Top 50 Games Similar to Crash Delivery Car Destruction

Car Crusher 1.5.2
BoomBit Games
Ever seen a hydraulic press in action? Exert crazyamountsofpressure on dozens of cars and watch what happens!Crushcars,boats and more! The more you flatten, the more crushingpoweryouearn. Get more: - power, to smash cars harder - speed,tosmashcars faster - bonus, for more money! Watch: - wheels flyoff-bumpers clank to the ground - windshields shatter! Downloadnowandstart crushing some cars!
Ramp Car Jumping 2.2.2
BoomBit Games
A one-touch race, fly, crash 💥 game that sends you😲hurtling😲throughthe air in your car before you smash intoeverything inyour path!Jump, spin, drift, and barrel roll! 😆 The💨faster💨 youspeed down,the further you fly and the more stuffgets💥Demolished!💥 Ramp CarJumping is the most unusual challengeyou’relikely to face thisyear. You literally jump off a ski jumpin acar! Crazy speed Insanesmashes Maximum heat And so manysmashes,you’ll get crash burnout!Challenge your friends to anol’fashioned smash off! Not enoughheat? Need more speed,crashes,more smashes, more insane stunts? Notenough challenge foryou,stuntman? Upgrade and: 💥 max out yourengines! 💥 add boost! 💥addextra bonus power for ultimate jumpperformance! So: are you atruecar stuntman? A stuntman does stunts.That’s who we are. Weseekout stunts in unusual places. We crashcars because we like it.Wedon’t feel the heat - we bring the heat.We get burnout whenwedrive too long without a crash. We get burnoutwhen we don’tcrashhard enough. Are we unusual? Maybe. Do we likeunusualchallenges?Perhaps. Do we burnout our cars faster than Fordcanbuild them?No, because we smash our cars before they have achanceto burnout.A true stuntman lives for stunts. For insanespeed,awesome cars,unusual jumps and ridiculous crashes. We heatourhomes withburning cars. What’s the biggest crash you canimagine?😃Downloadnow and watch it happen!😃
Mega Ramp Car Jumping 1.4.0
BoomBit Games
You’re about to go ⚡ racing ⚡ down the 💥biggest, raddeststuntramps💥 ever built, driving at speeds stunt cars were neverbuilt toreach.😲 Drive down a 😲 mega, mega stunt jumping ramp 😲 — sosteepand so high you’d have to be crazy😜 to even think about racingdownit. Then try jumping off the end: free fall, crash land, andavoidsmashing to smithereens on the ground miles below! (Instead,trycrash - smashing into a target free floating a mile abovetheground, like you’re supposed to😜) 😃 Get ready for Mega RampCarJumping! 😃 7 levels of ridiculously dangerous racingjumpingsmashing feats: 💥 Drive in the clouds, racing around hotairballoons 💥 Drive in the clouds, jumping along a network ofshippingcontainers 💥 Drive among the peaks of skyscrapers 💥 Drivein themountains, jumping from peak to peak 💥 Drive in the cloudsofHawaii, spinning stunts miles above ground 💥 Drive in themegawinter mountains 💥 Even free fall in the most mega of allmegaplaces — outer space! Pick up free 💪boosts💪 and mega⚡power-ups⚡ asrewards for your driving stunts as you go! Unlock 4free cars😄 andsee what they can do! (Whatever you do, don’t crash 😲you’ve neverseen anything like these crashes.) Mega ramp carjumping takesdriving to the absolute car smashing, crash landing,stunt carmashing extreme. Driving will neve be the same. This gameramps upthe limits of one-touch driving (and cars!), giving you😁incredible fun 😁 and variety that any player can jump rightinto.Try out a truly masterful ramp jumping game.
Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game 1.18.0
Neon Play
You can become an idle scrapyard tycoon! You’ve got the dreamjobhere at your scrapyard, where you’ve got to manage all themachinesand work stations to earn the most cash and make as muchprofit asyou can - you are a tycoon after all…! Do you crush carsor recyclethem? Upgrade your crane? Expand your warehouse if it’stoo full?This is how the idle scrapyard tycoon game works…Cars aredeliveredto the car lot, the crane then moves them to the carbreaker whereworkers from removal stations go to remove parts fromthe cars.These are then moved to the crusher and the spare parts goto thewarehouse. Players later unlock crafting stations such as thewheelworkstation. They can buy blueprints to craft different items.Allto become an idle scrapyard tycoon and become amillionairecapitalist! You’ve got to keep your customers happy socomplete alltheir orders! Go to the car trader so you can buy oldcars and takeoff spare parts…or do you just take them to the bigcrusher! Thereare different work stations for you to manage. TheWheelWorkstation, the Car Body Part Workstation, theInteriorWorkstation and the Mechanics Workstation. You’ll need toinvesthere to earn idle cash and boost your profits as ascrapyardtycoon. This is the start of a new empire to become amillionaire!You can earn offline or online. Crafting is a reallyimportant partof the game to earn cash and grow your profit andearnings.Everything from tyres to windows glass to sat navs. You’vegot tobuy blueprints to craft all the different car parts inyourscrapyard. Buy, sell, trade, earn and profit. It’s all inyourhands!! And don’t forget, you are helping to recycle car partshereso you’re also saving the planet with all this crafting,tradingand recycling. Thank you! Someone’s trash could be yourtreasure -think of the cash and earnings, you genius tycoon! Yourwarehouseis important as you need to store your parts here, butyou’ll needto make sure the warehouse is upgraded with your profitinvestmentsso you have enough room to keep earning more cash tobecome amillionaire - even a billionaire! You’ve got to growyourcapitalist empire - cranes, crushers, car lots, storage andmore.This is how to get rich! —- Your Idle Scrapyard Tycoon gameteam —- [email protected]
Hot Slide 1.4.59
Drift your way to the world league! Introducing new excitingracinggame, where you can test your drifting skill against realpeoplefrom around the world. Download for free and start driftingnow!Collect and upgrade cars, take on solo and team challenges, wininone-on-one duels and get to the top position of world wideleague.Would you choose Muscle or Street cars, Super cars orOff-RoadSUVs? Pick the best car for every race and leave youropponents inthe smoke of your hot slide. • Duels with realopponents •Collection of more than 30 unique cars and more coming •Muscle,Street, Off-Road and Super cars driving physics •Amazingenvironments, weather effects, shortcuts and boosts • Teamand solochallenges • Perfect fast-paced experience Heat up yourwheels andbecome a legend!
