Top 46 Apps Similar to Network Signal Guru

Network Info II
All the network information you'll need. WiFi/Bluetooth/Cell/IPv6.
Network Signal Info Pro
An easy to use Wifi (WLAN) and Mobile network information app.
LTE Discovery (5G NR)
Advanced signal discovery and analysis.
GSM Signal Monitor & SIM Info
'GSM Signal Monitor' notifies you when you have no GSM signalormobile data.
Mobile network monitoring app
Mobile Signal Finder
mobile coverage insights, signal history, signal finder
Network Cell Info & Wifi
The mobile and WiFi signal monitoring tool for 5G, LTE+ and more.
Signal Strength
Check your Cellular and Wifi Signal strength or speed atyourhome/office
NetMonitor Pro
Vitaly V
Cellular network 2G/3G/4G/5G monitoring/logging(for mobilenetworkengineers)
Monitor CDMA / GSM / WCDMA / LTE / TD-SCDMA / 5G NRnetworks:current and neighboring cell infos, signal strength. MultiSIMsupport (when possible). Use GPS/geolocation. Generatedatabasewith custom info on cells. Export log to file CLF/KML. Mapshowscell location. List WiFi access points. Please contact if youhavequestions: [email protected]
Phone signal information
Is your cell phone network signal OK where you use it most? Easytouse.
SignalCheck Pro
SignalCheck allows users to check thetruesignal strength of their connections. Unlike the standardAndroidsignal bars, which typically only display the 1xRTT (voiceandlow-speed data) signal strength, SignalCheck will show youdetailedsignal information about all of your device'sconnections,including 1X, GSM, EV-DO or eHRPD (3G), LTE (4G), andWi-Fi.Special thanks to S4GRU for their tremendous support ofSignalCheckfrom the beginning! Visit forup-to-the-minuteinformation and discussions about Sprint's NetworkVision strategy,as well as talk about devices and other cellularnetworks. There isa SignalCheck discussion thread too!SignalCheck will display LTE Cell ID information on mostdevicesrunning Android 4.2 or higher, and some HTC devices onearlierAndroid versions. SignalCheck was one of the first (if notTHEfirst) Android apps to provide this information to users. LTEbandinformation is available for some providers, and frequenciesaredisplayed on some HTC devices.A configurable SignalCheck widget can be added to your homescreen,showing your realtime connection type and signalstrengths.SignalCheck also displays the current connection type along withthecarrier name for each connection, even while roaming. Sprintusersare instantly able to see if they are on the new 800 or 2500MHz(Spark) networks, part of Network Vision!One of the best features of SignalCheck are thenotificationicon(s). A user-customizable icon shows your dataconnectionstrength in the notification area at the top of thescreen, andmore details can be seen in the pulldown menu. Yoursignal strengthis always at the top of the screen along with yourother icons.. noneed to open the app to check your connections. Theicons arecustomizable, showing signal bars, connection type,digital signalstrength in dBm, or connection type with signalstrength. Asecondary icon can be enabled to always display the1xRTT signalfor users who wish to compare their signal strengthsrealtime. Allof this is customizable from within the app! Users canconfigurethis to automatically start when their device boots up iftheychoose to.SignalCheck can also notify the user with optional audioand/orvibrating alerts when a 4G LTE connection is discovered. Thisishandy for users traveling in new cities, or if yourcarrier'snetwork is being upgraded -- know immediately when youhave ahigh-speed connection! Sprint users can also enable alertstonotify them when they connect to 800 SMR.Curious as to which tower you are connected to? SignalCheck willnotonly show you the ID, but also the street address of the 1Xtower orsector on most CDMA networks! Clicking on the addresswillautomatically show the location through your mapping app. Userscanalso add custom "Site Notes" for each site they connectto.SignalCheck has an option to quickly reset your dataconnectionsfrom within the app (root required on Android 4.2+).Another optionallows users to start checking their signals as soonas theirdevice boots, enabling the notification icon(s)immediately.SignalCheck provides easy access to advanced Android screens suchasData, Debug, Engineering, EPST, and Field Trial, along withBatteryInfo, Field Trial, Mobile Networks, and Wi-Fi info. Thesescreensare already available on most Android devices, but areonlyaccessible by special dialer codes.SignalCheck is a great complement to the Sensorly app, allowingyouto check your signal strengths and map them out so other userscansee the data as well.This app has also been referred to as Signal Check, SignalCheckLTE, LTE Signal Check, and LTE Checker, among other things.Userschecking their signals on the Sprint network will see themostbenefit from this app as their Network Vision nationwideupgraderolls out, but Boost, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile,andinternational users can also check their signals and seedetailedinformation about their connections.
