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Get local weather updates by minute, hourly, daily, weekend andhistorical in a single weather app that you can rely on for youreveryday weather forecast. With in-depth forecast details, forecastupdates, severe weather alerts, air quality, pollen, allergy, UVindex information and weather radar, this app provides completeweather forecast in your palm. Rely on the accurate weatherforecast and adjust your schedule to the weather coming in. Youwon’t even have to look out the window as the app will bringcurrent weather just inside your house! Our weather app keyfeatures:  Accurate weather forecast  Innovative weather radar,including temperature, rain, and wind map analysis  Minute WeatherForecast  Hourly Weather Forecast  Daily F Weather Forecast Historic Weather Forecast  Air Quality  Astronomy  Radar Pollen Index  UV Index App provides 24h weather forecast, in eachhourly section we have: Humidity, rain probability, precipitation,wind chill, dew point, cloud cover, UV index, pollen index,pressure, sunrise, sunset, moon phases, wind speed, ozone level,wind direction etc. Our weather network delivers the fastest alertsand the best real-time forecast in easy to read and understandweather widget formats. Enjoy fast, detailed, and reliable weatherapp with turn-by-turn navigation trusted by over 10 milliontravelers worldwide and counting. Note: Due to location and datalevel restrictions in some regions, the weather may not beaccurate. We apologize for the inconvenience Thank you fordownloading and using the weather forecast app! Privacy &Feedback: - Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here:http://jvsstudios.blogspot.com/2018/09/privacy-policy.html - If youhave any questions or suggestions, please get in touch [email protected]

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Now is the time to stay home and improve your inner health andstayfocused and motivational. We offer a variety of mentalandemotional quotes so you can read them at home and stay safeandhealthy. Memory or Mind Games are logic games to train yourmemoryand attention. While playing our brain games, you not onlyget alot of fun but also gradually improve your memory, attention,andconcentration. Practicing a new and challenging activity is agoodbet for building and maintaining cognitive skills. Your brainhasthe ability to learn and grow as you age, a process calledbrainplasticity. But, for it to do so, you have to train it on aregularbasis. Eventually, your cognitive skills will wane andthinking andmemory will be more challenging, so you need to buildup yourreserve. Embracing a new activity that also forces you tothink andlearn and requires ongoing practice can be one of the bestways tokeep the brain healthy. Physical and mental game: Researchhasshown that regular physical exercise is one way toimprovecognitive functions like memory recall,problem-solving,concentration, and attention to detail. However, itis not clear ifthe physical aspect alone boosts your brain or if acombination ofother factors like the mental challenge of theactivity, thefrequency you do it, and the desire to improve alsocontribute.Take swimming, for example. It has obviouscardiovascular andmuscle-building benefits, but also involvesconstant thinking,processing, and learning. You have to be mindfulof your breathingrhythm and how to properly execute strokes andkicks. You also canmeasure your expertise in terms of endurance andspeed, whichmotivates you to practice your skills to be a betterswimmer. Abrain-training activity doesn't always have to beexercise-related.Much research has found that creative outlets likepainting andother art forms, learning an instrument, doingexpressive orautobiographical writing, and learning a language alsocan improvecognitive function. A 2014studyin Gerontologist reviewed 31 studies that focused onhowthese specific endeavors affected older adults' mental skillsandfound that all of them improved several aspects of memorylikerecalling instructions and processing speed. Do the rightactivity:No matter which new activity you choose, make sure itfollows threeguidelines in order to maximize brain training:Challenging: Youhave to always challenge your brain in order for itto grow. Thisis why choosing a new activity is so beneficial. Itengages yourbrain to learn something new and offers the chance toimprove. Notup for a new endeavor? Raise the bar for an existingactivity. Forinstance, if you are a casual golfer, commit toincreasing yourability and aim to lower your handicap or shoot aspecific score.You don't have the challenge of learning somethingnew, but ratherthe challenge of increasing your skillset andknowledge.Complexity: A complex activity not only strikes a matchofexcitement, but forces your brain to work on specificthoughtprocesses like problem-solving and creative thinking. A 2013studyin Psychological Science found that older adultsages 60to 90 who did new and complex activities, such asdigitalphotography or quilting, for an average of 16 hours per weekforthree months scored better on working and long-term memoryteststhan those who did more familiar activities like reading anddoingcrossword puzzles. Practice: Practice makes permanent, andthatgoes for brain function, too. The more time you devote toengagingyour brain, the more it benefits. Your activity shouldrequire somelevel of constant practice, but the goal is not tostrive for vastimprovements. It is the constant repetition ofworking to improve,and not the quest for mastery, that can have thegreatest impact.
