Top 50 Games Similar to Draw One Part: Draw Puzzle

Save The Girl 1.3.7
Lion Studios
The tricky and relaxing puzzle game you’ve been seeing all thistimeis finally a reality! Only the smartest will be able to solvethesebrain teaser tests in order to save the girl from thevillainschasing her! Each level will present you with a scenariothat youwill have to use your IQ and wit to solve. Solve the funnychallengecorrectly and the woman will proceed on. Get it wrong,then it won’tend well for our heroine. Stay in and play the mostaddicting andsatisfying game. Feel the gratification of solvingfunny anddifficult problems and protecting the girl from harm'sway. Use thatbig brain of yours and let’s get to solving! GameFeatures: 1. Don’tget fooled! Each level presents you withmultiple choices - make theright answers to proceed. Wrong answerswill result in painful butfunny outcomes to the girl! 2. So manylevels to play Each level isunique. So many different challengesfor you to solve. 3. Fun forthe whole family Everybody can playSave the Girl. If you getstumped - ask for help from your friendsand family! No shame indoing whatever necessary to solve thesecomplex puzzles. 4. Simpleand Addicting Gameplay Once you startyou will want to keep solvingthe upcoming puzzles. This is thebest puzzler out there! 5. It isthat game from those ads Yes, itactually is. Whether you are a fanof puzzlers, word games, triviagames, quiz games, brain teasers, orjust want to have a good time,then Save the Girl is the game foryou! Can you protect her fromharm? Visit if have anyfeedback, need helpon beating a level or have any awesome ideasyou would like to seein the game! Follow us to get news andupdates on our other AwardWinning titles;
Brain Up 1.0.55
Azura Global
Welcome to Brain Up - top fun thinking games 2020! Many trickyandfunny puzzles are waiting for you. You have entered a funnyworldthat can make your mind explode and free from commonframeworks!Let's test your brain with Brain Up! 👌 🧠 The iq gamesBrain Up willincrease your thinking skills and help your brain fastto solvelogic and complex puzzles. If you love word puzzles, wordfinders,puzzles, sudoku or other mind games, you will fall in lovewith ourpuzzles! Are you bored of following common rules? Do yousometimesask yourself, is it really a person without creativityandbreakthrough thinking or because you have not been able toexploreit in yourself? Let Brain Up take you out of the box withpuzzlesthat require unlimited logical thinking, creativity,andimagination. It won't be easy to pass all of our puzzles. Doyourbest, take your imagination away or seek the help of friendsandfamily! Play out the iq games every day and you will see yourbrainimprove a lot! 🥰 🍁Outstanding features of the game🍁 Varietyofpuzzle genres Types of reflex logic puzzles, brain puzzle gamesandthinking games will increase your brain's ability to solvecomplexphysics-based questions very quickly. Now don't waste yourfreetime, just install the brain quiz for free and train your mindlikethe best puzzle solver. This game is just made to make yourmindprofessional and fast. Brain Training Game of this genre iqgamesis a set of super easy and fun memory games that willchallengeyour brain. Play these challenging brain games to improveyouranalytics, quick thinking and perception, memory, strategy,andinformation processing. Save your time Our brain puzzle gameswillsave you time but still train your brain. A level takes about1minute. Take 10 minutes a day to test your brain! Interface iseasyThe interface is easy to use and friendly to everyone. You canplaywith your parents and grandparents and enjoy the fun this gamehasto offer! 🍀How to play🍀 The game rules are very simple. Youjustneed to use your finger to touch, click, swipe, or even shakeyourphone to find the right answer. It may be a question offindingdifferences, hiding objects,word finders and other mindgames...The answer will probably surprise you! The puzzles will bearrangedfrom very easy to very difficult. Please calm down topass!Thinking games allow people to practice their mental andcognitiveskills, improve their memory and keep them running forfree. Nomatter your age, you can play this Brain Up- and train yourbrainto function better. Download the FREE brain game on yourdevice NOWand get started! 🎮😊
Comics Bob 1.2.4
SayGames Ltd
🗿 Comics Bob – Mind-bending puzzles and classic cartoon fun!ComicsBob caveman! Comics Bob not clever man. Comic Bob love ❤ cavelady.Cave lady in danger. Comics Bob confused. Comics Bob needfriendwith big brain! 🧠 🔥 Yabadaba-doh! Help lovable doofus Bob andhisbeautiful lady 👩 friend overcome the trials and tribulationsofpaleolithic romance in this wacky cartoon puzzle game whereyoumake the choices for the hapless prehistoric heroes. Chooserightor choose wrong, the answer’s always guaranteed to be a blastassituations unfold with the humor and ingenuity of classiccartooncapers. Sneaky saber-toothed tigers 🐯, manic monkeys,tricksypterodactyls and even inquisitive aliens are all conspiringto rendour star-crossed stone-age lovers asunder, so you’ll needall yourlateral thinking and puzzle-solving skills to save them,get themback together and ensure the future of the human racedoesn’t gotumbling over a cliff into oblivion. 🪨 Stone-agetechnology! ★Endless prehistoric puzzle fun – enjoy dozens ofunique levels oflogic adventures with Comics Bob and his stone-agequeen. Eachsituation has two possible outcomes: disaster or delightfor poorbewildered Bob, but so much fun for you that you won’t mindtryingagain if you can’t get it right first time. 🤯 ★ A Paleo dietforyour brain – attune your sophisticated 21st century brain tothewild primitive thinking of the stone age, where the toolsaresimple but the uses they can be put to are ingenious. You’llneedall your guile and imagination to choose the right answers andgetBob and his missus past the obstacles that stand in the way oftruelove. ★ Cave art, cave music, cave party! – the setting maybeprimitive and the gameplay couldn’t be simpler, but thegraphicsand music in Comics Bob are gorgeous, recalling over acentury ofclassic cartoons and comics, and ensuring a joyfulexperience forplayers of all ages. ★ You can’t stop progress! –regular updatesand new episodes ensure the fun keeps on coming.What’s Bob got uphis loin cloth this time? You’ll never guess inthis zanypuzzle-solving adventure where the surprises never end.Getprimitive! Tired of the complexities and stresses of hi-techmodernlife? This is the game for you! Get back to a simpler andevensillier time when women were real women, men were really dumb,andromance somehow flourished nonetheless! Download Comics Bobtodayto explore a wild and wacky ancient world filled withcolorfulcreatures and crazy situations, save humanity from itsownstupidity, and enjoy innocent, endlessly entertainingpre-historicpuzzle fun!
DOP 2: Delete One Part 1.1.9
SayGames Ltd
Think you’re smart? Then delete one part! 🤯 Download thispopularbrain game and use logic to solve fun and clever puzzles!🧠EFFORTLESS GAMEPLAY, CHALLENGING BRAIN TEASERS Playing iseasy!Just touch the screen and drag your finger to erase part ofthedrawing and see what lies behind it. The game may seem simple,butlooks can be deceiving... Like a detective’s magnifying glass,youreraser is the key to unraveling the hidden mysteries ofthisthinking game. You will have to become a shrewd sleuthandinvestigate the pictures carefully to locate clues. But youcannever be sure what kind of surprises you’re going to find underthesurfac😮 CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING Let your imagination runwild!Will the criminal succeed in robbing a bank, or will thepolicecatch him first? What is the wife hiding from her husband?🙎‍♀️ Andthat’s just the tip of the iceberg! Free a genie from anancientforgotten lamp, sculpt pottery, and catch a villainousmurderer —and that’s all just in the first 30 levels! Make the mostof yourfree time by playing an engaging brain game that willsharpen yourwit. With DOP 2, you can chill out and get smarter atthe sametime! Level up your brain while you level up in the game!GAMEFEATURES ★ Jump right into the simple and straightforwardgameplayof this thinking game: just swipe your finger across yourphonescreen to erase parts of the drawing and reveal what’sunderneath.The mechanics may be easy, but the puzzles will keepyour brain 🧩guessing! ★ Investigate hundreds of entertaining levelschock-fullof tricky brain teasers. No two puzzles are the same!Each levelstimulates your brain to approach a problem in a new way.★Discover the unexpected twists hiding behind every image!Eachstroke of your eraser will uncover a new, deeper layer to thestorydepicted in the drawing. Only you can make the invisible 🔍visible!★ Enjoy the delightful graphics with their unique cartoonstyle andcute animations. ★ Provides hours of fun for teens,seniors, andanyone in between who wants to keep their brain sharp!★ Theoptional music, sound effects, and vibration settings give youmorecontrol over your gameplay experience. Strengthen yourreasoningskills and put your mind to the test with a relaxing andamusingthinking game. The best part is that there is no way to messup orfail: if you erase the wrong thing, the picture will justreset!The point is to make you think, not make you cry! 😭 Butyou’llstill have to think outside the box to master this braingame! Whoknew solving logic puzzles could be so enjoyable andsatisfying?!Install DOP 2: Delete One Part now!