UNMS 2.18.7
Ubiquiti Inc.
UNMS™ Mobile is a convenient client application forinstallingUbiquiti® airMAX®, LTU™, airCube™, EdgeSwitch®,EdgePower™,EdgePoint®, and EdgeRouter™ devices from your smartphoneor tablet– it’s easy and quick. UNMS Mobile adds these devices toUNMS(Ubiquiti® Network Management System) for centralized controlofUbiquiti devices across multiple sites worldwide. UNMS offersmassconfiguration changes, monitoring, firmware upgrades, andconfigbackups via an intuitive graphical interface. Learn more ortry outthe demo at: UNMS Mobile can also be usedinstandalone mode without UNMS servers for device discovery onthelocal network, site survey, airMAX® device installation usingtheU-Installer or airGateway® Pro Installer, provisioningwithconfiguration templates, antenna alignment, configurationbackupand sharing, and offline firmware upgrades. The UNMSMobilecommunicates with devices over HTTP(S), so the app requiresaccessto the devices on these ports.
NetMan: Network Tools & Utils
All in one professional network tools for analysis diagnosingandscanning
4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now. 7.8.1-1
OpenSignal app is a powerful and freenetworksignal & wifi tool.Run a speed test to check connection quality to your ISP orcellnetwork, monitor data usage, compare coverage, viewconnectionhistory e.g. how much 4G you get. OpenSignal does itall.With free wifi maps & cell tower maps, you can see where togoto improve your wireless experience. Use coverage maps tocomparenetworks & data speed in your area.Download now to find high speed data and strong signal forcellcalls.Features✓ Cell tower direction - follow our signal compass tostrongersignal✓ Download, upload and latency tests - for 2G, 3G, LTEandwifi✓ Database of your speed test results so you can view test history-stored in app, so see results offline✓ Compare coverage and connection quality on a map✓ History of your mobile connection - see stats on yourconnectionto 4G and 3G and your data usage✓ Find fast wifi with our interactive wifi map✓ Free and no adsEasy, Fast Speed Test• Test download speed, upload speed and ping performance on yourISPor mobile network• High speed test - runs fast using a network of CDNs toshowrealistic measurements• Units in mbps and ms• History of results saved to a database - speed test history onamap• Speedometer style interface• Save to sd card as a CSV• Works for mobile and cable broadband (ADSL)Signal dashboard• Shows direction of your connected cell tower - walking towardsit,or out of the way of obstructions, can improvecellularconnection• Ping test for quick speed check• Signal strength in dB• Become a network master: get notifications when you have nodataor can't make phone callsCell and Wifi Maps• Where we have data, see the cell towers on *your* network-including, Verizon wireless, T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T,USCellular + more• Wifi hotspots map and list - find free wifi nearby• Unique network tools: signal compass, signal strength indBm• Uses Google Maps• By using the app you help crowdsource data - automaticallyaddingnetworks and wifisView history and stats• View data usage on wifi and cellular• How long have you had access to 4G (LTE), 3G or 2G, or spentinsignal notspots? See your stats for network availability• Save to SD Card as a CSV - see your history of LTE,3Gmeasurements and moreCompare networks with our coverage map• Interactive maps covering mobile networks worldwide• Compare performance on Verizon wireless, T Mobile,Sprint,AT&T, US Cellular and many more• Coverage checker for if you're moving home or going abroad, seeifyou can make calls or get fast data• View average speeds for download, upload and latency andnetworkstrength• 100% independent, our data is based on real measurements fromappusersCrowdsourcingSince launching in 2010, OpenSignal has built the largestglobaldatabase on mobile performance.With hundreds of billions of readings of mobile networksignalstrength and speed tests, OpenSignal shows the performancewhereyou live. Download the app to automatically contribute dataonspeed and 2G, 3G and LTE signal, or you can choose to turn offdatacollection settings.Want to check app performance - know if you can get fast videoonYoutube, or if WhatsApp will send messages - check our sisterappMeteor which is powered by OpenSignal technology.PermissionsLOCATION so we can show you nearby wifi and antennasPHONE SETTINGS allows network reset on some Android OSsSMS required to count the number of SMS sent to track yourusage,SMS are never read (use a packet sniffer to check!)Advanced NotesOn CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint you will seefewertowers than on GSM networks such as T Mobile andAT&T.Supported languages:English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil&Portugal), Indonesian, ThaiHelp test and develop features! Join the OpenSignalbeta to help us improve theapp.We're developing other advanced network tools - we'd love tohearfrom you
Network Info II (Donate)
All the network information you'll need. WiFi/Bluetooth/Cell/IPv6.