Faily Brakes 2 - Car Crashing Game 5.1
Let’s start the race on a high speed in the car crashinggameFailyBrakes 2! You have to stay behind the wheel as longaspossible andnot crash the car. Watch out the cars which will trytohit you!Smash 'em all, survive as long as possible on theroad& win inthe demolition derby. Get ready and take part intherace forsurvival! Choose your car: Having the best car is theonlyway tosurvive in the death race. Get as many points as possiblefortherace, collect coins and unlock new cars. There arecarsofdifferent class in the game! Choose a suitable onewithuniquecharacteristics and improve its performance! You canincreasetheengine power, strengthen the body armor or install themachinegunon the roof. Upgrade your car and defeat 'em all in thearena.Useboosters: During the death race you'll find variousitemsandimprovements on the road: collect rockets, use NOSandotherequipment to crash your enemies' cars and stay as long asyoucanin the race! In Faily Brakes 2 you also have anopportunitytoimprove your character’s equipment! Change your hero'sclothesandmake him the most resistant to damage,blows,explosions,destruction and breakneck speed! Overcomeobstacles:Avoid thepolice! They’ll tail your car and try to catchyou! Drivefaster toget away from the cops! Faily Brakes 2 gamefeatures: -Multipletracks - Different cars - Outstanding graphics&effects - Easycontrols - Realistic car destruction -Specialrewards If you are afan of racing and car destruction games,thenthe Faily Brakes 2 isa great option for you! Tap the installbuttonnow and put thepedal to the metal! ========================COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Crash Cars: Demolition Derby 1.2
Buckle your seatbelts and rev your engine… then crashintototalDESTRUCTION! Do you have a desire for speed? Wouldyourfriendscall you a grease monkey? Do you love racingstreet,classic, andderby cars? This is better than your weekendmorning“Car andCoffee” meetup - this is the ultimate physics epiccrashinggamefor you! Adjust your ramp height, put the pedal to themetalandCRASH your car into a beautiful landscape of oldclunkers.CrashCars - Driven to Destruction is an awesome carcrashingphysicssimulator where you can pick from tons of awesomevehiclesto gosmashy. Each level presents a new arena with a newstack ofcars tocrash into. Adjust your ramp height and speed tocrash intothecars and destroy the whole stack!! Unlock and choosefrom tonsofawesome cars to go crashing with. Master thedemolitionderby!There are lots of sick cars that will be loved byall gearheads.Drive an ice cream truck, and ambulance, or a classicracecar!Wheels up in this crash wheels derby game! So.. are youreadytodestress and go smashy smashy with some epicvehicledestruction?!This is not just a demolition derby, this isadestruction derby!!-- Crash Cars Driven to Destruction TopFeatures--- ★ Crash carsto earn points! ★ Fun crash up physics! ★CompleteDaily SmashyChallenges! ★ Earn coins and upgrade yourarena! ★ Pickyourfavorite car! ★ Crash car games offline If youlove crashingcars,if you love crashing games, then you'll go smashyfor ourcrashsimulator!
Faily Brakes 28.6
The title of the game says it all! While cruising throughthemountains, car enthusiast Phil Faily suddenly experiencesacomplete brake failure, plunging him over the edge of asteepembankment. In this physics-based driving and crashing game,youmust maneuver an endless mountainside dodging hazardousterrainssuch as trees, rocks, traffic and trains resulting in somefun andhilarious near misses and crashes. FEATURES • NAVIGATEdownhill asfar as you can go avoiding obstacles along the way •AVOID trees,rocks, creeks, traffic and trains • DESTROY obstacleswith yourshield • COLLECT coins as you go • UNLOCK unique vehicles• SHAREyour epic crashes in 360º, slow-motion and share with yourfriends• ENDLESS gameplay • ENDLESS crashes • ENDLESS fun! *PermissionsDetails * Faily Brakes will require access to photos,media, andfiles on your device. This is only used to cache theadvertisingin-game and to allow the sharing of custom screenshotstakenin-game.
Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport 1.9.16
This is it: 2021! This is what it all led to! All of thedriving,jumping, car smashing, stunts and crazy shenanigans - thisis whereit all ends... Are you a brave enough stunt driver? a crazyenoughstunt driver? a fearless enough stunt driver to SEND A CARFLYINGOFF A SLING SHOT? Are you the #1 stuntman of 2021? We bet youare!In this awesome, one-of-a-kind driver arcade experience youwill beable to: - Adjust the strength of the sling shot - Choose ajumpingdirection - Watch your car jumping, flying, bouncing arounduntilit goes smashing into the target... … but only if you’re askilledenough driver! Aim carefully & try to land in the markedspot!For the coins you collect in each stunt you can buyawesomeupgrades: - Sling shot power: faster driving = furtherflying! -Engine: for driving faster - Bonus: earn more money forfuturestuntman jumping The further you get, the more challengingtheterrain becomes and the more carefully you have to aimyourjumping. 2021 isn’t the year for casual car jumping 2021 isn’ttheyear for silly, stuntman flying What’s that? You just wanttodrift? Seriously, drift? Watch me drift off to sleep. You knowwhatelse drifts? Dead pieces of wood. 2021 is the year of theslingshot. Sling your car into the air, stuntman. Sling it faryouawesome driver. Sling it smashing into your target. Be the#stuntman driver of 2021. This is the best driving game of 2021-and the craziest of all time.
Car Summer Games 2021 1.4
BoomBit Games
Summer Games like you’ve never seen before! Imagineyourfavoritesporting events… with cars! Hurdle run with cars? Longjumpwithcars? Even hammer throw with cars?! Yup, all of thatispossible,and all of that is amazing - just see foryourself!Features: -Take part in multiple sport types… in a car! -Beat yourhighscores and advance in the ranks - Unlock new cool carsforyourprogress - Buy awesome upgrades and become even betterWithnearlya dozen cars to choose from and half a dozen awesomeevents(withmore coming in future updates!) the game offers a widevarietyofchallenges. This is a fun car experience you’ve beenwaitingfor!Thanks to fun arcade gameplay the game is easy to pickupbyeveryone. The exciting challenges you get to take part inwillmakeyou stay for a long time!
Car Safety Check 1.6.3
Lion Studios
BUILD A CAR, SLINGSHOT, SMASH !!!! Smash the car to get themaximumreward and unlock new levels You can unlock new parts foryou car:front and back half, wheels... Mixed all parts, buildsomethingcrazy! Aim and launch with slingshot Upgrade slingshot andbodyprice for more reward
Merge Car game free idle tycoon 1.2.73
Start with a free car in your central garage, then Create agaragefull of excellent luxury cars! let's run the race free! Havefunplaying idle tycoon! A new merge game like "Merge Dragons","MergeMagic", "Merger Plane" with the difference that in thisgameeverything is real and this time you have to discover carsinsteadof "Dragon" "Magic" "Plane". Then, Bring your cars to theracetrack and earn money every single time they cross the finishline!Use your earnings to improve your central garage and create anidleempire! Become the richest in the whole world! Merge cars tocreatebetter ones. Upgrade your cars garage as much as you can,you'llget tons of rewards. In this best merge game ever. Theprogress ofthe garage is in your hands; car merging, carscollecting, garageevolution - all this and more is in your power.Step into themerging games of car Merge! Merge Car game free idletycoon is afree & offline game. Offline Games is your bestchoice forgames that you can play anywhere and anytime. Features ofthismerge game : - A simple car games for kids and all ages. -Anaddictive free game! - An idle game to get all the coins andmoney- In this free game, Create your garage of the best cars. -One ofthe best offline games. Offline game with fast performance onanydevice - One of the best car games: it's a fun and free game!-Lots of Cars and free exploration - A car game for all thecarlovers! - In this free game, the graphics are amazing and magic-All the cars in this car game are inspired by real car designslikeBenz, BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ford, Toyota,… Forget thecargames. Merge car is a new style. Try this offline game and enjoyafree game Merge car is one of the top-rated free car games!Enjoythis free game even when you are offline, earn lots of moneyinthis idle game and buy many hot cars! try this simple car gameandyou will see how addicting it is! Experience the taste of agaragefull of amazing cars in this car game! Merge cars is very funandcool free game! Try this car game now and have fun buildingyourempire of luxury cars garage! Are you looking for an idle Game?Afun Game? An attractive car game? An idle game with abeautifuldesign? A free game? An offline game? You got it right!Merge caris one of the best time killing games ever! In this Mergegame,merging is completely free! You're free to merge when you wantandfree to merge cars for collecting. Merge car is one ofthetop-rated free car games! Speed up the cars in this offlinegameand get ready for fun in this free game! In this game idle,collectcoins! Don't ever forget: Thinking of idle Games or offlineGames,think about "Merge car"! A wonderful car game. Get a boostspeed torun unlimited in this free game. A fusion of arcade, freegame forkids, and best idle game and car game. This is a simulationgameand fun game endless. Win game, collect coins, and climb theranksto become the top player Addictive gameplay in this offlinegamemakes you earn more money! Fun in car game events are waitingforyou! created by panther & leopard
Road Crash 1.4.4
Crash all the cars on the road while driving to the finishline!Bump them off the road to get coins and buy more vehicles.Mergecars in your garage to unlock even more powerful ones! Willyoubecome the most fearful and reckless driver of them all?Features:* Many different cars to unlock and more to come * Simplecontrolsto ride your car smoothly * An insane amount of coinsanddestruction
Jet Car Stunts 2 1.0.23
True Axis
Sequel to the award winning Jet Car Stunts. WARNING: Thisgamewillchallenge you. - Crazy stunt driving on outlandishcourses.-Insane jumps. - Ludicrous speeds. - Manic carhandling.-Outrageous jet physics. Specs: - 120 levels, 3difficultieseach.(The First 10 are free) - 7 cars with variedhandling. - 4Gamemodes. - Level creation and sharing (Purchaserequired forsavingand sharing) - Global leaderboards with replays.-Friendchallenges. - Controller support Note: Using non-appstoreappswith JCS2 may break JCS2, causing it to crash every timeonstartup. In-App Purchases: JCS2 has flexible options, eitherbuyall inone purchase, or pay just for what you want.
