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Unit Converter
Digit Grove
Currency converter, calculator with Basic and AdvancedEngineeringunits & Tools
Unit Converter and Calculator
All in One Unit Conversion and measurement calculator,CurrencyConverter & more
Unit converter
Conversion calculator. Convert any unit like metric,distance,volume, currency
ConvertPad - Unit Converter
Universal Units and Currency conversion tool
Unit Converter - All in One Unit Conversion Tool
Elite House
All in one unit converter with 86 categories and 1700+ unitsforconversion
Metric Conversions 2.0.3
Unit Converter - Free App - Convert Metric to Imperial-CurrencyConverter - Fast - Offline Access Description***NEW***Free UnitConverter App from Metric Conversions Super quickaccessto over30,000 everyday unit conversions in 45 differentlanguagesBroughtto you by the most popular metric conversionswebsite in theworldNeed to convert a unit from metric to imperialor vice versa?Themost popular metric conversions website intheworld,, has created this quick and easytouse FREEconverter app with a comprehensive range ofconversionssuch asmiles to kilometers, kilograms to pounds, dollarsto eurosandcelsius to fahrenheit. Whether you are in thesupermarket, onatrain or at a restaurant, you can access over30,000calculationsat your fingertips, making everyday conversionssimple,both onlineand offline. FEATURES: Over 30,000 unitconversions inover 45languages Over 160 currencies with liveexchange rates Easyto useinterface Create a conversion favouriteslist for quickaccessAccess unit conversions offline when on-the-goSwitchbetweenconversion units with one click Convert tofractionsObtainconversion results with up to 8 significantdigitsCONVERTERS:Weight Converter (kilograms, pounds, stones,grams,ounces andmore) Temperature Converter (celsius, fahrenheit,kelvin,rankineand more) Currency Converter (over 160 currencieswithliveexchange rates) Length Converter (miles, kilometres,feet,yards,centimetres, inches and more) Area Converter (Squarefeet,squaremetres, hectares, square kilometres and more)VolumeConverter (US& UK Gallons, litres, US pints, UK pints,cubicfeet and more)Speed Converter (miles per hour, kilometers perhour,meters persecond and more) Time Converter (seconds, minutes,hoursand days)Angle Converter (Milliradians, sign, seconds,radians,degrees andmore) Pressure Converter (Pascals, inches ofmercury,bar, inchesof water, torrs and more) Energy & PowerConverter(calories,therms, newton-meters, kilowatt-hours and more)TheMetricConversions Unit Converter App is FREE to is the most popularmetricconversionswebsite in the world.* A simple to use onlineconversionwebsitefor a multitude of units including temperature,length,area,volume, weight and currencies in over 45 languages, thesiteiswell equipped to offer this comprehensive, free and easytouseunit converter app. *Source: Alexa
Unit Converter
2000+ units in 90 categories. High quality. Favorite categoriesandunits.
All Unit Converter
Convert any unit on the spot
Unit Converter All In One & Currency Conversion 2.21
If you are not good at conversions of one unit to another, hereisthe solution in the form of best unit converter app 2020-Bestunitsconversion wizard. This Unit Converter-All in One ProCurrencyConverter is accurate unit converter calculator orconversioncalculator app. This is very handy and useful unitcalculatorconversion app free to make unit conversions like areaconverterapp for area conversions, weight converter app forweightconversions, Imperial to metric converter app for imperialtometric conversions and many more. Enjoy converting with newunitsconversion wizard free for android and convert anything.Sometimesimperial to metric conversions and area units conversionconfuseyou; now don’t worry while doing conversions by virtue ofbest unitconverter calculator app 2020.This new measurementconverter appand currency calculator is here to help convert unitssuch as areaunits in your desired measurement conversions or SIconversionunits. The Scientific conversions will make your lifeeasier toconvert scientific units in labs very easily. By NewmeasurementConverter app, imperial units to metric units and metricunits toimperial units can be converted far more precisely.Download thebest unit converter-New unit calculator app tocalculate units ofmeasurements precisely. The feature thatdistinguishes this UnitConverter-All in One Pro Currency Converteris its ability toconvert not only the necessary unit but onecurrency to anotherwith latest currency rates. The standardconversions calculator appwill help you in daily life like landconversions by area unitsconverter app, cooking conversions or timeconversions in timeconvertor and helps to determine foreign moneyexchange ratesthrough currency calculator converter as well. Notonly thisconvertor