Top 50 Games Similar to Totem Story Farm

Village Life Farm Family 2023 1.9.3
CrioGames Ltd
Explore Islands & grow your village. Adventures ahead!
Family Nest: Farm Adventure 1.0152
Build your family farm! Embark on a family adventure inthesefarming games!
My Little Farmies Mobile 1.0.130
upjers GmbH
My Little Farmies Mobile – Create your own medieval village!
Golden Farm Canyon
Take your hat and start your expedition to west frontier insearchof gold!
My Free Farm 2 1.54.007
upjers GmbH
My Free Farm 2 - Design your own Farm in 3D with Cute Animals!
Farm Clan Farm Life Adventure 1.12.34
Enjoy village life with the country story in this fun game!
Island Village 1.1.5
City building has never been as simple and exciting as it isinIsland Village.
Fantasy Garden
Fluffy Bears await hero to save dreams and restore the beautyofgardens
Farm Bay 1.9.6
Welcome to Farm Bay! Enjoy the exciting adventures in thisfreefarming game!
Harveston - Island in the Sky: 5.2.0
Build and manage your farm business in this farming simulatorfullof adventure!
Homesteads: Dream Farm 30001021
Enjoy a big farming & harvest story! Build a beautiful cityinthe Wild West.
Polynesia Adventure 2.11.3
Lens Studio
A fun game with farming, city building and adventures onwildparadise island
Goodville: Farm Game Adventure 6.3.902
Stork Limited
Goodville is original mix of a farm game with anemotionalwell-being care app
Farm Mania 3: Hot Vacation 1.5
Set out on a world tour together with Anna and her familyinFarmMania: Hot Vacation! This time you’re given auniqueopportunity totake part in challenging farming contests heldindifferent partsof the world. Spend the greatest vacationevertraveling aroundAustralia, Egypt and China, look after rareanimalsand take careof exotic plants! Help Anna grow pineapples andcacaobeans, breedcamels and ostriches, make tequila and sushi towin thefirstprizes in the upcoming farming competitions! Learn newskills,buyadvanced equipment and keep upgrading your farm inthischallengingtime management game. Dive into hours ofunforgettablefarming funin Farm Mania: Hot Vacation! • 59challenging levels •11 hiddenobject mini-games • 3 episodes inAustralia, Egypt andChina •variety of upgrades and bonuses • takepart in farmingcontests! •2 modes – casual and arcade____________________________VISIT US: WATCHUS:
California Escapades
Lens Studio
Build farms, explore villages, uncover adventurous story in thewildwest game
Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game 1.1.3
Manalot Games
Get fun with exciting simulation farming game! Harvest cropsandfruits to keep your barn plentiful! Buy and construct variousfarmbuildings to start new production and provide a huge varietyofmanufactured goods. Do not forget to invite friendsbecauseneighbors’ help makes farming more pleasant. Trade withyourfriends in co-ops and compete with other neighborships to bethebest farmer! Expand your farm and improve the beautiful gardentomake your village prosperous! Regular events and challengeswillmake your farm story really exciting! Create your niceluckyvillage story with a great family atmosphere! Build yourownparadise household. Enjoy your excellent sunny and happy haydayson your township. Explore the mine to get resources toimproveproduction! Сomplete exciting ship orders in a paradise bay,tradeitems and earn coins to make your farm bigger and morebeautiful!Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game features: -Various cropsand fruits to harvest - Cute animals to get niceproducts -Different farm buildings to make great recipes - Marketstand, shipand order board to trade and earn coins to expand yourfarm - Manyinteresting farming quests and challenging orders -Regular in-gameevents - Fishing to get fish and make delicious fishrecipes - Nicedecorations to make the farm more beautiful Notes: -Sunny Farm:Adventure and Farming game is free to download and freeto play,however some in-game items can be purchased for real money.- Thegame requires an active internet connection to play. - SunnyFarm:Adventure and Farming game is a standalone game and willnotsynchronize or connect to the Facebook version of the game.
Farm Story 2
Raise animals and harvest crops in Farm Story 2, your newfavoritefarming game!
Farm Island - Journey Story 2.36
Sail in sea and ocean to sunshine resort. Your own paradiseontropical Island.
WeFarm: More than Farming
Plant Happiness with Friends
Vikings and Dragon Island Farm 1.52
Help Vikings to build a farm on Island, meet friendly dragons;grow& harvest!
