1.2.3 / November 29, 2019
(3.8/5) (1879)


Fight as a lone brave stickman against the tyranny and evil Lordinthe land of Stickman Weapon Master. Experience the deepandsatisfying combat system, packed with numerous weaponsanddifferent play style for you to master. Feel the thrill aftereveryswing and the glory after every kill. Features: [StickmanActionGame ] Immerse in the thrilling sensation of this actionpackedStickman game with features like Chain Combo, Rage abilityandDodging. [Combo Based Combat] Featuring Light and Heavy attackforyou to mix and create as many different stylish combat aspossible[Visual Experience] Groundbreaking graphics - for astickman game -and eye catching SFX to make the battle even moreover-the-top![Unique A.I Enemy] Observe, analyze and counter everyenemy, eachone with a unique set of ability, to become the realWeapon Master.[Battle against the Evil Lord] Battle against epicbosses inadrenaline fueled fights across the land of StickmanWeapon Masterwith a killer soundtrack. [Multiple Weapon] Freelyswitch to otherWeapon, each one with different skills and movesets.Experience thefight like never before!

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    Stickman Weapon Master
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    November 29, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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