1.0 / November 6, 2015
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It's an action and adventure game for kids ,teenagers and even adults to have fun with each levels youface.
Battle the evil monsters with a brave Superhero in this Free game.

Superhero VS Monsters Feature:
It comes with more than 20 levels to fight in .Feel like asuperhero and battle to the end.
Follow the game instructions :
- tap on the superhero to grow him .
- tap your superhero friends to grow them too.
- beat all the other monsters and avoid getting hurt while growingby weapons or monsters.
- enjoy playing with other feature provided the "SuperheroPuzzle".

Game Includes:
- Superhero VS Monsters Fight.
- Superhero Puzzle.

You should Give it a try! Be A Hero

You can contact us at:
Vistit us at :https://eng-samir.com
or email us
[email protected]

App Information Superhero VS Monsters

  • App Name
    Superhero VS Monsters
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    November 6, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
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  • Google Play Link

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Ninja Fight Hero is an action and adventuregame for kids , teenagers and even adults to have fun with eachlevels you face.It comes with more than 20 levels to fight in Ninja Fight Hero .Feel like a ninja and fight for your hero . Fight in a shadow ,fire and night.It's a wonderful ninja games.Follow the game instructions :- tap on the ninja to grow him .- tap your ninja friends to grow them too.- beat all the other ninjas and avoid getting hurt while growing byweapons or other ninjas.- enjoy playing with other feature provided the "Ninja Puzzle".Game Includes:- Ninja Fight- Ninja PuzzleYou should Give it a try!You can contact us at:Engineer Look Apps at Facebookor email [email protected]
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اجمل واحلى الصور التي قد تجدها في الانترنت .حملوا التطبيق وتمتعوا باجمل الصور الجديدة وذو الجودة العاليةيحتوي تطبيق "صور واتس اب متجددة يوميا" على :- صورواتس اب منوعه وجديده : صوررومنسيه وكلام - صور وكلمات حزينة -صور سيارات - صور معبره - صورمكتوب عليها متنوعه- صور فيسبوك وتويتر- تعديل الصور : تغيير لون الصور الى الابيض والاسود غيرهمميزات التطبيق :- صور بدون انترنت- يمكنك مشاركة الصور مع اصدقائك على واتس اب او فيسبوك او تويتروغيرها- امكانية حفظ الصور من التحديث اليومي- تعليقات و كومنتات- حكم وامثال- صور حب و صور رومنسية- صور اسلامية- صور وكلمات واتس اب- صور مكتوب عليها متنوعه- صور مع الانترنت ( تحديث يومي)- صور منوعه وجديده- صور بجودة عالية- حالات واتس منوعة : اسلامية - حب ورومنسية - حكم وامثال - صداقة -رجولة - احزان - عتاب وغيره الكثيرThe most beautiful andbeautiful images that you may find in the Internet. Took up theapplication and enjoyed the warmest New images and has ahigh-qualityApply "Photo Watts August renewed every day," contains:- Souroats August Galleries and New: Sourromench and the words -images and words of sad - Cars Pictures - Photos expressive -Sourmktob by NES- Photos Facebook and Twitter- Photo editing: Change color images to black and white otherApplication features:- Photo without Internet- You can share photos with your friends on Watts August orFacebook or Twitter and other- The ability to save images from the daily update- Comments and Komntat- Ruling and the likes- Images and photos with romantic love- Islamic pictures- Images and words and Watts August- Photos written by NES- Photos with the Internet (updated daily)- Photo Galleries and New- High quality image- Cases Watts variety: Islamist - love and romance - and the likesof the rule - friendship - masculinity - grief - reproach and muchmore