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Widget to enable, disable or toggle GPS easily. Root permissionsrequired.

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    GPS Switch (Root)
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    Oct 19, 2019
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    Android 4.1
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    Rene Wahl
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    Moltkestr. 28a 71116 Gärtringen
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  • 1.1 (7)
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    Publish Date: 2017 /5/4
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 187.2 kB
    Tested on: Android 4.4 (KitKat, API: 19)
    File Sha1: 702bfb9d8dce992f81577ff006396e404d5ee3e4
    APK Signature: 7d002d0ebc69b0bc6c09e7761f7ec285d168e78c

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'all 4 hue' is the most sophisticated app forPhilips Hue. This very complete app provides much more features andstability than all competing apps. It is the best rated Philips Hueapp. “all 4 hue“ is the only app which allows the full control ofup to 5 Hue Bridges.This app is available as free version without advertisements butwith some limitations. The free version can be used for unlimitedduration. It is suggested to use the free version to check if theapp fits to the users needs. In case of further interest additionalfeatures can be activated via in-app purchase to enjoy the completefeature set of the app. The app is available in German and Englishlanguage. The app is continously improved - since May 2015 morethan 70 updates with new features (without any extra charge!) werereleased.Overview (some features):- Configure all your lights and search for new lights- Create, edit, delete and activate scenes. Scenes are stored inyour Hue Bridge and can be accessed from all your devices. Scenescan also be activated with NFC tags.- Work with actions and place then on your home screen (turn lightson/off, change brightness, color, scene, etc.).- Create, edit and delete timers and alarms with a lot of differentactions.- Create, edit and delete rules with a lot of different conditionsand actions. Use rules to program Hue Tap, Dimmer, Presence Sensor,Ambient Light Sensor and Temperature Sensor.- Use the integrated rule wizard to create complex ruleconstructions really quick, e.g. switch from one scene to the nextone when you press a Hue Tap button multiple times, etc.- Manage your Philips Hue sensors: Hue Tap, Dimmer, PresenceSensor, Ambient Light Sensor and Temperature Sensor supported.Generic Status Sensors are also supported.- React on device events (e.g. flash lights on incoming sms orcall).- Enjoy special effects (disco, bonfire, colorloop).- Call functions of this app from external other apps (e.g.Tasker).- Access up to 5 Hue Bridges with this app. NEW FEATURE!Requirements:- This app requires a Philips Hue Bridge (V1 or V2).- This app supports Hue Tap, Hue Dimmer, Hue Presence Sensor,Ambient Light Sensor and Temperature Sensor.- This app requires some permissions in order to detect incomingcalls and sms (for device events). Details about the permissionscan be found in the FAQ section in the app.Limitations:- This app can only be used within the local network, becausePhilips does not allow third party apps to connect to the HueBridge from the internet. This is NOT A BUG in this app but policyfrom Philips.Please feel free to participate in the community:https://plus.google.com/communities/116024978034427422796In case of any suggestions or technical problems the author wouldlike to receive a mail instead of a bad rating. Ratings with 1 starwithout any reason or comment do not help to improve the app. Thankyou!
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Slip in the role of a bomb disposal expert and disarm differentvirtual bombs.
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Perfect Profile is an easy-to-use profilemanager, which provides more features and stability than competingApps. With this app profiles with a lot of properties can becreated and automatically activated via user defined rules. Widgetscan be used to place profiles directly on the home screen.Furthermore profiles can be written to NFC tags. After touching therecorded NFC tag with your device the corresponding profile will beactivated immediately.PROFILES contain properties, which will be set when the profile isactivated. The following properties are supported:- Set volume for ringtone, alarm, music, notification- Set individual ringtone, notification and alarm sounds- Enable/disable Wifi- Enable/disable Bluetooth- Enable/disable GPS (requires root permissions, as not officiallysupported by Android)- Enable/disable airplane mode (requires root permissions, as notofficially supported by Android)- Enable/disable NFC (requires root permissions, as not officiallysupported by Android)- Adjust screen brightness- Set screen orientation (automatic, manual)- Set screen timeout- Change wallpaper- Enable/disable synchronization- Start another app- Terminate another app (requires root permissions)- Change vibration setting (not supported by all devices due to newGoogle policies)- Enable/disable lock screen (requires that administrator rightsare granted)- Enable/disable car mode- Control other apps (via intent actions)RULES are triggered by user defined conditions and are used toactivate profiles. The following rule conditions are supported:- Point in time- Period of time- Location (defined by radio cell – no additional batteryconsumption)- Wifi connection established/disconnected- Bluetooth connection established/disconnected- Battery level in specified range- Connection to docking station established/removed- AC adapter connected/disconnected- Headset connected/disconnected- Airplane mode enabled/disabled- Screen turned on/off- Mobile data enabled/disabled- Restart of device- Incoming call- Incoming SMS- Environmental brightness in specified range- Calendar reminder active- Certain velocity, e.g. movement faster than 30 kphNFC tags can be used to store profiles. After writing a profile toa NFC tag the profile can be activated again by touching the tagwith the Android device. Exclusive feature in this app!WIDGETS can be placed on the home screen. With only one click onthe widget the corresponding profile can be activated.Perfect Profile is available as free trial version withoutadvertisements but with some limitations. The trial version ismainly available to check if the App fits to the user’s needs andif it works fine with the Android device. There are a lot ofdifferent Android devices available thus is it not possible tovalidate the App with each hardware/software combination. Anin-depth validation is recommended before upgrading to the fullversion, which has no limitations.This App requires several permissions because system settingshave to be read and changed by the programmatically.In case of any suggestions or technical problems the authorwould like to receive a mail instead of a bad rating. Thankyou.Please do not hesitate to take part in the community:https://plus.google.com/communities/115897771182371483278Release plan:http://www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/389861/Perfect-Profile/
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Widget to enable, disable or toggle airplane mode easily. Rootpartly required.
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Widget to enable, disable or toggle NFC easily. Root permissionsrequired.
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Slip in the role of a bomb disposal expert and disarm differentvirtual bombs.
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SEND MY LOCATION is an easy-to-use app which allows sendingyourcurrent GPS location via SMS to other users. - Send yourcurrentGPS location to other users. - Transmission works via SMS.Nointernet connection or servers used. No registrationrequired.Costs are the same as for regular SMS. - It is requiredthat thereceiver has also installed this app, of course. - The freeversionof this app allows 10 operations (send/receive) in order toverifythe app fits to your needs. Afterwards it is recommended toupgradeto the full version (inexpensive In-App purchase). In caseof anytechnical problem the author would like to receive a mailinsteadof a bad rating. Thank you.
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