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Welcome to Brain Up - top fun thinking games 2020! Many tricky andfunny puzzles are waiting for you. You have entered a funny worldthat can make your mind explode and free from common frameworks!Let's test your brain with Brain Up! 👌 🧠 The iq games Brain Up willincrease your thinking skills and help your brain fast to solvelogic and complex puzzles. If you love word puzzles, word finders,puzzles, sudoku or other mind games, you will fall in love with ourpuzzles! Are you bored of following common rules? Do you sometimesask yourself, is it really a person without creativity andbreakthrough thinking or because you have not been able to exploreit in yourself? Let Brain Up take you out of the box with puzzlesthat require unlimited logical thinking, creativity, andimagination. It won't be easy to pass all of our puzzles. Do yourbest, take your imagination away or seek the help of friends andfamily! Play out the iq games every day and you will see your brainimprove a lot! 🥰 🍁Outstanding features of the game🍁 Variety ofpuzzle genres Types of reflex logic puzzles, brain puzzle games andthinking games will increase your brain's ability to solve complexphysics-based questions very quickly. Now don't waste your freetime, just install the brain quiz for free and train your mind likethe best puzzle solver. This game is just made to make your mindprofessional and fast. Brain Training Game of this genre iq gamesis a set of super easy and fun memory games that will challengeyour brain. Play these challenging brain games to improve youranalytics, quick thinking and perception, memory, strategy, andinformation processing. Save your time Our brain puzzle games willsave you time but still train your brain. A level takes about 1minute. Take 10 minutes a day to test your brain! Interface is easyThe interface is easy to use and friendly to everyone. You can playwith your parents and grandparents and enjoy the fun this game hasto offer! 🍀How to play🍀 The game rules are very simple. You justneed to use your finger to touch, click, swipe, or even shake yourphone to find the right answer. It may be a question of findingdifferences, hiding objects,word finders and other mind games...The answer will probably surprise you! The puzzles will be arrangedfrom very easy to very difficult. Please calm down to pass!Thinking games allow people to practice their mental and cognitiveskills, improve their memory and keep them running for free. Nomatter your age, you can play this Brain Up- and train your brainto function better. Download the FREE brain game on your device NOWand get started! 🎮😊

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    January 8, 2022
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Water Puzzle - Fish Rescue & Pull The Pin 1.0.30 APK
Azura Global
The best pull the pin game genre in 2020 has been released! 🎉🎉WaterPuzzle 💧 💦 is a unique combination of the pull the pin game,savethe fish game, and pin puzzle game. What’s more? Your onlytask isto rescue fish 🐠 . Easy to get started but hard to master,physicssimulation, unlimited challenges, lots of water pull thepin puzzlesand endless fun. If you’re looking for a save the fishgame or pinrescue game, this is your destination. Don’t hesitateto download apin pulling game game - Water Puzzle for FREE now!🍁HOW TO PLAY🍁 Inthis pins and needles game, water will becontinuously flowing fromthe above and only the pins can stop it.To solve this pin pullinggame, you have to pin rescue, remove oradjust the pins properly insuch a manner that water can make itsway to the stranded fish. Abrand new pins and needles game with abrand new pin puzzle. Whenthe fish receive enough water tosurvive, it means that you’resuccessful to rescue fish, and thelevel will get completed in thispull pin game. So in all thelevels of this pull the pin game, yourtask will be to pull the pinin order to save the fish. 🐠 Do youlove pin rescue? Are you readyto become a master in solving theunique pin puzzle? Remember, letthe water flow into the fish tankin this pin pulling game ! 