stories 117
Meet all your kids’ favorite stories in Pinkfong!