FUG Apps

Treasure hunter 1.0.9
An exciting puzzle game. The essence ofthegame is to collect the maximum of diamonds and keep the shovel.Onthe field, there is a rock, on which the shovel can break.
Job - Manager (Driver) 1.0.3
Hi, pleased to welcome you to thecompanyFUG.We conducted a market analysis service car service and decidedtocreate a series of applications in this area. 1. The driver - for the Manager:     In this application, you can earnrealmoney every month. Your task is to arrange meetings withpotentialclients (gas stations, service stations, car washes, tireand autoshops), to negotiate, to check the relevance of the datareceivedfrom the client, to monitor the timely payment of servicesprovidedto the client, to promote the company's services. 2. The driver - for theowners.(Https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fug.mycarowner):     This app is designed for owners(gasstations, service stations, car washes, tire and cardealerships)details look at page of the application. 3. Driver - forcustomers.(Https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fug.mycar)     This app is for all users ofPlayGoogle - see details on the application page.
Driver - for Owners 1.0.7
The app will help increase visits tocarwashes, service stations, gas stations, tire service and carshop.Easy registration, easy addition of new sites.After registration and verification, we will show your restauranttoour main application for customers. Millions of users aroundtheworld know about your business, people close to see it, not onlyonthe map but also the lists of establishments withinwalkingdistance, and share information on social networks withyourfriends.Create news / events in schools, thus attracting more andmorenew customers.
Driver 1.0.4
This app is for the search:  * Сar wash  * Petrol stations  * Service Station  * Tire service  * Auto shopall it formed according to your location. You also havetheopportunity to see the location of schools in other cities andplana route of movement.
IPTV - Телевизор 1.3.4
Мы подобрали и контролируем работоспособностьтелеканалов.Более 200 Российских и более 70 Украинских телеканалов.Приятного просмотра.We picked up and controlthe operation of TV channels.More than 200 Russian and 70 Ukrainian TV channels.Enjoy watching.
Phone + Contacts & Calls
Caller id and contact manager with support for 2 SIM cards.