Top 18 Apps Similar to KK Contacts -Easy,Cool Contact

ZenUI Dialer & Contacts
ZenUI Dialer & Contacts is anall-in-onecontacts, dialer, and call log app that offers powerfulphone callfeatures enabling you to block calls from unknown callersand spamsenders, use speed dial, link duplicate contacts, run smartsearch,view history with all important info and personalize yourown themeon your dialer, call log, and contacts.Block calls from unidentified callers• Get rid of annoying phone spam using the Smartblockingfeature.• Block calls from unknown and private numbers.• Block calls from recognized spammers and by block list.Smart search to find your contact fast• Type partial/first character of name or number to getrelevantsearch results from your dialer.• Available in these languages: English, TraditionalChinese,Simplified Chinese, Russian.Speed dial with a tap• 8 available number slots to instantly link with yourimportantcontacts from your phone dialer.Safeguard your private contacts• Password-protect your contact list and address book historyfromprying eyes.• Trigger your phone’s front camera into a security cam andcapturephotos of unauthorized users who try to hack in withwrongpasswords.Smart linking the duplicate contacts• Link same contact data from different accounts under onebasedfrom email addresses or phone numbers.Your very personal phone book• Personalize and apply theme on your dialer, call log andcontactlist backgrounds.More informationFor more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.com first dibs on ZenUI’s upcoming versions by joiningourbeta-testing site! and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you! Send us your feedbacksvia:[email protected]
Contacts+ 6.15.0
Contacts+ is the world’s leadingcontacts(phone book) and dialer app, powered with caller ID, spamblock andcontacts backup - all in one place. Known & loved byover 10million users worldwide, Contacts+ is brought to you bytheContacts Plus Team - awarded ‘top developer’ on GooglePlay!CONNECT WITH FRIENDS, BLOCK SPAMMERSContacts+ is a true all-in-one contacts, dialer, sms and calllogapp that makes it easy to connect with friends and blockunwantedpeople, telemarketers and spam via caller ID & block.Whetherit’s a call or sms - you’re always in control.PROTECT YOUR CONTACTSIn addition to blocking spam calls and sms, Contacts+ providestrueprotection to your phone contacts with an integrated backupservicefor your contacts, sms and call logs, so if you switch orlose yourphone - they will always stay with you.MAKE IT YOUR OWNAbove all, Contacts+ is private and customizable with over 80themesand infinite wallpapers - just select a picture from yourgallery toadd a unique wallpaper to your main contacts, sms andcall logscreens, or to a specific contact.FEATURES+ Caller ID+ Calls & SMS spam block+ Contacts, SMS and Call log backup+ Over 80 customizable themes and infinite wallpapers+ Speed dial screen with one touch to call+ Fast dialer search+ Smart contacts sort+ Grid / List contacts view+ Smart cards integrated in your contacts (Gmail,Events,etc.)+ Birthday reminders+ Merge duplicate contacts+ Open WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber, Email and more directly fromyourcontacts!+ Android Wear supportCONTACT US:We’d love to know what you think :-)[email protected]/help
My Contacts - Phonebook Backup 8.4.2
Secure Contact Backup, Restore and Transfer contacts from onephoneto another!
Contacts & Dialer by Simpler 10.5
Contacts & Dialer by Simpler - Afreecaller ID & spam blocker, contacts backup, mergeduplicates,smart dialer, group text, social photos sync andcleanupcontacts.* Your address book is a mess? Simpler will fix it infewseconds!* Over 8,000,000 people love Simpler in all majorplatforms:)MAIN FEATURES○ Always see who’s calling - Identify unknown callersinreal-time○ Block spam calls - identify spam callers and telemarketers○ Merge all duplicate contacts○ One tap to backup your contacts!○ Sync your contacts profile photos from social networks○ Instantly send group text & email○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name & numbers○ Over 40 beautiful themes availableCALLER ID + BLOCK SPAM○ Identify unknown incoming calls even if it’s notyourcontact○ Block unwanted calls such as telemarketers, spam callers,fraud,etc.○ Identify unknown callers also in your call history○ Copy a number anywhere and Simpler will tell you who it isMERGE DUPLICATE CONTACTS○ Merge all duplicate contacts with one tap○ Find & merge contacts with similar names.○ Find & Merge contacts with duplicate phone or email.BACKUP○ One tap to backup your contacts○ Offline Backup. No need to sync to any server. Just emailyourselfthe backup file.○ Simple Restore - just tap on the .vcf file in any AndroidoriPhone mail client.○ Backup Contacts as VCF (VCard).○ Quickly export your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, EmailCLEANUP○ Remove contacts without name, phone or email○ Delete unused contacts○ Filter contacts by Company & Job titleSMART DIALER○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name & numbers○ One tap to call your favorite and frequently used contactsGROUPS○ Manage your contacts into groups○ Instantly send group text & email○ Share with your colleagues, friends and familyAVAILABLE IN 15 DIFFERENT LANGUAGESEnglish, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português (Br.),中文(Simplified), 中文 (Traditional), 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands,Русский,Türkçe, العربية, עבריתCONTACT USFeel free to contact us directly if you need any kind ofsupport: hope you love our app as much as our community and our teamdo.Download it today and let us know what you think!