🛀🏼🛀🏼One more surprise!! This is not onlyone of the simple save thefish game, it’s a color game as well.Your eyes will be filled withcolorful water flows and you will beaddicted for sure. WaterPuzzle is a pull pin puzzle game ofincreasing difficulty in whicheach level is a challenging game oflogic and intelligence thatwill hook you. ⭐️FEATURES⭐️ Play thispins and needles game andexplore all amazing things in "WaterPuzzle": - Training andimproving your logical thinking in physicswith hundreds of uniquewater pin puzzle genres. - Free to play,play anywhere, any timewith the best pull pin game 2020. - Simplecontrol, you’ll findaddiction. - Effective way to strengthen yourbrain with thiscomplex pull pin puzzle game. - Play now to giveyourself time torelax and share it with your friends. - Pull pinpuzzle game Simpleand addictive gameplay. Help you relax afterstressful workinghours 🧩🎮 - Save the fish by your own ways. - Theinterface is easyto use and friendly to everyone. You can play withyour parents andgrandparents and enjoy the fun this pull pin gamehas to offer! Sohurry up !! Install and play this amazing logicWater Puzzle now!👏🏻👏🏻
How to Loot - Pin Pull & Hero Rescue 1.1.28 APK
Azura Global
Play How to Loot - the pin rescue game and you will have to solvebrain-damage puzzles to pull the pin, help knights destroymonsters, pin rescue the princess and find treasure. 💃The beautyand countless treasures are waiting for you to pick up. Let’s playnow! In this pin lock game, you need to go through tough challengeslike: pull pin to save man, pull the pin to pick up treasure, pinrescue the princess. So you'll have to use IQ, all of your wits, tologically pull the pin. When you pull the pin to save man in a pinlock game, pick up the treasure, there will be scary monsterslurking around, you have to be careful, calculate carefully beforepulling the pin to avoid the ugly monsters. HOW TO PLAY? 🔮Pull pinsto escape, very easy! Use your mindset to pull the pin to destroythe monster then come next to the princess and treasure. 🔮 When youpull the pin to save man, pick up the treasure you have to becareful and use your mindset to pull pins to escape the monsters,if you pull out the wrong order of the pins you may lose miserably,do not be subjective. 🔮 Hold the kingdom's treasure and become therichest and most generous knight Game play of this pin lock game isvery simple but to win, you must have a smart, agile, and logicalbrain to know what to pull pins to escape the princess out ofmonsters and pick up precious treasures. SALIENT FEATURES: 🎃 Freeto experience the pin rescue game without worrying about boredom,in addition to the main game mode, there are up to 4 other gamemodes: - Combat mode: The knight must fight non-stop with monsters️- Treasure mode: No need to worry about trapping or fighting anyenemies, your task is just to get as much treasure as possible. -Tower mode: You know the wood draw game? Draw wood skillfully sothat the treasure at the top of the wooden tower falls on you - Boxmode: Just like the tower mode, you must also cleverly draw wood sothat the enemy can fall down lava or spikes 🎃Choose your own knightand start your journey 🎃Enjoy the fun of rescuing the princess andcollecting treasure. 🎃Continuously update new levels that are moredifficult, attractive and more challenging. 🎃Eye-catching graphics,smooth effects, easy to play anytime, anywhere. 🎃 More than 500extremely attractive challenges 🎃 Choose your own knight and startyour journey 🎃IQ assessment question system Sounds veryinteresting, right? Everyone has downloaded it, why haven't youdownloaded our pin lock game - How to loot yet? 🎮Download and playHow to Loot - the most popular pin rescue game today to participatein conquering fascinating challenges.🤗🤗 Share your experiences withplaying this puzzle game, we will listen to it and improve everyday. I hope you have fun and overcome the brain-damaging puzzles inHow to Loot.🥰🥰
How to Loot 2 - Hero Rescue & Pin Pull 1.0.33 APK
Azura Global
🤺How To Loot 2 is pin rescue game and not difficult, what youneedhere is a smart brain, agility and calculation logic. If youwantto help the hero pull the pin, you need to consider which pinstodraw in order to lead lava, poisonous water, gas ... tothemonster's room, destroy the monster fastest, then save theprincessand escape the castle. 🤺There are lava pipes, toxicliquids, gaspipes, ... you need accurate calculations to lead themto themonster's chamber. If you unfortunately lead poison gas andlavainto the hero's room, you will lose 🤺The higher the levels,themore gray matter you must use because of the complex arrangementofthe traps in the castle. You need to guide water throughthetransformation pipe to turn water into lava to destroy monsters,oruse the liquid to open the lava pins through the monster'sroom.So, have you seen enough excitement and attraction?