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Trinus CBVR Lite
Odd Sheep
Turn your phone into a Virtual Reality PC headmount.Enjoyaffordable VR!
Mobile VR Headset for your PC
Mobile VR Station
A virtual reality media player developed by Michael &YueqinFuller.
CEEK Virtual Reality
Enjoy exclusive VR concerts, games, learning, sports, more. Betherevirtually.
DosBox Turbo
A highly optimized and feature enhanced portofthe latest SVN release of DOSBox emulator for Androidwithspecialized Voodoo Graphics, IPX Networking, PCI DevicesandWindows support. Run your old DOS and Windows games quickly,withfull mouse, keyboard, sound and analog joystickemulation.If you have no experience with DOS emulators, please readourGetting Started Guide first ( ).NOTE: Your device should have at least 50+MB of storage space andatleast 256MB RAM to run DosBox. Copy your old DOS games ontoyourdevice or SD card and start playing!FEATURES:★ FASTEST DOS/Windows Emulator for Android★ Optimized for Intel, ARM and MIPS Android devices.★ Voodoo 3dfx Glide Support★ PCI BUS Emulation (DirectX Windows support)★ Pentium MMX Instructions!★ Full analog controller support (mouse and joystickemulation)[Android 3.1+]★ Support for playing many Windows 9x games!★ Network Gaming! - Play network DOOM/Warcraft II, etc. withyourfriends on your LAN!★ Mixed Mode Audio support (ie. bin/cue + OGG/MP3 audio)★ MIDI Sound Emulation★ IPX Networking Support★ Sliding "QuickMenu"★ Transparent Hide-able ActionBar★ Mappable Virtual On-Screen Buttons★ Based upon latest DOSBOX SVN★ Universal Button/Controller Support (Wii, Xbox360, GameGripper,PS3, Xperia Play controllers and more!).★ Game Profiles Manager★ Absolute Finger & Pointer tracking, use DOSapplicationsintuitively on a touch screen! (experimental)★ Gestures Support★ Customize DOS Game Covers/Icons in Profile Manager★ Highly optimized port of the lastest DosBox version. ARMv7&NEON processor optimization for enhanced speed★ Use DPAD and Optical Trackpad as mouse/joystick.★ Virtual Mouse emulation mode, with left & right click!★ Mappable hardware & virtual buttons.★ Virtual Multi-Touch *Analog* Joystick emulation!★ OPTIMIZED & FAST!! ( )★ Switch to portrait or landscape mode without restart!★ Multiple Stretch/Scaling options.★ Supports external USB/Bluetooth mice & joysticks[Android3.1+]★ Supports Right Click on Trackpads & mice. [Android4.0+]★ Full ASUS Transformer keyboard & trackpad support.★ Nvidia Shield support!★ Can be used with any 3rd Party Keyboard replacement toemulateDPAD or Cursor Keys (our GamePad, or HackersKeyboardisrecommended).★ Full Jelly Bean (JB) and Lollipop support (Android 4.0, 4.1,4.2,4.3, 4.4, 5.0).To Enable Cursor/Arrow Keys:============================Use any 3rd party Android Input Method (Keyboard)replacement.Highly recommend the free HackersKeyboard, whichsupportstransparency, cursor keys and Function Keys or you can trythe Free'GamePad' keyboard. With DosBox Turbo, there is no need topayextra for virtual cursor keys and/or gamepads.FAQ:===Q. Where is the settings button?? (or How can I access thesettingsmenu)?A. You have three easy ways of accessing the DosBox TurboSettingsMenu.1. From Landscape Mode: from close to the top margin, swipe downtoshow the ActionBar. From the action bar, you can accessthesettings menu as well as many other options.2. From Portrait Mode: The actionbar will always be visible, andyoucan just access the settings menu by clicking the (3 dots) atthetop.3. From either Portrait or Landscape: Place your finger neartheleft margin and swipe right, you'll have access to theDosBoxQuickMenu.Q. Wheres the FAQ?A: Can it run Fallout?A. Yes, check out this video: Can it run Daggerfall?A. Yes, check out this video: Can it run Windows and play Windows Games?A. Yes, if you have a fast/modern device. Please see the FAQ&watch this video: How do I install the Profile Manager?Click "Install Profile Manager" in the settings menu.Q. How do I use the new Profile Manager?** Note, please update to the latest 2.0.0 DosBox Manager.