asset can be saved and shared for further use inbestweight converter app 2020. Get ready to have the bestunitconversion calculator for accurate and precise unit conversion..This forex rate calculator can be used for offline conversionsandis updated daily with the new exchange rates. Categoriesincludedin this unit convertor-Unit calculator converter are:GeneralConversions in unit convertor are: i) Area Conversions ii)CookingConversions iii) Currency Conversions iv) Fuel Conversionsv)Length Conversions vi) Speed Conversions vii) TemperateConversionsviii) Time Conversions ix) Volume Conversions x) WeightConversionsScientific Conversions in New Unit convertor app: i)AngleConversions ii) Energy Conversions ii) Data Unit Conversionsiv)Power Conversions v) Pressure Conversions vi) Speed ConversionsHowto use convertor app: 1. Download the Unit Converter All in OneProCurrency Converter 2020 from store. 2. Open the simplemeasurementconverter app. 3. Choose the category of unit conversionwizardfree. 4. Convert the measurements to units which you require.5.You can also convert one currency to another by bestcurrencyconverter calculator app. Features:  Easy to use unitconvertercalculator.  Simple and convenient user interface forfastmeasurements.  Eye catchy graphics of best convert unit app2020. Precise and accurate unit converter calculator app.  Bestunitconverter calculator - all in one with currency converter free.More than 30 categories for unit conversion. Conversioncalculator for weight conversion, metric conversion,imperialconversion etc.  Accurate conversion chart in fastconversioncalculator app.  Various important conversions such aspressureconverter and area converter.  Free unit converter appwith shareand save features in new units conversion wizard.  Freeunitcalculator with online conversion length within a few taps. Byvirtue of this best all in one pro unit converter, youcancalculate measurements of foreign money exchange. DownloadUnitConverter - All in One Pro-weight Converter app!
Unit Converter - Calculator: Metric & Imperial
Convert between Metric & Imperial Units - Quick & Simple
Unit Converter Calculator
Unit Converter & Currency Converter for all types ofconversionson daily basis!
Unit Converter - calculate and convert
Top currency and unit converter. 800+ units, offline mode,customconversions
Unit Converter Pro
Unit and currency converter with easy and simple UI.
Easy Tools
Easy Tools App - Calculators, Compass, and Converters ToolsforDaily Usage
Convert Units Plus
Alan Mrvica
Convert Units Plus - Unit & Currency Converter - Metric&Imperial
CalcKit: All-In-One Calculator
Powerful collection of calculators and converters… A must foreveryenthusiast!
Unit Converter
Unit and currency converter with clean and beautiful User Interface
US-Metric/Imperial Converter
Popular offline converter for US-Metric units, Innovative design,NoAds
Smart Tools : Compass, Calculator, Ruler, Bar Code
A Great Utility with Compass, Flash Light, Sound meter,Ruler,Speedometer
Bubble Level 3D
Bubble level and clinometer that make the smartphone a level tool.
Unit Converter Pro
Unit Converter Pro is a handy utilityforstudents, teachers, and practitioners in engineering,physics,sciences, and technical subjects. It can quickly convertmore than1500 different units in 80 categories.It contains the most important imperial and metricconversionfactors for length, area, volume, mass, force, energy,temperature,and time units. But it provides many high-specializedunits andcategories, too.Features include:- Simple use- Adjustable precision and format of result- Daily updated foreign currency rates- Abbreviations of units- More than 1500 units of measurements in 80 categories- Hiding of unwanted units- Customization of app layout- Expression input (e.g. (4+3)*50/3)- Adding of user-defined units and categories- Imperial and metric conversionUnit Converter Pro includes Angle, Area, Currency, DataStorage,Data Transfer, Length, Density, Energy, Flow, Force,FuelEfficiency, Mass, Length, Numbers, Power, Pressure,Sound,Temperature, Time, Velocity, Volume converters andmanyothers.
Electrical Calculations
This app is essential for an electrician
Smart Level
Measure the inclination of a surface with your device.
Feet & Inch Construction Calc
The most intuitive feet / inch calculator
Unit Converter All In One
Unit Converter is a simple , quick and easy unit converter
Smart Calculator - All in one
All in one calculator & converter for everyday use.
Unit Converter PRO
2000+ units in 90 categories. High quality. Favorite categoriesandunits.
Bubble Level - Spirit Level
1 Bit
A simple and precise bubble level app to test the level orplumbperfectly
Bubble level
Hold any of the phone's 4 sides against an object to test itforlevel or plumb.
Digital Compass
The most precise and simple digital compass.