Idle Inventor - Factory Tycoon 1.0.13
BoomBit Games
Churn out 🚋🚊massive machines🚙🚀 in your finely-tuned factory -dayand night, 😃even while you’re not playing!😃 Run 5distinctfactories with their own themed vehicles: - 12 cars 🚙 - 12flyingmachines ✈ - 12 construction vehicles 🚚 - 12 militaryvehicles 🚁 -12 spacecraft vehicles 🚀 And more! As a factory-owningtycoon🎩,you’ll be deciding how to max out your production. Everycontainerof yours that reaches the cargo ship = 💲more profits!💲 Asprofitsroar in, reinvest— 💲 Open a new line 💲 Automate a line 💲Hire &upgrade almost 200 different managers 💲 Even upgrade theentirefactory!😲 💲 Complete 13 types of exciting missionsManufacturecars🚓, trucks🚚, planes✈, military vehicles🚁, andhigh-techinstruments for space exploration!🚀 (Tip: When a specialoffercomes along, leap at it!😁 It’s your chance to earnprofits,research points and more!) Watch your factory grow from asingleproduction line to a 💪world-famous industrial powerhouse💪.Andbecause you’re automating, your factory keeps working whileyou’reaway - check in the morning, 😄it’s amazing to see how muchmoneyyou made while sleeping😄 Try it now, and see how the idletycoonlife🎩 suits you!👉
Car Master 3D 1.1.13
SayGames Ltd
🚙 CUSTOMIZE CARS IN YOUR OWN BODY SHOP 🛠️ Have you ever dreamedofbecoming a 👨🏻‍🔧 mechanic? Do you love watching shows aboutcarrestoration and repairs? Then it’s time for you to take amoreactive role and tune up vehicles in your very ownprofessionalgarage in the Car Master 3D mechanic game! Customerscome to yourauto body shop for you to pimp their rides! You offer afull rangeof services at your garage: car fixing, washing, tuning,painting,and much more. Help your customers and collect cash toupgrade yourworkspace, buy better tools, and unlock unique newpersonalizationoptions. 😄 A FULL-SCALE CAR REPAIR GAME 🧰 In yourcar restorationstudio, you can make old rusty buckets of boltssparkle and shinelike they’re brand new! 🚘 This challenging carfixing game allowsyou to give every vehicle a complete renovation.Time to rev yourcreative engine! Mend fender benders for bigspenders and repairdents and damage for unlucky customers who havetotaled their cars.Inflate tires and pick out new wheels fromdifferent shapes andsizes. Decide if your customer is thego-big-or-go-home type, or ifthey would prefer a lowrider. Wash andpolish vehicles of allkinds. Customize cars with your choice ofpaint colors 🎨, funstickers, awesome decals, cool logos, and avariety of spoilers.Replace broken windshields and windows withsleek tinted glass —you even get to choose the color! GAME FEATURES★ Work as amechanic at your own automotive shop in this addictiveand free carmaker game. ★ Every car that pulls into your garagerequires aunique service package based on the customer’s needs.Upgradeflashy sports cars, police vehicles, ambulances, foodtrucks,taxis, and more! Make sure your customers drive away happy.★ Turna profit to become a true car master. 💰 Earn cash and scoreprizesto upgrade your auto bay, improve your equipment, andreplenishyour inventory! Go the extra mile for RARE parts, wheels,anddesigns. ★ Acquire the skills to pay the bills. When you levelup,your repair abilities will increase as well. ★ Fun andsatisfyinggameplay that keeps you engaged and helps you unwind. ★Speciallevels with VIP cars for your high-rolling customers. ★Eye-popping😲 and colorful 3D graphics. ★ Use the optional vibrationsetting tocustomize your gameplay experience the same way youcustomize cars!Do you have what it takes to be a master? Fastenyour seatbelt andtake this car maker game for a spin! Download CarMaster 3D todayand go on a joy ride to your own personal garagesimulator and carcustomization station! 😍
Desert Riders - Car Battle Game 1.4.3
SayGames Ltd
🔥 PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL 🔥 Drivers, rev your engines!Getreadyfor a heart-pounding nonstop thrill-fest packed withfastcars,powerful guns, and more road rage than downtown NewYorkCityduring rush hour. Download Desert Riders 🏜️ now andstartlivinglife in the fast lane! Fight enemies as you raceside-by-sidedownthe road in this exhilarating 🛻 car shooting game.Just pressonyour screen to fire your weapon and drag your finger toaim.Blowapart enemy vehicles piece by piece and eliminateenemyshooters tomake them spin out of control and explode! Becareful toavoidenemy fire and make sure to dodge before the othervehiclesraminto you. If you take too much damage, your car will betheoneto🛢️ 💣 blow up! The better your shooting and drivingskills,themore in-game money you’ll be rewarded with! PIMP YOURRIDE Nocargame is complete without customization, and Desert Ridersisnoexception! Choose a booster at the beginning of each leveltoaddawesome extra weapons, armor, and health before you hitthestreetand bring the heat. Take personalization to the nextlevelbysaving up currency to unlock tons of new cars 🏎️andswappableparts at the 🔧 garage. And remember to get a sweetnewpaint jobwhile you’re at it! GAME FEATURES ★ This action-packedcarshootinggame combines easy-to-learn controls withchallenginggoals. ★ Takedown enemies in all types of vehicles,frommotorcycles and sportscoupes to police cars and armored trucks.Forbonus cash, wipe outenemies as you drive by buildings inslowmotion! Rack up kills tocomplete levels, and score extra pointsforwell-aimed shots! ★ Asyou progress, you’ll travel throughdifferentapocalyptic worldswith varying terrains! See if you canprove yourskills inespecially tough boss levels. ★ Choose a newbooster ineach levelto play to your strengths. Laser and plasmaguns,lightning, armor,money, extra health—all this and more is atyourdisposal! ★Complete levels and missions to open chests andgetrewards thatyou can use to modify your vehicle. ★ Make a pitstopat the autoshop to upgrade your ride. Unlock dozens ofcars,including retroand rare models! ★ Customize your vehicle withover70 wheels,bumpers, exhaust pipes, and engines. Plus, paint yourcarany coloryou want! ★ Enjoy the awesome soundtrack, funsoundeffects, andcool graphics! ★ Turn up the thrill factor withtheoptionalvibration setting. This shooter and car game has itall:fast-pacedgameplay, mind-blowing excitement, and cool carsandweapons. Getbehind the wheel and jump into the action!InstallDesert Ridersnow and go for a spin!