Decurse - Use Magic to Create a Farm Empire 1.18.298
Welcome to a magical kingdom 🏰 submerged in water,whereseacreatures 🐡 lurk, corals multiply and algae grows andgrows.Butwait, what’s that you see? Could it be wizards 🧙🏻 peeringoutoftowers or pandas 🐼 with delicious pies? A whole worldawaitsyourspecial farming touch, but first you must reverse thecurseusingmagic ✨ and happiness 🌈… SPREAD HAPPINESS WITH MAGIC ✨Moveovertractors 🚜 and barns, this farming game runs on magic!Comeplaywith this kooky community where happiness overflows asyoucraft,build and farm your adventure paradise. A dash of smilesandatouch of sparkle will leave you wondering – who farmswithoutmagicanyway? So wave your wand high, this simulationadventure farmgameneeds you to use magic✨ to crush that curse atonce! THEPARTYWHERE THERE’S PLENTY TO DO! Party with wizards 🧙🏻,shop inmarketsrun by pandas 🐼 and fill up on scrumptious snackswhiledesigning aworld with all that flowers and glitters. Farm,craft,trade,restore and build your way through enchanted lands asyoufreesubmerged fantasy islands 🏝️ one by one. But don’t worry,themagickeeps on going as you discover more islands to Decurse…Canyoubring happiness to the villagers with the power ofmagicandcrafting 🌈 to reverse the curse? DISCOVER FANTASY ISLANDS•Collectmagic and happiness points to unveil new groundandmorepossibilities! • Reverse the curse to reveal uniqueandcolorfulislands 🏝️ • Can you lift the spell that transformedthevillagersinto sad creatures? • Meet dozens of specialcharacters!BUILD AFLOURISHING FARM! • Use magic to plant and growcrops,rebuild cutecottages 🏡 and meet cheerful villagers • Harvest,growcrops 🌽 andtend to cute animals 😻 • Decorate the town withstunninggardens •Bake🧁 and grill 🥩 delicious treats for the locals• Minebricks torebuild homes 🏡 , towers, castles 🏰 and more •Craft,forge, weaveand sew – there’s always a party 🎉 going onplayingDecurse!COMPLETE TASKS • Earn coins💰and gems 💎 to beautifythe townwithexclusive décor • Collect balloons 🎈and earndailyrewardsfulfilling orders for the villagers • Set off in yourhotairballoon to trade and sell goods Come sparkle with usonsocial:Facebook: using this app, you agree to the Terms ofUseat andacknowledgethePrivacy Policyat
Ancient Village 14.7.1
Settle a lost island and build the village of your dreams
Farm Story™
Farm Story: grow fruits, raise animals and decorate beautifulfarmwith friends!
Farmdale: farming games & town 6.1.8
Game Garden
Farmdale - villagers, pets, farming and town in 1 game!
Hobby Farm HD (Full) 2022.3.350
Harvest exotic fruits, manage roaming animals and operatehandmademachines
Spring Valley: Farm Quest Game 15.0.1
Playkot LTD
Farm on the idyllic valley adventure! The wonder farming andtravelgame
Superfarmers: Superhero Farm 1.24.2
Most unusual farm you’ve seen! Manage and develop it togetherwithsuperheroes!
Horse Farm 1.0.1252
upjers GmbH
Horse Farm - Create your own enchanting horse ranch withcutehorses!
Shipwrecked: Castaway Island
Rockyou Inc.
Welcome to Shipwrecked game! Come explorethelush forest and muddy bay in this castaway island. Become aheroamong the pirates and challenge yourself to build your ownepictown. Forge axes and start a new seaside adventure land.Survivethe isle and ocean with Tribez. Farm and build the lost cityusingswords. Enter the castaway town and survive the island. Havefun inthis village simulation game.Things you can do in this paradise city filled with JoyrideandVenture● Use a sword or axe to breach through the vivid woods andventurethrough air-balloon● Craft royal houses and royal buildings on the beach. Growandharvest crops, fruits and vegetables to survive and windailyrewards in this powerhouse isle.● Take a joyride to your own Fortune town. Complete the citywithgarden,flowers,trees and houses.● Create your own mud fortress of venture into the cityofcorals.● Dare yourself to Team Challenges and other LimitedEditionexpedition● Get bonus resources during time bound sales events orbyharvesting debris● Discover secret rewards by cracking open treasure chestsandwashed out cargo.● Collect all your stranded rewards like sword, gold, spiritandsilver coins to progress in the game● Play mini games, quests and brand new team challengeeveryweek.● Compete with friends on social team challenges and winbigrewards● Become an adventure capitalist and help the heroes andcharacterssettle into their city or township.● Customize the land as you want it. Make enchanted dairy farm,anenchanted village city or a subway out of this castawaycity.Decorate your bay island with many collectablesinfrontierville.Are you are adventurous and seek to pass time, thenchallengeyourself down this crossy road. Join our crooked vagabondheroes inthis country and escape into an island to discover moreand exploreKing's township. Characters seek your help to restore itfrom atiny paradise town to a great city!Enjoy the original of all role play,multiplayer Rockyougames(Shipwrecked, Westbound, Goldrush, Volcano Island, SkullIsland& New World). Supported on most smartphones andtablets.Note: You must be at least 13 years of age to play or downloadthisgame. For more information, please refer to our Terms ofServiceand Privacy Policy.There are no cheats for this shipwrecked game.~~~~~NOTE~~~~~IN-APP PAYMENTS: The game is free to play, but you can buyspecialitems to use in the game.NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links tosocialnetworking sites that are intended for an audience that is atleast13 years of age; direct links to the internet with thepotential tobrowse any web page; and advertising of RockYouproducts andproducts from select partners."