ImageMeter - photo measure 3.5.27
Dirk Farin
ImageMeter lets you measure dimensions,anglesand areas in your photos with ease. No more need to draw asketchof your apartment or furniture. Simply take a photo andannotate itwith the dimensions on your phone or pad.ImageMeter has the broadest support for Bluetooth laserdistancemeasurement devices. Most devices from Leica, Bosch, CEM,Hilti,and TruPulse are supported (see below for full listofdevices).What is also special about ImageMeter is that it enables youtomeasure within the image long after you took the picture. Itoftenhappens that after taking the photo, being back at home or intheoffice, one realizes that some important distances have notbeenmeasured. This is no problem anymore with ImageMeter, becauseitenables you to measure the missing data directly from thephotos,afterwards. Additionally, with this feature, you can alsoeasilymeasure the dimensions for places which are too difficult toreach.This works whenever the objects you want to measure arewithin aplane (even if it is only virtual) and if you can provideareference rectangle for ImageMeter. ImageMeter will take careofall perspective foreshortening and still compute themeasurementscorrectly. You can also have as many measurement planesin oneimage as you like.Features:- measurements of lengths, angles, circles, and arbitrarilyshapedareas based on a single reference measure- export to PDF, JPEG and PNG- sort your images into subfolders and export complete foldersasZIP archives- Bluetooth connectivity to laser distance meters formeasuringlengths, areas, and angles.- metric and imperial units (even formats like 1' 2 3/4"aresupported)- value input with autocompletion- text annotation with user definable preset texts andautomatictext formattingSupported bluetooth laser distance meters:- Leica Disto D110, D810, D510, S910, D2 (Android 4.3 withBluetoothLE required),- Leica Disto D3a-BT, D8, A6, D330i,- Bosch PLR30c, PLR40c, PLR50c, GLM50c, GLM100c,- Stanley TLM99s,- Hilti PD-38 (this is the only app that supportsthisdevice),- CEM iLDM-150, Toolcraft LDM-70BT,- TruPulse 200 and 360,- Suaoki D5T,- Mileseey P7,- eTape16.This is the free evaluation copy with watermarks in exportedimages,some limitations on the number of measures per photo andlimitedBluetooth measurement distance. For the full version,either installthe pro version or upgrade within the free app. Bothways give youthe full set of features.----------------------------------------------------ImageMeter is a winner of the "Mopria Tap to Print contest2017":most creative Android apps with mobile printcapabilities.*** This Old House TOP 100 Best New Home Products: "a superpowerforanyone shopping for furnishings to fit a space" ***----------------------------------------------------Support email: [email protected] free to contact me if you observe any problems,or just want to give feedback. I will answer to youremails and help you resolve problems.----------------------------------------------------At this place, I'd like to thank all users for all thepositivefeedback I get. Many of your proposals have alreadybeenimplemented and improved the app a lot, and many ideas arewaitingto be included in the next versions. Let me assure you thatall ofyour proposals are considered, as my goal is to make this appasgood as possible to improve your productivity.Thank you for providing translations: Hakan D. (French), MarcoD.(Italian), Victor R. (Russian), Ning Zhao (Chinese),Maxberg(Czech)
SLD | Electrical diagrams
Easily draw single-line electrical diagrams
CalcTape Calculator with Tape
What happens if you combine astandardcalculator App, a classic desktop calculator and a note App?CalcTape brings you the best of these and even more.It is your companion for all daily calculation needs andeasilymasters all scenarios you can imagine.CalcTape is NOT a scientific calculator, but do we need theseindaily use ?Ever did a long calculation with many figures andaskedyourself:"Did I enter the last figure correctly ?""The result looks strange somehow !"With CalcTape you keep an overview, can check all figuresandcorrect figures instantly inplace withall subsequent results being adjusted automatically ! Missedafigure ? No problem: Just insertit in the right place easily by entering a new line.You can place the cursor everywhere you like in thecalculation:It's like a note whereyou can change anything you like in any place with theadvantage,that changing numbersor operators updates your calculation immediately!CalcTape can be considered a "spreadsheet with acalculatorinterface".You can also keep the calculation for your records (documents)andcreate templates:Replacing the figures in your template and getting thecorrectresults is a breeze.Commenting figures and results gives sense to your calculations,soyou can understandwhat you did when viewing the calculation a month later.Customize CalcTape to your needs and place only those buttonsonyour keypad that you reallyneed everyday. Create your own functions to e.g. add aspecificpercent rate with a tap ona single button.CalcTape comes as a basic free version and offers aProupdate.The Pro version brings:- Save your calculations into files- Create own functions or text snippets to be entered whenpressinga button (long press a button to enter the Buttonscreen)- Create own keypad layouts (change assignment of all buttonsexceptnumbers and backspace / change button sizes)- Select between different keypad layouts (the "functionkeypad"contains no numbers and is nearly completelycustomizable)to get more buttons or other functions, 2 keypads aredirectlyaccessible in the main screen- Share your calculations using standard Androidsharingcapabilities, e.g. email===================If you find any problem feel free to contact us. You can helpusimproving CalcTape Calculator by stating your Android versionandsmartphone model.Follow us on Twitter:
Perfect Level (Bubble & Laser)
Netigen Tools
Measure the surface precisely with Best Level application!