Build a Bridge! 4.0.9
BoomBit Games
**Google Play Most Innovative Game 2017 - Winner** Testyourengineering and improvisation skills in a puzzle game wherethestakes are as high as they get. It is you who willconstructbridges for cars, trucks, busses... And sometimes evenmonstertrucks. Gather your wits and get on with the construction!Duringthe planning phase the game presents itself with a simple,2Dinterface. It is there that you select the best materials foryourbridge and connect the dots to make the most resilientstructureyou can. You can approach each level as a complex puzzle,trying tobe as efficient as possible and get the best solution. Butdon't beafraid to experiment too. You can just go crazy andconstructsomething that looks outrageous but still somehow works.There'sfun in both of these approaches. When you're done, switch tothe 3Dmode and watch a car drive through your bridge. Will it hold?Orwill you watch a spectacular crash? In addition to the normalmodethe game features the easy mode for more relaxedgameplayed,focused on creativity and improvisation. You can alsouse in-gamehint system if things get too hard. With 86 levels plushidden andbonus bridges to construct you will not run out of thingsto doquickly. Game features: - Different materials to build from -Wood,Metal, Cables - 86 levels of increasingly difficult puzzles-Varied, detailed environments full of interactive elements-Multiple cars to test out your constructions - Realisticphysicsengine - Beautiful, stylised art style - Available in 13languages
#DRIVE 2.2.3
#DRIVE is an endless driving videogame inspired by road andactionmovies from 1970s. As simple as possible, allowing the playertopick a car, pick the place and just hit the road. Just be awarenotto hit anything else. No matter where we drive, no matter whatwedrive or how fast we drive. We simply chose to drive. And you?
Idle Racing Tycoon-Car Games 1.6.8
Have you ever dreamed to be a Tycoon building your ownCarRacingEmpire? Do you like management and idle games? Well,youcanrealize big dreams and have great time all in onegame——IdleRacingTycoon! Here, start with a small car circuit buteachdecision youmake will cause a huge impact to your business!Thus,would youchoose to invest your money in improving the scale ofcarcircuit?Or would you choose to increase the price to earnmoremoney? Eachand every choice you make will be the keycornerstonesof your pathto success! GAME FEATURES: - Easy-to-play -Excitingchallenges -Thousands of car circuits available. - Makeimportantbusinesschoices. - Different and newfangled upgrades toexplore -Amazing3D graphics and superb animation Manage your carracingempire andbecome the world's richest Tycoon! What are youwaitingfor!Questions?Contact our tech Support By sending [email protected]: TermsofUse:
Stunt Truck Jumping 1.8.3
BoomBit Games
Have you ever wanted to see a huge and imposingtruckinawe-inspiring crashes? Stunt Truck Jumping has you covered!Inthegame you will: - Control a truck on a steep slope - Makehugejumps- Crash and cause destruction - Get upgrades that willmakeyoubetter and better Stunt Truck Jumping is a jaw-droppinggameofconstant thrills! If you like cars, excitement and funyouwillsurely find something to like here.
Drive and Park 1.0.17
SayGames Ltd
- Park cars. - Earn money. - Travel to around the worldandcollectcars from each location. Will you be the best car parker?
Smash racing: epic crash drive 7.6.11
Smash Racing is the challenging stunt racing game with epicrunawaysand various missions! Your adventure will be hard but witha ton offun and content! Customize your vehicle, finish quests,get rewardsand become successful Smash racing driver! Destroy aninfiniteamount of objects, drive away from cops, upgrade your carsand getrewards. Upgrade and tune your ride to achieve maximumspeed, armorand mobility and dominate your enemies on every map.Install the carsmashing game for free, push the Play button andstart your racingadventure! 🏎 Incredible cars collection! Completethe missions andget yourself the fastest, strongest and hottestrides. Try each one,choose the best for you and make it thegreatest car ever! No onewill get a chance against you with thefantastic ride and latestupgrades. Each car has its own speed,look, abilities and willcompliment your smash racing style. 🚔Customize and configure. Thein-game workshop will help you makeyour cars drive at the lightningspeed! Upgrade power, armor andmobility of your ride to bring yourstreet racer to the next level!Improve your car, choose its lookand become the best driver intown. 💰 Complete different tasks inSmash racing missions and getrewards Take part in epic getaway witha ton of action. Become theSmash race champion by winning in epicDeathmatch! Use environmentand weapons to finish the level and getthe prize! Everything isready to get a great experience in thisawesome racing car game.Variety of racing areas. Drive your waythrough best playinglocations. Finish objectives across stunningenvironments and workyour way from driving rookie to pro.
Used Car Dealer Tycoon 1.9.903
Welcome to Used Car Dealer, in which you'll be running a usedcarbusiness from the scratch. Keeping your used car businessinoperation means taking every step to ensure that you're anhonestdealer. How to play: Acquire more vehicle inventory fromused-carsellers. Hire assistants and salespeople to help talkwithcustomers. Train your salesperson to assist customers andaskquestions about what the customer needs. Calculate a"bottomdollar" for each of your used vehicles. Unlock variousmodels ofused cars and make more money.
Rocket Sky! 1.5.1
Kwalee Ltd
In Rocket Sky! you tap and hold the screen to launch your rocketasfar into the sky as you can. Make sure not to overheatthough,otherwise it’s game over! Upgrade your rocket to reach newheights,break records and explore new planets. Past the sky, spaceiswaiting for you! Rocket Sky! features: Simple andaddictivegameplay Numerous upgrades to keep you exploring Varietyof planetsand rockets to unlock Colourful 2D design SUBSCRIBE TOROCKET SKY!Subscribe to Rocket Sky! for all of the followingbenefits: *Receive x2 Earnings * Get the Monster Truck * No Ads,which removesnon-optional adverts from the game SUBSCRIPTIONSINFORMATION:Rocket Sky! VIP Membership access offers two membershipoptions: 1)A weekly subscription costing $5.49 per week after a 3day FREEtrial period. 2) A monthly subscription costing $14.49 permonth.After buying this subscription, you will unlock; x2 earningsforyour in game currency on all your flights, the monster truckwhichwill give you an extra boost on every flight, and receive noads,which removes non-optional ads from the game. This isanauto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to youraccountafter confirmation. The subscription is renewed unlessyouunsubscribe 24 hours before the period ends. Your account willalsobe charged for renewal The price notes are for UnitedStatescustomers. Pricing in other countries may change and actualchargesmay be converted to local currency. End of trial andsubscriptionrenewal: - The payment is charged to your iTunesaccount after aconfirmation of purchase - The subscription isrenewed unless youunsubscribe 24 hours before the end of thecurrent period - Theaccount will be charged for renewal 24 hoursbefore the end of thecurrent period at the standard cost of theweekly subscription -The user may manage the subscription andauto-renewal by accessingthe user's account settings after purchasein the store - Nocancellation of the current subscription ispermitted during theactive subscription period - Any unused portionof the free trialperiod will be forfeited when the subscription ispurchasedCancelling a trial or subscription: - In order to cancelasubscription during the free trial period you need to cancelitthrough your account in the Store. This must be done at least24hours before the end of the free trial period to avoidbeingcharged.