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Our Ringtones for Android and Meditation app is a leading, calm,and sophisticated application for popular music ringtones,meditation, sleep, and relaxing techniques. It is a collection ofunique and diverse ringtones with excellent quality. You candownload ringtones, work offline, and set them as a defaultringtone, message ringtone, alarm ringtone, etc. Also, reduce yourstress and anxiety by just listening to the sweet, calm, blissful,and fascinating nature sounds, and live life better. Musicringtones for android: Our free ringtones app contains top-qualityandroid music ringtones for all genres to listen to and personalizeyour phone. Our collection of ringtones offers countless populartones to personalize your phone with free ringtones and audio fileseasily. This collection of various ringtones and alert sounds issure to breathe new life into your android phone. The ringtones forandroid phones are selected carefully with a high-quality andunique category like song ringtones, baby ringtones, animalringtones, message tones, remix, rock, hip-hop, rap, country,alarm, nature, romantic and global tunes, etc. You can downloadringtones to set them as default ringtone, message ringtone, alarmringtone, etc. Sounds and tones used in the free music ringtonesapp are under the license agreement and free to use for your needs.You can select ringtones and set them as your favorite tones foreasy access. Best features of ringtones app: 🎵Set as ringtone forany android phone 🎵 High-quality ringtones and categories 🎵Chooseringtones from 27+ categories 🎵Set as your favorite and easily findit when needed 🎵Download ringtones now and work with them offline.No internet connection is required. 🎵Fast, lightweight, and easy touse. Meditate, Calm & Sleep: Better sleep, meditation, andrelaxing techniques are the key to your overall well-being andstress-free life. So, we carefully selected meditation sessions,stories, and relaxing techniques available in various time lengthsto help choose the correct length for the right mind and soul. Themeditation and relaxing topics include calm, sleep, stories,meditation, anxiety, mindfulness, relax and stress release topics.There is no wrong or right way to meditate. Also, there is no onetechnique better than another. Discover a new self by meditation,relaxing, sound, calm, and deep sleep. According to a world-leadingself-development mentor and author, many illnesses are due tostress, and meditating can relieve that and have a positive effecton both physical and emotional health. It can help increaseconcentration, creativity, energy levels, and the production ofserotonin, which improves mood and behavior. It can also enhancecommunication, emotional stability, and the immune system, lowerhigh blood pressure, decrease anxiety and tension-related pain;promote relaxation, and allow you to gain clarity and focus. Andthose are just a taste of the benefits that meditation can offer.Meditation and calmness can help you relieve stress and sleepbetter. Choose from hundreds of guided meditations available invarious lengths of 1 to 20 minutes for you to choose the perfectlength to fit your interest. Benefits of meditation and relaxationtechniques: 🎵Improve sleep quality 🎵Improve your emotional balance🎵Increase your concentration and creativity 🎵Improve resiliencerelated to mental and distorted emotions 🎵De-stress as well asreduce anxiety. 🎵Improve focus and boost productivity Ourassurance: We do not use any of your personal information or filesin your media library, storage, or contact list. Our legal info:Ringtones and meditation articles used in our app are either underpublic domain or under the registered project. For any questions orconcerns regarding license, don't hesitate to get in touch with usat [email protected]
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Now is the time to stay home and workout at home. We offer avarietyof yoga and workout options so you can try them at homelike 15 minsAbs, full-body workout, or intense body workout. Dailyyoga forbeginners to advanced offers three beginning yogapractices, eachwith beautiful video and clear instructionsfollowed by advancedmethods. Daily yoga workouts can benefit youin so many ways. Yogadaily app is your number one source forin-depth yoga poseinstructions, yoga sequences for beginners toadvanced, guidedmeditations to keep your day stress-free, andyogic wisdom toinspire and strengthen your path to enlightenment.Physicalbenefits: The purpose of yooga is to build strength,awareness, andharmony in both the mind and body. While there aremore than 100different types, or schools, of yoga class, mostsessions typicallyinclude breathing exercises, meditation, andassuming postures(sometimes called asana or poses) that stretchand flex variousmuscle groups. This refers to meaningful yoga forlife. Otherphysical benefits of yoga include: * increasedflexibility withsimply yoga * increased muscle strength and tonewith inspiring yoga* improved respiration, energy and vitalityusing uplifting yoga *maintaining a balanced metabolism using yogago * weight reductionusing stretching yoga * cardio andcirculatory health using guidedyoga * improved athleticperformance using empowered yoga *protection from injury usingdaily yoga Mental benefits: Yoga'sincorporation of meditation andbreathing can help improve aperson's mental well-being. Regularyoga practice creates mentalclarity and calmness, increases bodyawareness, relieves chronicstress patterns, relaxes the mind,centers attention, and sharpensconcentration. Aside from thephysical benefits, one of the bestinterests of yoga is how ithelps a person manage stress, which isknown to have devastatingeffects on the body and mind. Stress canreveal itself in manyways, including back or neck pain, sleepingproblems, headaches,drug abuse, and an inability to concentrate.Yoga can be veryuseful in developing coping skills and reaching amore positiveoutlook on life. Yoga's incorporation of meditationand breathingcan help improve a person's mental well-being. Regularyogapractice creates mental clarity and calmness, increasesbodyawareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes themind,centers attention, and sharpens concentration. Don't beintimidatedby yoga terminology, fancy yoga studios, and complicatedposes.Yoga is for everyone.