Thief Puzzle - Can you steal it ? 1.4.0
Use your brain and steal the items and treasures you want,playingfor fun. A smile will appear on your lips every time youpass alevel. Each level is a different puzzle, your task is to gettheitem you want to steal. Various puzzles and difficult testswillchallenge your mind. Train your logic, memory,intelligence,problem-solving skills, and creativity. Think you’resmart enoughto solve all these tricky puzzles? GAME FEATURES: -Easy and simplebut humorous game process - Fun for All Ages: Thebest trivia gamefor family & friends’ gatherings! - Enjoy thisimpossible quiz.- Download this funny game for free. - Endless funandbrain-pushing games. - Great exercise for the brain. - Simpleandhighly addictive game play. - Great time pass with riddle games.-Play without the internet. - Funny sound and witty game effectsCanyou go faster? Let's go!!
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle 2.1.18
ITI inc.
The most fun and simple game in the world! Help the man. He istiedup and confined in the room. Swipe the rope with your fingerandcut. Can he avoid the pinch of desperate life? It all dependsonyou!
Draw Happy Life - drawing apps 1.0.2
Welcome to the world of “Draw Happy Life”! In this game you canseea part of the character's life. You don’t need to erase her.Justdraw it and guess! If your expectations are correct,theirdissatisfaction will be resolved and you will smile! Theirfaceswill regain their glow and will rejoice as if they hadreceivedmoney. Are you looking for intuitive easy puzzle games?They wantto live a happy life, so they need your brain! Help themout! Let’stest your brain! How to be a DrawMaster 1.Relax and solvepuzzlesCalm down and find the missing one part. You can tap, swipe, write on this screen at will! Rest assured that there is noriskof failure! 2. Spend long days in the lives of girls. Over200puzzles and so many episodes of missing parts are packed withfun!3. You don’t have to draw it perfectly Enjoy just like youwould ona chalkboard. You need not feel guilty. You will likelyhave funwhen you find the story behind the scenes! If you clearthequestion, you can get a diamond. This diamond can be usedlikemoney to increase the furniture in the main character's room!youcan make your wallpaper colorful or carpet it! How well youcanspend your money meaningfully will also be tested in this game!Ifyou like brain out, happy glass and pencil rush, this game isalsoone of your favorite choices. Let’s download now, and draw ittosolve puzzles! Drawing will put a smile to your face andyourfamily! This game is so easy that it's perfect for your kidstoplay! People of all ages can play, so let's play with yourfamilyand friends and get excited! Various series of the draw gameshavebeen released! There are many other themes such asdentists,Instagrammers, students and criminals. When you finishplaying thisgame, please try other series! If you play, newdiscoveries and funwill be waiting for you! As the series grows,you won't be free forthe rest of your lifetime! Here are some ofthe riddles we have! ◆She can't charge her phone! She has a brokencharger cord and can'tcharge! You know the sadness of running outof charge on your cellphone, right? Let's add some code so that thephone can be charged!◆ The roller coaster is interrupted on theway! They got on aroller coaster with a broken rail! If theyproceed as it is,everyone will drop and it is very dangerous! Ifthey fall from sucha high place, they will be seriously injured. ◆She can't wear highheels because they are broken! Beautiful womenwant to wear highheels, but the heels are broken and they are introuble! Use yourimagination to fix women's high heels! ◆She can'tdrive without cartires! She wants to go on a date with her but mycar doesn't havetires! How can I go for a drive with her? Draw atire with a magicpen and take it to the drive! ◆ She can't listento music. When shetries to listen to music, the cord on myheadphones is cut off! Howcan she enjoy the music? Make her happyby adding her choppy code!◆She wants to do her makeup, but there'ssomething missing. Whatcould help her with her makeup? Rememberwhen you makeup yourselfand when your girlfriend makeup! Features:• Colorful drawing &scribble will entertain your whole family •Short and simple gamedesign to suit any age group • Take your timeand relax whilepencil rush • Easy to figure out puzzle • Judgementis made userfriendly • Friendly tips, all for free! • There aremany types ofpens, and their shapes and colors vary! • There is norisk of gameover like other games • You can feel like watching ananime about alife story What are you waiting for? Start drawingnow, and saveher! We hope this will become your lifetimeexperience! If you findthis game interesting, share it onYoutube,Instagram, Facebook,Snapchat, Tik Tok, Twitter, Whatsapp,VK, Tumblr, Flickr,Pinterest,google and more! Please follow ourInstagram account! Let'splay “Draw HappyLife” right away!
Antistress - Relaxing games 8.61
Have you ever thought about AntiStress Relaxing game toreleasestress in minutes? If your answer is in Yes! Then you are attheright forum of endless calming games and relaxing games. Youhavebeen gone through many anti- stress games 2021 but let usassureyou that these are the best endless anxiety relief games forthemind freshness. The Anti-stress game is the cradle of power.It’squite obvious that stress comes from challenging situationsandcircumstances, but the stress-releasing games, which contain 3Dpopit toys and 3D fidget toys, help you calm your mind. Stressdoesn’tkill the inner soul, but its reaction does. The slime,sandcutting, piano, and pop it deluxe games allow you to calmyournerves and elevate your mood to a state of solace. The popitmaster game removes the grains of nervousness and makes yourlifeblissful. Download anti stress game in minutes and get rid ofyourdaily stresses and relax now. Come and join us in thesatisfyinggames and make yourself calm and relax. The othergreatest featurewhich will be interested for you is that it hasmany challenges andactivities. Download anti-stress satisfying game2021 and completeall the challenges to get rid of your day to daystress. Relax nowwith satisfying games that designed with greatconcept and full ofrelaxation toys. Use them and create fun lovingmoments in yourhectic routine. This relaxing game 2021 with colortherapy is forall ages. You just need to download it and plungeinto it for yourunlimited fun and relaxing. In this Endless AntiStress &Relaxing Game you have to play the role of a free kidwho is infree mode, who can relax from stress with playing theseantistressgames and who does not have any phobia in his mind. Whileplayingthis anti-stress games, you can fulfill your all desires andtheplus point is that your stress will be gone away in a fewminutes.So get your hands on the big screens of your mobiles andget out ofyour stress. you will get stress relief immediately. Youknow verywell that stress and problems are the part and parcel ofyour life.So you have to come out of it by playing games likerelaxing andthis anti stress game 2021. In this top satisfying gameyou have toplay the role like a kid who can touch each and everymaterialgiven in this relaxing game and you can have endless fun.This isone of the best anti-stress games 2020 which are presentedby us.Download satisfying slime games right now and enjoy handlingthesituations. Relax your brain with satisfying games! You justneedto download this pack of mind relaxing games and enjoy thestressreleasing therapy. 3D Antistress & Relaxing GameFeatures: -Realistic 3D brain exercise and relaxation - Differentmindfreshness toys - High quality relaxing sounds to release stress-Realistic experience of release stress in minutes - Smoothcontrolsto play with the 3D fidget toys - Different Relaxationtoysmissions - Play Relaxing, anxiety release Games Play one ofthegreatest endless satisfying games and experience a new lifewhichis full of cherishing moments. These anti stress Calming Gamesarefull of different activities, so you can relief from your stressbysignificantly performing simple activities in the games. Thebestpart of stress relief with satisfying games is that brainexercisesare given for your fun. Just join and enjoy! DownloadEndlessAnti-Stress & Relaxing Game on your android device andstartplaying the most fun oriented and stress relief game. If youenjoythese Antistress & anxiety relief games, be sure to rateus 5stars!
Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel 2.9
🧠 If you like puzzle games like we do you’ll definitely adorethejigsaw Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel. Make the correct choiceandsave the girl Emily 🙎‍♀️. Exciting storyline It’s a narrativegamewith lots of levels and tricky tasks. Emily needs your help.You’llneed all your courage and mother wit to solve the puzzles .Poorgirl tries to get through the hotel and faces differentobstacles.She tries to escape the building and makes a lot of vitalchoices.We hope you will treat her well. Fun and use 🕹 PlayingEmily’sDreams you spend a great time and train your brain. The gameisfree and available without internet connection. You can takeEmilywith you wherever you go. The levels are so varied andenthrallingthat there is no way to get bored. Our game is a perfectway tospend time pleasantly and usefully. Unpredictable twists 🧐 Insomegames you might guess what’s next. But Emily is used toactingunpredictably. Level by level you’ll find out new jigsawsandpuzzles. And it’s up to you to decide how to save the girl.Familytime 😴 Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel is a perfect game forcosyfamily evenings. When adults and children are tired fromordinarypastime you just call Emily and get rid of boredom. Storyscapesgames are always a good idea. Children might not only traininsolving puzzles but also broaden their horizons. Monotonousgamesare in the past. Exciting and clever jigsaw puzzles are alwaysinyour pocket. Make a choice and find a way out. You never knowwhichgame is on Emily’s way.
Phone Case DIY
CrazyLabs LTD
Phone Case DIY is a phone case maker game where you can showyourcreative side and enjoy the custom art and see the phoneevolutionjust the way you like it! We know, this is the DIY gameyou werelooking for! Customize your phone case with the tons offeatures wehave! Game Features: - PAINTING - Spray Paint in all ofthe colorsyou can imagine! - ACRYLIC ART - Acrylic color and tiedye art onyour Phone Case! - STICKERS - Choose many cool stickersfor fancylook - POP IT - phone case like your favorite fidget toys- STENCILART technique, as well as water marbling and injectioncoloringjust like jelly dye So how about you make it super prettywith someserious customization work? Unleash your creative mind andsplashsome color on this phone! Make it glow! Make it bling! Makeitglitter! Make it yours! To opt out of CrazyLabs sales ofpersonalinformation as a California resident, please visit ourPrivacyPolicy:
Foot Clinic - ASMR Feet Care
CrazyLabs LTD
Welcome to Foot Clinic, the #1 ASMR nail salon game. Scrub,scrape,pluck, and pull all kinds of feet in this ASMR foot clinicdoctorand nail salon game. Do surgery on calluses, corns,ingrowntoenails, or maybe a foot spa massage and pedicure for nailcare inthe nail salon? This ASMR nail salon game will take yourdoctorskills to the next level and give the nail care that yourfeetreally deserve. Ready for surgery? These feet desperatelyneeddoctor care.. Or maybe relaxation with foot spa and pedicureforthe nails? To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal informationasa California resident, please visit our PrivacyPolicy:
Happy Glass 1.0.64
Lion Studios
The glass is sad because it's empty. Your job is to draw a linetomake the glass filled up with liquid and smile again! Try tofindthe best way to complete each level. You can come up with yourownsolution so be creative and don't be afraid to think out ofthebox! Some levels might look easy but let's see if you canactuallyget the 3 stars. features : * dynamic mechanism. Draw linesfreelyto complete levels! * Simple, smart and fun puzzles but canbechallenging too * Lots of levels with more coming soon! * Funandrelaxing theme that will make you stay for quite some time
Ice Cream Inc. 1.0.45
Ice cream lovers, you’ll like this Ice Cream Inc! Create theicecream of your dreams by controlling your ice cream dispenser.Somany delicious flavors to get and to mix together! Holdthedispenser button to drop your ice cream and try to match tothemodel. An extremely relaxing and satisfying game, where you’rethemaster of the ice cream.
Perfect Cream 1.11.17
Is perfect topping an easy task for you? Try and see, it'ssosoothingly cool. Master the controls and try to prove everyonewhois the chef.
Tie Dye
CrazyLabs LTD
Live the hottest fashion summer trend! Tie Dye summer clothesandbeach accessories! T-shirts, bikinis, beach bags... you nameit!Show off your creative DIY art skills while customizing the TieDyeclothes to your liking. Get requests from clients and paintclothesto your desire. Being creative isn’t hard: first tie, thendye!Unleash your DIY art skills and let the paint do the work! Letthesummer fun begin! To opt out of CrazyLabs sales ofpersonalinformation as a California resident, please visit ourPrivacyPolicy:
Blend It 3D 1.3.25
SayGames Ltd
🍹 Blend It 3D – Never-Ending Blending 🍹 Are you ready to becomeasmoothie operator and the starriest of 🍸 baristas? Blend It 3D isasuper-fun, super-casual cooking and restaurant-management gamethatwhisks you away to a tropical island and puts you behind a baronthe beach, where you can test your blending skills to serveacolorful array of customers delicious (and sometimesdisturbing)drinks with exotic ingredients 🍓 🥭 and beautifuldecorations. Anintoxicating blend of cooking, design, andrestaurant managementwith a dash of surreal humor, Blend It 3D is agame of exotic,healthy fun for all ages. 🥤 Aren’t you a smoothie? 🥤★ Blend itlike a pro – just tap on the screen to blend all sorts ofdeliciousfood and some more unexpected ingredients. Sounds easy? Inthisgame, every ingredient has a different consistency andblendingspeed, so you’ll have to time your blend to perfection toensureyou get the proportions of your customer’s order just right.★ Herecomes a regular – you’d be amazed who washes up on yourtropicalbeach. Serve a fascinating array of customers includingpirates,robots, Einsteins and Frankensteins, all with their ownveryparticular 🍷 tastes, not all of which can be found amongtheregular food types. Who do you think prefers rottenfruitsmoothies? 🧑‍🍳 And who goes for a subtle blend of old sneakersandcellphones? Blend, decorate, and serve their drinks in style,andyou’ll be rewarded with heaps of stars for everysatisfiedcustomer. ★ It’s in the stars – spend your rewards onupgradingyour bar to turn it from a simple shack to a luxurytropicalparadise. You can also improve your business by collectingnewequipment, glassware, decorations, and ingredients, meaning youcankeep an even more varied clientele happy in the game and goonblending to your heart’s content. ★ Don’t forget the coffee–sometimes your customers 💁‍♀️ demand a break from smoothies,sopick up a coffee machine fast and show off your barista skillstobrew the perfect cup and decorate it with beautiful coffee art.★Now we’re cooking – bright, beautiful graphics and afunkysoundtrack enhance the tropical vacation experience, makingBlendIt 3D a game you’ll always want to go back to. ★ My favoriteblend– Blend It 3D combines simple gameplay with a dizzying arrayofgame mechanics and a wide variety of upgradable features,makingfor a casual but highly addictive playing experience thatwill keepyou coming back for just one more delicious smoothie. 🥰Everyoneloves a happy blending… 🥰 Love cooking games? Like the ideaofdesigning a tropical beach bar? Looking for fresh,entertainingmobile fun that’s easy to play but very engaging? Enjoythesmoothiest of casual gaming experiences with Blend It 3D,thetropical restaurant game that gives you plenty to process.Downloadit now, happy blending guaranteed!
Icing On The Dress 1.1.4
Blast Game
The girl is in a dress like a diamond in rough, cut anddecorateitto create a perfect dress-style cake on your own.
Emoji Puzzle! 2.997
New unique puzzle game with Emoji! A new imagination game inwhichyou need to connect pairs of emotions by associations. Thinkandfind the idea of each puzzle. Just tap one by one on theelementsfrom different columns to connect them with a line. Or dragto drawa line and connect elements from different columns. Ifyoucorrectly connect all the elements, you pass the level. Harderthanyou think!
