Sun.Rain Apps

This is an application to create a shortcut,which comes from the open source application anycut. Easy one-touchdialing, a key to send a short message. And you can create ashortcut to any application to the desktop. Try it, maybe you'lllike it....
OpenSudoku is an open source sudokugame.Features:- Several input modes (finger-friendly, numpad in the bottom ofscreen etc.)- Puzzles can be downloaded from web or entered by hand- Game time and history- Export to sdcard- Themes- Custom Sudoku.
Chinese ID checksum tool 1.3
This is a Chinese ID card checksum and generation tool. You cancheck whether a card is legitimate, analyze the location, date ofbirth, gender, etc.; If needed, you can build yourself a valididentity card.Check:Check identity legitimacy, analysis of household, birthday, age,gender.Generation:Select the household, birth date, gender parity can generate thecorresponding ID number.
2048 Plus 5.1
2048 Plus is a very interesting casual game. Join the numbersandget to the 2147483648 tile! Swipe to move the tiles, when twotileswith the same number touch, they merge into one. Get2147483648 inone tile to win a game! Explore deep challenge foryour mind! Ithas more features. 2048 Plus support auto move.Support two swipemodes: continuous sliding, moving once and movingseveral times.Support four auto move modes: Corner, Swing, Swirl,Random. Supportmultiple auto move speed: 0.1s, 0,2s, 0,3s, 0.5s,1s, 2s. Supportauto save. Support undo. Support Night mode. Supportturn on/offsound. Support Gravity mode. Support English Alphabetskin. SupportChemical elements skin. Support Chinese dynastiesskin. SupportMerry Christmas skin. Support multiple sets of customskin, you cancustom your own skin. Support Backup and Restore yourgameprogress. Support custom game background and transparency.Supportmulti-step undo. . Support more play modes: 1. 3x3 2. 4x4 3.5x5 4.6x6 (default) 5. 8x8 More and more people joined the 2048plusgame, play it and enjoy it.