Sun.Rain Apps

This is an application to create a shortcut,which comes from the open source application anycut. Easy one-touchdialing, a key to send a short message. And you can create ashortcut to any application to the desktop. Try it, maybe you'lllike it....
OpenSudoku is an open source sudokugame.Features:- Several input modes (finger-friendly, numpad in the bottom ofscreen etc.)- Puzzles can be downloaded from web or entered by hand- Game time and history- Export to sdcard- Themes- Custom Sudoku.
Chinese ID checksum tool 1.3
This is a Chinese ID card checksum and generation tool. You cancheck whether a card is legitimate, analyze the location, date ofbirth, gender, etc.; If needed, you can build yourself a valididentity card.Check:Check identity legitimacy, analysis of household, birthday, age,gender.Generation:Select the household, birth date, gender parity can generate thecorresponding ID number.
2048 Plus 5.1
Join in 2048 plus quickly, more steps, more challenging , moreinteresting!