Electronics helper: EE Toolbox
Anas Abubakar
Electronics component and circuit calculator. Helpful forengineers& hobbyist
unitMeasure: Offline Material Unit Converter 2020.07.29
★unitMeasure is an intuitive and powerful unit converterappforAndroid. ★ The app contains over 100measurementsspreadthroughout16 categories. In addition, it worksonline andwithoutpermissions. ►Features • Modern, Minimal, andIntuitiveDesign • 4Different Themes (Light, Day, Dark, and NightMode) • Noads, notracking, and no permissions • Results Multi-View(See allyourconversions in one shot, without having to switch eachtime)•Intuitive controls: Save Results to Clipboard (By tapping)andSwapUnits (By Long-Tapping) • Settings: Change themes,enableborders,sort units, Precision Control (You choose how manydecimalplacesto show), disable animations, set default tippercentage&more. • On-the-Fly Conversions (Results are updatedas youtype inreal-time) • Tested on & optimized for both phonesandtablets• Has all the Popular Metric, Imperial, and UKUnitConversions •Under 2 MB in storage size ►16 differentcategories •Length:Inches, Centimeters, Feet, Yards, Meters,Miles,Kilometers,Picometers, Millimeters, Light-years •Volume:Teaspoons,Tablespoons, Cups, Fluid Ounces, Pints, Quarts,Gallons,CubicFeet, Cubic Inches, Cubic Centimeters, Milliliters,Liters,(US& UK Values) • Energy: Joules,Kilojoules,Calories,Kilocalories, Inch-Pounds,Foot-Pounds,Megawatt-Hours,Kilowatt-Hours, Electron Volts, BTUs,Barrels ofOil, Horsepower US& Metric • Time: Milliseconds,Seconds,Minutes, Hours, Days,Weeks, Fortnights, Months, Years,Decades,Centuries • DigitalStorage: Storage: bits, Bytes, KB, MB,GB, TB,PB, Kilobits,Megabits, Gigabits • Mass/Weight: Ounces,Grams,Kilograms, Pounds,Stones, Metric Tons, Tons US, Slugs•Temperature: Fahrenheit,Celsius, Kelvin, Rankine, Réaumur •Area:Square Kilometers, SquareMeters, Square Miles, Square Yards,SquareFeet, Square Inches,Hectares, Acres • Pressure:Pascals,Megapascals, Kilopascals, PSI,PSF, Atmospheres, Bars, mmHg,inHg •Programmer: Binary, Decimal,Octal, Hexadecimal • Angle:Circles,Degrees, Gradians, Minutes,Mils, Quadrants, Radians,Revolutions,Seconds • Torque:Pound-Feet, Pound-Inches,Newton-Meters,Kilogram-Meters,Dyne-Centimeters • Speed: Kilometersper Hour,Miles per Hour,Meters per Second, Feet per Second, Knots,Mach •FuelEfficiency/Gas Mileage: Miles Per Gallon US, Miles perGallonUK,Kilometers per Liter, Liters per 100 Kilometers, Gallonsper100Miles US, Miles per Liter UK • Date Calculations:DateDifference,Date Duration, Time Difference, Time Duration•Calculate Tips andsplit the bill between friends. IdevelopedunitMeasure, because Icouldn't find an app that had anintuitivedesign, ability to viewall the results in one take, workoffline,and be lightweight. Thisapp matches everything that I haveeverneeded within a unitconverter and will fit your needs as well.Formore information andpolicies about the app, you can havealook: Notices • The app isavailableinEnglish, Dutch, Spanish, and German • unitMeasure shallhavenoliability for the accuracy of information provided andcannotbeheld liable for any claims or losses of any damages.
