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MindPal - Brain Training 3.0
MindPal is your daily brain trainer that challenges yourmemory,attention, language, and problem solving skills. Enjoyapersonalized daily workout of entertaining games based ontheskills you'd like to improve. MindPal includes 40 educationalgamesthat train 7 key cognitive areas: Memory, Attention,Language,Math, Flexibility, Speed, and Problem Solving. Track yourprogressand compare your brain scores with others now! FEATURES -Over 35games and 1000 levels to train your brain in differentskills. -Personalized daily workout based on your training goals. -Expandyour vocabulary and writing skills with word games. - Improveyourmemory, attention, math, and problem solving skills. - Trackyourperformance and get smarter everyday! - Get in-depth insightsandcompare your scores to other users.
Brain Games - improve your brain power 1.2.5
iq test
Brain Games is a fascinating app for people who wanttoexperiencethe capabilities of their brain. This applicationwillhelp you tospend time not only with fun, but also withbenefit.Challengeyourself in a variety of brain games, play everyday andimproveyour skills. The Brain games app is an interestingbrainsimulator.And consists of different games. Inside arecollected: ✔️Memorygames ✔️ Thinking games ✔️ Cognitive games ✔️Tricky Games ✔️Gamesfor attentiveness Arrange a cognitive brainworkout and youwill besurprised at your capability. Play every dayand developyourskills. Inside you will also find statistics of yourbraintrainingand see the achievements of your rivals. Compete andfindyourselfat the top of the standings. Why brain gamesapplication isuseful:- develops mental abilities, - enhancescognitiveconnections, -expands consciousness, - increasesattentiveness, -trains memory,- sets up a thought process. This appis foreveryone. Someone willjust have fun, another one will havetostrain pretty hard to gothrough some levels. But even if youcan’tdo it from the firsttime, try exercising regularly and youwill seehow brain traininghelps you in everyday life. Our brainneedstraining and tasks.This application is a kind of brain food,ittrains memory andhelps to involve in the process. Moreover,insideare collectedgames that have established themselves aroundtheworld. Forexample, since childhood everyone know such gamesasSchulte Table,Spot the difference, Pair them or Find Matches.Youwill bepleasantly surprised and even shocked when youunderstandhowsimple games can help to change your life. Especiallyin themodernworld, when every person has to be multifunctional.Brainworkoutwill teach you to concentrate better. Memory gameswillimproveyour memory. Cognitive games will help the brain copewithtasksfaster. Thinking games will teach you how to think outsidethebox.This app is for you if: ✔️You are forgetful, ✔️You don’tknowhowto do several things at the same time, ✔️The quality ofyourworksuffers, ✔️You often fly in the clouds, ✔️You are boredandyouwant to have fun, ✔️You are not afraid of difficulties andliketosolve puzzles. Install Brain Games and start yourworkoutrightnow.
BrainHQ 2.6
Posit Science
Train your brain with BrainHQ from Posit Science—the mostrigorousprogram available for better brain health, and the only onebackedby more than 100 scientific papers showing benefits. Now withnewfeatures that contribute to your brain fitness success!BrainHQrepresents the culmination of 30 years of research inneurologicalscience and related medicine. Top scientists fromaround the worldhelped to develop and test the BrainHQ exercises.The result: atraining system that comprehensively improves brainfunction, fromthe most basic elements of perception through themost complexelements of memory, thinking, and decision-making. Noother brainfitness program can match BrainHQ in scientific proof.More than100 publications from independent, randomized controlledtrialshave shown that the exercises and assessments in BrainHQdrive realchange. These changes include: • functional changes, suchas bettermemory and faster processing speed • real-worldabilities,including safer driving and a lower chance of depressivesymptoms •physical brain changes, like healthier white matter andmorecoordinated neurons. All of this means that BrainHQworks—inlaboratory studies, and in the lives of everyday people:TheBrainHQ app helps you set and achieve your brain traininggoals—soit not only works, it works for you. Each exercise adaptsto yourperformance and gets more challenging as your performanceimproves,just like a personal trainer for your brain. The trainingisdesigned to fit into your life: train for just 5 minutes inyourspare time, or do a complete workout in an hour. BrainHQ is afreedownload, and includes a core set of exercises that areavailablefor free. For full access, we offer the followingsubscriptionoptions: 1 month: $14 year: $96 These prices are forUnited Statescustomers. Pricing in other countries may vary andactual chargesmay be converted to your local currency depending onyour countryor residence. 

Monthly subscription are billed onceper month, andan annual subscriptions are billed once per year.Subscriptionautomatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off atleast24-hours before the end of the current period. Account willbecharged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of thecurrentperiod, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptionsmay bemanaged by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off bygoing tothe user's Account Settings after purchase. Any unusedportion of afree trial period, if offered, will be forfeited whenthe userpurchases a subscription to that publication, whereapplicable.-privacy:
ABrain. Improve your memory 1.8.2
ABrain labs
Hi there! So glad you are visiting my page. Let me introducemyself.My name is ABrain. I am a mind training app for Android,designed toimprove memory, attention, reaction and math skills.The more youpractice in this app, the more you improve your mentalhealth. Iwill do my best helping you to develop your cognitiveskills, toenhance your productivity at work and in life, to boostyour quickcounting and logic skills. I can offer you more than 16differentgames, which are divided into 4 groups: Memory,Attention, Reaction,Math. All games were created by educationspecialists andneurologists to achieve the best result in eachcategory.