Brain Wash - Thinking Game 1.33.0
SayGames Ltd
How often do you talk to your brain? Hey, friend, what's up!It'sme, your crazy brain! 🧠 Let's chat a little, I have a surpriseforyou… If you're brave enough, ask yourself three simplequestions:1. Are you tired of following the rules? Good job. Nextone,please. 2. Want fresh ideas and unique insights? And last butnotleast: 3. Do you know how to start thinking in a differentandunique way? You probably failed just now. But don't worry! Iknowthe right solution, 'cause you can't imagine how sick I amofstereotypical thinking! How about we wash ourselves? Oh,no-no-no!I don't need all your private details… But have you everwashed me?🤔 I'm talking about the puzzle game Brainwash! It's acreative wayto make me feel special and free from ordinaryframework! Thisunusual jigsaw 🧩 is a magical tool that will help usthinkdifferently and solve fun, unpredictable tasks. Let me catchyourinterest by mentioning some of them: - match a cat and itsowner ormake a firework - find a lion or even some cookies - helpaprisoner escape or identify a baby's father - fix a cassettetapeor draw the leaning tower of Pisa - turn "lose" into "love" orfeedan alien cat Why should you give Brain Wash a shot? Top 5keyreasons: 1. It has nothing in common with old-school puzzlegames.2. You won't be bored! 100 varied and interesting levels. 3.Itdoesn't take up a lot of your time – you'll only need about1minute for each level. 4. User-friendly interface: easytounderstand and grasp the concept. 5. Stylish game toolsandcheerful motivation as you play. So what should you do now?⚈Download the game: choose the best online store for yourdevice(Keep in mind! There are only two possible options). Do it,I'mwatching you! ⚈ Turn on your logic. We need to be running atthemax to excel! ⚈ Press the button and get ready for some action!Arethere any instructions for this puzzle game? No! Time toleaveguides behind! Ready, set, wash your brain!
DOP: Draw One Part 1.2.5
SayGames Ltd
Can you see what’s missing? 🔍 What a pretty picture, but don’tyouget the nagging feeling that something’s not quite right?What’sthe final touch that will make the image complete? Engageyourbrain, your imagination and your artistic talents to identifythemissing element and add it to the drawing ✏️ in thisdelightfulpuzzle game that will get you thinking and make yousmile. 🤯Exercise every part of your brain 🤯 ★ Ingenious puzzlesthatrequire logical, lateral and creative thinking to solve.Engageevery part of your brain to work out what’s missing from the🖼️picture, then use your artistic skills to draw that one part in.★Clear, colorful graphics and calm, happy music make Draw One Partapleasure to play, creating a tranquil and fun environmentwherepuzzle solving 🧠 is as relaxing as its entertaining. ★Intelligentgame mechanics and carefully conceived puzzles ensure asmooth andsatisfying playing experience. If you’ve got the rightidea, DrawOne Part will recognize your intentions even when yourartisticskills aren’t quite up to the task. ★ Satisfactionguaranteed – theanswer might not be obvious, but when you finallyfind it you’llunderstand the logic behind it. And your discoverycould change theoriginal image in any number of amusing andunexpected ways. ★Dozens of different situations and over 200missing parts make foralmost endless puzzle variation, withsolutions that aresatisfying😃, intriguing and humorous in equalmeasure. ★ Try, tryand try again. There’s no penalty for failure inDraw One Part. Ifyou can’t find the right answer first time, keepon thinking andkeep on experimenting until you hit on the solution.★ If you’rereally stuck, you can always ask for a hint. Theimaginativesolutions in Draw One Part are guaranteed to satisfyeven when youcan’t see them for yourself. Who knew gap fillingcould be so muchfun? Looking for an original and entertainingpuzzle solving gamethat’s genuinely challenging and rewards lateralthinking but won’thave you throwing your phone across the room infrustration? DrawOne Part will bend your brain, test your drawingskills, and giveyour logic a real workout without ever driving youabsolutelycrazy. Download Draw One Part now and get both sides ofyour brainworking in perfect harmony to solve endless beautiful,satisfyingpuzzles with real creative flair.
My Talking Tom Friends
Every day is a blast in the My Talking Tom Friends house withTom,Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca. Players take care of allsixat once. - Closet full of fun fashions - Wacky food reactions-Creative and sporty activities for everyone - Toys, stickersandcoins to collect - Daily trips to town - New mini gamesandsurprises Interact, customize and enjoy managing this team ofpetfriends. From Outfit7, creators of My Talking Tom, My TalkingTom 2and My Talking Angela 2. This app contains: - PromotionofOutfit7's products and advertising; - Links that directcustomersto Outfit7’s websites and other apps; - Personalization ofcontentto encourage users to play the app again; - YouTubeintegration toallow users to watch videos of Outfit7's animatedcharacters; - Theoption to make in-app purchases; - Subscriptionswhichautomatically renew at the end of a subscription periodunlesscancelled. You can manage and cancel your subscription anytime viaSettings in your Google Play account; - Items topurchase(available in different prices) using virtual currency,dependingon the player’s progress; - Alternative options to accessallfunctionalities of the app without making any in-apppurchasesusing real money. Terms of use: policy: US privacypolicy: Brazil privacypolicy: Rest of the worldprivacypolicy: Customersupport:[email protected]
Clue Hunter 1.2.5
Lion Studios
Uh oh! Your client’s husband is suspected of cheating! What areyougoing to do? Sniff out the clues and prove that he’s a cheateroncefor all and collect that bounty money! $$$ With this addictiveandhilarious game, you will have non stop fun inside trying tofindout what happens next! Who knows, you might even be compelledtomake a video out of it for the internet! Are you detectiveenough?Find out now. Game Features: 1. Don’t get fooled! Eachlevelpresents you with multiple choices - make the right answerstocatch the cheater. Wrong answers will result in misery foryourclient. So sad. 2. So many cases to solve! When you aren’thelpingfind cheaters and liars, you’re solving other high stakescrimes!Can you solve them all? 3. A fun time for everyone!Everybody canplay Clue Hunter. If you get stumped - ask for helpfrom yourfriends and loved ones! No shame in doing anythingnecessary tosolve these ridiculous puzzles. 4. Simple and AddictingGameplayOnce you start you will want to keep solving the differentcases.The best detective game out there! 5. Can you find the “SavetheGirl” girl? Good luck! Visit any feedback, need help on beating a level or have anyawesomeideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studiothatbrought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster and Love Balls! Followusto get news and updates on our other Award Winningtitles;
Kick the Buddy
Kick buddy arrives on Google Play Explode, destroy, fire,shoot,smash, freeze, toss, send the power of the Gods and don'teventhink about stopping. You now have a virtually limitlessarsenal tobeat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, and even anuclear bomb!We present to you Kick the Buddy — it’s more than justa relaxinggame it’s more than stress game. It’s a top interactiveactiongame. Among all stress relief games, Kick Buddy is a relaxinggamewhere you can slap the doll and forget about your anger. It's afungame to play when bored. Do you want to beat the boss, ormaybeslap and bash the ragdoll? Want to smash all around you inthisdestroying game? Want more kicks? Even if you're arelativelystress-free person you need to chill out at some point instressgames like ours.
Flow Legends 1.4.6
Nobody likes getting wet - most of your customers certainlydon't!Fix the pipes and show your engineering and puzzle-solvingskillsin a unique way!
Cat Escape 16.8
Sneak your way through the guards 4 paws at a time! 😼 😻 🐾 NOKITTENAROUND! Only above average IQs can solve all puzzles! 🐅 🐾Enjoypurr-fect graphics and steer your cat to victory! 🐾 As levelsgoby, it gets increasingly harder - STAY PAWsitive! 🐾Fur-real:Distract yourself with the best 🐱 game on the market!