Network Cell Info Lite & Wifi
The mobile and WiFi signal monitoring tool for 5G, LTE+ and more.
IoPT: Network Security Scanner
EnsoTech ltd
Find out if you have vulnerable device(s) in your network.
Coverage Map
Our CoverageMap app empowers you totestnetwork performance in areas where you live, work, and play.Notonly does testing performance in your neighborhood provide youwithuseful insights, but the data you produce also helpscarriersimprove the quality of your mobile life.The newest version of the app for Android has expandedthefunctionality and ease of use found in previous versions togiveyou a personal network testing and comparison tool that’sbetterthan ever. And whether you’re already familiar with ourCoverageMap app or simply curious about testing mobile networkperformancein your neighborhood, you’ll quickly see how easy it isto getstarted.New features:• Improved user interface. Our updated app not only boastsabeautiful new user interface, but it also makes it easy to findandselect the options and settings you want to use before runningatest. Plus, easily identify areas that have yet to be tested,andbe the first to put yourself on the map.• A world of results on an expanded dashboard. Your test resultscantell you a great deal about your daily mobile life. Get abroaderunderstanding of your findings with new stats such asmovingaverages, histories, and more.• Personalize your results. Wondering how performance withyourcarrier of choice compares between the office and at home? Nowyoucan find out. Easily select multiple hexes on the map tocompareyour results, and find out if others are having thesameexperience.• Test how you want, when you want. Set your device toautomaticallyrun performance tests continuously, or sample networkconditions inthe background. Stop a test at any time with eithersetting. Whenyou turn background collection on, you anonymouslycontributeinformation about your device’s data performance withoutusing yourdata plan.• We want to hear from you. While we love to see more and moredatapoints appear on the map, you can also tell us aboutyourexperience in your own words. Whether it’s something youfeelrequires our attention, or you just want to say you’ve had agreatexperience testing performance, we want to hear fromyou.Enjoying the app? Please rate it and leave your comments.Follow us on TwitterLike us on Facebook
UniFi Network
Ubiquiti Inc.
UniFi Network helps you set up and manage your UniFi Networkdevices
PingTools Network Utilities
PingTools - a simple but powerful set of network utilities.
Network Analyzer Pro
Jiri Techet
The ultimate tool for network analysis, wifi scanning andproblemdetection.
Rx Monitor
Monitor 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile radio signal reception from cell sites.
WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor 2.6.5
WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor fromManageEngineeffectively monitors the signal strength, channelgraph, andchannel interference of all the available WiFinetworks.· Use the WiFi monitor to detect slow WiFi networks,identifychannel interference and poor signal strength.· Enjoy the smart WiFi analyzer with no ads.· Use the WiFi scanner in the app to scan for all the WiFinetworksin the environment.· Survey the signal strengths of the WiFi networks using theWiFisurveyor mode of the app. Export the heatmap report andsignalstrength report of the survey result from the app.GET IN TOUCH*******************Got any feedback or questions? Get in touch with [email protected]
WiFi Tools: Network Scanner
Redesigned your favorite network app
WiGLE WiFi Wardriving
Network stumbling and database access for Android
PortDroid - Network Analysis Kit & Port Scanner
Network Analysis & Security App: Portscanner, Ping,Tracerouteand discovery.
Speed test 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi & network coverage map
Network speed test & internet coverage – Speed Test forwifi,3G, 4G LTE, 5G
Network Utilities
First Row
Network tools, those must have every system administrator
G-NetTrack Lite
Mobile network measurements and analysis tool for5G/4G/3G/2Gnetwork
Cell Signal Monitor Pro
The application collects data about base stations of mobile network
G-NetTrack Pro
Mobile network measurements and analysis tool for5G/4G/3G/2Gnetwork
Independent measurements and benchmarking of Radio CoverageandInternet Service Quality. Internet Speed Testing. PROversionfeatures: - Removed advertisements - Streaming Test -Advancedviews enabled - Advanced Control - Test in the loop andschedulerfunction Mobile and fixed operators and service providersrankingin your location. Check before you decide to buy new SIMorBroadband Internet Access. Mobile application RFBENCHMARKPROallows measurements of radio coverage of mobile operatorandtesting of Internet connection quality for different radioaccesstechnologies, such as: GSM, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, as well asfixedInternet services By using RFBENCHMARK software you will beable toanalyze radio coverage of operator, report problems andperformInternet Speed Test, allowing to determine which servicescan beused with provided Internet Quality. You can compare yourresultswith mobile operators ranking in your location. Mobileoperatorsranking is based on signal and Internet quality usinginteractivemap and ranking function.You can filter results byaccesstechnology : GSM, 3G, 4G - LTE. By means of web portalaccess: collected measurements(Coverage/InternetSpeed/Reported Problems) can be viewed andanalyzed.