Memory Training for Numbers
Improve your memory, develop your brain, remember any numberwiththis technique
Lumosity Mind - Meditation App
Brought to you by the experts at Lumosity
CogniFit Brain Fitness 4.3.4
CogniFit Inc
Train your brain while having fun.CogniFittechnology automatically builds for you an optimal braintrainingregimen based on your ongoing performance and yourcurrentcognitive needs.CogniFit is constantly used by the scientific community. Forthelast 15 years all our brain fitness solutions have beenclinicallyproven and the results are published in manyscientificjournals.For references see: provides you with a platform to assess, train andtrackyour cognitive skills such as concentration, memory andattention.The CogniFit technology has been developed to provide youwith anoptimal and personalized brain fitness and is now availableon yourmobile!Choose among a large number of brain training exercises tohelpimprove the skills that are important for learning andpersonaldevelopment- Train your brain on the go.- Assess your brain and discover your cognitive power.- Get personalized results for key cognitive abilities such asyourmemory, concentration and attention.- Train with the CogniFit patented personalized training ordecideto play single games.This app is fully integrated with PC/Macplatform.Every progress you make is fully synchronized and saved onbothplatformsCogniFit Brain Fitness for Android is free to sign up and letyoutrain in demo mode up a limited number of brain games.If you are serious with your brain training, you shouldconsidersubscribing to CogniFit and get access to all of thetrainingprograms, brain games available and much more. Subscribingwillgrant you full access to the mobile platform and the webplatformof CogniFit.See the minimumrequirements: our privacypolicy: about our terms ofuse: us: us:
Brainia : Brain Training Games For The Mind 2.1.0
Brainia : Brain Training Games For The Mind is a collectionof35brain training games designed to flex your mindusinglogic,memory, math, words and speed educational games. Perfectforroadtrips, waiting rooms, or any other time you need alittlebraincoffee. Games can be played in 60-120 seconds. LOGICBRAINTRAINING★ Asteroid Defender - Destroy asteroidsusingmathematicalequations. ★ Minesweeper Classic - Use deductivelogicto clear aboard full of hidden mines. ★ 2048 Classic - Get a2048tile. ★Picture Perfect - Sliding-block puzzle game. Arrangepuzzlepiecesback into a picture. ★ Sudoku Rush - Logic numberplacementgame. ★Lights Out - Turn all the lights out. ★ Count Up -Tap thenumbersfrom lowest to highest. ★ Matching Shapes - Find andtap allthematching shapes in the grid. ★ Pattern Finder – Analyzethecurrentpattern carefully and then fill in the blank. MEMORYBRAINTRAINING★ Recent Memory - Determine if the current shapematchesthepreviously shown shape. ★ Block Memory - Memorizethepatterndisplayed in the grid. Repeat this pattern. ★ Face Names-Can youremember the associated names that go with these faces?★SequenceMemory – Can you follow the sequence pattern displayedinthe grid?★ Changing Shapes - Select the shapes that have changed.★ChangingColors - Select the color blocks that have changed.SPEEDBRAINTRAINING ★ High Speed Values – Select the value thatishigher. ★Speed Find – How fast can you find this shape? ★DirectionFollower– How well do you follow directions? ★ Distraction– Selectthedirection the center arrow is pointing. Don’t getdistracted!★Speed Count – How fast can you count? ★ Same orDifferent –Howfast can you identify whether the two shapes are thesameordifferent? MATH BRAIN TRAINING ★ Math Rush – Solveasmanyarithmetic problems as quickly as possible. ★ Operands –Findthemissing arithmetic operator for the given problem. ★Addition–Game focused on addition problems. ★ Subtraction - Gamefocusedonsubtraction problems. ★ Division - Game focusedondivisionproblems. ★ Multiplication - Game focusedonmultiplicationproblems. ★ Number Mirage - Quickly identify ifthenumber shown isa mirror image or not. WORD BRAIN TRAINING★Crossword Twist – Findand then move your finger across thelettersto select thedisplayed word. ★ Spelling Bee - Spell out thecorrectword thatbest matches the displayed definition. ★ ScrambledWords -Selectthe correctly spelled word. ★ Word Types – Select thecorrectwordtype (nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs). ★ WordColor -Doesthe meaning of the word match its text color? ★Homophones -Tapthe matching homophones. ★ Similarities – Are thetwodisplayedwords Synonyms (similar) or Antonyms(different)?Additional braingames added monthly! ADDITIONALFEATURES ✓ DailyTraining Sessions.Random brain games are selecteddaily based onpast gameperformance and personal game interest. ✓ScalingGameDifficulties. Difficulty changes based on yourright/wronganswers.Earned points go up as the difficulty increases!✓PerformanceTracking. All game performances are saved so youcanreview themlater to see the brain areas you may need to focus ontoimproveyour results. ✓ Percentile Tracking. Thiscompetitivescoredisplays how well you score compared to othermembers in YOURagegroup. ✓ Player Profiles. Each player will havetheir owntrainingsessions, performance and percentile tracking.✓Leaderboards.Leaderboards are localized to all playerprofileswithin a memberaccount ✓ Reminders. Set the day and time ofwhenyou would like tobe reminded to train your brain. Braniaisintended for educationalentertainment. While these braintraininggames were developed withthe intention to improve yourlogic, math,words, speed and memoryskills, no research has yet beenconductedto determine if this apphas cognitive benefits.
