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Plant Happiness with Friends

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Color Cross 1.1 APK
Color Cross is a refreshing puzzle game forall the brain-training and logic puzzle fans. Discover now thisexclusive game acclaimed by the players!Color a grid with the right colors to reveal a hiddenpicture.The rules of the game are very easy to understand, but you willdiscover a fascinating game to play for a few minutes or hours!There are thousands of puzzles, for beginners or experts. You canalso draw your own puzzles to play with your friends, or challengethem in real-time duels!Try it now, it's free!Simple game rules:Recreate the mysterious image hidden behind a grid by filling eachsquare with the right color and by simply deducting it from thenumbers written on either side of the grid. Thanks to thestep-by-step tutorial, no more than two minutes are necessary tounderstand the rules of the game.Content abounds for everyone:★ Over 500 puzzles for more than 100 hours of gameplay!★ Dozens of themes: animals, fashion, household, candies, magic andmany more!★ 2 game modes: Collection and Today's Puzzle★ Tutorial to help you learn easilyFun and relaxing★ Simple and intuitive interface: put your finger on a square andsimply slide it along the lines and columns to reveal astonishingimages!★ You will never get stuck: even if you make a mistake it is alwayspossible to finish the puzzles.Discover now the acclaimed puzzle game!
Mana Crusher 1.2.2 APK
Puzzle game & wizard cardscollection.Gather your team of wizards to complete over 100 puzzles in themagic world of Mana Crusher!Explore the world of Mana Crusher, recruit new wizards, learnnew spells, and compete with rival wizards in an innovative puzzlegame: draw long path to collect mana and cast powerful spells. Getnew wizards in the lottery and collect them all. You will never runout of surprises in Mana Crusher!• Over 100 levels to complete• Plenty of wizards to win and collect• Dozens of spells to learn and improve• Dozens of different game mechanics, mixed in each level• Over 40 hours of gameplay
WeFarm: More than Farming APK
Plant Happiness with Friends
Zoozle Blitz 1.2.0 APK
Get those mental juices flowing in Zoozle, athrilling twist on the picture-based psychological puzzler. Uselogic, speed and skill to solve puzzles featuring unlockable andcollectable animals to give your gaming experience a fierce boost.Upgrade your animal assortment to help you solve more challengingpuzzles.Your brain will relish the challenge of solving puzzles and earningmystery chests containing powerful animal boosters. Grow anddevelop them to smash high scores and take on your friends – andthe world! Over 10,000 puzzles and counting – you’ll never play thesame game twice!• Refreshing twist on picross puzzle play• Mentally challenging but extremely rewarding• Exciting collectible animal boosters• Demonstrate your prowess and outsmart your friends• Over 10,000 puzzles – no game will be the sameGet ready for the wildest, most mentally stimulating puzzle gamearound!Want to receive the latest updates? Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Zoozle-973577609400997Do you have questions or feedback? We would love to hear from you!write to us at [email protected]/If youexperience any technical difficulties please visithttp://www.zoozle-game.com/support
Axon – Challenge Your Brain 1.1.4 APK
Test your mental prowess and challenge your brain in this uniquePicross game
Blood Runs Cold 0.14.0 APK
Blood Runs Cold – the darkest Hidden Object Game around.Death,persecution, mystery, and fear. Not what Paige Harper, onceanenterprising crime detective journalist, was expecting whenshemoved to Lake Fortune in search of a different life. Whatseemedlike a new beginning quickly turned into her worstnightmare.Framed for a series of horrifying crimes, Paige issubjected to atrial by media, in a world where news is more aboutshockingheadlines than truth. With Detective Hunter Scott in hotpursuit,and everyone thinking Paige is guilty, she must race tofind thetrue killer before the police catch up to her and newmurders arecommitted. Join a thrilling hunt for the truth! WillPaige outsmartthe killer before he takes everything she loves?EXPERIENCE ADARKER STYLE OF DETECTIVE GAME – Hidden Objectthriller! • Delveinto the dark and twisted mind of a serial killer• Engage with theintricate storyline, exploring sinister scenes touncover clues •Befriend eccentric characters and gain their trustto progress inthe gruesome storyline A NEW TWIST ON FAMILIARGAMEPLAY •Innovative visuals add a truly immersive feel to eachstunninglocation • Closely examine clues by inspecting 3D items •ControlPaige’s phone as if it was your own and discover vitalevidencefrom text messages and filters UNRAVEL THE MYSTERY •Completequests to unlock new scenes and uncover information aboutthekiller • Find out the truth as to why the murderer has hissightsset on bringing down Paige Join the psychological game of catandmouse between Paige and the killer! Want to receive thelatestupdates? Like us onFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/BloodRunsColdGame orvisithttps://www.bigpoint.net
Hocus Puzzle 1.32.3 APK
Boil, bubble, toil, puzzle! Join Serena on her funspellbindingadventure and discover how to defeat the evil that’sdrained themagic river dry. Mix and match potions, cast spells andfocus onlong paths to increase Serena’s power and help you completethemagic casual games. Challenge friends to see who can get to thetopof the leaderboards! Send gifts to give each other a helpinghandand collect costumes to gain fun, powerful and magicadvantages.THE MOST BEWITCHING PUZZLE GAME • Over 200 spellbindinglevelsfeaturing funny characters, cute graphics and exciting worldstoexplore • Take on the evil Master Wizard and his fiendishfollowersincluding the fierce Yetis of the Frozen Mountains •Complete taskssuch as destroying ice blocks on your way to theGiant Canyon andrestarting the watermill in the Mad Forest • Easyto learn, funmatching game mechanics • Hours of entertaining andchallengingcasual puzzle games Ideal for fans of mix and matchcasual puzzlegames or for anyone who wants to have fun exploring afantasticland of witches, spells, potions and pumpkins. Get readyfor amagic adventure where the witches bring the environment tolife!Want to receive the latest updates? Like us onFacebookhttp://www.facebook.com/HocusPuzzle Do you have questionsorfeedback? We would love to hear from you!Visithttp://www.hocuspuzzle.com/support or write to [email protected]