😊😊 Theadventureis not as easy as before, because the pitfalls of How ToLoot 2have reached a new level, without calculation andintelligentbrains you will not be able to help our hero pull thepin, overcomethe obstacles and unable to escape the castle, andalso can't savethe beautiful princess. 💥Based on the motip of pullthe pin puzzlegame like How To Loot - Pin Pull & Hero Rescuegame, How ToLoot 2 has been improved by us to make it moreattractive, morecreative and not to get bored: 🔥 Add a number ofnew features forusers to experience: switch opening feature, gaspipe, liquidconversion tube ... 🔥 Graphics, effects and sound arecarefullyequipped and perfect. 🔥 More than 180 new, fascinating anddiversechallenges are waiting for you to explore. 🔥 We will updatenewexciting challenges every day, helping you experiencedifferentchallenges and increase the fun. 🔥 Download the gamecompletelyfree. Sounds very interesting, right? Everyone hasdownloaded it,why haven't you downloaded our pin lock game - How ToLoot 2 yet?🎮Download and play How To Loot 2 - the most popular pinrescue gametoday to participate in conquering fascinatingchallenges.🤗🤗 Shareyour experiences with playing this pull the pinpuzzle game, wewill listen to it and improve every day. I hope youhave fun andovercome the brain-damaging puzzles in How To Loot 2.🥰🥰
Blue Monster: Stretch Game 1.0.14 APK
Azura Global
Welcome into the new stretch puzzle game. Let's play Blue Monster:Stretch Game game and save the Blue Monster by completinginteresting levels of new puzzle games. ❄️ HOW TO PLAY STRETCHGAMES: • Click and stretch stretch legs or arms to reach thedestination • The rule is not to stretch too much, and be verycareful not to touch obstacles such as cogs, bombs, etc. • Try notto get stuck - but don't worry, you can always start game at anytime. ❄️ FEATURES: • One finger to stretch legs or arms • Multipleunique level • High quality graphics and sound • Step by stepincreasing difficulty • Smooth animation when you stretch it. •FREE & EASY TO PLAY • NO penalties & time limits; you canenjoy our Stretch Games at your own pace! Blue Monster is cute sodon't stretch it too much. Blue Monster will tear apart. So, areyou ready to help Blue Monster to solve the mystery puzzle bystretching it carefully? Download and enjoy one of the funniestStretch Games games ever.
Brain Riddle - Tricky Puzzles 1.0.21 APK
Azura Global
🕵️Brain Riddle is the most engaging puzzle game available today.🤗🤗🕵️When you play the Brain Riddle game, you'll use your IQ to solvethe visual questions we've created. The questions will be a certainplot, asking you to identify people, objects, search for objects,or solve problems that characters in the story encounter, ...Sometimes, you will feel There are crazy puzzles, so you need tomake the most of it, open your mind as much as possible. 💥Features🤯Brain game, help train your brain. 🤯Hundreds of easy to difficult,funny puzzle levels are waiting for you to solve. 🤯Attractive andinnovative game scenarios and situations. 🤯Beautiful graphics,professional effects, vivid sound. 🤯Easy-to-understand help hinthelps players solve difficult, insurmountable levels. 🤯The levelsare unique, there is no repetition. 🤯Addictive game, help relax inthe spare time. 🤯NO FEE - NO WIFI - UPDATE WEEKLY! 🕵️Each questionis a challenge for your brain, and requires you to train you brain.You are people with great intelligence and want to find IQ gamesthat match you, download Brain Riddle puzzle game now. Let's lickon the INSTALL button to conquer this ultimate game ^^
Hero Rescue 2 1.0.30 APK
Azura Global