Brain Booster - Brain training games 1.987
Brain Booster helps develop logic andconcentrationwithscience-based brain training games👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓 This oneoffersacomplete workout on all points: mental arithmetic,memorizationandreflection as well as logic. 🎯 More than fifteengamesareavailable to train you on a daily basis. ✨ TrophiesEarntrophiesby completing as many exercises as possible and becomethebest! 🏆Statistics To monitor your progress, a statistical systemisinplace. It will allow you to follow your progress, and thusseeinwhich area you are stronger and weaker. Which will allowyoutoimprove considerably over time! 🧠 Classic exerciseslikeadditions,subtractions to the more complex serializing and bigint,there issomething for everyone. 🤪 To motivate you tocontinueyouradventure, and to train as much as possible there isanotificationsystem to remind you to train! 😎 You willunderstand,if you stickto it, you can make great progress! Pleaserate the appand give areview so I can improve it.😃
Lumosity - Brain Training 2021.03.15.2110326
Used by over 85 million peopleworldwide,Lumosity offers a comprehensive brain training programwith 30+brain games. Start challenging your Memory, Attention andmoretoday!Here's what you'll get:Daily workouts that draw from 30+ brain games to challenge 5corecognitive abilities.Workout Modes: carefully curated sets of games that useyourtraining habits and preferences to target different ways totrainyour brainDetailed Insights: analysis of your game play that sheds lightonyour game strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns — givingyoua deeper understanding of your training.THE STORY BEHIND LUMOSITYWe’re a team of scientists and designers exploring new waystochallenge the brain and push cognitive research forward.Our scientists take common cognitive and neuropsychologicaltasks,or design entirely new, experimental challenges. Workingwithexperienced designers, they transform these tasks into fungamesthat challenge core cognitive skills.We also work with 40+ university researchers worldwide. Wegivequalified researchers free access to Lumosity training andtools —helping them investigate new areas in cognition.As we learn more about the possibilities of brain training,weinvite you to train with us, and join us in our mission toadvancethe understanding of human cognition.The app is available in English, German, Japanese, French,Spanish,and Portuguese. To access the app in one of our languages,changeyour device setting to the desired language. English is thedefaultlanguage for devices not set to one of oursupportedlanguages.GET HELP: http://help.lumosity.comVISIT US: http://www.lumosity.comFOLLOW US: US: US:
Elevate - Brain Training Games
Elevate Labs
Brain training games to improve your mind skills — Math, word,&memory puzzles.
Train Your Brain
Grove FX
Improve focus, memory and train spatial thinking with thesebraintraining games
Neuriva Brain Gym 1.3.13
Here at Neuriva, we know that no two brains are alike. That’swhyour Neuriva Brain Gym has been designed to customize yourbraintraining experience specifically for you and your brain’sneeds.Neuriva Brain Gym includes: • 14 Neuriva Brain Gym games thathelpimprove many different areas of cognition • Access to 5trainingprograms, each of which focus on improving a specificcognitivedomain • Insights and analysis on your brain scores,benchmarkingagainst your friends and tracking of your progressionwith theNeuriva Brain Gym regimen Your personalized trainingprogramsNeuriva Brain Gym uses your cognitive scores to identifyareas ofimprovement, then selects the games best suited toimproving thoseareas of cognition. Neuriva Brain Gym also adaptsthe complexity ofeach game in real time to ensure you’re constantlybeing challengedwhile playing, because when your brain wins, youwin Brain betterwith Neuriva
Meta Learn - Metacognitive therapy and coaching 1.6.0
Meta Learn
Meta Learn teaches you to understand why you may haveracingthoughts, stress, depression, or anxiety, and how you canactivelyrespond to these conditions in order to reduce symptoms.ThroughMeta Learn you will learn to utilize specific tools inrelation tohow you think, as well as rediscovering control overyour thoughtprocess along the way. Firstly you must choose one ofthe followingcourses: - Racing thoughts - Stress - Depression -Anxiety -Anxiety of infection - Disease anxiety - Exam anxiety MetaLearnconsists of the following categories: Exercises- Here you willfindconcrete resources, exercises, and knowledge. You willamongstother things learn to understand why you are suffering withaspecific condition from a completely personal standpoint. Youwillalso come to understand which strategies have provenunsuccessfulin the past, as well as learning new strategies to helpimproveyour well-being. Through interactive exercises you willbeintroduced to specific tools, which can be used immediatelyinorder to better respond to your anxiety, stress, depression,orracing thoughts. My knowledge- Here you can read about thecourseyou have chosen (e.g. stress). The exercises you work withwill beadded to this category along the way in order to give you aneasyoverview of the course. My well-being- Here you can followyourwell-being and progression. You will also receive newadditionsrelating to your well-being throughout the course, inresponse toyour working with the different Meta Learns you areintroduced to.Meta Learn is based on the relatively newevidence-based form oftherapy called metacognitive therapy as wellas effective elementstaken from coaching. The metacognitive methodwas developed by theEnglish professor and psychologist AdrianWells. This method basesitself on a completely new understanding ofthe psyche and whatcontributes to psychological distress.Metacognitive therapy hasshown itself to be a particularlyeffective treatment in responseto anxiety, stress, and depressionand is now used in multiplecountries across the world.Metacognitive therapy does not focus onthe content of thoughts butfocusses instead on the process inwhich these thoughts areconceived. Metacognitive therapy consistsmainly of education in theform of using specific tools in order tolearn to control onesthought process. The metacognitive method istherefore well-suitedto group therapy as well as self-therapythrough self-learning.