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe 3.2.3
Forget about traditional phonebook apps!Webring your contacts & apps together to one place,that’saccessible from all your screens. Wish to contact a friend?Dial ortext anyone? record calls?" Swipe the contact to the app& getin touch! Simple.New: a built-in call recorder, caller ID to track & blockSPAMcalls & a Theme Gallery!drupe app supports: Deutsch, English, Español, Français,Italiano,Nederlands, Português, Português (Brasil), Pусский,Türkçe, norsk,український, עברית , العربية, हिन्दी, 日本語, 한국어.Dial, text, record calls or reach anyone on your contact list,usingany app!★ Smart dialer - Cross app dialing made fast &easy★ A built-in call recorder - NEW ACR! Record incomingoroutgoing calls!★ A smart caller ID tracker & blocker to find outunknownnumbers - drupe ID identifier will help you with thesearch& the tracking of call spammers + with adding them toyourblacklist: Show the details of telemarketers or unknown&private mobile numbers who called you. Stop the blindness-Know"who is calling me" at any given time, see the details ofmissedunknown calls. Uncover the names of people or businesses whocallyou, and avoid unwanted calls.★ Organize your address book / Phonebook - solvetheduplicate Google contacts issues. No more phone bookmess...★ All from one place -Dialer, WhatsApp, SMS, walkietalkie,Facebook Messenger, Skype, telephone… are all in, and therearemore.★ Unified “recent” feed –Track your recent communicationlog- call log, SMS, Walkie -talkie audio messages, WhatsApp,FacebookMessenger and more. Reverse lookup those unknown numbers inyourcall history★ Contact based reminders – Set reminders, time orcontextrelated.★ Missed calls manager – Get back to your missed callsviacall, SMS, whatsapp or else. Snooze for later orsetreminders★ An integrated call blocker – Trace, discover and blockanycaller or number whether unknown, spam, scams, robocallsortelemarketers, expose their name and details & immediatelymoveon to blocking them!★ A built in call recorder – Record both sides of thevoiceconversation (caller and receiver), Choose if to record allcalls,or turn on the call recorder only when needed.________❄ A true cross app dialer with T9 & dual SIM❄ A CallerID ( identification ) finder & anti-spam add on,toalways identify the traces and identity of each true callernamebehind unknown or private calls. Always know who's callingandcontrol your callers!❄ Contact based reminders❄ A built-in auto call recorder for incoming & outgoing callsinyour cell (ACR)❄ Missed calls manager - Answer missed calls or set reminders. +acaller-ID locator.❄ A unified recent communications log – calls, SMS, messagingandmore❄ An automatic favorites view❄ A semi-transparent trigger icon is always with you –activatedwith one swipe to access your dialer or contacts❄ Works Seamlessly with your native Android functions: Call,SMS,Calendar, Email & More.❄ Integrated with: WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Tango &manymore❄ Choose from a bunch of amazing free themes and customizeyourdrupe and cell phone look❄ Easy search - Reach all your contacts from the main screen.Searchalso through typing numbers in the dialer.❄ Customize your favorites and communication appsbypreference❄ Get help with updating relevant contact info – smart searchforyour friends in Skype, Facebook and moreFollow us for updates and news:Facebook - -
BlackBerry Hub+ Contacts 2.2114.6.7059
BlackBerry® Hub+ Contacts stores all your contact infoinonelocation for convenient management. Within the app,viewyourcontact details (such as phone numbers and emailaddresses)andcalendar events that you share with a contact. You canalsocreateand manage contact groups. Major Features: • Sync workandpersonalaccounts for a truly integrated experience. Supportslocalandsynced contacts from popular email providers such asGmail,Yahoo!,Office 365,, Microsoft ExchangeActiveSyncaccounts,and more • Remotely search your work directoryaddresslist rightfrom your device • Add new contacts and search forabusiness orlocation to add it to a contact entry • Safely shareacontact andprotect their personal data by controlling whichinfoyou share •Dark theme option gives your BlackBerry Hub+Contacts afresh newlook and feel • Fully supports AndroidEnterprisedeployment and,when allowed by your administrator,supportsunifying your personaland work contacts while maintainingstrictdata storage separationBlackBerry Hub+ Contacts requirestheBlackBerry® Hub+ Services appto deliver a consistentexperienceacross all BlackBerry®applications, and to manageyoursubscriptions Enjoy BlackBerryHub+ Contacts for free onyourBlackBerry® device! If you don'thave a BlackBerry device: •Enjoyfull functionality of the app for30 days • Purchase amonthlysubscription to enjoy BlackBerry Hub+Contacts without ads.Thisgrants you access to all the BlackBerryHub+ apps, includingInbox,Calendar, Notes, Tasks, and Launcher •Enterprise Customers,pleasevisit:,visit
