Top 28 Apps Similar to NFC Switch (Root)

NFC Tools 8.9
NFC Tools can read and write NFC tags.
NFC Tools - Pro Edition 8.9
NFC Tools can read and write NFC tags.
NFC TagWriter by NXP 4.8.9
Real data storage, Bluetooth pairing via Tap to launch;launchapplications
NFC Card Emulator Pro (Root) 9.0.7
A powerful NFC card simulator that simulates various types of cards
NFC Tasks 5.5
NFC Tasks : Create your tasks, simplify your life.
Hass NFC 1.2.4
Gerben Bol
Control Home Assistant via NFC with your phone
MTools - Mifare ACR122 PN532 20240201_R1
MTools Tec
Easy to write, compare and charge mifare card with with NFC,ACR122Uor PN532
Tapkey 2.39.9
The Smart Keyring for Tapkey-compatible Locks
NFC TagInfo by NXP 4.27.0
The “Swiss Army knife” for NFC! Value checker, content viewerandanalysis tool
NFC ReTag PRO 2.24.01-PRO
Be smart and use any NFC tag to trigger multiple settingsandfunctions!
MIFARE Classic Tool 4.1.0
Read, write, analyze, etc. MIFARE® Classic RFID-Tags!
FINDER Toolbox 3.5.1
Programming FINDER devices
MIFARE Classic Tool - Donate 4.0.4
Read, write, analyze, etc. MIFARE® Classic RFID-Tags!
Credit Card Reader NFC (EMV) 5.5.0
Read and extract public data on an Contactless banking card(VISA,MasterCard ..
Tuner4TRONIC® Field 2.2.34
Adjust the light output and dimming of OSRAM LED driversandcopy/paste settings
Cards Developers 1.1
Easily connect with Cards. Build Mini Apps™. Connect NFC&Barcode devices.
Pro Credit Card Reader NFC 4.2.5
This app was made to read public data on anNFCbanking card compliant with EMV norm.★★★★★ Pro version ★★★★★✔ Read multiple cards✔ Store cards✔ Read applications✔ Track 1&2 data✔ Extended history✔ Export data✔ Disable application launch with NFCInfos• This application is an analysis tool for reading contactlessNFCEMV credit cards data.• In some new EMV card, holder name and the transaction historyhavebeen removed by issuer to protect privacy.• Be sure your card is NFC compliant (NFC logo printedonthem).• This app is not a payment app and does not contain ads.SecurityThis app doesn't access to Internet (No Internet permission).Sources available onGithub EMV cards★ Visa★ American Express★ MasterCard★ LINK (UK) ATM network★ CB (France)★ JCB★ Dankort (Denmark)★ CoGeBan (Italy)★ Banrisul (Brazil)★ Saudi Payments Network (Saudi Arabia)★ Interac (Canada)★ Discover Card★ UnionPay★ Zentraler Kreditausschuss (Germany)★ Euro Alliance of Payment Schemes (Italy)★ Verve (Nigeria)★ The Exchange Network ATM Network★ RuPay (India)★ ПРО100 (Russia)Banking card reader, credit card reader, NFC card, EMV
Octopus Authenticator 5.5.3
Authenticator with multi-layered authentication for device and user
Belimo Assistant 5.7.9-0-g2245c4294
The App makes your Phone to an adjustment tool for BelimoActuatorswith NFC.
Hospitality Mobile Access 4.12.10
Get access to your hotel room with your Android device!
MTools Lite - BLE RFID Reader 134.10.18
MTools Tec
PN532 Bluetooth RFID Reader on Bluetooth Low Energy.
Cards - Mobile Wallet 4.1.3
Your digital mobile wallet - Cards, Tickets, Passes and Keys.
Octopus 3.6
Octopus is an emergency distress application and a terminalforsecurity.
ReadID - NFC Passport Reader
The ReadID demo app (previously known asNFCPassport Reader) reads and verifies the RFID chip embeddedinelectronic passports, national identity cards and otherICAOcompliant identity documents (ePassport, or, in ICAO9309terminology, Machine Readable Travel Documents: MRTD). Theappoptically scans (OCR) the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) togainaccess to the embedded chip. It then reads the embedded chipusingNFC and displays the biographical and biometric information ofthedocument holder, as well as document information, afterwhichsecurity checks, such as Active Authentication, DocumentSignatureValidation, and Country Signature Validation, areperformed anddetailed results are shown.The app also supports electronic driving licenses (eDL, ISO18013,currently limited to Dutch driving licenses).FAQ AND MORE INFORMATIONPlease see our website for more information on how to use theReadIDdemo app including FAQs ( provide the ReadID demo app free of charge to demonstrateandimprove the underlying ReadID software. If you see opportunitiestouse ReadID, for example as part of the traditional bordercontrolinspection system use case or as part of innovative onlineusecases such as customer onboarding, then please contact [email protected] version of the app is provided as-is and without warranty.Theauthors make no claims about fitness for anyparticularpurpose.PRIVACYWe value your privacy and do not collect your personalinformation.For details, see our privacystatement FOR OPEN SOURCE LIBRARIES USEDSee "About" in the app.
Scanner Keyboard
Keyboard Which Scans Barcodes, QR Codes, Text/OCR and NFC TagsintoAny App
DG NFC Automation 7.73
«Time Recording» Automation with NFC Tags
MobilePay by PaySafe 10.8.2
Turn your mobile device into an EMV® mPOS terminal with MobilePayby PaySafe
Heartland Mobile Pay 10.2.2
HEARTLAND MOBILE PAY Use your phone or tablet to easilyacceptcreditand debit EMV® chip card payments anywhere youhavewirelesscoverage. The powerful Heartland Mobile Pay app turnsyourAndroiddevice into a mobile EMV® certified creditcardtransactionterminal for a fraction of the cost of atraditionalterminal.EMV-READY Heartland Mobile Pay is anEMV®-enabled andcapable mPOSsolution available to businesses in theU.S., offeringchip cardtransaction support* and EMV® chip cardpayment acceptanceformerchants aiming to avoid liability. FEATURESAND BENEFITS•Process EMV® Credit / Debit Chip Cards and Credit /DebitSignaturecards* - Via an Intuitive user interface •VirtualTerminal -Accept mail or telephone order payments on amobiledevice or via apersonal computer • Digital Invoices -Deliverinvoices via SMS oremail to customers who can pay from anymobiledevice or desktopcomputer anywhere • Recurring Billing - Setupsubscriptions andschedule recurring payments •Cloud-basedInventory and Reports -Manage inventory and salesreports •Receipts - Easily sendreceipts via SMS or email •TransactionHistory - View saleshistory and issue refunds from thesame screen• Cash and CheckSales - Accept and store cash andchecktransactions • EasyTransaction Management - Quickly addmultipleitems to a purchase,edit sales tax on the fly, and more •SingleSign-on - Seamlesslytransition from the mobile app to webcompanionportal on anydevice • Security - End-to-end encryptionthat exceedsstandardindustry encryption and security requirements •2FactorAuthentication - Secure your account with 2FA via SMSoremailedshort codes • EMV® Certified - Certified by the majorcardbrandsfor EMV® card acceptance • Support and Servicecall866.399.6158WHAT YOU’LL NEED 1. Merchant account (new orexisting)* 2. Phoneor tablet with data (service) plan or WIFIaccess 3.Install theHeartland Mobile Pay app 4. Obtain your EMV®chip cardreader* 5.Activate your account and begin acceptingpayments *ContactHeartland to apply for a merchant account andforinformation onsupported peripherals EMV® is a registeredtrademarkof EMVCo.