Brain test - psy and iq test
iq test
Ultimate psychological and iq test to check your aptitude.
Mnemonics - easy memorizing
Training application for mnemonics.
SoftSkillers Personality Test 2.0.0
Check your soft skills, TOP roles and socialbehaviorobjectivelywith the new SoftSkillers app. Use our new dailyMENTALPOWER CHECKto measure your actual mental energy level FORFREE.Combine thiswith the PREMIUM PERSONALITY TEST which we suggesttodo twice ayear. The MENTAL POWER CHECK shows your mentalenergylevel andwhere you invest this among 8 categories. Get themainresult aspdf. With our uniquely objective PERSONALITY TEST,weoffer you aprecise and versatile analysis of your person, whichyoucan use(available as a PDF report) for your CV, an applicationoras abasis for coaching. Our assessment analyzes thefollowingareas: -Characteristics of the person (e.g. dealing withrules) -Socialbehavior (e.g., ability to work in a team)-Psychologicalstability (e.g. self-control) - Leadershipqualities(e.g. problemsolving & creativity) (five differentindicatorsin each of thecategories) In addition, you will receiveinformationon yourpreferred working and learning styles andyoursignificantlyprominent "top" roles. An absolutely uniquefeature isthepresentation of motivators and disincentives(ideals,motivators,drivers, stressors and disruptors). You can alsoshareyour testresults as a PDF and thus use them for your resume.Thetest isbased on the CA method (color association). It isapplied,modernpsychological science - characterized by a very highvalidityandreliability, proven in more than 630,000applicationsworldwide.This test is the first application of thismethod in thefield ofhuman resources to be evaluated by the userhimself.Whether as apersonality test or app-based soft skillsassessment,here you willexperience innovation from the 21stcentury. Moreinformation, www.softskillers.deList ofparameters that thetest measures: Soft Skills:Cooperation/teamworkskills, creativity(entrepreneurship),flexibility, efficiency,independence, problemsolving, stressresilience, informationhandling, leadership.Social Behavior:Participation, dominance,ambition, perseverance,stability &self-control, ability toovercome obstacles.suitable fields of workand organization dealingwith rulespreferred roles personal learningstyle Comparable to thetermspersonality test, soft skills test,soft skillsassessment,onboarding test or character test.
Bennet Test 3.6
The Bennett mechanical comprehension test is apsychologicalaptitudetest in engineering that is designed tomeasure one’smechanicalintelligence, ability to interprettechnical drawings,understanddiagrams of technical devices andtheir work, and solveengineeringtasks. This test is destined todetect technicalabilities ofadolescents (12 and over) and adults.It includes 70tasks thatrequire technical problem solving. In eachtask testsubjects shouldchoose the correct answer out of 3. Thetest timeis about 30minutes.
Brain Games- Impulse Brain training & Mind puzzles 1.0.6
While playing brain games, you will get a lot of funandgraduallyimprove your brainpower, memory, concentration,attention,andaccuracy skills &#128170. Each game helps to testyourbrain;Brain memory games Train your brain to improve mindpowerandmemory skills by playing memory and attention games.Impulsebraintraining to improve your focus with accuracy and mathgames.Giveyour memory and mind a boost and become a mind puzzlerbyimprovingyour abilities with these easy brain exercises, minimindgames,and fun logical games. Thinking to train your brain?Trythese funand challenging brain workout puzzle games to testyourmemory,attention, accuracy, and math skills. Fun andchallenginggames tosharpen your brain and improve your abilities ina dynamic,fun,and engaging way. By playing Brain Games you can:Improveyourmemory Increase your focus, concentration, attention,andaccuracyskills Test your logic Train your brain Relax yourbrainTest yourbrain Memory Games: Match the pair of cards,Sortinggames, followthe path, memorize the numbers, find newelements, andmuch moregames to improve your memory skills.Attention Games:Swipeleft-right based on given directions toimprove right-leftbrainmemory, pay attention to the colors, images,and numbers.Eachattention game makes you more focused on increasesyour mindpowerand concentration levels of speed reading andattentiontraining.Accuracy Games: Improve accuracy levels byfinding thefastestmoving objects, measuring heights, and many moremind games.Braingames are challenging and fun thinking games withmultipletriviapuzzles and brain teasers improve your IQ levels andtestyourbrain. If you like to solve riddles, tricks, quiz games,IQlogicgames, try these free brain test games to train yourlogic,memory,intelligence, problem-solving skills, and creativity.Testyourbrain by playing mini-games helps to improvecreativethinking,logic, memory, and imagination. Don’t solve thebrainteasers in anordinary way, some riddles really trick yourbrainplay and enjoy!How to improve memory skills 🤔 It's verysimple,install ourapplication and train your brain every day.
