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Used Car Dealer Tycoon 1.9.903
Welcome to Used Car Dealer, in which you'll be running a used carbusiness from the scratch. Keeping your used car business inoperation means taking every step to ensure that you're an honestdealer. How to play: Acquire more vehicle inventory from used-carsellers. Hire assistants and salespeople to help talk withcustomers. Train your salesperson to assist customers and askquestions about what the customer needs. Calculate a "bottomdollar" for each of your used vehicles. Unlock various models ofused cars and make more money.
Slinky Master
Slinky is a toy precompressed helical spring. It is a toy whichisused to perform great tricks. Slinky is growing to beextremelypopular nowadays.
Merge Maze
● At the beginning of the level, a ball will start at the top ofasloped platform.. ● Once the ball starts rolling, the user willbeable to swipe left and right to tilt the platform. ● Thiswillchange the direction of the ball (ie swiping left will maketheplatform tilt left and the ball will move to the left). ● Thegoalwill be to get the ball to the finish line. Various obstacleswillbe in the way to prevent this (ie holes in the ground, holesonethe side, walls, etc). ● The ball rolling down the slope shouldbefast and dramatic.