Top 24 Apps Similar to Zen 1010 : Block Puzzle Game

Aurora Hex - Pattern Puzzles
Match hex blocks together to discover beautiful hidden patterns.
Tri Blocks | Triangle Block Puzzle
Almost impossible block puzzle. Are you smart enough to solvethemall?
Block Puzzle 1010!
1010 Block Puzzle Game! Let’s enjoy a simple and addictiveblockpuzzle game!
Arsil Games
ARE YOU READY FOR A REAL CHALLENGE?Drag and drop as many blocks as possible into the board!FEATURES:· Beautiful HD graphics· Two graphic styles (Classic and Minimal)· Compatible with and optimized for tablets· Game mode easy to learn, hard to master· Saving system to continue playing your last game· Five game modes (Classic Easy, Classic Normal,ClassicHard,Hexagon Normal and Hexagon Hard)· Improve your gaming profile with 18 achievements· Challenge your friends, beat their scores and becomethechampionof the leaderboard· No full screen adsTO ALL TETRAHEXES PLAYERS:We hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed developing itThank you!Yours trulyARSIL GAMES (Can you get 500 points in Hexagon Hard?)PERMISSIONS REQUESTED:IN-APP PURCHASES· Google Play billing servicesDescription: "An app can ask you to make purchasesinsidetheapp"Why do we ask for it?: We ask for this permission in ordertoprovideyou with in-app purchasesWI-FI CONNECTION INFORMATION· View Wi-Fi connectionsWhy do we ask for it?: It's a requirement of the AdMob SDKOTHER· Full network accessWhy do we ask for it?: It's a requirement of the AdMob SDK· View network connectionsWhy do we ask for it?: It's a requirement of the AdMob SDK
Flippuz - Creative Flip Blocks Puzzle Game 1.7702
Flippuz - a creative block folding puzzle game. Whenyourfingersmove, you can fold and flip the blocks, and stack themonthe leftand right. Play this game, you can feel thesymmetricalaestheticin the irregular graphics, and experience theamazingcharm of theever-changing blocks! Rules: Move the block tomake itfold. Bymoving the squares, you can let the blocks fill intheblank area.Once the entire game area are filled, you cancompletethe level!Operation skills: 1. Slide the color block andflip italong oneside of the color block 2. The same color of blocksis awhole. Youcan’t split it when flipped. 4. The target positionofflippingmust be a blank area. Game features: - Simple andfreshinterface -Bright and colorful graphics - Square mode andTrianglemode - 500+levels, ever-changing level design - Easy toplay,creative andplayable - Helpful hints and undo function Foldandflip, find thepotential mysteries between the squares, and feelthebeauty ofsymmetrical changes! You can play squares ortrianglesmode as youplease. A perfect mix of classic elements andinnovativegameplay,you can't miss it! A wonderful journey with alot oflevels, comeand experience it!
Hexa 1010! Block Puzzle
Juudoo studio
Drag and drop the blocks, make them fit in the hexagon boardandclear lines!
Block Triangle: Hexa Puzzle
HKD Studio
Block Triangle: Hexa Puzzle is the puzzle game.
Triangle - Block Puzzle Game
Juudoo studio
Drag and drop the blocks, make them fit in the hexagon boardandclear lines!
Cat therapy - jigsaw puzzles with cats purring 1.8.5
Do you love cats? Cat puzzles with purring - improve brainfunctionand heal your nerves. The murmur (rumbling) is, a quietrhythmiclong vibrating sound, published by cats at the moment ofreceivingpositive emotions. Assemble cats images from pieces andlisten tothem purr. In general, the jigsaw puzzles calms thenerves, calmsthe mind, struggles with depression, gives a goodmood. Select thecat or kitty and collect the puzzle. - KittyPuzzles With Purringcontain 180 photos of cats - 3 difficultylevels - The button withthe camera makes it possible to select animage from the device -Realized the smooth movement of segments, aswell as thesimultaneous movement of several segments (multitouch) -The catsgame contains sounds of purrs - Progress is saved - youcancontinue to collect the puzzle later photos uploadedfrom The following wonderfull musicalcompositionsare used in the game: cdk - Sunday by Analog By Nature(c)copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution(3.0)license. MidnightTheme(cdk mix) by Analog By Nature (c) copyright 2008 Licensedunder aCreative Commons Attribution (3.0)license. pieces of life byAnalog ByNature (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a CreativeCommonsAttribution (3.0) license. - Cats Puzzles With Purring -game -jigsaw puzzles for your relaxation. Recommended for loversof cats.Try to play cat puzzles with purring.