Personality Leaning Test
Ready to know Real You, Your Personality Type and TraitLeaningTests
The Happiness Project: Play Games for Science 7.15.3
Rutledge Lab
Play short games to help brain scientists study the psychologyandneuroscience of well-being! Created by scientists at UCL andYale,this app is a citizen science project taking psychologyandneuroscience experiments from the lab to your smartphone.Every3-minute game that you finish contributes data to realscientificresearch about how the brain works. The anonymous surveyshelp ussee what causes well-being and understand mental healthconditionslike anxiety and depression. Be part of a unique citizenscienceexperiment and help us write the equation for happiness! DrRobbRutledge (Yale Psychology) says: "We all want to knowwhatdetermines happiness. It’s hard to figure it out! In our games,weask people about their happiness as they make decisionsindifferent situations. We hope people enjoy our app and helpusanswer some really important scientific questions!" Thiscitizenscience project was supported by the UK Medical ResearchCouncil.
Brain Out: brain games 4.1.1
Enjoy our Brain Games application every day and boost your IQ.Thereare 10 games, some are simple, some are hard, some will beeasilysolved by you and some will challenge you intellectually.Solve themand be a champion. These brain training games willincrease yourmind skills and will make your brain very smart tosolve lifeproblems and difficulties. All games are free, offlineand veryuseful and interesting for all ages, for kids, forparents, and foreverybody! Brain Games are designed to help you: -Concentrationtraining - Training memory - Brain training - ImproveMathematicsskills - Improve logic - Improve IQ - Think smart andquick - Reactfaster The application includes 10 brain games: 1.Find pictures 2.Find words 3. Find numbers 4. Find pairs 5. Findnumbers in order 6.Find the same numbers 7. Calculate formulas 8.Slide the puzzle 9.Count shapes 10. Find shape parts You can seestatistics by choosingthe menu item in the Main Menu. Informationincludes the overallscore, accuracy, count of correct andincorrect answers. Please readRules before playing. Supportedlanguages: English, Russian,Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese,Indonesian, German, Bengali, Italian,French, Vietnamese, ChineseSimplified (Ages 3+)
Speed Reading: read faster!
This app is the best eye and brain training.
Unlock your mind
Get a positive and trained subconscious mind withmotivationalphrases
MindReset – Free your mind in moments!
Mind Help LTD
Clear your distressed mind in moments
IQ and Aptitude Test Practice
Logical, numerical, and spatial test for aptitude and IQtestpreparation
Body Language | Psychology
Body language course with tests, photos and advices
Multiple Intelligences Test
Identify your potentials according to the theory ofmultipleintelligences!
Memory Games: memory training
Training memory to improve IQ, training your brain, logicfreeoffline
PsychologyCompass 1.7.0
A scientifically backed cognition coach in your pocket, to helpyoureach your peak mental performance, and give you a mentaledge.Learn micro-habits discovered by the world's top researchersfromHarvard, Stanford, University of Oxford and other toppsychology& neuroscience research labs, to quantifiably enhanceyour keycognitive functions. Try the coach for yourself to see whymediapublications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc,Bustle,Vice, PsychologyToday and Thrive Global like to talk aboutitsimpact and effectiveness. HOW DOES THIS COMPARE WITHMEDITATIONAPPS IN THE MARKET For simplicity's sake, think aboutmeditation asthe equivalent of cardio when it comes to yourworkout. It’s greatfor you in general, but it doesn’t target anyone area forimprovement. PsychologyCompass on the other side, islike doingpush-ups to improve your chest strength. It provides youwithtargeted “exercises” to improve any one of over a dozencognitivefunctions. IF YOU HATE MEDITATION -- That's ok, becausethere arepeople who absolutely don't like or cannot meditate. Ourcognitioncoach is a fantastic alternative where you learn aboutverydifferent micro-habits that you can incorporate into your life.Andthe best part is that our coach helps measure your progressalongthe way. IF YOU LOVE MEDITATION -- That's fantastic because wedotoo. Why don't you add our cognition coach to your routine andgeta mental edge to those who only meditate. This also helpsdiversifyyour daily routine a bit so you can keep things excitingand fresh.WHAT YOU'LL GET For every cognitive function that you'dlike toimprove, you get ~12 micro-habits (lessons), which arebacked byresearch. Every week a new lesson is unlocked and you getto try itthroughout the week. Throughout the 12 week program, youareprompted to do small micro-assessments, where you can measureyourprogress on a percentile scale. Every lesson comes with: -Quickbut detailed instructions on how to implement - How it worksin thebrain - The research overview - References to all thepublished,peer reviewed papers, backing this findingPsychologyCompass canhelp you: 1. Overcome anxiety & stress 2.Increase resilience3. Improve leadership 4. Improve sleep 5.Enhance focus &concentration 6. Improve communication 7.Improve emotionalintelligence 8. Overcome self-doubt 9. Improvedecision-making 10.Enhance self-regulation 11. Increase diversity& inclusion 12.Enhance cognitive flexibility 13. Enhancelearning & memory Andcoming very soon: 14. Improve remote work15. Overcomepsychosomatic pain SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMSPsychologyCompasscomes with a 6-week free trial subscription thatallows users totake a cognition test and get 1 science-backedlesson each week,targeting one cognitive function. Users can at anytime upgrade toa premium plan and change which cognitive functionthey would liketo improve. Upon the expiry of the free trial, userscan choose tosubscribe to one of these two options: $19.99 USD,billedquarterly, or $49.99 USD, billed annually The subscriptioncan bepaused or stopped at any time at least 24 hours before theend ofthe billing period. It automatically renews unless turnedoff.Users can go to the Membership screen in the app to managetheirsubscription. The subscription will be activated upon aconfirmedtransaction. Subscribing before the free trial endsforfeits therest of the free trial period. Any lessons received fortheduration of the free trial or any paid subscriptionsremainavailable forever regardless of subscription status.
