Metric Conversions 2.0.3
Unit Converter - Free App - Convert Metric to Imperial -CurrencyConverter - Fast - Offline Access Description ***NEW***Free UnitConverter App from Metric Conversions Super quick accessto over30,000 everyday unit conversions in 45 different languagesBroughtto you by the most popular metric conversions website in theworldNeed to convert a unit from metric to imperial or vice versa?Themost popular metric conversions website in theworld,, has created this quick and easy touse FREEconverter app with a comprehensive range of conversionssuch asmiles to kilometers, kilograms to pounds, dollars to eurosandcelsius to fahrenheit. Whether you are in the supermarket, onatrain or at a restaurant, you can access over 30,000calculationsat your fingertips, making everyday conversions simple,both onlineand offline. FEATURES: Over 30,000 unit conversions inover 45languages Over 160 currencies with live exchange rates Easyto useinterface Create a conversion favourites list for quickaccessAccess unit conversions offline when on-the-go Switchbetweenconversion units with one click Convert to fractionsObtainconversion results with up to 8 significant digitsCONVERTERS:Weight Converter (kilograms, pounds, stones, grams,ounces andmore) Temperature Converter (celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin,rankineand more) Currency Converter (over 160 currencies withliveexchange rates) Length Converter (miles, kilometres, feet,yards,centimetres, inches and more) Area Converter (Square feet,squaremetres, hectares, square kilometres and more) VolumeConverter (US& UK Gallons, litres, US pints, UK pints, cubicfeet and more)Speed Converter (miles per hour, kilometers per hour,meters persecond and more) Time Converter (seconds, minutes, hoursand days)Angle Converter (Milliradians, sign, seconds, radians,degrees andmore) Pressure Converter (Pascals, inches of mercury,bar, inchesof water, torrs and more) Energy & Power Converter(calories,therms, newton-meters, kilowatt-hours and more) TheMetricConversions Unit Converter App is FREE to use. is the most popular metricconversionswebsite in the world.* A simple to use online conversionwebsitefor a multitude of units including temperature, length,area,volume, weight and currencies in over 45 languages, the siteiswell equipped to offer this comprehensive, free and easy touseunit converter app. *Source: Alexa
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Real time live information for the Cowes floating bridge