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Let’s draw one part to check how smart you are! Just draw a lineonly

App Information Draw One Part: Draw Puzzle

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    Draw One Part: Draw Puzzle
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    Zego Studio
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Welcome to Cooking Dream! Come and join millions of people as theymake their way to become a world-class Master Chef! Show off yourskill by cooking various cuisines from tons of differentingredients from all over the world! Explore and learn about newand exciting food from the best restaurants and pave your way tobecome a crazy famous chef! Are you ready for some challenges? Thenlet’s get started! Cooking Dream features: Relax and enjoyrefreshing gameplay: cook and serve your customers to beat thelevels! Different types of goals with the unique layout for eachrestaurant will give you a distinct experience every session.Unlock new areas and discover colorful dishes and exoticingredients. Charming characters: Meet up with the fascinating castof customers! Earn tickets and open sticker boxes to collectstickers for your favorite customers. Invite your friends to helpyou on the journey to create your dream restaurant empire! Join aclub or build your own to compete with other chefs all over theworld to reach the number 1 spot on the leaderboard. Lots of eventsevery week for you to attend and win extraordinary rewards! Smoothgameplay experience along with dazzling graphic Offline mode willlet you enjoy your cooking experience on the go like traveling onthe plane or break time at the office. Cooking Dream is a FREE TOPLAY cooking game with options to purchase some in-game items toenhance your experience with real money. *Some features of the gamewill require an internet connection to work properly such as Club,Friends, Leaderboards, Save/Load data, and other features* Let usknow what you think and learn more about Cooking Dream at:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cookingdreammobile Email:[email protected]
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Mega Shooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes) is a 2Dfreespace shooting game style shoot em up with its very uniquegameplay. A fast paced action shooter game in situationinfinitywarfare! Use a wide selection of projectile weapons andpower-upsto help robot heroes pass through increasingly challenginglevels,fighting as space shooter and duty infinite with epicbattlestrategy well. If you are a fan of space shooting games,MegaShooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes) is the best choosetoexperience the shooter games.