Train Your Brain 2
Grove FX
Exercises that will help to develop focus, memory, attentionandthinking
Awakened Mind: Mindfulness app 2.54
Awakened Mind is an app designed and developed by mindfulnessleaderMichael Bunting. As a professional with experience workingwith someof the most recognised corporate leaders in the fieldsofmindfulness and leadership, his insight and experience havebeenfunnelled into the Awakened Mind app. Today, it’s designed toequipyou with authentic, scientifically proven, andfully-guidedresources no matter what stage of the mindfulnessjourney you’rein. The Awakened Mind app caters to the needs ofthree distinctaudiences: • Mindfulness beginners. You belong tothis group if youare looking to develop a sustainable mindfulnesspractice and needguidance to begin. • Intermediate to advancedmindfulnesspractitioners. Our app is useful if you want to developyour growthmindset and master the four foundations of mindfulness.• You aredetached from the technical side of mindfulness and arelooking formore practical support in the form of guided meditation,and tipsto sleep better, improve your focus, and developmindfulcommunication. Our Neurosync™ feature is especially usefulif youbelong to this group. The app itself is suitable forbothindividuals and businesses in need of a corporate wellnessprogram.We know that a huge amount of time is spent in theworkplace andthat it’s a setting where you need to harness yourfull potentialand perform your best work. We can help you achievethat. As amindfulness app, Awakened Mind is easy to use andimplement. Allyou need to do is download the application, sign up,and then beginat your leisure. Whether you’re struggling withstress, leadership,communication or anything else that is taking atoll on you,mindfulness practices can help you overcome thesechallenges andmaintain your mental, emotional, and physical health.The AwakenedMind mindfulness app houses a range of programsdesigned to guideyou through your mindfulness journey and help youdevelop apersonal practice that works for you, at your own pace.The appincludes: • A Learning Center. • A library of 300+guidedmeditation tracks for sleep, managing thoughts, and evenkids’meditations. • Neurosync™ technology with 300+ tracks forsleep,focus and performance, stress and pain management,addictionsupport, and so much more. Our app also includes a rangeofprograms: • Sleep suite • Mindfulness essentials • Mentalwellbeingessentials • Pain and mindfulness • Illness andmindfulness •Kindness and compassion • Mindful stretching Ourprograms aredesigned to address what you may want to achievethroughmindfulness from leadership development to pain management.It alsofeatures a quick start program to introduce you to thebasics ofmindfulness. To achieve our goal of helping you reach yourgoals,our app makes it easy for you to chart your progress, pick upwhereyou left off, and get bite-sized sessions of mindfulnesswithouttaking too much time out of your schedule. Our guidingbelief isthat mindfulness goes beyond meditation or relaxation. Itcan helpyou transform your life and potential. Our mindfulnessapp’ssubscription terms and pricing: • Monthly automaticrenewalsubscription plan priced at $4.99 per month. • Yearlysubscriptionoption. Automatic renewal priced at $4.16 per month.The priceslisted above are applicable to our customers based in theUnitedStates. Pricing may differ according to your region.Yoursubscription to the Awakened Mind mindfulness app will renewitselfat the end of your chosen term. Your credit card will bechargedthe subscription fee through your iTunes account at leasttwentyfour hours before the end of your current period. Automaticrenewalcan be taken off at any time through your iTunes accountsettings.Please note, however, that refunds will not beadministered for anyunused portion of the term.
Sintelly - Psychology & Emotional Intelligence
Learn more about psychology, intelligence (IQ), mind and expandyourknowledge!
Mind Mends: Self-Improvement
Follow a journey of self-improvement with a passive &activeapproach.
IQ Test
Find out how smart you are! Compare your mind with your friends!
Psychology Book - 1000+ Amazing Psychology Facts 2.0
In this app there are tons of amazing psychology facts ofdifferentcategories. With this app you can find psychology factsaboutanimal, biology, body language, etc. And you can learn a lotaboutpsychology, and also you may find them interesting and usethem aslife tips. Take this app as a psychology book and you willfind ituseful. Key Features: ✔️ Facts in different categories✔️Psychology book for you to easily browse ✔️ Daily psychologyfactfor you to learn everyday. Psychology Fact Categories: ✔️ Anger✔️Animals ✔️ Attraction ✔️ Biological ✔️ Body Language ✔️ Brain✔️Colors ✔️ Depression ✔️ Emotions ✔️ Extroverts ✔️ Friendship✔️Happiness ✔️ Health ✔️ Human Behaviors ✔️ Hunger and Food✔️Introverts ✔️ Jealousy ✔️ Laughter ✔️ Left Handed People ✔️ Love✔️Men ✔️ Mind ✔️ Music ✔️ People ✔️ Personality ✔️ Phobia✔️Psychological ✔️ Sixth Sense ✔️ Sleep ✔️ Social Media ✔️Teenagers✔️ Women ✔️ Writing Hope you can learn and enjoy yourselfwith thisapp. Good luck!