Video Game Tracker Pro
Do you own a lot of games? Do you havetroublekeeping track of all your video games or board games?Gamers, keep track of your game collection withthisorganizer.Manage you games along with personal ratings and notes, whichyoucan share with others or keep private.Check which games you already own while you're out shopping soyouwon't accidentally buy one you already own.Read game reviews that others have shared.FEATURES• Use the Bulk Bar Code Scan option to enter your games byquicklyscanning the barcodes on your game cases with yourphone.• Backup your game collection info to the server. If you loseyourphone or upgrade to a new phone, just import your collection tothenew phone so you don't have to re-enter everything.• If the game cover picture isn't found automatically, use thePhotofeature to take your own photo with your phone'scamera.• Export your game collection info in CSV format and save it toyourphone's SD Card or email it to yourself.• Track statistics about your game collection like Total NumberofGames, Average Rating, Most Completed Games, Number of GamesbyPlatform, Number of Games by Category.(Note: This app is not a game player and does not download games,itis for managing your physical game collection.)LAST UPDATE- Added PS4, Xbox One, Ouya to platforms- Added N-Gage, Game Boy Color, DSi, PC Engine to platformsPREVIOUS UPDATES- Set your default Game Format now under Tools=>Settings.(Addingnew games will always default to PS3 or XBox360 format ifthis isset)- Added Edit Categories- Added Facebook, Twitter, and Email Sharing- Added Move to SDCard- Added Pick Random Game- Swipe left or right to flip between games- Fixed CSV Export bug- Fixed Search bug- Added Nintendo 3DS, Sega Game Gear and Master System toConsoleList- Added Sort option for Platform then Name (alphabetical)- Added option to hide picture and synopsis under Settings- enabled FastScroll
VR Theater for Cardboard
Media player in full virtual reality for Google VR, for both 2Dand3D movies
VRTV VR Video Player Free
Chai Software
VRTV is the best VR Video Player with full format support andagreat UI
Discover the best VR content from theworld’sfinest VR creators—all in a single app. From gripping talesset inworlds of pure imagination to documentaries taking youfurtherinside the news than ever before, Within brings togetherpremium,story-based immersive content in a variety of genres.DownloadWithin and experience the future of storytellingtoday.-Watch popular content like the Mr. Robot VirtualRealityExperience, which brings you inside a key moment in thehistory ofthe hit show’s main character-Works with Google Cardboard and GoogleCardboard–certifiedviewers-Just download the Within app, then download individual videosandinsert your phone into the viewer to watch-Also works on your phone, without a viewer--your device becomesa“magic window” into the 360° VR experience as you move itaroundyou to see the scene-Be sure to use headphones or earbuds for realistic 3D spatialVRaudio-Experience innovative, entertaining, and informative contentfrompartners including Apple, The New York Times, NBC, Vice Media,theUnited Nations, Annapurna Pictures, musical acts like U2, Muse,andSquarepusher, plus much more
Magic DosBox
MS-DOS in your pocket. Play old DOS games anywhere you are ;)
Home Theater VR
Advanced VR Home Cinema, Web Browser, PC Streamer, ImageViewer.2D/3D/180/360
BubbleDS for Linn DS / OpenHome
Play your music to your Linn DS and OpenHome players in your home
Remotix RDP Kiosk 3.4
Remotix RDP Kiosk is a perfect tool for organizing kioskstyleaccessto an application over RDP server. With USB creditcardreaderssupport, it is ideal for POS or financialprocessingappliances usingAndroid mobile device. Highlights -Fullyinteractive remote clientinterface - Hardware andbluetoothkeyboard support - USB MSR supportfor credit card reading-Multitouch gestures for scrolling, zoomingand dragging-Connection settings are protected by master password -SupportsallWindows versions, except Starter editions - UsesoriginalRDPengine from Remotix.
HandyGamePad Pro
Paweł Mucha
HandyGamePad: wifi, usb, bluetooth gamepad for Windows, AndroidTVand phones
TwomonAir - Dualmonitor,remote
TwomonAir can remote control and be a dual monitor through tablet.
Remote PC
Remote PC is app which allows you to remotely control your PCoverBT or Wi-FI.
VRTV VR Video Player
Chai Software
VRTV is the best VR Video Player with full format support andagreat UI!