Windowmaker Measure 3.0.9
ALL YOUR PROJECTS IN YOUR POCKET Measure is capable of: •Measuring- Fill out dimensions, store photos, and add written oraudio notesto each item as you measure it. • QuotingPRO - Select aDesignStyle for your window or door and send a document directlyfromyour phone or tablet to the client or to your office forfurtherprocessing. • SpeedPRO - connect directly to your lasermeasure,remove repeated data entry, and send documents on the spot.Measureis purpose built for: • Builders or homeowners to request aquotefrom a window/door supplier. • Supplier sales representativestorecord estimated sizes for a quotation. • Supplier surveyorstorecord precise sizes to be used for manufacturing. HereatWindowmaker we have over 40 years of experience developingandsupplying software for window/door estimating andmanufacturing.This app is the product of that experience. Wewelcome feedback.Please get in touch with us [email protected] PRO –Subscribe to Windowmaker Measure PROto use this feature.
Smart ruler. Measure the length (size).
Geometryx: Geometry Calculator
Formulas and calculations for 2D and 3D geometry. Quick &simplecalculator.
AndMeasure (Area & Distance) 2.0.7
The AndMeasure tool allows you tomeasuredistances and calculate area between points on a map.The tool has virtually unlimited applications. Use itPROFESSIONALLYfor measuring distances and areas in landscaping,lawn care, waterline measuring, paving and fencing. Use it infarming, agricultureand forestry to measure your fields andforests. Realtor's can useit for showing clients distances tocertain landmarks.For RECREATIONAL use, it can be used in measuring off-roadroutes,plotting running courses, water trips, range estimation attheshooting/driving range. Use it in Golf for gettingreal-timedistance to the green.★★★ Featured on powered by Farm Journal ★★★"This app could be an easy way for farmers to measure newfields."March 2012Features:● Use it as a ruler on a map to calculate the distancebetweenmultiple points● Calculate areas in acres, sq miles, sq feet, m2, km2,Hectare,Ares● Measure the distance to your location from multiple pointsinreal-time using the "continuous mode" feature● Switch between Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain and normalmapmode● Find your current location via GPS or Network● Share measurement and screenshot via email and Google Drive● Add markers to the map either via tap or by dragging from the"addbutton" to get super accuracy● Move markers around to get precise measurementKeywords: map, maps, area, distance, length, ruler, gps, golf,areacalculator, range finder, map measure, area measure,distancemeasure, field area measure, surface measurement, realestate,realtor, GPS measure, solar, landscape, areacalculation,planimeter, efarmer, perimeter, landscaping, garden,fencing,acreage, terrain, geographical, property, geo,agricultural,calculator, forest, farm, field measure, location,roof area,solar, solar panel roof area, outdoor, snow removal,farmlogs, landcalculatorLanguages: English (write an email if you want to help withothertranslations)Get it at: Policy:AndMeasure does not store any personal information at all.HoweverGoogle Analytics is used in the app to better understand howtheapp is used and performs.The Google Privacy Policy can be found here:
Bubble Level Galaxy
Szymon Dyja
Bubble Level Galaxy app is simply, clear and handy. Try myspiritlevel!
Feet&Inches Calculator
A construction fraction calculator to work in feet and inches
Multi Calculator
Multi Calculator is the best applicationofmathematical and financial calculation that contains severalusefulcalculators and converters.Try these powerful computing capabilities and intuitive andelegantapplication designed.You can use Multi Calculator on Android Wear.List of calculators are included:✓ Standard Calculator• Keeps the function of a pocket calculator and adds parenthesesandsome math operators.• Remembers the last calculation condition and checksthecalculation history records any time you want.• Use the calculator on your home screen✓ Currency Converter• Provides real-time currency exchange rates• Once the currency exchange rates are updated, you can usethecurrency converter in the offline.✓ Interest Calculator• Provides various options for calculating interest:Installmentsavings, Regular savings, Simple Interest, CompoundInterest,etc.• Enhanced compound interest calculations. Monthly,Quarterly,Half-Yearly and Yearly are available.• If you wonder how to gather 100 million dollar in 5 years, trythefuture value function.✓ Anniversary Calculator• Keep track of your anniversaries - with a photo!• View as D-Day or Day count• Add photo widgets on your home screen✓ Discount Calculator• Calculate Discount price / Discount %• Calculate with Additional discount✓ Loan Calculator• Supports Level payment / Fixed principal payment /Balloonpayment• Set interest only period• Calculate any type of loan such as Mortgage, Auto loan.✓ Unit Converter• Supports Length, Area, Weight, Volume, Temperature, Time,Speed,Pressure, Force, Work, Angle, Data and Fuel✓ Health Calculator• Use Health Calculator for your healthy body• Calculate BMI(Body Mass Index), BFP(Body Fat Percentage) andIdealWeight in one screen• Easy to switch between metric and imperial systems✓ Tip Calculator• Calculate tip and split the bill• Separate your bill from Sales Tax and calculate tip✓ VAT Calculator• Calculate VAT easy and fast✓ Fuel economy Calculator• You can calculate Fuel economy, Distance, Expected fuelamount& cost✓ Shopping Calculator• Make a shopping list and calculate them right away while youareshopping.✓ Size Converter• Helps you to convert clothing / shoe / pants / shirt / bra / hat/ring sizes for most countries• Don't forget your size with memos✓ Time Calculator• Helps you to calculate time in Year / Week / Day / Hour / Minute/Second. (2 hours 5 minutes + 79 minutes = ?)Purchasing the premium version, you get an ad-free and support ustomake better apps.• If you encounter any problem with this App or incorrectwording,please contact us via:- [email protected]
R. Apps
Digital compass and spirit level application.