Cryptogram · Puzzle Quotes 1.77
Enjoy Cryptograms, a free puzzle game from Razzle Puzzles wherethegoal is to decode famous quotes! If you like interesting quotesandword puzzles, you will love Cryptograms! About Cryptograms:Acryptogram is an encoded statement that requires a degreeofstrategy to decode. The cryptograms found in this puzzle game usea1-to-1 substitution cipher. For example all of the letter N’s inacryptogram might stand for the letter B in the decodedstatement.Aside from letters nothing else in the statement has beenchanged,e.g. spacing and punctuation. In the case of this puzzlegame allstatements are quotes from relatively famous to veryfamousindividuals. Using your knowledge of the English languageandgrammar, see if you can decode the quote! Cryptograms basedonquotes are also commonly called cryptoquotes. Thecryptoquotesfound in this puzzle game are a mix of modern andhistoricalquotes. Track your best and average solve times overhistory withour stats tracker. You can play Cryptograms by RazzlePuzzles onyour phone and tablet. Enjoy online or in offline mode!For supportplease contact us at [email protected]
Case Chase - Skins Opening Simulator for CS:GO
Join millions of players and get skins from cs:go in a famouscaseclicker!
Aptitude test Personality test
iq test
Test yourself with a great collection of personality test games
Psychological concepts & terms
Psychological terms: Study&Educational. Psychologydictionary:The Psychologist
Binaural Beats Brain Waves
Binaural Beats for improved sleep, focus, brain and naturesoundsfor ambience
Phenomenal Memory - Brain And Memory Development
App for smart! Extend the limit of your abilities!
Psychological tests. IQ. Logic
Find out your advantages and disadvantages, over 1000 tests
Declutter The Mind Meditation 1.3-rel
Declutter The Mind offers guided meditation for mindfulness,sleep,anxiety, stress, work, and a lot more. In addition, DeclutterTheMind offers 30-day courses that will teach you how tomeditate,form the habit of a regular practice, and expand your mindthroughthe teachings of mindfulness meditation. This is allwithoutpositioning meditation as something mystical, spiritual,orsupernatural for it to work for you. The science already showsthata regular meditation practice improves mental health andhappiness.Let our app help you unlock these benefits withoutattaching it tosomething woo-woo. Declutter The Mind offers apractical and easyapproach to sitting down and observing the mind.With enoughpractice, you’ll start to have insights into your mind,how itworks, and how busy it is. These insights can make you acalmer,less reactive, and happier person. WHAT IS MEDITATION If youwantto understand the mind, sit down and observe it. Meditationisusing a non-judgemental awareness to notice whatthoughts,feelings, and sensations appear in consciousness. It’saboutbecoming aware of just how busy the mind is, and breaking awayfromthat momentum. Buddhists call this the monkey mind, the mindthat’sconstantly busy and chattering, sometimes without us evenfullynoticing it. We can call this clutter, and this app will helpyoudeclutter the mind. HOW IT WORKS Meditation doesn’t requireanyspecial equipment, or crossing your legs in a particular way,orholding your fingers out. You just need a comfortable andquietspot where you can remain undisturbed for 10 minutes. Onceyou’vefound your spot, choose the guided meditation that best suitsyourneeds. If you’re unsure where to start, check out theEssentialscategory to find meditations for beginners. Choose thesession,select your length, and follow the guided instructions.WHAT’S INTHE APP - Several categories of individual guidedmeditations -Courses for new practitioners and experiencedmeditators - A newguided meditation every single day with the DailyGuided Meditationfeature - 30-day mindfulness course for beginners- 10-dayloving-kindness course - Theory included in each lesson,along witha guided practice - Emergency category allowing you quicksessionsin times of need - Selectable meditation length - Heartyourfavorites so they’re easy to find and return to later - Set adailyreminder to meditate at the time you want with the built-inPushNotification Reminders - Track stats such as your totalminutesmeditated within the app and the number of days total thatyou’vemeditated - Meditation timer for when you’d rather do anunguidedmeditation - Pre-download guided meditations and play themofflineand on - the go - Different types of meditation:Mindfulness,Vipassana, Loving-Kindness, visualization, body scan -Meditationand mindfulness articles to deepen your leaning - Guidedmeditationled by a 15+ year practitioner TOPICS INCLUDE -Mindfulness - Bodyscan - Loving-kindness - Breathing exercises -Anxiety - Stress -PTSD - Depression - Sleep - Relaxation - Focus -Concentration andclarity - Morning and waking up - Energy -Cravings - Anger -Mental health - Managing emotions UPCOMINGFEATURES - Live guidedmeditations - Group meditation sessions withfriends and family -Friends list - Google Fit integration - AndroidWatch integrationAll guided meditations are free for life. Besidesthe guidedmeditations, the app includes meditation courses, whichyou can trythe first 5 days for free. If you’d like to continue thecourses,you can subscribe for $7.99 USD a month or $79.99 USD ayear. Needhelp? Visit for support, andhead on overto for more information and freeguidedmeditations you can try on our website. Terms ofuse: Privacypolicy:
Mental Math Tricks Workout
Math Master - Brain Training Mental Math Tricks & QuickMathWorkouts
Mind - Spiritual Superpowers
Gradoid DOO
Wanna learn remote viewing and out-of-body experience? Takesonly5min per day.
Brain Trainer: Tune Up Your Left and Right Brain
Vinta Games
Fun, simple and effective way to make your left and rightbrainstronger.
LogiBrain Collection
A collection of ALL popular puzzle games.
