Top 25 Apps Similar to Compress Image Chitro: KB, MB,

Puma Image Compressor, Resizer 1.0.63
Compress your images or resize them! Let Puma reduce your photosandsave space!
Compress image size in kb & mb 10
Mobso Apps
QReduce Lite: Compress photo size by quality and file size
Photo Compress & Resize
Lit Photo
Photo Compress & Resize helps you quickly reduceyourpicturesize or resolution. Optimize your images with aperfectbalance inquality and file size. Lit Photo is also a supereasy touseapplication to crop and rotate your photos. PhotoCompress&Resize uses smart lossy compression techniques toreduce thefilesize of your photos. By selectively decreasing thenumber ofcolorsin the image, fewer bytes are required to store thedata.Theeffect is nearly invisible but it makes a very largedifferenceinfile size! You don’t have to manually saveresizedpictures,because they are automatically saved in a separatefoldertitled’LitPhoto' and are accessible via build-in Galleryapp.If youwantto quickly reduce the picture size, Lit Photo is aperfectchoice.Use the crop functionality to remove unwantedportions ofthe imageand choose between the many aspect ratioavailable tobetter adjustyour photo. This photo cropping tool isbest amonggoogle playstore photo cropping tool to image crop theborders forpicturesand you can sharpen image. Photo Compress helpsyoucompress photosbefore sharing photos with your friends viasocialnetworks. Whenyou send the e-mail with attached photos, youwilloften find thatthe e-mail exceeds the message size limit.Forexample, if youremail account allows you to send messages up to5megabytes (MB)and you include just two pictures in theattachment(today’spictures taken by a phone or tablet camera areabout 5 or 8MB),you will probably exceed the maximum message size.In thiscase,this image resize app is very helpful, because it helpstoavoidexceeding the maximum message size limits associatedwithmostemail accounts. Compress pictures before composing thee-mailandthen attach much smaller photos. Smart Image ResizerFeatures:*Batch compress (multiple photos compress) * Originalpicturesarenot affected, compress pictures are automatically savedinthe'LitPhoto' directory * Very good quality of thecompressedphotosand optional compress quality * Rotate the photo by90°eitherclockwise and then crop the photo * Use finger tozoom/move,rotatethe crop area on the photo * Share photos with yourfriendsviasocial networks: sent via email or text message sharedtosocialmedia (Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, KakaoTalk,etc.)*Browsing and handle your photos easily, easy to use withsimpleUIHaving a high definition camera on your phone withthousandsofmega pixels per inch is great, but if you can't sendyourpicturesto your friends, you might as well throw your phoneandcharger inthe snail mailbox and ship it off to your friend,right?Neveragain! Shrink and Share your photos in an instant!Pictures ofyourkids, concerts, and even the one that didn't getaway… Shrinkandshare it!
Photo & Picture Resizer 1.0.331
Image Resizer to resize photo, batch resize, downsize photo,adjustphoto size.
Image Size - Photo Resizer 8.2
Resize images to whatever size you like! Image resizer app:crop& resize photos
Image to Text, document & PDF 5.3.11
Image to PDF Converter & Scanner. Scan & Edit PDFdocuments.
EasyPDF - Images to PDF Easily 14.6 SUPERNOVA
Multiple images to PDF fast and easy. Folders of images to PDF.
JPG to PDF Converter, IMGTOPDF 1.41
SR Group
Fastest, attractive and easy to use interface Image to PDFConverterin market.
PDF to Image Converter
Lit Photo
Pdf2Img is free for you if you need to convert your PDF filestotheJPG/PNG/WEBP images. You just need to install this apponyourAndroid device and select the document or pages to convert.ThePDFdocuments will convert to the images within fewseconds.Convertfree unlimited number of files, no delaybetweenconversions, noqueue, convert all PDF pages and much more.★Pdf2Img is reallyfast, lightweight and stable. The applicationisalsostraightforward and easy to use. ★ Pdf2Img will allow youtoviewthe pages of PDF before converting. So, you can decidewhichpageneeds to be converted to an image. ★ Pdf2Img app can alsoallowyouto select the image quality High or Low while converting aPDFtoImage. ★ All your converted images will be stored in PDFtoImagefolder that you can change it. ★ You can easilyshareyourconverted images via email, media app. Enjoy now Pdf2Imgatoneclick and convert your PDF to JPEG/PNG/WEBP.
JPEG Optimizer PRO with PDF su 1.1.5
This app will allow you to compress photos with negligible lossinquality.
Image Reduce Pro
This is a simple image reduction app. Uses the "Share" of Android.
Video Cutter, Trimmer & Merger 3.0.2
Audio Video cutter & Video To Audio Converter. MP4 toMP3Converter & Cutter.
Image to PDF Converter & Maker 15
Convert JPG and PNG images to PDF using this JPG to PDF converter
Video Merger, Joiner, Trimmer 3.0.1
Merge videos of any format and number. Also change Scale,resolutionand format.