 30xx, when Earth is about tobeperished by pollution, diseases and monsters. A ship carryingthemost advanced and strongest robots heroes is sent intospacegalaxy, hoping to find a new planet that humans can liveon.Throughout the journey, hero robots must fight off largeanddangerous alien monsters as metal soldiers they land on andprotectthe galaxy space from alien swarms, It is the infinity warofhuman. A great action shooting and 2D shooter game with tonsofgreat features 
Let’s play, infinity shooting & fight,takeyour gun, kill all enemies to get duty infinite and become aheroshooter!
Mega Shooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes) willputyou into the space galaxy. In here, you have to infinitybattlethrough endless waves of monster shooter to keep you aliveandbecome metal soldiers. On your journey in the space galaxy,yourcomrades are the infinity battle hero robot. They will followyourcommand to gun down monsters. To kill all of those monstersandsurvival on infinite warfare , you will need to shoot weapons,gunsand in this game, there are great varieties of choice. Youcanchoose the one you like best from blizzard gun to fusioncannon,bazooka, metal shooter gun, laser beam to many more.Completingmission and duty infinite with three star and you willget morecoin to upgrade your shooting weapons stronger, shootingrangelarger. That means your gun will be shooting targets easier.Let’sexplore them by yourself. FEATURES Infinity Space War(GalaxyHeroes) ★ Space shooters game simple control
 ★ Cool sci-fi2Dspace shooter game style art and animation (Galaxy style)
 ★Uniquegameplay with shoot em up style.
 ★ Epic battle, infinitywarfare,many interesting levels
 ★ Metal soldiers shooting on yourside tofight and gun shooting along 
★ Tons of guns to choose. .From gunto cannon to bazooka to gun shoot those monsters
 ★ Monsterareready to give you death. 
★ Defense and survive in monstershootergame style. 
★ Shooting games with free multiplayer: comingsoon.
★ Best free metal soldiers shooting game 2D 
★ Endless modeforMega Shooter with duty infinite (Infinity Space Galaxy Shooting)
★Upgrade your guns shoot and robot hero to attack infinitywarfare
★ Different kind of shooting weapons such as rocket gun,laserbeam, bazooka…
 ★ Upgrade your gun range and robot heroes asmetalsoldiers
 ★ Monster shooting game free shooting game 2D HOW TOPLAYMEGA SHOOTER : INFINITY SPACE WAR (GALAXY HEROES) ✔ Thecoremechanic of the game is your gun shoot vertically. Themonsterswill spawn everywhere and you have to control your metalsoldiersto move and avoid them while shooting to kill them. 
✔ Youcan dash to move faster and take no damage. 
 ✔ Whenthere aretoo many monster, use the special gun shooting ultimate toclearthem.
 ✔ Each gun has own unique ultimate shot so choosewisely foryour robot hero like metal soldiers gun shooter to meleeor bazookafor big explosion. 
✔ Each characters in the game has anuniqueability and they can be useful in some particular missionsandsituations. Learn how to use and master them so you can defeatallof those monsters with your metal shooter robot hero. 
✔Theupgrade mechanism is very clear and easy to understand. Allyouneed is just in game currency. Collect coins and do missionstoupgrade characters and guns to become stronger so you canbeatthose space monsters easier.
Cooking Family :Craze Madness Restaurant Food Game 2.44.175 APK
Zego Studio
Crazy cooking is one of the finest arts available on the planet.Experience the fever of real cooking in the kitchen without makingany effort with Cooking Family: Craze Madness Restaurant Food Game.This crazy chef game is a truly international cooking game thatbrings together worldwide cuisines under one app and also gives youprecious knowledge on the madness art of craze cooking restaurant.Cooking Family is definitely a madness restaurant cooking game inwhich you must fulfill customer orders and create different tastydishes in a bustling restaurant. The aim of this chef game issimple: you must serve your customers and make as much profit aspossible! In this exciting chef game, you must move around theworld and build a series of thriving Restaurant fever. Play cookingcrazy and try all the possible kitchen game appliances, from coffeemakers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and beef steak makers.Decorate your restaurants to attract more clients. Make your ownfreebies, such as mix drinks, to make your customers’ experiencemore personal and memorable – just like in a real restaurant!Upgrade your kitchen game and produce an even greater variety offood game dishes, such as Cook Classic Restaurant Dishes in thisFree Kitchen Game: Cook sweet donuts, savory hot dogs & soup.Grill delicious fish, tasty steak, and mouth-watering burgers. Icecream, cheesecake, pasta, and shrimp - the restaurants grow witheach city! ▼Cooking Family: Craze Madness Restaurant Food GameFeatures 🏪 Ultimate Cooking and Restaurant games for Android 🏪 Fun& challenging chef games are free to play! 👩‍🍳 Crazy Chef ishired to work for your cooking Restaurant 🏪 Upgrade, level upkitchen game to optimize cooking tycoon ⚙️ Manage your restaurantand your kitchen, upgrade the workflow to earn more idle cash ⚙️Upgrade crazy cooking in the kitchen ⚙️ Cooking Family yummy streetfood with food game ⚙️ Extend the restaurant game system to thewhole world ⚙️ Serve crazy customers like a cooking tycoon CookingFamily: Craze Madness Restaurant Food Game lets you try out crazycooking restaurants from all over the world. You get to try outrestaurant cooking in the kitchen of various nationalities. Thecrazy chef game consists of several minigames to keep you hooked ifyou get bored of one aspect. It’s a well-rounded restaurant game,and we could definitely see not only kids but also adults spendinga lot of time on this cooking game. You can make stew, bake cakes,serve your world-wide customers in the cooking city, and a wholelot more with this food game. The cooking game follows a F2P model,which means that although it’s free to download, you have a bunchof in-app purchases within the restaurant game, allowing you toprogress your journey quicker. Many have been hooked on thisaddictive cooking game so why don’t you get the latest version ofCooking Family: Cooking Games Madness Craze Restaurant to beat thechallenging cooking game now! Feedback here:https://www.facebook.com/BestCookingFamily/
Cooking Master Life :Fever Chef Restaurant Cooking APK
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Come and feel the cooking fever 🍳 and enjoy our cooking games🔥!
Draw One Part: Draw Puzzle APK
Zego Studio
Let’s draw one part to check how smart you are! Just draw a lineonly