Find in Mind Brain Training 2.6.8
Weez Beez
This brain training game contains 18 unique puzzle set and eachsethas 2000 progressive levels. If you like brain games andimproveyour memory and creative skills we suggest you to try thisgame. Ifyou are a fan of "Logic Master" series of games, we suggestyou totry this game also! Find in Mind offers a variety of minigames.Train your brain with addictive games and improve yourmentalcapacities. Regardless of your age "Find in Mind" is designedtohelp you reach your full potential. Test and train your brainwith3600 levels of games completely free to play. Features: -Uniquepuzzles to practice your cognitive skills - Exercises foryourbrain in 9 key areas: Memory, Logic, Concentration, ReactionandSpeed - Performance monitor for accuracy and response time-Power-ups - More information on cognitive skills for thecuriousones. - 18 puzzles with 3600 levels in total - Simple anduserfriendly graphics - Play either online or offline. no needtoconnect internet of Wifi. - Statistics to show your progress-Relaxing and attention improving background music and soundeffectsFind in Mind is a collection of the puzzle games allaboutimproving your cognitive skills. Use this app daily forbetterresults. Brain games help to train your working memory,whichensures quicker learning and an improvement in neuralconnectivity.How to play Each level tests your cognitive skills andmentalabilities. You can track your progress after each level.Dependingno your performance you can receive stars from 1 to 5.Completingeach level with at least 3 stars will provide one goldencoin.There are three types of power ups for you to get. Coins couldbespent on power-ups which can help you complete a levelyoustruggle. ✓ Time shield ✓ Extra Time ✓ Score Multiplier FindinMind game is based on principles of cognitive psychologyanddesigned to help you to practice your mental skills.Cognitiveabilities in this game: - Quantitative reasoning -Cognitiveshifting - Cognitive inhibition - Sustained attention -Visualperception - Working memory - Visual short term memory -Visualscanning - Selective attention Find in Mind is a personalbraintrainer game to keep your mind sharp. Play this game for: ✓Improveyour memory ✓ Improve your reaction time ✓ Increase youraccuracy ✓Scan shapes quickly ✓ Focus your attention ✓ Solve logicproblems ✓Challenge yourself ✓ Increase your concentration Minigames list: -Unique: You need to find the unique object. - Recall:You have toremember the correct order. - Peekaboo: Follow thepattern when theitems are gone. - Newbie: Tap the last appearingitem. - Alike: Payattention to the arrow direction. - Central: Payattention to thearrow at the center. - Reverse: For red arrow,swipe your finger inthe same direction - Rows: Count the words andtap the correctnumbers. - Hi Lo: Compare the recent number with theprevious one -Prior: Tap the same shape as previous screen -Rising: Follow theorder when numbers are gone - Flow: Followascending order for redbox - Leader: Follow the order of thelightning buttons - Twin:Find matching pairs - Most: Tap the itemwhich appears most. -Contrast: Meaning must match its color -Match: Match all pairs. -Follower: Follow the reverse order This isa recommended game forpeople who do not focus things for a longtime. Check yourperformance chart daily. Improve your ability tosolve puzzle moreaccurate and faster than ever.
CBT Tools for Healthy Living, Self-help Mood Diary
Excel At Life
Mood log and analysis, CBT diary, healthy goals &more!Feelhopeful about changing your life! Learnaboutthecognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) methods showninpsychologicalresearch to be effective in changing emotions/moodandbehavior.This app provides education to be an informed consumerofmentalhealth services and contains resources to useincollaboration witha health professional. CBT tools included inthisapp 1) CognitiveDiary • step by step evaluation of an eventthatcaused distress •to help with cognitive restructuring 2)InspireDiary • a simplediary method • to provide affirmations andrecordpositive events3) Tests • to help you learn about yourself•Cognitive StylesTest, Your Happiness Assessment and more 4)HealthyActivities Log• track daily activities to motivate andmakeimprovements 5) MoodLog • record your moods throughout the day•mood analysis feature:shows your average mood ratings fordifferentactions or events •graphs to track your mood 6) Points Log• withencouraging messages• tracks progress and provides motivation•earn points to removedisplay ads for a week at a time 7)DailyGoals • to plan yourhealthy activities • treatment planningwiththerapist 8) Links •to relaxation and assistance audios ontheExcel At Life websiteAbout cognitive-behavioral therapy CBTToolsfor Healthy Living byExcel At Life teaches you how to usethecognitive-behavioraltherapy (CBT) methods in a simple format.Thetools provided inthis app are derived from the CBT researchbaseand developed intoa user-friendly format by a psychologistwithover 30 years ofclinical experience. Learn the CBT methodsshown bydecades ofpsychological research to be effective forchangingyouremotions/moods and behavior that contribute todepression,anxietyand stress, as well as problems in relationships,careerandphysical health. These CBT methods can be used asself-helpforminor issues or can be used in collaboration with yourtherapisttodevelop a treatment plan best suited to your situation.TheDailyGoals feature can be used to record your planandcompletedactivities. Other features • All personal data storedinyourdevice. • Fully customizable: change the CBT terms(beliefsanddefinitions) used in the diary to conform with thesystem youarefamiliar with, add your own challenging statements foreachbelief,add moods/emotions, add healthy activities to track•Passwordprotection (optional) • Daily reminder (optional)•Examples,tutorial, articles • Email entries and test results-useful fortherapeutic collaboration • Remove ads by earningpointsorwatching short ad video.