MP3 Cutter, Converter & Merger 0.3.6
Fast Cut, Convert, Compress & Merge audio formats. Batchconvertaudio & video.
AI Enlarger: for Photo & Anime 2.8.4
AI Photo Upscaler & Enhancer & Fix blurry &ImprovePhoto Quality & Clear Photo
Perfectly Clear 4.3.7
Perfectly Clear was designed to help every photo lookitsbestwithout the work. You have a lot of choices when it comestophotoapps. But most are either overly complicated, timeconsumingtouse, or makes your images less than pictureperfect.PerfectlyClear is not your ordinary editor. Perfectly Clearpackspowerfulediting tools in an easy-to-use package that worksforprofessionalphotographers and recreational shutterbugsalike.Features likeIntelligent Image Correction take all thecomplicatedediting stepsdown to a single tap, giving you ashare-worthy selfieor abrilliantly captured sunset in an instant.All of PerfectlyClear’s18 corrections happen automatically, so youcangetprofessional-looking photos on the go, and sharethoseperfectmoments faster -anytime,anywhere!________________________________________________________________________HowPerfectlyClear Makes You and Your Images Look Their Best -Faster!AUTOMATICEDITING * Unlike other apps, our powerfultechnologyprovides allthese edits automatically, so you don’thave to spendtime makingmanual corrections. (But if you enjoyhaving the freedomto adjustdetails, you still have the ability tofine tune any imageto yourpreference.) * Counteracts YourCamera's LimitationsAutomatically *Powerful presets eliminatecomplicated editing stepsBEAUTIFY YOURLOOK * Ideal for creatingthe perfect selfie andportrait, PerfectlyClear’s Beautify buttonoffers instant removalof blemishes, darkcircles, shine, and redeye. * At the same time,it enhances andwhitens eyes and teeth,smooths skin and enlargeseyes. It even addscatchlights and facecontouring * Automaticallydetects gender, ageand facial featuresto apply accuratecorrections so you still looklike you REAL LIFERESULTS * We allwant great-looking photos, Butsometimes yoursmartphone doesn’tquite get the job done. PerfectlyClear bringsout the colors andlight you saw when you caught themoment,highlighting the beautythat was always there. * Givesyourealistic and natural life shotsthat aren’t fake or havethat“photoshoppped” look WITHOUT SCIENCE,IT’S JUST SOFTWAREPerfectlyClear is patented automatic imagecorrection based ontechnologythat's used over 30 million times aday, 7 billion times ayear, byprofessionals and large labs aroundthe world. WE DO THEWORK. YOUFOCUS ON THE FUN STUFF. Now you canproduce perfect photoswithouttime-consuming edits. And withpowerful presets, you canevensalvage shots you used to delete.IMAGE CORRECTION: DOWN TOASCIENCE * We’re a bunch of imagescientists and mathwizardspassionate about light, physics, andnaturalno-filterphotographer. * What’s behind our award-winningtechnology?16years of R&D, over 10 patented processes, and18uniquealgorithms. * We cracked the code on correctingeverypixelindependently. It’s as if your 12-megapixel photo wastakenwith 12million separate apertures. Stop using complicatedphotoeditorsand apps that leave your images less thanperfect.DownloadPerfectly Clear, The World Leader in IntelligentImageCorrectionnow, for the share-worthy images you want! ******See allthefeatures in detail here: PraisesForPerfectlyClear: Allows you to perfect your images,effortlessly"-HuffingtonPost "Can take a boring photo and make itamazing!"-John Poz, "May have you rethink what it ispossible todo withyour phone's camera... the best money you canspend onphone-basedphotography." -James Oppenheim (James Gamesandcontributor to NBCshow) "Does things well that separate it fromthepack" -USA Today"The immediate impact was miraculous - like astripof dull filmbeing removed from the top layer of the imageleavingpure, jeweledcolor beneath." -TechHive
Resize Me! Pro - Photo resizer 2.2.13
Resize & reduce your photos easily, it's fast.
XnConvert - Photo Resize 1.66
Photo & Picture Resize, Compress, Watermark & Convert
Add Text To Photo 1.2.7
Add texts and speech balloons to your photos
Video Converter, Compressor 3.0.3
Batch Convert, Compress Video to MP4, MP3, 3GP, MKV, AVI, MOV,MTS,WMV, VOB,AAC
Video to MP3 Converter 0.4.2
A Real Video to mp3 converter that create your own Ringtone.
Smart Video Compressor resizer 2.3
Smart Video Compressor and resizer tool can be used to freemorememory space.
Photo Exif Editor - Metadata 2.2.30
Banana Studio
View, edit (or remove) EXIF data and GPS location of multiplephotos
Print adjuster 1.8.4
A small app to adjust a picture for printing