makienkovs Apps

Prikoli 1.0.1
Read your favorite,, Alldownloadingposts are saving automatically. Add posts to favorite orshare itwith your friends. (Double tap to add to favorites, longtap toshare).
Animal Sounds 1.5.0
Tap to hear real animal sounds from whole world.
Countries 1.1.5
Have fun and learn more about every country on earth! - Find outnational flags look like. - Find out national emblems or emblemslook like. - Listen to the national anthem of each country. - Learnthe capital of each country. - Find out how many people live ineach country. - Find out the area of ​​each country. The countriesare divided by the continents on which they are located: (SouthAmerica, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia andOceania). In the game mode, we will test your knowledge of thecountries. Play, get awards and knowledge about the world. Thisapplication will be of interest to students and everyone who wantsto learn more about the world. Have fun, remember forgottenknowledge and get new ones! Peculiarities: - Beautiful design andintuitive interface are ideal for learners. - 10 exciting puzzlesto test your knowledge. - Up-to-date information about allcountries of the world is available (full name, flag, coat of arms,anthem, capital, area, population)
Sea Battle 1.0.3
It is a classic version of famous game with a clean design fromyour childhood.