Caller ID & Dialer by Simpler 10.5
Simpler Dialer is the fastest dialer foryourandroid phone, powered with: Caller ID, spam block, smartcontactssearch, call log history, T9 and beautiful themes.MAIN FEATURES○ Always see who’s calling - Identify unknown callersinreal-time○ Block spam calls - identify spam callers and telemarketers○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name & numbers○ Quickly call to your frequently used contacts○ Clean & intuitive design○ Over 40 beautiful themes availableCALLER ID + BLOCK SPAM○ Identify unknown incoming calls even if it’s notyourcontact○ Block unwanted calls such as telemarketers, spam callers,fraud,etc.○ Identify unknown callers also in your call history○ Copy a number anywhere and Simpler will tell you who it isSMART DIALER○ Beautiful dialer to call and add new contacts○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name & numbers○ Quickly find the contacts you needFAVORITES + CALL LOG○ One tap to call your favorite contacts○ Quickly call to your frequently used contactsAVAILABLE IN 15 DIFFERENT LANGUAGESEnglish, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português (Br.),中文(Simplified), 中文 (Traditional), 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands,Русский,Türkçe, العربية, עבריתCONTACT US○ We would love to hear your feedback○ Let us know what do you think about
Google LLC
Back up your contacts and sync themacrossall your devices• Safely back up the contacts in your Google Account tothecloud• Access the contacts in your Google Account from any deviceKeep your contacts organized and up to date• View your contacts by account (e.g., work vs. personal)• Easily add contacts and edit information like phonenumbers,emails, and photos• Get suggestions for adding new contacts, cleaning upduplicates,and moreContacts is currently only supported on devices runningAndroidLollipop and above.
Phonebook free 41.0
Phonebook free is a schedule that allows connecting with yourphonecontacts via the core applications: SMS, Phone Calls, Emailand Gps
Contacts 1.1.0
Contacts starts the application of contacts included in yourdevice.
DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer
DW Contacts & PhoneIs a powerful (MUST HAVE) extension for your stock dialer,contactsand phone management applicationIt focuses on business functions. Improve the efficiency ofyourwork.KEY FEATURES------------+ Search contacts by any field* Write notes to the call log* Create and manage reminders for contacts+ Speak caller ID+ Show "Missed calls" ring time* Unlimited call log* Support VoIP: System SIP, Viber, Skype, Fring, GrooVe IPLite,MobileVOIP, BT SmartTalk…+ Share contacts (text,vcard) via SMS, email…* Batch mode for mass delivery with SMS, MMS, emails on singleandmulti selection (contacts, groups, organizations, titles)+ In call widget: extended incoming call view (showorganization,group, notes, edit note in calling)+ Call filter: blocking incoming calls on free definable dateandtime zones+ Contact filtering: Based on the contact group, job title,companyfiltration contacts+ Call Statistics: Show the duration of your call. When the endofthe free talk time to be notified.+ Contact details: Displays all the contact informationtogether(sms, call log, call Statistics, events)+ Manage your contacts according to the contact address* Very flexible to configure the design of every view (sortorder,fonts size, color, transparency)+ Configurable contact list view, how it should show the list (lastname, first name, nickname, organization, title,number,notes…)+ Support for layered groups, sub-groups (sub-group viaBusiness/VIP= Business -> VIP)+ Set ringtones on multi select (contacts, groups,organizations,titles)* Contact event notification and contact event management(birthday,anniversary)+ Dialer(phone) with T9-search - has many options to make itexactlyto your wishes+ Dialer and dialpad scalable and adjustable in size,background,color, font size can be changed* Automatic redial+ Dual SIM card dialing support (not