Soap Cutting - Satisfying ASMR
CrazyLabs LTD
The most satisfying ASMR studio 3d for soap cutting andslicing.You've seen it in the videos and now you get to slice itall, cut,and shred some amazing soaps while listening to relaxingsounds andgetting a tingling ASMR sensation. Besides the relaxingsounds andASMR effect and the opportunity to slice it all of thefunny shapedsoaps, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting tocut andshred soap when you’re feeling stressed, making the ASMRstudio 3dfor Soap Cutting the #1 antistress game of the year. Theultimatesatisfaction that comes from slicing and cutting all thedifferenttypes of soap is unlike anything else! If you’ve neverexperiencedASMR or soap cutting, just wait - this game is the bestantistresstool you could find. So what are you waiting for? Startslicing inthe best ASMR studio 3d for soap cutting! Game Features:-Realistic soap cutting - Many different types of soaps. Youwillrecognise them. - Carve the soap - Relaxing sounds - Don'twasteyour time on boring games! Slice it all! Play now andstartcutting! To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal informationas aCalifornia resident, please visit our PrivacyPolicy:
Brain Out: Can you pass it? 2.1.9
Focus apps
What is your IQ level? 🤔Blow your mind with Brain Out and showtoyour friends that you are not completely stupid! 🔥“Brain Out” isanaddictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of trickybrainteasers and different riddles testing challenge your mind😝.Itevaluates your logical think ability, reflexes, accuracy,memoryand creativity. Do not answer the quests ❌in the ordinary wayifyou don’t want to be tricked. The solution subverts normalthinkingis the most interesting thing in this trivia game. 🌟Webring you adifferent game experience with creative thinking andabsurdsolution. 🎉GAME FEATURES🎉 💜Absolutely unimagined gameplay💙Easy andsimple but humorous game process 💛Funny sound and wittygameeffects 💚Unexpected game answers 😱So many trivia questions toboostyour brain power. The perfect combination of knowledgeandcreativity, exercise your mind with the triple test of EQ, IQanddumbfounded challenge💪🏻. Our game full of spoof, fun andsubvertyour imagination! Think outside the box and run yourimaginationnow!
Color Roll 3D 0.150
Roll and create beautiful pictures. Very simple mechanics, onlytapand roll. Once you start, it will be hard to stop. This will betheone of the most relaxing time of your life.
Sushi Roll 3D - Cooking ASMR 1.7.0
SayGames Ltd
Slice, chop, and roll your way to sushi success in thissatisfyingcooking game. The more sushi you roll, the happier yourcustomerswill be and the more money your restaurant will make! 😁NOW YOU’RECOOKING! Sharpen your knife skills on all sorts ofJapanese dishes.🍣 But the cooking fun doesn’t stop there! You cankeep unlockingnew actions as you advance to add tons of captivatingnewmini-games to your gameplay experience. Satisfy customers bymakingquality food fast with a variety of fixings, and watch themreactwith lots of likes and a big cash tip 🤑 — or anger at poorlymadefood 😡. When making sushi, be sure to pick up the rightingredientsand avoid obstacles to deliver the most delicious meals.Becareful: no guest wants too much seaweed and too little fish —orworse, thumbtacks and moldy cheese in their sushi! 😱🤢 SUSHIANDCHILL As you slash through fun levels in the game, you’llcutthrough your worries in real life! Feast your eyes and earsonanti-stress ASMR vibes while you work your way to mastersushichef. With its charming graphics and optional vibration,thisrelaxing game will have you dreaming of sushi! 😴 GAME FEATURES:★Beat increasingly challenging levels to earn more cash andunlocknew fillings and toppings. This cooking and restaurantmanagementgame is sure to keep you coming back for seconds! ★ Levelup yoursushi skills to earn better Surprise Box rewards 🎁,including newingredients, cutting tools, and actions. You can alsoearn moreskins to customize your gameplay! ★ Roll and chop sushi,scale andslice fish, grate cheese, make rice, weigh out noodles intake-outboxes, and more in different mini-games that never get old.🍤🍚🍜 ★Work with the classic ingredients of fish, rice, and seaweed,andearn special toppings as you progress, including chilipeppers,durian fruit, and caviar. Combine your options to makedifferenttypes of dishes, including maki, sashimi, nigiri, noodles,andmore. ★ Upgrade your restaurant with new furniture,dishware,decorations, and accessories to increase your revenue perminute.🍽️ The more levels you complete, the more options you’llhave forchopping: why slice with a plain old knife 🔪 when you couldhackwith an ax 🪓 or gnaw with a chainsaw? ★ Test your skillsinentertaining bonus levels with wild and unexpectedingredients.Roll out the red carpet for VIP guests by making sushiand otherdishes with fun objects like cash, gold, bling, gadgets,computerchips, honeycomb and more. Don’t forget to top it off withdiamondsand rubies! ★ Relax and enjoy this ASMR game withanti-stresssounds, visuals, and tasty virtual treats. Who knewsushi could beso soothing? ★ Check out the in-game store to buyspecial bonusesand upgrades. ★ The user-friendly and easy-to-learninterface makesit easy to jump in and get rolling. What other gamecan serve youtasty sushi, engaging and satisfying gameplay, a chillASMRatmosphere, and the opportunity to run your own restaurant?Onceyou find yourself on a roll, you won’t be able to put thisgamedown! Well, what are you waiting for? Step up to the cuttingboardand start cooking! Chop-chop! Download the game now and getyoursushi on! 😄🍣
Color Adventure: Draw the Path 1.11.0
Try to pass over all tricky obstacles in this fun coloringandrelaxing line game. Tap and hold to make your cube slide alongthepath – watch your cube surfing to the finish color line! Wanttoget some rest after a working day? Color Adventure is one ofthemost effective stress relief relaxing games that could makeyoucalm down. Download this coloring line game and take some timetolet yourself go of the world's distractions. Why you’ll loveColorAdventure: • Dozens of challenging levels • Simple &intuitivecontrols • Multiple cool cube skins • Stress relief gameexperience• Beautiful minimalistic 3D graphics Be careful! Thisoffline gameis dangerously addictive! You won’t stop until you linecolor allthe levels.Draw the line to make a colored trail acrossdozens ofcountries! Test your reaction and paint the road with yourcubesliding at the first attempt. Download this stress relief gameandenjoy your new line color journeys! Good luck on amazingtravels!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY========================YouTube:
ASMR Slicing
CrazyLabs LTD
This is the most satisfying ASMR studio 3d for kinetic sandcutting.If you want to slice it all of the kinetic sand, ASMRSlicing is theright cutting game! There are multiple other awesomeobjects andshapes to slice! You've seen it in the ASMR videos andnow you getto do it in our ASMR studio 3d and slice and dice ityourself inthis oddly satisfying game! Cut, slice and dicedifferent shapes ofkinetic sand and feel the oddly satisfying ASMRstudio 3d. Manydifferent types of objects available to cut! Sliceit all! Feel theimmense satisfaction! Game Features: - Realistickinetic sandcutting and slicing in the best ASMR studio 3d - Manydifferenttypes of objects to cut, slice and dice - Slice it allwith just aknife hit! - Smooth haptic feedback - Relaxing andoddly satisfyingASMR sounds Play now and start cutting! To opt outof CrazyLabssales of personal information as a Californiaresident, please visitour Privacy Policy:
Scary Teacher 3D 5.19
Z & K Games
The story is about a genius girl and her worst high schoolteacher.The Scary Teacher has been threatening kids, givingphysicalpunishment and at times torturing kids. Now, this scaryteacher hasrelocated as your neighbor and you have decided to teachher alesson by scaring her. What’s the ideal revenge? It’s time toscarethe “Creepy Teacher” by performing various activities andreleasingpets under her custody. You must complete missions / taskswithoutgetting caught and within allocated time. Scary Teacher,commonlyknown as Miss T , house consists of 15 rooms and each roomhas someunsolved mystery. You will recover victim kids photo’s,threatedpets, Chocolate cake and Chocolates. Remember there is“BASEMENT”as well that has something surprising. Game Featuresincludes 1.Open world style interactive house 2. 15 Different RoomsandMysteries to solve 3. Horror themes but suitable for kids ofallage 4. Easy Controls Let’s see how long can you beat this“ScaryTeacher” : Enjoy the highly anticipated Game
Silhouette Art 1.1.7
Lion Studios