After the journey to rescue the princess in Hero Rescue, we wouldlike to introduce to you the 2nd version of the journey to rescuewith more exciting adventures, difficult levels and many newfeatures and pins that promise to bring you moments of greatentertainment. In this pull pin game, you will become a hero savethe princess right now! The princess and the treasure awaits you topull the pin to rescue! 💃💃 Hero rescue 2 is a remarkableimprovement over our previous Hero Rescue version, with fun,vibrant graphics and sound and lots of new challenges that blendtoday's top pull pin game genres. If you are looking for anadventure role-playing game that blends many of today's hottestgame genres such as dragging, solving games, digging, findingtreasure, ... Rescue Hero 2 is perfect for you! 🎮🥳 HOW TO RESCUETHE PRINCESS 💎Seeking the treasure, after hero save the princess,and becoming the richest and the most generous knight in thekingdom! 💎Rescue the princess from danger so she can feel your love💎Go through the rooms and choose from different actions: there isonly one option to win 💎Defeat your enemies by pushing them to thelava, poisoning him, grabbing your weapon to fight him or make themfight again each others with pull the pin 💎Dig this: Create thecorrect path by digging land to destroy demons or foraging to saveyour life Many missions are waiting for you. As simple as that maysound, the puzzles employ a variety of objects and obstacles youneed to be familiar with to understand how to go about solving eachlevel.Well, this game does exactly that – and does it in style,with tons of great puzzles Do you think you are smart enough toovercome all obstacles? Let’s get started! FEATURE 💡 Train yourbrain 🧠. Tough puzzles that challenge your brain. Try differentways to play as these are logic puzzles. 💡 Practice smartcreativity, see and understand things better with our situationalquestions 💡 Excellent music, sound, image and graphics funny helpyou relax and dispel fatigue 💡 Play thousands of fun levels! 💡 Teamup with friends and other players - an easy way to help the hero. 💡Offline and play free pull pin rescue games. You can play at anytime 🎮 💡 Great puzzle game to pass time & it makes you think! 💡No FEE - Update DAILY! If you like brain-challenging games - herosave the princess, come play Hero Puzzle 2 and have fun on thisadventure. Complete the first level and you will fall in love withthis best of pull pin rescue games. New challenges regularlyupdate. Only 10% of people will be able to complete the game to theend. Do you have a high IQ? Let's check! Sounds interesting?Download Hero Rescue 2 - pull pin rescue games now for FREE andenjoy the tricky and unique puzzles! 🧩😎
Brain Love 1.0.17 APK
Azura Global
🧠Life is not easy, you can always be deceived at any time, that'slife. Are you confident that you're smart enough to get throughthose tricks? If you've never been cheated, don't say anything, butif you've been tricked, why not quickly take your brain to wash it,re-forge a smarter, more sensitive brain. You wonder what kind ofbrain training? Don't worry, join Brain Love right away. You willbe the one to overthrow the adulterous stories of thethick-skinned, find spies that harm your safety, moreover...you area lover of beauty, coincidentally, what we are. I'm not missingbeauty :) Interested yet? 🧠Features: Hundreds of crazy entertainingpuzzles that you must use your crazy brain to solve. But scientistsall have crazy ideas :) 🔸The mysteries behind the photos you lookat are seemingly ordinary. 🔸Transform into a famous detective tooverthrow mysterious plots. 🔸There are many game modes. Attractivepuzzle themes for you to choose to practice. 🔸Interesting graphics,attractive, unique style, novelty. 🔸Effects, sounds, animations areguaranteed to keep you entertained. 🧠 How to play is simple, usethe tools provided such as: magnifying glass, scanner, eraser, ...to find the mystery in the given pictures. Although the gameplay issimple, the puzzles are not like that, you have to be smart tosolve them, try it now to see how smart you are :) Click INSTALL todownload Brain Love right away🤗🤗
Stick Destruction - Battle of Ragdoll Warriors 1.1.5 APK
Azura Global
Stick Destruction - Battle of Ragdoll Warriors is thebestphysics-based fighting game in Google Play. COMMENTS FROMUSERSJerry Bua: “The game is fun and I’m really glad that we getSteelMan and Spider Boy outfit for the parkour stickman 💪🤸😆” TylerHill:“I love parkour and playing this game is totally satisfying 💞”JohnSmith: “This is the best stickman game that I have tried. Youguysdid a good job developing the game 😎” ============Destroystickmans or running the finish line with using yourparkourskills, weapons and epic slow motion effects. 👉 Variety ofparkourposes to unlock 👉 Diverse eye-catching outfits to style yourhero 👉Power up your stickman to get the best performances inRunning Modeor Destroy Mode Download the game now and enjoyingspectacularparkour scenes with our stickmans! ============ KEEP INTOUCH WITHUS Email: [email protected]