Dream Farm - Family Farm Ville
JoyMore GAME
Farm, harvest and explore!
Mega Farm
Learn the lay of the land and build your own peaceful andprofitableMega Farm! With an incredible farming atmosphere, you’llplant andgrow crops just like real farmers do! Supply thetownsfolk withfresh milk and crispy bread. Sell materials andcreate uniqueproducts to develop your Mega Farm! Expand yourfarming territorythrough the construction of factories,entertainment venues, andcivic buildings. Create the farm and cityof your dreams withhundreds of houses, villas, parks, culturalbuildings, andtechnological centers to choose from! Put yourdesign skills to thetest and share your Mega Farm with all of yourfriends! Ready toharvest up some fun? Start planting the seeds NOWon Mega Farm! MAINFEATURES: ● Huge variety of houses, buildings,and plants tocustomize your farm! ● Peaceful farm atmosphere andstunninggraphics! ● Special Boosters to expand your farm and cityevenfaster! ● Exciting Daily tasks- the FUN never stop! ● FreeDailyRewards- we got you covered! ● Ability to play with yourfriends,anytime, anywhere! Mega Farm is a FREE farming simulatorgame. Thatbeing said, some items can be purchased for real money.Not toworry, whichever option you choose, the game always remainsfun andexciting!
MyFreeZoo Mobile 2.2.2
upjers GmbH
Experience thrilling adventures with people and animals inyourdream zoo!
Janes Farm: Farming games 9.15.5
Love farming games? Let's farm together! Family farm adventureinfarming games.
Tropic Trouble Match 3 Builder
Qublix Games
Build, decorate, and explore an island paradise in this new match3builder!
FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape 1.164.838
Build a farm in paradise, uncover the island story, & playwithexotic animals!
Townkins: Wonderland Village 1.8.200
FREE 3D simulation game to farm, craft, build, dress, home,fish,cook and chat!
Zoo Island: Exotic Garden 1.1.2
CREATE and DECORATE an exotic Zoo Island! Solve puzzles andblastboosters!
Island Questaway - Jungle Farm 0390.1
Play farm adventure on the jungle island: Solve puzzles &builda farm village!
Charm Farm: Village Games 1.176.17
Enjoy village farming games and follow magic forest adventurewithfriends!
The Big Farm Theory 5.0.1
Games Extras
Feel the quiet charm of rural life and madness ofscienceexperiments!
Atlantis Odyssey 1.66
Adventure & quests in a lost civilization: explore theisland& enjoy the story!
Zoo Rescue: Match 3 & Animals 2.27.531
4Enjoy Game
Build the zoo and rescue animals! A lot of unique levels!
Stonies 1.54.19
upjers GmbH
Stonies – Secure the survival of your kin!
Island Tribe 3 1.5.1
Help the future leader of the tribe open the doors of theancienttemple!
Runefall: Match 3 Quest Games 20231007
Traverse huge levels as you take a mystery adventure quest inourmatch games!
Jacky's Farm: puzzle game 1.3.6
Renovate your farm and solve Match 3 puzzles!
Farm Zoo: Bay Island Village 2.33
Sail in sea and ocean to sunshine resort. Your own paradiseontropical Island.
Island Tribe 2 1.6.9
Get ready for adventures in the second part of the IslandTribeseries!
Riverside: Farm Village 1.5.3
Playkot LTD
Build your farm & harvest town in Riverside! Fun citybuilding& construction!
Royal Farm 1.89.0
UGO Games
Build a beautiful farm and a magical town for fairytale characters