Come play the most gorgeous art game with Silhouette Art. Startwitha blank canvas and keep adding colors, stickers, and glitterto theboard. The final outcome will take your breath away. DigitalArt hasnever looked this good? Are you a good drawer, painter, orsketcher?You will love this game. If not, you will still love thisgamebecause you can finally create fabulous works of art that willmakeyour entire family proud. Ever wonder how it would feel tobeartistic and paint an epic masterpiece? Now you can experienceitall with ease! Create romantic images over the water. Haveanimalshowl at the moon. The images are endless and each one isunique andcolorful. Paint the color on the board first, then drawsomeglitter powder and put stickers on. Once you remove theshade,you'll get a beautiful silhouette picture! It’s that easy!Hundredsof pictures for you to carefully paint, color, and revealt.Thefinal results will leave you feeling satisfied! Game Features:1.Simple but addicting mechanics No need to be artistic. Thepicturesare there for you. All you need to do is fill in thesilhouette.Take your time and relax, it’s that simple. 2. Run yourown studioKeep your paintings coming. Different scenarios fordifferentlevels. Can you reveal them all? 3. Keep them coming!Plenty ofexquisite silhouette images for you to reveal 4. Fun forallSuitable for all ages. Everyone in the family can enjoy!Whetheryou like to paint, graffiti, or just want to draw someshapes,Silhouette Art will take you there. This is the best andmostrewarding art simulation game there is. Good luck putting downthisgame. Visit if haveanyfeedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesomeideasyou would like to see in the game! Follow us to get newsandupdates on our other Award Winning titles;
Voodoo Doll 0.95
Lion Studios
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Say hi to your newstressreliever because it will be non-stop prank games with yourfriends.Magic? Occult? Play god or the devil, and have fun pullingpranksto get your sweet revenge. Did that passerby just cut yourline?Has your ex been cheating on you? Well, it’s time to give themwhatthey deserve. Indulge in the satisfaction of your choice. It’snobrain teaser so sit back and relax, and let your imaginationrunwild. Before you know it, you’ll be pulling off the bestpranksyour friends have seen. Each unique level will surelysurprise you!Game Features: Make the right choice! Have you everwondered howpeople pull pranks on others? Well, here’s your chanceto play thebest prank game in the neighborhood. Tap away. It’s nota brainteaser. No need to think or judge because the devil has gotyourback. Roleplay different scenarios Are you gonna stand thereand donothing? Don’t watch your ex or boss get away! Customize thatdollinto your enemy and get your revenge! Simple and AddictingJoke’son anyone who hasn’t played the game! Once you start youwon’t beable to stop because there are endless tricks to make yourbuddymad. Fun for everyone No matter if you’re the angel or thedevil,this game is fun for everyone!Visit if have any feedback, needhelpon beating a level, or have any awesome ideas you would like toseein the game! Follow us to get news and updates on ourotherAward-Winning titles;
Papers Grade Please! 2.2
Lion Studios
How smart do you think you are? Hopefully you have enoughbrainpower to grade the answers from your students! Kids saythefunniest things and it is up to you to catch what is right andwhatis wrong. Give students A’s or F’s based on their answers.Careful,not all of them are geniuses so it is up to you to catchthe wronganswers! Students will try to be funny and outwit you withyouranswers. It may be funny, but it will still be wrong! Failthatkid! We don’t appreciate their attempts to be comedians. Makesurethey know math, english, or geography. Some of the answersmighteven have you feeling like a smart, brainy professor. Helpthesekids out and prep them for college - you are on yourteachingjourney! Game Features: 1. Make the right choice! Hopefullyyou aresmarter than these 5th graders! Some questions might evenhave youstumped! 2. Many levels to play So many fun andchallengingquestions for you to answer and grade. 3. Fun for thewhole familyWhether you are a teacher, a substitute, a professor,or not ineducation at all - this game will have you laughing andthinking.4. Simple and Addicting Gameplay Once you start you won’tbe ableto stop. Answer questions, break up fights in recess, watchoverdetention - it’s like you are back in school again! Whether youarea fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games,brainteasers, or you just like answering questions, then PapersGradePlease is the game for you!Visit if have any feedback, needhelpon beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like toseein the game! Follow us to get news and updates on our otherAwardWinning titles;
Paint by Number - Pixel Art 3.39.4
Here comes a stylish pixel art coloring book that will bring youtothe sandbox world of fun pixel coloring! Discover plentyofexclusive 3D & 2D pixel drawing pictures inside thiscoloringgame, everyone can get the simple fun of drawing and theaestheticpleasure of pixel art with this FREE coloring book! Allyou need todo is drawing color by the right numbers and you willhave afascinating pixel color artwork. It doesn’t need any skills!Youwill find so many free pixel pictures in this app which suitforboth adults and kids. Get Pixel Art Book For Free and startyournumber coloring now! Key Features - Daily updated: 1000 plusFreepixel coloring artworks to choose from! - Offline coloring:coloranywhere at anytime with no paper and pencil! - 3D coloring&2D coloring are both supported! - Design your own pixeldrawing:import or shoot your own pictures to create yourpixelmasterpieces! - Free coloring tools to help you finishpixelartworks more quickly! - Quick sharing: share your artworkswithfamilies and friends! Whenever you want to relax, just openPaintby Number - Pixel Art. You will find so many fascinatingpictureslike ice creams, unicorns, flowers, bit-moji which are forbothadults and kids. With trendy colors, modern design, and cutein-appfeatures, you'll fall in love with this modern pixelnumbercoloring game in first sight! If you want to find apixel-stylecoloring game to kill time and relax, Paint by Number -Pixel Artserves as a good choice! Download and draw your pixelcoloring artright now! Contact us:[email protected] Follow ourpage:
Fashion Show: Makeup, Dress Up 2.1.6
Dress to impress! Be a fabulous fashionista stylist and dress upasupermodel to rule all the fashion runways around the world! 👗✨Ifyou are looking for dress up or makeup games where you coulddressup a cute princess and make her look better looking in amake-upsalon, you have landed at the exact right place. This is oneof themost unique dressing up games. You can learn to create yourfashionprofile using the game. With different princess girlcharacters,you will never get bored of playing the stylist anddesigner gameas there is always a new model character to play with.Get ready togive a complete fashion makeover to the princess ordoll character.Little girls love playing this game of fashion andmakeup. Withthis Cute Princess Dress Up game with high fashiondresses, you cantry different combinations of styles to make thecute princess bestlooking. As a fashion stylist and dress designer,you will enjoydressing up the princess doll in this dress up andmakeup game. Youcan practice dressing up for wedding events,fashion events orother events. You can also participate in adressing up andmakeover competition and become the best stylist anddesigner inthe competition. In this fashion and style game, thereare multiplevarieties of fashion dresses to play with, multiplehair types andmore. For those who love fashion and makeup, thisdressing andstylist game is a master-piece and you are bound tolove it. Iteven works offline. For those who want to get better atfashiontrends, this is like a playground where you can trydifferentcombinations of dresses and make-up to make the princesslookattractive. Explore the glamorous world of fashion dressing upinthis cool dress up game. This is a mini Wardrobe in yourpocketwhich stays with you wherever you go. You can dress up forweddingsor other events. So go anywhere along with your wardrobeand playthis trendy fashion game whenever you like. As a fashionand adressing stylist, dress up with “Fashion Show” anextraordinaryfashion adventure game where you dress up with variousindiandresses and compete with real players across the world. Playthisdressing up game offline even without an internet connection.Youcan have an amazing practice for weddings and other eventswhileplaying these dressing up challenges and competitions. FashionShowis the most beautiful offline fashion designer game of2021************************ GAME HIGHLIGHTS************************ 👗Various fashionable outfits and gorgeousbridal makeup 👗 Afashionable wardrobe filled with indian dressesand outfits andaccessories 👗 Various fashion styles: casual, party,beach,wedding….. and more 👗 Participate in the dressing gamechallengeand fashion competition 👗 Get voted as the best fashiondesigner inthe dressup competition 👗 Have a chance to becomefashion stylistfor indian idol in the fashion world 👗 Check outyour dressingstyle score in game challenge 👗 Play this fashiondressup, makeoverand makeup game offline 👗 Gorgeous collection offashion world!With the above amazing features at hand, you willnever get boredof the dress-up game and remain entertained forhours.************************ SUPPORT US ************************Do youhave any feedback for this makeup and fashion dress up game?Pleasefeel free to send us your feedback. If you like our game,pleaserate us on the Play Store and share it among your friends.