A huge number of movies, including the latest releases andclassicblockbusters, are waiting for you. With BRAVIA XRtechnology, PureStream™ and IMAX® Enhanced, everything you watch isdelivered withstunning visuals and expressive sound quality. Watchin PureStream™, the highest in streaming picture quality,deliveringlossless 4K UHD picture quality on a wide range ofcontent. Accessthe largest IMAX® Enhanced collection for a trulyelevated movieexperience at home. Optimized for BRAVIA XR, itdelivers remasteredIMAX® picture and immersive sound by DTS. Godeeper into thecreation of your favorite movies with Studio Access,which givesyou the inside story on what happened behind the scenesof yourfavorite movies, including extra footage, interviews, andmore. Assoon as you register your BRAVIA CORE account, you canstartbrowsing the library. Use your redeemable credits to unlockmoviesof your choice to watch in up to 4K HDR or IMAX® Enhanced.WithUnlimited Streaming, you are also subscribed to anamazingselection of movies to stream anytime and as many times asyoulike. Note that features and content may vary depending onregion,device, and market. BRAVIA CORE is not available in allcountriesor languages. See for details.
Moonlight Game Streaming
Play games from your PC on Android (NVIDIA-only)
VR Player PRO 2.0.11
***** Thank you to everyone who supports VR Player Pro! Weareveryexcited about this latest big update and hope you all likeit!Weare working non-stop to create the best standalone VRmediaplayerout there and we listen to every one of yourcommentsandsuggestions. Lots of exciting news announcements comingsoon!Staytuned. Thank you! ***** Now... Step inside the action!VRPlayerPro is a fully customizable media player for highdefinitionVRvideo playback, immersive media experiences, and even360°LIVEstreams. Now, you can use your phone as an HDvirtualrealityheadset OR move your phone around without a headsetlikeholding awindow into another world. Features: - Support2D/3Dphotos andvideos - Supported formats: mono,side-by-side,over/under - Readlocal files or call up remote URL's -Stream in360° events live. -Activate voice commands - Gamepad andkeyboardsupports - Subtitlessupport (.srt and .smi format) -Ambientlighting effects Availableprojection geometries: - Plane(For allregular movies projected ona virtual screen) - Dome (Foractioncameras like the GoPro orKodak 360) - Sphere (For spherical360°videos and photos) - Fulldome (For IMAX and planetariumstyledvideos) - Cylinder (Forpanoramic photos and videos) - Cube(Forcube maps like in videogames) *** We value your privacyandsecurity, so we want to bevery clear on the permissions theappasks for on install.Permissions: • Take pictures and videos -Forcamera access in"See-Thru Mode" • Record audio - For voicecommandaccess andaccuracy. No audio gets saved or sent to us.•Approximate location- Better accuracy of orientation andpositioninside of VR • Modifyor delete contents from SD card; readcontentsof SD card - Foryour file navigation access • Find accountson thedevice - To giveyou better and easier navigation access toyourcontent storagelocations • Control near field communication -NFCis for detectingGoogle cardboard presets when NFC tag is intheHMD. • AccessBluetooth settings / Pair with Bluetooth devices -Forexternalbluetooth device control • Control vibration, preventphonefromsleeping - So it doesn't interrupt your experiences. VRPlayerPROis based on the open source project that started itall.ThisAndroid Pro version puts the power of VR Player desktop inthepalmof your hand with full customization of the entireexperienceforprofessionals and power users. Note that some of thePCfeaturesare not supported yet. For the list of compatiblevideoformats,see: videos are not compatible, you can re-encode usinganyvideotranscoding software like HandBrake( Forsomedevices, mp4 in h264 format onlysupport baseline profile.
ENGAGE Virtual Communications
Join virtual meetings, events and experiences on theENGAGEplatform.
Gizmo VR Video Player: 360 Virtual Reality Videos
GizmoVR -the best of VR apps: free 360 video player forvirtualreality headsets
PandwaRF 1.15.3
PandwaRF is a RF analysis tool with a sub-1 GHzwirelesstransceivercontrolled by a smartphone or a PC. Its purposeis tocapture,display & transmit RF data very easily. It canbeconnected toan Android smartphone using BLE or USB, and toLinuxusing USB. Itis based on the well-known RfCat & Yard StickOnetools with theTexas Instruments CC1111 RF transceiver, but withalot of newfeatures, making PandwaRF the perfect portableRFanalysis tool.Cheaper, simpler, smaller than a SDR.Hardwarerequired! You can buythe PandwaRF hardwareat
Cardboard Design Lab
Google LLC
Design Principles for Virtual Reality
Google LLC
Experience high quality VR with your Daydream-ready phone.