supported by alldevices,because there is no open API)+ Quick dial manager: Supports up to 1000 speed dialnumbers.Dialing 100th number by entering 100#+ Backup and restore contacts to vCard, contains contactgroup+ Most functions are accessible by using the *LONG PRESS* (tapandhold) on any item or use *MENU* key+ Multi-language support (Thank all the enthusiastic userprovidestranslation for DWC)Please honor our work and buy the PRO version, which isveryfavorable in the light of functionality!Please try our software and recommend it to your friends.Hints:If you have any suggestion for improvements -> please writeonforum: or use the *Feedback viaemail*function in settings menu.If you upgrade to a newer version and it fails to start (ifdownloador install is not possible), please try to uninstallpreviousversion before.More Tips & Trickssee version is limited on some functions:- advertising messages- theme customizations are limited- multi-select limited to 5 items per action- write notes to the call log- can only create one app widget- In key features list contains "*" items
True Phone Dialer & Contacts 2.0.17
Hamster Beat
Powerful T9 phone and contact manager with dual SIM support andcallrecorder
Phone + Contacts & Calls 3.7.1
Caller id and contact manager with support for 2 SIM cards.
Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer 12.4.6
250 million people trust Truecaller everydayto identifying unknown calls, block spam calls and spam SMS.Itfilters out the unwanted, and lets you connect with peoplewhomatter.Truecaller is the only app you need to make your communicationsafeand efficient.Powerful Dialer:- The world’s best Caller ID will identify any unknown caller- Block spam and telemarketing calls- See names of unknown numbers in the call history- Flash messaging - Share location, emoji & status in a flashtoyour friends- Know when your friends are free to talk- Backup call history, contacts and settings to Google DriveSmart SMS app:- Automatically identify every unknown SMS- Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS- Block by name and number seriesTruecaller has full dual SIM support!Truecaller will not upload your phonebook to make it publicorsearchable.-----------------------Got feedback? Write to [email protected] or goto
Android Messages
Google LLC
Android Messages makes it easy tocommunicatewith anyone by using SMS, MMS, and more. Stay in touchwith friendsand family, send group texts, and share your favoritepictures,videos, audio messages.Key features:• Faster sharing: Select or take pictures and videosdirectlyfrom the app and share easily. You can even send audiomessages toyour contacts.• Easy search: Search through contacts andconversationthreads to find exactly what you are looking for.• Purposeful design: A colorful, intuitive designmakescommunicating faster and more fun.• More control: Block people you don’t want to hear from,andarchive messages. No interruptions when you don’t wantthem!• Express yourself: Send audio messages, emoji, stickers,oryour location.• Enhanced features: On supported carriers, you cansendmessages over Wi-Fi or your data network, see when friendshaveread your message, and more.Android Messages is supported on devices running Android™4.4,KitKat, and above.
Contacts Groups for Lollipop 1.02
Access to create groups in a contacts app for Android 5.0 users
Dialer + 5.28.0
Dialer+ is a Smart, Beautiful &Free phone dialer launcher bytheContacts+ team!
KK Phone (KK Dialer, Cool) 1.91
ZhangAn Inc.
KK Phone(KK Dialer), is a Cool, Easy,FeaturesRich dialer app with Lollipop & Marshmallow styleKK Phone(KK Dialer) main features:1. Android™ material design, Cool, Modern, Easy2. Speed Dial make you dial fast to yourfavorite/frequentcontacts3. Cool Dialer Pad (dial pad)4. T9 search function for English and Chinese5. Automatically match and search contact when input number6. Recent Call Logs track the contact record clearly7. All Contacts with quick finding A-Z sidebar make youfindcontact easily8. Import/Export contacts9. Search by keyword or by voice10. Speed dial setting11. Phone ringtone customization12. Support some Dual SIM cards phones(such as Samsung,Moto,HTC, HuaWei, Lenovo dual-sim phones), you can select SIM cardIDwhen make a call on phones with Dual SIM cards13. All call log and Missed call log14. Voice Mail15. Support dialer widget16. Support dialer theme❤ Enjoy! If you like KK Phone(KK Dialer), please rate us,pressG+1, and recommend KK Dialer to your friends, thanks a lot