Fun Race 3D 1.9.6
From folks who brought you Run Race 3D. 
Experience fullparkourexperience with hundreds of unique levels. Race withothers,achieve levels , unlock new characters.
 Every level bringsa newunique fun experience.
Very easy to play. Hold to run, releasetostop.
 Do you have what it takes to reach to end?
Paint by Number Coloring Games 2.77.3
Brighten Days with Paint By Number! Paint By Number is anartdrawing game to color modern artworks with color by numbers.Anumber coloring book and coloring puzzle game for everyone.Thereare so many fascinating coloring pages in the color by numbergameand new pictures for painting by numbers will be updated everyday!Dozens of number coloring categories for choosing, such asanimals,love, jigsaw, quotes, characters, florals, mandalas and soon. Wantto know what masterpiece your fingertips can create? Try tocolorby numbers! In addition to ordinary coloring pages of solidcolor,amazing special coloring pages of gradient color andwonderfulwallpaper pictures are waiting for you to color by number.Sharemasterpieces with friends and families, enjoy color by numbersandbeautiful artworks together! How to color by number in theapp?Just choose one image, follow your heart, and tap thecorrespondingcoloring cells according to the coloring numbers ofthe palette.It's easy to finish an artwork and bring pictures tolife in ashort time in Paint By Number to color by number. Coloringhasnever been easier, try it now and draw fantastic coloringpageswith painting by numbers! Key Features - Convenient and fast:paintby numbers anywhere with no pencil or paper needed. -Variousunique images and new coloring pages update everyday! Comeandcolor by numbers! - Great variety of themed categories:cuteanimals, characters, beautiful flowers, stunning places andmanymore different themes for you to color by numbers. - Easy tocolor:enjoy the simplicity and ease of painting by numbers and appuse,use hints to find tiny hard-to-find cells. Enjoy the happinesswhenyou color by number! - Quick sharing: color by numbers andpostnumber coloring artworks on all social networks and sharewithfriends and families. Here comes what sort of informationisrequested by Paint By Number, your mini color by number app,andhow the permissions are being used. To ensure that you can saveandshare artworks successfully, we need you to allow Paint ByNumberto access photos, media and files on your device, andthispermission includes reading and writing the contents ofyourstorage. Only with these app permissions can the function ofsavingand sharing work well. Share the picture you color by numberswithmore artists! We only request the absolute minimum numberofpermissions that it needs to support core functionality, sonevermind. You can see more details of app permissions in App infoofGoogle Play. Thanks for your understanding and we’ll try tobringyou a better coloring experience! Contactus:[email protected] Follow ourpage:
My Talking Angela
Explore Talking Angela’s world andcustomizeher fashion, hairstyle, makeup and home - all whileplayingaddictively cute mini-games.With over 165 million downloads already… don’t miss out onthefun!ADOPT BABY ANGELAAdopt Angela as your very own virtual pet and give her afabulouslife! Help her grow into a stylish city kitty. From teethbrushingto clothes shopping – she’s all yours!TAKE CARE OF HERMake Angela your very own superstar! Nurture her, sing to her,feedher delicious treats. Just watch – she’ll become your newbestfriend!CREATE COLORFUL MAKEUPLet your stunning sense of style shine through by givingTalkingAngela a style make-over!Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush - customize to your heart's content!Withdozens of different colors and endless creative freedom; youcanreally express yourself!EXPRESS YOUR FASHION FLAIRYou’re fabulous, so make Angela fabulous too! Dress her inthelatest fashions and the cutest costumes, from beautifulballerinato punk ninja! Complete the look by giving her theperfecthairstyle too! With over a million different fashioncombinations,you can create something truly unique!PLAY MINI-GAMESDiscover and play amazing new mini-games! From Happy ConnecttoBubble Shooter - all your favorites are here… and more areaddedall the time!AND MUCH, MUCH MORE...Unlock exclusive new outfits, level up, collect specialstickers,customize her fabulous home… all while she repeatseverything yousay - in classic Angela style!This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor sealindicatesOutfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practicestoprotect your child’s personal information. Our apps do notallowyounger children to share their information.This app contains:- Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising- Links that direct users to other apps and Outfit7'swebsites- Personalization of content to entice users to play theappagain- The possibility to use and connect with friends viasocialnetworks- Watching videos of Outfit7's animated characters via YouTubeintegration- The option to make in-app purchases- Items are available for different prices in virtualcurrency,depending on the current level reached by the player- Alternative options to access all functionalities of theappwithout making any in-app purchase using real money(levelprogress, games, in-game functionalities, ads)Terms of use: policy:
Pencil Rush 3D 0.8.15
This world needs a little color! Don’t you think? That’s whyit’stime to liven things up in Pencil Rush 3D! How to play PencilRush3D? 1. Open the app and pick up your tool – a colorful pencil.2.Next, it’s time to take on the challenge. With your pencil inhand,trace and race your way along the obstacle course. 3. Add toyourcolor collection by picking up more pencils along the run. Wow!4.But, oh, no! You gotta avoid those obstacles. Hit them, andit’sgame over! 5. Run and make it to the finish line. Look atthatcolorful collection. Amazing! Don’t live in a world of gray!PlayPencil Rush 3D and color your day with the rainbow.
Giant Rush! 1.5.9
Run through the obstacle course and bring the adventurous Giant toafabulous color ride!
My Bakery Empire: Cake & Bake 1.3.0
Once upon a time, there was wannabe baker whose dream cametrue!Enjoy this mouth-watering cake bakery story and help Lizziefulfillher dream of someday opening up a sweet bakery of her own.Now thatday has finally arrived! She's graduating from college, andshe'smore than ready to get baking some tasty cupcakes. But sheneedsyour help! Have fun opening up lots of yummy bakeries, bakingwithLizzie and becoming a true baking professional who’s famousforbeautiful, tasty delights! Help Lizzie open upworld-famousbakeries and take specific orders from her demandingcustomers!Learn how to bake delicious, mouth-watering desserts likecupcakes,smoothies, donuts and cakes! With your assistance, Lizziewillbecome the most talented pastry chef ever! You’ll just LOVEthistasty bakery story game! But here’s a little warning - thisbakerystory game WILL make you hungry! Features: > You’ll lovethisfun cake bakery story game! Help Lizzie open up a cake bakery…andthen another cake bakery… and another cake bakery! There’s nosuchthing as too many bake shops! And definitely no such thing astoomany cupcakes! > Take specific orders from your customers,andserve them with a smile! Make sure they get exactly what theyaskedfor, whether it’s cupcakes, donuts or cakes! > Learn how tobaketons of desserts from so many yummy recipes, with aprofessionalcake maker! > Make your cakes extra fancy withcolorful cakedecorations! > Dress up Lizzie like the true bakershe is! Giveher a pretty chef’s hat and a pretty apron! > Showoff yoursweet bakery skills and win first prize in baking contestsand cakefairs! > Get ready to bake the tastiest desserts ever,fromapple yogurt smoothies to princess birthday cakes, toscrumptiouslydelicious cupcakes! > Build up your reputation andbecome themost famous baker in the world, in this fabulous sweetbakery storygame! To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personalinformation as aCalifornia resident, please visit our PrivacyPolicy:
Water Color Sort 1.1.8
Vnstart LLC
💦 Water Sort is a simple, fun and addictive sort puzzle game. 💦Yournext task is to sort the colored water in the cup until allthecolors in the glass are the same. The game is easy to get usedto,but it is difficult to become an expert and there are 1000puzzlesto challenge you. 💦 A challenging yet relaxing game totrain yourbrain! ★ HOW TO PLAY - Touch any glass bottle to pourwater intoanother bottle. The rule is that you can only pour waterintoanother bottle if it is linked to the same color and there isenoughspace on the glass bottle. - Do your best and don't getstuck. Don'tworry, you can always start over at any time. Or usethe help to adda new message. ★ FEATURES - Easy one-fingercontrol. - More than1000 unique and continuously increasing levels- All free -Unlimited time; You can enjoy Water Sorting Puzzles -Liquid SortingPuzzles at your own pace!