Idle Mechanics Manager – Car Factory Tycoon Game 1.34
Visit the best car factory in the town – Melon Dusk andidlemechanics are waiting for you to start building car empire!IdleMechanics Manager is an idle clicker game where you start smallandwork hard with more cars each level. Grow your factory byearningmore cash with every car unlocked and leveling up yourgarage! Youare responsible to hire employees, build and expand thefactory,sell cars and, of course, earn money! Your main challengeis tomanage your car factory and build a car empire! What will youhaveto do? Hire employees, car mechanics, and car builders whowillautomate the production in your car factory. Increase speed ofyouridle car mechanics to maximize profits. Develop your carfactory byconstructing new workstations and buildings. Upgradeparking to getmore workers and expand your car business. Get moneyfrominvestors. Invest money in buildings and mechanics to getmorepossibilities. Automate your car factory and collectprofits!Upgrade your factory to the next level and start buildingplanes,manage your own idle airport! The most addictive factorytycoongame. In this idle business tycoon game you can be thegreatest carfactory manager and become a millionaire, billionaireor more. Inother words: create your car empire! FEATURES of IdleMechanicsManager 🚗48 unique cars – build TESLA CYBERTRUCK!🚗Easy-to-playgamy with idle clicker mechanics! 🚗Amazing animationsand 3Dgraphics 🚗Offline earnings – no internet connection needed!🚗Idleairport – take production to the next level 🚗Investors whobringyou money, it only remains to use it wisely! Don’t waitanymore –download our car tycoon game now and start building yourdream carfactory! Build the cars of your dream in this new Idle CarTycoonGame. ======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Car Industry Tycoon - Idle Car Factory Simulator 1.6.5
Build and manage your car factory! Grow your business, earnmoneyandproduce amazing cars. Become a car factory managerandbillionaire.Build your empire tycoon, collect idle cash andhirenew workers. Youcan build many types of car parts byupgradingmachines in your carfactory. Upgrade parking to get moreworkersand expand your carbusiness. Car Industry Tycoon - IdleFactorySimulator is easy toplay but hard to master idle game whereyoustart with small carparts factory and thanks to your owndecisionsand fast progressionof your business you end up with thebiggestcar factory in the wholeworld! Best idle tycoon strategygame ofthe year! Unique incrementalmechanics lets you to play withyourown style and grow, manage andinvest to your business likeneverbefore. Features: -12 unique carsto build - one for eachprestigelevel! -Hundreds of technologies todevelop and upgrade!-Manyexciting quests to complete! -9 differentmachines to buildandupgrade in factory! -Intuitive gameplay withidle clickermechanics- very challenging! -Booster cards to fasterprogress!-Tons ofunique content! -Offline game - no internetconnectionneeded! Ifyou like management and idle strategy gameswith somespecialsimulation mechanics and incremental progress CarIndustryIdleTycoon is for you! Join to usondiscord!
Car Demolition Simulator
Fight & drive to survive, smash andcrashall the cars! Yours and opponent's - doesn't matter as long asyoucan do maximum damage possible. Sounds fun? Try the Car Crash&Demolition Simulator and see how you like makingextremedestruction in exciting little car wreck wars. It's a gamerelatedto demolition derby and car war games yet quite uniquebyitself.It's something NOT recommend doing in real life, but hey -that'swhy games exist, right?So, what can you expect?Survival mode in which you're collecting coins for in game cashbyracing around the level. Avoid AI cars as they'renearlyindestructible. There's a 10 minute limit for this derbyracingmode. Can you reach the limit?Tank Hunt mode - in which you're shooting down other cars withatank. Awesome! Right? In this mode you're the indestructibleoneand since it's only for fun - you need to hunt down other carsandcrash them. Enjoy the great demolition effects when you hitcarswith a projectile. Cars can be run over or shot down withapowerful auto-aim turret gun. Also, 10 minute limit, so seehowmuch can you crush during that time.Crash Arena mode is even more fun: it's you against up to 5AIopponents at same time in a classic demolition derby racingbattle.Who will survive in this extreme wreckage? This mode istotal war!You can even set how many opponents you want to take atsame time.I'd bet on you but we can never know ;) There's many waysyou canoutsmart AI opponents, but make no mistake - they are set tohuntyou down and will not stop until demolished.Car physics is realistic enough to ensure that simulation ofcrashesand destruction is done really nice - you can damage carslightly ora lot, and make its part fall off and fly around if youbump the carhard enough. Fun fun.All top scores in all destruction derby modes will be submittedtoleaderboards automatically if you log into Google Play Gamesupongame start, of course, making it more fun to compete againstotherplayers. Who's the ultimate car crash warrior?You have 12 cars to play with and 6 maps to battle on, soenjoydemolition wars and good luck!Download today, have fun and let me know your thoughts about gameinthe reviews.
Taxi Run - Crazy Driver 1.51
Breakneck speed to get your adrenaline pumping! Hop in thedriver'sseat and floor it! In Taxi Run your mission is to getyourpassenger from point A to point B. Sounds simple, right?Realsimple. If only there weren't obstacles all over the place!Youhave to share the road and dodge railway crossings withspeedingtrains, semi trucks loaded down with ice cream, annoyinglylonglimousines, huge trucks and cars of all sizes. Dodge vehicles,dartbetween trains, and maneuver your way out of all kinds ofstickysituations! Choose your car from tiny trucks to race cars,andspeed through all sorts of different maps! Got a need forspeed?It's pedal to the metal in Taxi Run! Why you'll love TaxiRun: -Easy controls - Fun objectives - Cool graphics - Simpleinterface -Heart-pumping action Are you ready to become the besttaxi driver?Then download Taxi Run for free NOW!========================COMPANY COMMUNITY: ========================Facebook:
Reckless Getaway 2 2.2.6
It ain’t no cakewalk topping the most-wanted list. It takeshardwork and a sweet ride… Dodge the heat and don’t get dead!-Free-roaming levels - Loads of epic cars to unlock -Simplecontrols
MMX Hill Dash 1.0.12483
Hutch Games
100s of race challenges - the most addictive & FUN physicsbaseddriving game! Race to the finish line over a multitude ofracingtracks with hazards, hill climbs, jumps, loops, bridges andramps inthis crazy MMX racing game. With top physics, fun crashscenarios,and challenging gameplay, you won’t be able to stopplaying! •Complete challenging racing trials • Upgrade your trucks• Race yourfriends in 4WD race offs • Climb to the top and be thebest MMXdriver ever • A truck load of custom upgrades, tracks andhardcourses • Loads of top trucks to race - Upgrades! Speed,Grip,Stability and Air Tilt - Racing Tracks! City, Desert,Snow,Volcano, Big Air - Trucks! The Micro, The Monster, TheClassic, TheBuggy, The Big Rig, The APC, The Tank, The JoyRider,The Bouncer,The LowRider, The Trophy Truck, The Racer, The BeastMMX Hill Dashis the explosive follow up to the massively successfulMMX Racing.Download for FREE today and start playing! Our PrivacyPolicy: Our Terms ofService:
Sling Drift 3.0.2
Fast action drifting with your car around an endless racetrack.Onetap easy to learn controls with addictive gameplay. Howfar canyougo?
Smash Bandits Racing 1.10.02
Hutch Games
Named as one of TouchArcade's Top 10 Games of the year.Fromthemakers of Smash Cops – crash through America in thecraziestroadrace to hit the Google Play Store. Power up to fastercars, gettheedge with getaway gadgets and outrun the cops as youspeed tothestate line. SMASH EVERYTHING Well, almost. Whicheverroute youtakethrough an ever-changing world of dirt tracks anddustyloggingtowns you can crash and bash your way throughsmashablescenery inthe most intense display of destruction you haveeverseen. UPGRADE& OUTRUN Make sure you’re always ahead of thegame(and thecops) with cool car upgrades. Start with a puny compactandmake itawesome with extra speed, handling and strength. Andwhenyou startearning big, you might just get your hands on thefastestroad caron the planet, the stunning Hennessey Venom GT.SMASHTHELEADERBOARD What crazy road race would be complete withoutaTVchopper hovering overhead? The further you get and themoreyousmash, the bigger the TV ratings and the more cash youearn.Playagainst your Facebook and Google+ friends to see who canbecomethemost famous Bandit on network TV. BOOST YOUR CHANCESBeforeyouhead off you get to choose something to help you alongtheway.Stinger-proof tires, the 'Stunner' car taser and even atankareavailable to give you the edge over the relentlessSheriffMcBrideand his deputies. CRUISE CONTROLS Innovativeone-fingercontrolmakes it super easy to drive, drift & spinyour car,andunleash those helpful gadgets - no matter whereyou’replaying.TAKE A BANDIT CHALLENGE The Smash Bandits raceorganisersdon’tthink that simply out-running the cops is a bigenoughproblem, sothey’ve put together over 100 challenges where youcantest yourdriving skills to the limit.