Network Monitor Mini Pro
Configurable live network meter, real time network bandwidthandconnections
Network Analyzer
Jiri Techet
Wifi scanner, signal meter, ping, traceroute, whois, DNS query&other net tools
NETGEAR Insight 6.2.23
NOTE: Insight is used to manage ONLY the listed setofNETGEAR'sInsight Managed devices. Insight Does NOT manageallNETGEARDevices. SMART MANAGED PRO SWITCHES: GC108P GC108PPGC110GC110PGC510P GC510PP GC728X GC728XP GC752X GC752XPGS108Tv3GS110TPv3GS110TPP GS110TUP GS710TUP GS716TP GS716TPPGS724TPv2GS724TPPGS728TPv2 GS728TPPv2 GS752TPv2 GS752TPP MS510TXUPMS510TXMWIRELESS& WIRELESS ROUTER GATEWAYS: WAC505 WAC510WAC540WAC540B03WAC564 SRK60 Orbi Pro SXK80 Orbi Pro WiFi 6 SXK30Orbi ProWiFi 6Mini WBC502 WBC502B2 WAX610 WAX610Y WAX620 WAX630NETWORKSTORAGEDEVICES: Monitoring and firmware management ofNETGEARReadyNAS420, 520, 620, 3000, 4000 and 5000 series Here isthe fulllist ofdevices Insight managesbymodel[]. Makesureyourdevice is on this list to ensure your device will bemanageablebyInsight. After download, create your Insight accountandletInsight help you add your Insight managed devices andcreateandconfigure your network. Insight Advantages: UseInsighttodiscover, register, install and configure yourInsightmanageddevices - switches, wireless access points androutergateways, andstorage devices, as well as to setup your wiredandwirelessnetworks. Additionally, with the Insight app you cancheckthestatus of your network, re-configure and fine-tunesettingsandtroubleshoot. You also can receive alerts andnotificationsoncritical and important events related to yourdevices andnetworks.Most of the features available on the InsightCloud Portalareavailable on the mobile app, making the NETGEARInsight appanexcellent tool to help stay on top of allyourInsight-devicesbased networks. Additionally, with the Insightapp,you have directaccess to NETGEAR Help and Support. You trulyhavefull visibilityand control of all your networks in the palm ofyourhand –anytime, anywhere. Unlike most networkmanagementsolutions,NETGEAR Insight is a complete unified networkmanagementsolutionbuilt specifically for the SMB market. With theeasy, userfriendlynetworking experience, NETGEAR Insight appenablesmulti-deviceconfiguration, network management, monitoring,andservicedeployment of select NETGEAR wireless, switching,routingandstorage devices. Feature Highlights: * Remote accessintoyournetworks and devices from anywhere right through yourphone*Unified and simplified multi-device configuration from yourphone*Unified cloud management of both wired and wirelessnetworks*Manage multiple network locations from one screen*Troubleshootissues and get NETGEAR Support right from yourInsightapp *Intuitive mobile user experience * No additional needforcloudcontroller, appliance, network manager, orPC/serverNETGEARInsight Managed Devices -- check for list ofdevices managedbyInsight[]: *InsightManagedWireless Access Points – Meeting the need forhigherbandwidth,multi-user support * Insight Managed Switches—Networking madesimple * ReadyNAS Storage — Powerful, scalableNowNETGEAR Insightsupports landscape mode for tablets.Additionally,the NETGEARInsight Cloud Portal is alsoavailableat
Network Scanner
First Row
Find all devices in local and external networks
G-MoN Pro
C. Knuetter
Netmonitor und Fieldtest tool for engineers and tech staff ofmobilenetworks
Port Authority - Port Scanner
Aaron Wood
Fast, accurate TCP scanner with host discovery, WoL, andDNSlookups.
NETGEAR Orbi – WiFi System App
Do more with your Orbi WiFi using the NETGEAR Orbi app.
Network Tools II
Vladimir Kuts
Monitors your Internet-connected resources & equipment.Alertswhen they fail.
Speed Check Light 5G / 4G LTE / WiFi
Lightweight Internet Speed Check Tool
Signils™ Manage Bluetooth | Detect Unknown Devices
Manage Bluetooth devices, control music stream, detectunknowndangerous devices
Ubigi app is a tool to help you manage your Ubigi data plansandaccount.
MikroTik Home
Configure your MikroTik WiFi devices, with simple tools formosthome users.
NetX Network Tools
Discovers and manages all devices connected to WiFi