PK XD - Play with your Friends 0.59.0
Welcome to PK XD! Do you want to explore this universe andjoinmillions of people around the world?! Join us and reach a newlevelof fun! TALK WITH FRIENDS This world is yours! In additiontoexploring and facing challenges, you can try differentactivitiesand have fun with your community! ADOPT PETS Yourexperience iseven more complete with a virtual pet! From common torare, findlots of cute creatures to accompany you in the game. Takegood careof them and see how much they can evolve by your side!CREATE YOURAVATAR Your character, your rules! You can be anythingyou want,use your imagination to combine all available items.PARTICIPATE INEVENTS We always plan very special moments for you toenjoy! Takepart in our events like Halloween, Easter and Christmas,withamazing decorations around the Island, challenges and themeditems!BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME Decorate the perfect house, however youlike.The only limit is your imagination! Take a peek at the itemsyoucan find: Cloud Sofa, Dance Mat, Soft Mats, Player Chair,KitchenItems, Bathroom Items, and more! CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDSWITHMINIGAMES Play the minigames with your friends. Howaboutparticipating in a Crazy Run, breaking the record at the PetParadeor delivering pizzas to earn coins? Enter the Arcade and winallchallenges! BE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY Build the game with us!Wewant to hear everyone's suggestions so that we can offer thebestexperiences. Stay on top of news: @pkxd.universe
Hide 'N Seek! 1.7.8
The good old classic hide & seek. Play either as a seeker orasa hider and build your shelters from cars or office desks, hideinthe water, in the hay pile, in the cornfield, in the boss'officeand most importantly, push others in the seeker's visionfield. Tryto be kind though. Features: ∙ Beautiful and unique 3Dvisuals ∙Play either as seeker or hider ∙ Complete freedom to playhoweveryou like ∙ High performance ∙ Fun, relaxing and addictive
My Talking Tom 2
It’s My Talking Tom 2. The superstar virtual pet is back withevenmore to say and do. This funny cat can’t wait to show off hisnewwardrobe, skills and special features. Players interact withtheirnew buddy to help him: - Learn new skills - Taste the latestsnacks- Stay clean - Pop to the toilet - Explore new worlds -Collectclothes, furniture and special memories - Look after his ownpetsPlus mini games and puzzles add a special challenge! ByOutfit7,creators of My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela 2 and MyTalking TomFriends. This app contains: - Promotion of Outfit7'sproducts andadvertising; - Links that direct customers to Outfit7’swebsitesand other apps; - Personalization of content to encourageusers toplay the app again; - YouTube integration to allow users towatchvideos of Outfit7's animated characters; - The option tomakein-app purchases; - Subscriptions which automatically renew attheend of a subscription period unless cancelled. You can manageandcancel your subscription any time via Settings in your GooglePlayaccount; - Items to purchase (available in different prices)usingvirtual currency, depending on the player’s progress; -Alternativeoptions to access all functionalities of the app withoutmaking anyin-app purchases using real money. Terms ofuse: EEA privacypolicy: US privacypolicy: Brazil privacypolicy: Rest of the worldprivacypolicy: Customersupport:[email protected]
Love Diana Fashion Fabulous 1.0.27
p.w games
Enter Diana’s magical salon where you can let your imaginationrunfree by designing and styling your very own avatar inspired bythePrincess of Play and her pets! This is the only authorized appforKids Diana Show, Love Diana and all of her friends. Practiceyourfashionista skills and complete the daily challenge to earnbadges,stickers and keep your unique looks in your closet. Completeeachchallenge by: Styling and coloring your hair Doing your make up-with eyeshadow, blush and more Picking clothes, matching topsandbottoms to create the perfect outfit Finishing the lookwithaccessories such as a crown, hat or glasses Don’t forget toadoptand pamper Diana’s favorite pets! Select which pet to washandgroom, cut its hair and add flair, choosing from funaccessorieslike a bowtie, tiara and more. When you are done, take aphoto ofyour creations with your choice of backgrounds and store itin yourcloset. Features: More than 75 different clothes: tops,t-shirts,jackets, skirts, pants, shorts, shoes, boots 16 haircolors: normalcolors and glitter looks 33+ stickers Multiple pets15 spots inyour closet Fun daily challenges on the fashion wheelThe game hasdifferent packs which you can purchase to complete theexperience:Diana's essentials (40+ dresses and the animals) -$19.99 SAVE 25%Tiny pack - (6 dresses + glitter colors) - $1.99Princess pack - 4complete princess outfits (8 dresses + 6accessories) - $3.99 Jobspack - 4 different professional outfits (8dresses + 6 accessories)- $3.99 VIP pack - moviestar + VIP outfits(8 dresses + 6accessories) $3.99 Animals - the cat and bunny $3.99No ads -removes all ads in the app $1.99 Wardrobe - unlocks allslots inthe closet $0.99 Winter pack - 2 winter outfit (4 clothes +5accessories) $1.99 Hearts & Hugs pack - 5 new outfits$3.99Back to school pack - 3 new outfits (9 dresses + 3accessories) -$2.99 Halloween pack - 4 new outfits (12 dresses + 8accessories) -$5.99 Privacy policy
Draw Hero 3D - Puzzle Game
Draw your weapon and defeat bad guys with a single hit! Useyourmind and logic skills, solve puzzles and win! Draw Hero 3D is anewpuzzle game where you need to rid the world of bandits andzombies.The main goal is to draw a suitable weapon and kick all theenemiesoff the level. Make the right decisions, choose theappropriateweapon's shape and smash 'em all. Train your brain andbe ready toface the most cunning enemies! How to play Draw Hero 3D?Draw theappropriate weapon with your finger to get rid of the badguys andsave the world. Be careful – you don't have much space onthescreen where you can draw shapes and weapons. Use theavailablespace wisely. All you need to be the leader in this puzzlegame isto use your logic and brain & solve interesting quests.Drawcool weapons and defeat the bad guys to save all the victimsasfast as possible! Game features: - Addictive gameplay -Interestingpuzzles - Multiple levels - Amazing 2D graphics, visuals&sounds - Easy controls Draw Hero 3D is a new era of stickmanpuzzlegames! Save 'em all and become a hero! Put your logicandcreativity under the test! Click the install button andenjoy!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Dancing Race 2.1.3
Want to enjoy music but the old way is too boring? Join usinDancing Race, an amazingly fun music fashion walk game! Thefirsttime you can enjoy a high heels walk with music. Only onDancingRace! Collect as many high heels as you can on the wackyrunway tobecome a high heels game queen. Be careful! You will beaddicted tothis amazing and interesting high heels game. The higheryourheels, the more chances you have to get to the podium. It’stime toshow up to the crowd who had the perfect walk-on heels!! 👠How toplay: Hold and drag to collect as many heels as you can.Think thatit’s easy? You wish. The more you cross the levels, theharder thegame will be. Walls to jump, rails on the roof where youhave tospread your legs and slide - that’s just half of the amazingworldwhich is waiting for you. 👠 Game features: - Variouscharacters,shoes, high heels - Trending popular songs in line withthebeautiful theme - Multiple levels of increasing difficultywiththeir own stories - High quality and various music genreswhichsuit different music tastes. Are you ready to join this epicmusicrunway? Download now to see what really happened!