Car Restore - Car Mechanic 1.07
Restore, fix and assemble cars and solve hundreds of fun match3puzzles in a light and fun match 3 car restoration game. Usetoolsand restore old cars to their full potential - Learn how tousetools to fix up cars - Paint and clean up parts - Match andcreatepower-ups - Lot's of match-3 levels to enjoy - Light andFunGameplay Download FREE with optional in-game items forpurchase.You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-apppurchasesin your device’s settings.
Drift Clash Online Racing 1.80
Drift Clash is the first drift racing game with real-timebattlesandrealistic physics! Win most wanted cars, burn tyres ontrack,playwith your friends in free-roam and enjoy unique retrostyle ofthegame! REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER Battle with other playersinreal-timeand become drift king! PLENTY OF CARS 33 cars are inthegame! Unlockthese drift legends and burn rubber!MOTORCYCLESDRIFTING This is thefirst game ever where you can driftonmotorcycles! CLIPPING ZONESGet ready to drive different sportcarson tracks designed preciselyfor drift racing. Drift pointsscoringsystem is based on car speedand angle. But you receiveextra combofor the right drifting path ifyou drift on clippingzones. That’swhy you won’t see manji driftinghere. Only pure driftrace.PHYSICS The game has retro style but youshould see throughthetrick. The cars have realistic physics. Wedon’t have anydrifthelpers, steering assistants and any otherwiles. It stilleasy tocontrol and play but in this racing gameeverything dependson you.CUSTOMIZATION Unlock different rims,colors, change camberforfront and rear wheels. This car drift gameis still indevelopmentand a lot more features are coming. Pleaserate and giveyourfeedback for further improvement of the game!FOLLOWUS
Stunt Car Extreme 0.9988
Stunt Car Extreme is the ultimate stunt and trial car game withbothentertaining and awe-inspiring tracks. The main tracks aredesignedfor casual play, but the bonus tracks offer more extremechallenge!The bonus tracks have high risks but also high rewards.Levelsinclude hard trials levels, easier speed levels, and casualand funjump levels. Cars are customisable based on yourpreferences, withcool paint jobs, engines, tires and more. StuntCar Extreme is acontinuation of the Stunt Car Challenge car gameseries. Futureupdates will include also monster truck challengesand motorcyclechallenges.
Thumb Drift — Fast & Furious Car Drifting Game 1.6.7
SMG Studio
!!Over 12 million downloads!! Thanks to all the ThumbDriftersoutthere. Note: There are 2 types of cars. Cars which youcan paytounlock or get for free. [?] secret cars which you canONLYunlockby performing certain actions. Whether you know how todriftornot, you’ll enjoy sliding sideways around the cornerstocompetefor the highest score. WHY PLAY THUMB DRIFT? - Over100fullyunlicensed cars to unlock + more to come - Simpleonethumbcontrols - Addictive drifting gameplay - Originalsoundtrackwith 6pumping tunes - 6 different tracks to race on eachwith auniquefeel - Challenge your friends for the top score -Cuttingedge,flat shaded, low poly graphics -GroundbreakingCarticle™Technology SPECIAL GUEST CARS! - Rice Pirate(Newest!) -1320Videodriven by Cleetus McFarland (Newest!) - 4WDTV(Newest!) -BossLogic(Newest!) - Hoovivan (Maximum Driftcast)(Newest!) -BulletproofAutomotives Kamikazi GTR (Newest!) - OzzymanReviews(Newer!) -Street FX WTF-86 (Newer!) - Rooster Teeth (New!)-Regular Car Guys(New!) - Yogscast (New!) - Rocket Jump (New!)-LZBMX (New!) - GTAWise Guy (New!) - Zen Garage - Domestic Mango-Street Driven -Bulletproof Automotive - King of Nations -YasidDesign - ShockMansion - Drift All Stars - The Slap Train -SaudiGamer - OMGDrift- Black Panthaa - AR12 SCORE REGISTER * 0-50:Lplater * 51-99:Sunday Driver * 100-199: Training Wheels *200-299:Gettin’Sideways * 300-399: You feel the need for speed *400-499:You’rein the red * 500-599: Flat out! * 600+: You live yourlifeaquarter mile at a time! Dom will be proud Got a car weshouldaddto the livery? Get in touch! * Permissions Details * Note:Thegamewill require access to photos, media and files on yourdevice.Thisis only used to cache the advertising in game and toallowthesharing of custom screenshots taken in game.
Rovercraft: Race Your Space Car 1.40
Play The World Famous Car Crafting Runner with already millionsofdownloads in the US ! The best Hill Climbing Game in theGooglePlay store. RoverCraft is an exciting arcade journey, playedon thehills of distant planets on a rover that you have built .Becauseyou design your vehicle, its success depends on YOU! Reasonto useRoverCraft: - Play with your RoverCraft over three gamesmodes:Planets, Challenges and Tournaments. - Hundreds of Challengesarewaiting for you for an endless and addictive fun ! - Ride andDriveyou crafted car through the planets and discover a wonderfulandcolorful journey - Thousand of items and coins to collect tocraftyour dream rover and have a crazy rover truck - Multiplayermodewith everyday tournaments against the players all around theworld.- Spin our Wheel to get everyday gifts and rewards ! -Assemblingyour car has never been so fun ! From assemblingreactors, engines,wheels and turbo ! - Collect Trophies and impressyour friends -Don’t Be afraid of the Dirt ! - Bring your vehicleinto the galaxyand astro ! cross the planet with your crafted carand conquer thestars. - Had a good day ? Treat yourself with aninsane hillclimbing game ! - Upgrade your vehicle and the fun neverstops withupdates all the time and new maps. - Equip your vehiclewith jetengines, reactors, super-wheels and plenty of otherupgrades andtake the challenge of climbing the steep mountains ofexoticplanets. Drive your monster rover carefully – there aremanydangers ahead. You might run out of fuel, meet a steep andruggedslope, your vehicle may lose its wheels, or your pilot mayget atear in his space suit. Features: - 14 different planets fromthegalaxy to race on (more to come soon), Earth, Mercury, Venus,Mars,PSO318, Charon, Uranus, Neptune, Cyber931, Pandora,Polaris,Steamcraft, Enceladus, Comet. - Endless items to add toyour spacecar - Earn collectibles and achievement to win trophies !- 3different modes, Challenges, Planets and Tournaments -Multiplayermode - Stunning HD graphics from all the planets -Advancedrealistic physics engine - Player can create endless typesofrovers, building and crafting your car has never been so simple-The game is a mix of crafting and racing making it fun forallages. - Universal app - Free to play Master the mostunusualterrains of unknown planets. Navigate across the planets andget tothe mothership! Play for free NOW.