HexaMania Puzzle 1.10.7
Seven interesting puzzle games in one. Despite ofrulessimplicity,every mode is very challenging! Everyone canfindsomethinginteresting for himself. Sign in to Google Play Gamestocompareyour scores with scores of your friends and playersfromaround theworld. - Mode 777 Place figures to game field tomakelines whichwill be cleared and you get score points. You canundothe lastmove. The game continues until you able to place atleastonefigure. Try to get as many points as you can. - Mode 777+Thismodevery similar to 777 mode with additional figures andabilitytorotate them. - Mode Get 12 Tap on adjacent tiles withthesamenumber to select them and combine to one tile with nextnumber.Thegame continues until you able to combine tiles. Try toget thetilewith number 12. - Mode Rings There are 5 logical ring onthegamefield, each ring marked by its own color. Place figurestogamefield to fill rings which will be cleared and you getscorepoints.You can undo the last move and you can rotate figures.Thegamecontinues until you able to place at least one figure. Trytogetas many points as you can. - Mode Threes Touch at anyplaceandslide your finger to any of six directions. All tiles thatcanbemoved will be moved. Tiles can be merged: one with twoandviceversa, three with three, six with six and so on. The goal istogetthe tile with number 6144. - Mode Cube There are logicallinesonthe game field, each line goes through two cudesides.Placefigures to game field to fill lines which will becleared andyouget score points. You can can rotate figures and undothelastmove. The game continues until you able to place atleastonefigure. Try to get as many points as you can. - Mode 6sidesTouchat any place and slide in any of six directions tomovetiles.Tiles that can be moved will be moved until they collidewithothertiles. Combine 3 or more same tiles to clear them andgetscorepoints. You loose if the game field will be empty or full.Trytoget as many points as you can.
Block Hexa Puzzle - jigsaw puzzles for free
Magic Puzzles:Start the hexagon puzzle game which is jigsawpuzzlesfor free.
Block Puzzle Constellation; Mission
"Block Puzzle Constellation" is the best Classic puzzle game.
Laser Box - Winter 1.12
Laser Box is a puzzle game that offers a lot of elementstocontrolthe laser beam and the 120 levels from the very simpletotheextremely complex! LASER BOX FEATURES: • 120 levelsofvaryingdifficulty in 6 chapters • HD graphics and colorfulspecialeffects• intuitive gameplay • various elements forcontrolling thelaserbeam • hint system • without advertising Moveelements,activatethe lazer receiver, get crystals, reach newchapters andlevels!
Block Puzzle : Jigsaw
Block Puzzle : Jigsaw is a fun and addictive block puzzle game.
AuroraBound - Pattern Puzzles
Match puzzle blocks together to discover beautiful hidden patterns.
Woody Poly Block Hexa Triangle
Athena Studio
Brain game with polygon puzzle
Squatris 1.5.10
Have some free time? It's time to train your brain withtheSquatrispuzzle! Simple controls and rules. No restrictions onmovetime,play at your own speed. Automatic save when you exit,stopandcontinue a game at any time. Unlock more than50achievements.Squares game modes rules: Place figures on gamefieldto fill theplaces marked with the same color (squares). Whenyoufill a squareit is erased to make space for new figures, andyouearn scorepoints. Erasing the large squares gives more points.Thegamecontinues until there is a space to put the next figure.Madewrongmove? The last move can be canceled unless it led totheerasing ofa square. Lines game modes rules: Place figures ongamefield tofill horizontal lines. When you fill a line it iserased tomakespace for new figures, and you earn score points.Erasing morethanone line at once will give you more score points.Thegamecontinues until there is a space to put the next figure.Madewrongmove? The last move can be canceled unless it led totheerasing ofa line. Sign in to Google Play Game services andcompetewith otherplayers for highest score.
Bonza Jigsaw
A new type of jigsaw puzzle
Woody Unblock Slide Puzzle - Free Block Puzzle 1.3
The ultimate unblock slide puzzler. Can your brain solve alltheblock puzzles?
Star Battle Puzzle
Challenging logic puzzles. Place the stars, fill in the grid,solvethe puzzle!
Block Puzzle (Tangram) 1.4.1
Hiza Games
Simple but addictive puzzle game!
Taking a jigsaw puzzle apart can be fun.
Block Puzzle - Puzzle Games
A simple but addictive classic Block Puzzle game 2022 to trainyourbrain!
Wood Block Puzzle
Easy to play and pleasurable game forallage.Simply Drag the blocks, and fill up all space.From now on, let's enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle game! Tryitfor FREE now!HOW TO PLAY• Drag blocks to fill up the frame.• Blocks cannot be rotated.• No time limit!FEATURES• Simple rules and Easy control.• Various stages.• Smooth and delicate animation.• Offer 3~9 bonus hints for a week.• Don’t worry. 1~5 free hints offered for everyday after [oneweekbonus]!NOTE• Support both Phones and Tablets.• This game contains banner, interstitial ads.E-MAIL• [email protected]ango.comHOMEPAGE•• any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hearfromyou!Contact us if you have any questions, ideas for improvementsorexperience any bugs when playing thegame:[email protected] feedback will be used in future updates.Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohasplayed "Wood Block Puzzle"