Construction Calculator A1
Civil engineering app, building calculator, concrete,quantity,steel, estimator
Spirit Level (Bubble Level)
Spirit level for accurate plane calculation
Compass Steel 3D
FEATURES:• Choose from multiple color themes• Choose between 2 heading modes - True heading (based onTruenorth) and Magnetic heading (based on Magnetic north).• Sun direction indicator• Moon direction indicator• Sunrise and sunset times• Moonrise and moonset times• Self-calibrates as you use• Marine-style compassPERMISSIONS:• Requires access to location coordinates to calculateTrueheading.
GPS Fields Area Measure
Measure area, distance and perimeter with the greatest tool
Unit Converter Ultimate
A simple and easy-to-use unit convertertohandle any conversion you'll ever need.The beautiful Material Design user interface allows for quickandeasy conversions from a number in one unit to another. The goalisto keep it simple - you won't be overwhelmed with an excessofoptions and settings, allowing you to perform yourdesiredconversion as quickly as possible. Perfect for work, schoolor inthe kitchen.Available unit conversions include:- Currency (US dollar, CDN dollar, pound, peso, etc)- Temperature (celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin, etc)- Length (kilometer, miles, meter, yard, feet, etc)- Mass/Weight (kilogram, pound, ounce, ton, stone, etc)- Speed (km/h, mph, knot, etc)- Area (square kilometer, square mile, hectare, acre, etc)- Cooking Volume (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, pint, quart,ounce,etc)- Pressure (kilopascal, bar, PSI, etc)- Power (watt, kilowatt, horsepower, etc)- Energy (joule, calorie, BTU, etc)- Time (year, month, day, hour, second, etc)- Fuel Consumption (miles per gallon, liters per 100km, etc)- Digital Storage (bit, byte, megabytes, gigabytes, etc)If you're interested in helping translate the app intoyourlanguage, please e-mail me! Unit Converter Ultimate is opensource,check out the code on GitHub-**PLEASE NOTE** - The only permission requested is for theDONATEoption... if you don't wish to donate, nothing will change,youwon't be charged anything and you can continue to use the appasnormal :)**TIPS**- Use the slide-in menu for navigation between conversionsandselect the units you require. To open the slide-in menu, swipeinfrom the left edge of the app, or press the app icon in thetopleft corner.- The converted value is fully customizable. Use the Settingsmenuto select the number of decimal places required as well asthegrouping and decimal separators.- Long-pressing on the converted value copies it totheclipboard.- Pressing the swap Floating Action Button switches theselectedunits.It's free and has no annoying ads! If you run into trouble orhavesuggestions for new features please feel free to emailme.
Metal Weight Calculator 6.00
Metal Weight Calculator is a fast and simple app forcalculatingweights of metals. Or you can specify weight of themetal to getthe length. Developed with an intuitive interface. Itmeans lessclick, fast results. App remembers your settings for nextuse.Supports Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Nickel, Copper, and moremetaltypes. You can use this app for all known metal forms orStandards;like ; Round, Sheet, Tube, Rectangle, S beam , Americanstandard,HP - American wide flange bearing piles, C - Americanstandardchannels, HD - Wide flange columns, HP piles, MC -Americanchannels and much more. Other Features of Metal WeightCalculator -Internet connection is not required. - Small apk size.- Nobackground process. - Fast and simple. - Totally Free. "assimpleas possible"