CSR Racing 2 2.16.0
CSR Racing 2 – The next chapter to the #1dragracing series of all time has arrived!“Unbelievably good looking”, KOTAKU“So real it hurts”, CULT OF MAC“Obliterates the line between console and mobilegraphics”,POLYGONSetting a new standard in visuals, CSR2 delivers hyper-realdragracing to the palm of your hand. Compete against liveplayersacross the world with your custom built supercarsincludingLaFerrari, McLaren P1™, Koenigsegg One:1 and manymore.Team up with friends to form a crew, tune your rides formaximumspeed and dominate the competition in global crew events.CSR2 isall-new; download for free and start racing now!3D NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS• CSR2 redefines what you thought possible on mobile, withstunningdetail on all your favorite cars.• Meticulous level of detail inside every car, incl.originalmanufacturers’ trim options. Racing doesn’t get more realthanthis!REAL-TIME RACING• Race towards a new challenge! Compete against opponentsfromaround the world or race against friends inreal-timechallenges.CAR CUSTOMISATION• Cars can be customized with a wide range of paint, rims,brakecalipers and interior trims just like a real car.• Personalize your car with paint wraps, decals and customlicenseplates!UPGRADE, TUNE AND FUSE• Car upgrades are only the start. You can now get under the hoodtotune gear ratios, tire pressure, nitrous boost settings andmuchmore.• Stay competitive by stripping surplus cars for parts, andfusethem into your favorite vehicles.BUILD YOUR DREAM GARAGE• Collect beautiful supercars and show them off in yourhugewarehouse garage.• CSR2 features over 50 officially licensed vehicles fromtheworld’s most desirable car manufacturers including:• Ferrari• McLaren• Bugatti• Lamborghini• Pagani• KoenigseggCHALLENGE FRIENDS AND RACING ENTHUSIASTS AROUND THE WORLD• Prove your skill in fast-paced, synchronousmultiplayerchallenges. Master the unique timing of each car to comeout ontop.• Chat with other players live, and join a crew to roll withyourfriends.• Compete in fresh and exciting online events and increase yourrankon the PVP leaderboards.DOMINATE THE CITY• Compete in single-player Crew Battles across stunningraceenvironments.• Work your way from rookie to pro by defeating the top crews inacity where nothing is as it seems. Can you uncover thetruth?• Keep an eye out for events to earn extra cash for upgrades andwinrare parts for your rides. New events added daily!---------------------Make sure you play with your device connected to the internettogain access to the latest content and features, and to ensurethatyour profile is backed up.PLEASE NOTE! Must be 13+ to play. CSR Racing 2 is free to play,butit contains items that can be purchased for real money. Youcantoggle these purchases on/off in the ""Restrictions"" menu onyourdevice.To prevent unauthorized purchases, select “Set or Change PIN”fromthe Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enable the“UsePIN for Purchases” option. You will then be required to enteryourPIN before every transaction.Terms of Service: Policy:
Car Mechanic Simulator 21: repair & tune cars 2.1.30
Become the best car mechanic in your private Auto Body Shop! 🚘Doyou play car tuning, fixing, builder, drifting games? Do youlikecars? Do you like simulators? Are you interested in automechanics?Do you enjoy troubleshooting and repairing mechanicalproblems?Interested in automotive engines and how they work? If youanswered”YES”, you are in the right place. Car Mechanic Simulator21 is theright game for you. Find iconic cars in old barns orthroughorders. Repair the engine, brakes, exhaust, gearbox,andsuspension. Test the car on a track. Remove dirt and rust, putonfiller, and repaint the car. Sell restored cars and becometheultimate mechanic! Pimp the cars. 😎 ✔️ Supported languages:🇬🇧English 🇵🇱 Polish, 🇷🇺 Russian, 🇨🇳 Chinese, 🇯🇵 Japanese, 🇰🇷Korean,🇹🇷 Turkish, 🇵🇹 Portugues, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇫🇷 French, 🇩🇪 German,🇮🇹Italian, Arabic ✔️ Different interesting orders ✔️ Disassemblyandassembly of car parts. Remove broken parts and replace themwithnew ones. ✔️ Realistic car parts (ABS module, brake caliper,drumwheel cylinder, air filter, belt tensioner, cam gear, andmuchmore) ✔️ Test your cars 🚗 on the track to find the damagedparts.✔️ NEW game mode: Repair orders. From now on, there are 3customerrepair jobs waiting for you every day. You have 24 hours totestthe car on the test track and check out what requiresfixing.Complete the repair job in that time and there will be arewardwaiting for you. ✔️ Now you can test every car by riding iton thetest track. The driving model takes into account varioustypes ofdeterioration of the car. ✔️ 45 new cars waiting to berepaired:Haltbar Swing, Onyx 428, Miraco Chicara, Deaton Immersa,DarterRazor, Miraco Togo, Burneu Y14, Motor B88, Maxim Sphera,ElenosPhoenix, Onyx G-200, Mototare Voyage, Onyx Agra, CaletteAceros,Calette Santiago, Calette Marina, Darter 4x4, CaletteUpcarry,Super Onyx, Power H, Nano S-140, Elanos Tuan, Vagner 712,OnyxElectra, Onyx Roadtamer, Exuss Prince, Ursa Veteris, Ursa MX,RinoM, Rino S, Sakura Ventus, Onyx Arbor, Royal MX, Onyx Eval,MayenFam, Onyx Magna, Ribssan Cirok, Katagiri X20, Sakura YR,Emixia Z,Miraci X-S, Oxyxen, Katagiri Aiomx, Super Celer, ArinuszGT ✔️ Newcards to unlock ✔️ Premium store with extra content ✔️Newachievements to unlock If you are looking for a great cartuning,restoration game that is bound to make your time pleasantand killboredom, download Car Mechanic Simulator 21.
Rovercraft 2 1.1.0
RoverCraft 2 - The Next RoverCraft Series Game With Over10MillionInstallations Worldwide Achieving success in RoverСraft 2iseasy:- 📲Download game - 🔧Build your own unique rover⚙️ -🚀Conquerallthe planets🌍 - 🥳Success! Master the most unusualterrainsofunknown planets. Navigate across the planets and gettothemothership! RoverCraft 2 is a free to play game butthereareoptional in-app purchases available.
Turbo Dismount™ 1.43.0
The legendary crash simulator is now on Google Play!Performdeath-defying motor stunts, crash into walls, createtrafficpile-ups of epic scale - and share the fun! Turbo Dismount™is akinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars who love him.It isthe official sequel to the wildly popular and immenselysuccessfulpersonal impact simulator - Stair Dismount™. FEATURES:*Flinch-inducing crash physics * Crunchy sound effects *Deliciousslow-mo replay system * Multiple vehicles: cars,trucks,construction vehicles, a skateboard... * Multiple levels,obstacletypes and characters * Tweak levels to your liking! *Customizeyour character and the vehicles with your own photos! *Gamecontroller support! * Leaderboards and achievements * Smoothfullresolution 4x MSAA visuals on SHIELD Tablet Turbo Dismount isthemost convincing vehicular personal impact simulation seenonAndroid! Follow Mr. Dismount on Exit on Twitter: or regular) is not to be attempted at homeoroutside, and should be left to trained professionals. SecretExitdoes not recommend or condone dismount attempts outside 3Dcomputersimulations.
Retro Garage - Car Mechanic 2.5.0
Become a car mechanic and repair retro cars of the USSR! Lookfordamaged parts, order new ones, or try to fix it yourself. 🛠Eachcar consists of more than 50 parts in 3 categories: body,chassisand engine. If you wish, you can make tuning and replacepart ofthe body and suspension parts with sports, racing andothermodifications! 💵 After repair, you can sell the car or add ittoyour collection, as well as take part in drag races withopponentsat 1/4 mile or set a lap record on the ring track. 🚗 Thegamefeatures the most popular serial cars of the USSR of the 50s -90sof the last century, which came off the conveyors of GAZ, UAZ,VAZ,ZAZ, AZLK and other Soviet car factories. Join our communities-the most relevant information here-
Grand Mountain Adventure 1.191
Toppluva AB
Explore entire mountains in this open-world skiing&snowboarding adventure. Land the biggest cliff drops inthebackcountry, freeride down a steep chute, clip the gates inaslalom track, stomp a perfect park run, or just explore thevastski resorts - the choice is yours! Note! This is a demoversionwith the first mountain free. Purchase the full game tounlock all7 mountains and get twin-tip skis and board. Features - 7hugeopen-world mountains to explore - 100+ different challengestomaster - 10+ different types of challenges (including SuperG,Slopestyle, Freeride, Big Air and more) - Cross-devicemultiplayerover Wifi - Game Controller/Joypad support - Onlineleaderboards tocompete in - Vivid ski resorts with busy slopes,avalanches,wildlife, and sunsets - Absolute freedom to ski whereveryou want,and ride any lift you like without loading screens orinterruptions- Advanced trick system with flips, spins, corks,rails, combos andmore - 20+ hours of gameplay to complete allmountains - Zen modeWinter 2021 Expansion The expansion includesthree new mountainsand can be purchased from within the game.Introducing: - PineconePeaks, USA - A massive resort that combineslong pistes, largebackcountry areas and a wide range of snow parks,with rails andkickers for all skill levels. - Ben Ailig, Scotland -Slushy springskiing in the middle of farms, grazing land, gorges,and impressiverock formations. - Mount Fairview, Canada - Apicturesque resortamid dense forests and slow rivers withflawlessly groomed slopesand thrilling Super G tracks. Cross-DeviceMultiplayer Gather yourfriends, connect to the same Wifi andexplore the mountainstogether. Compete in races or try out the newbattle mode where youthrow snowballs and plant rails to send yourfriends off thecourse. Up to 16 players can play together at once.Gameplay Theadventure starts at the bottom of Hirschalm, a sleepyski resort inthe midst of the alps. Strap on your skis or board andhead down tothe lift while picking up the basics like turning andjumping. Takethe lift up to Almhütte and try your first slalomchallenge.Completing challenges earns you Ski Passes which are usedto unlockski lifts which takes you to new parts of the mountain. Asyouadvance up the mountain you have to tackle a variety ofchallengeslike slalom, slopestyle, ski cross, and big air. Nowperfectcarving turns will not be enough but you also have tostartpracticing tricks, rails, and drops to complete thechallenges. Anddon’t forget to get off the slopes and head into thebackcountryareas. Apart from deep powder and clean lines, you willdiscoverhidden challenges and secret Ski Passes. But be careful -outsidethe groomed runs there are bears, wolves, avalanches,fallingtrees, and other hazards waiting for you! Community Connectwiththousands of fellow skiers and boarders, get hints andadvices,speedrun, and compete with the pros. Toppluva:Grand Mountain Adventure is developed by Toppluva, asmall indiestudio from Stockholm, Sweden consisting ofthreesnowboard-enthusiastic brothers. If you have any trouble, readtheFAQ at: you onthe slopes! / Viktor, Sebastian and Alexander
Idle Car 2.2.1
Lion Studios
Have you ever wondered what makes a car drive?Experienceeverydetail of creating a car from the ground up withIdle Car.Learnhow a car works and what is needed to get there! Funand easytopick up. You will build your first car in no time! Unlockavarietyof cars and vehicles. From motorcycles to yachts tosportscars andmore! Game Features: 1. Unlock Epic Content Thinkbiggerthan justyour fancy self driving car. Have you ever gone tospace?Want tobuild a spaceship? How about a submarine to go tothedeepest partsof the ocean? 2. Grow your Garage Show offyourcollection toothers by unlocking all the cars along the way.Canyou build themall? 3. Supercharge your Efforts Unlock turboboostsand specialpower ups to get your car across the finish line.Onlythe bestbuilders can make their cars 100% complete. 4. BuildwhileyouSleep Even when you aren’t playing, enjoy seeingyourcar’sprogression! The closer you are to the finish, the moremoneyyouget to unlock special content. Watch your projects evolverightinfront of your eyes. Whether you like cars, like learninghowthingswork or just want to click and collect, Idle Car willtakeyouthere. This is the best and most relaxing building gamethereis.Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easytoplaygame that is almost IMPOSSIBLE tomaster.Visit if have anyfeedback, needhelpon beating a level or have any awesome ideas youwould like toseein the game! From the Studio that brought you HappyGlass,FlipTrickster and Mr Bullet! Follow us to get news andupdates onourother Award Winningtitles;
Car Fix Tycoon 1.8.0
Weplay Studio
Welcome to Idle Car Fix Tycoon, in which you'll be running acarrepair business from the scratch. Do you know how much moneydoauto repair shop owners make? The median annual salary forallautomotive service technicians and mechanics is $39,550 as ofMay2017, yet many auto repair owners are more experienced and maybemore likely to earn incomes at the top end of the pay scale.Thetop 10 percent earn more than $65,430, while the bottom 10percentearn less than $22,610. How to play: 1 Design and build yourowncar repair workshop from the scratch. 2 Hire somerepairtechnicians and related support counselors. 3 Finding therightpricing balance: Customer requirements, Business costs,Targetedrevenue, Competitors, Market trends.
Faily Skater 13.17
Join Phil in his latest Faily Adventure as he finds himselfhurtlingthrough downtown “San Fran Faily” on a Skateboard. Inthisphysics-based game you must maneuver an endless cityscape fullofdangerous and hilarious obstacles including busystreets,alleyways, parks, buildings and rooftops resulting in theusualFaily fun and near misses and best of all ultimateCRASHES.FEATURES • NAVIGATE as far as you can go avoiding obstaclesalongthe way • AVOID traffic, trams, pedestrians and all typesofunexpected obstacles • DESTROY obstacles with your shieldorweapons • COLLECT coins as you go • UNLOCK unique boardsandcostumes • RECORD gameplay and share to Youtube, FacebookorInstagram • ENDLESS gameplay • ENDLESS crashes • ENDLESS fun!*Permissions Details * Faily Skater will require access tophotos,media, and files on your device. This is only used to cachetheadvertising in-game and to allow the sharing of customscreenshotstaken in-game.
Highway Crash Derby 1.8.0
Koma Studios
Take your race car out on the highway and cause as much damageasyoucan! Swipe your way through the traffic and wait for therightmomentto cause a massive highway crash. The further youdrivewithout thecrashing, the higher you can score! Featuring6different kind ofvehicles including * a sports car withrocketboost * a police car *a pickup truck with an explosive load* anice cream truck withworking music player and a special ability* aTOP SECRET vehicle,hidden inside a big crate.
Smashy Road: Wanted 1.4.4
SMASHY ROAD: WANTED You are WANTED! Take your driving tonewheights! Master and unlock all 90 vehicles. Race throughthedessert, grasslands and the city or encounter SECRET areaswithgreat rewards! Escape the POLICE, the SWAT, the ARMY JEEPS andtheTANKS! How long can you last? Smash the road and see if youcanbeat your friends highscore in the online leaderboards! FEATURES-90 unlockable vehicles!! - Random generated environment withchanceto encounter secret locations - All vehicles have theirownbehaviour. Find your favourite! - Great visuals and sound
Police Pursuit 1.2.8
Kwalee Ltd
The cops are on your tail! Show off your driving skills byavoidingand outsmarting them! Tap to go left and right, make theenemiescrash into each other to build your combo and increase yourscore!But make sure you don’t get too damaged, or you’ll end upwasted!Police Pursuit Features: • Simple and satisfying gameplay! •Beatyour high score! • Increasingly frantic pace! • Tons ofcrazyvehicles to unlock!