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Snowman trying to get his carrot nose back from naughty rabbitswith snow balls.

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Snowman Ball Shoot APK
Snowman trying to get his carrot nose back from naughty rabbitswith snow balls.
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Cutting game: Ball shaped red alien needs your help. He is lostinour planet and doesn't know how to go back to his planet, hecan'teven run or jump in this game, because he does not have legsorarms or finger. He can't go home without your cutting help.Youwill use your finger to cut the white bricks that goes downandblue bricks that moves up. Blue shapes are like blueballoons,moves up when cutting occurs and there is no block. Grayand blackbricks are impossible to slice and doesn't give you anycuttinggame points. Black blocks can't move or drop impossible tocutting.Drop the red ball shaped alien to his bed and bring himhome aftercutting 51 percent or more of shapes. It's not a game forhurryingpeople, this game is designed for smart people. Most of thelevelscan be passable with one cut like puzzle. Features: * Cuttinggameis free * Game does not need internet to play * Game packageisalways smaller than 50 Mb * Leader board for google games *112cutting levels in game at today (more will be added) * Oneslicelevel passing gives +1 point Disclaimer: This game is inspiredbyold flash game "3 Slices". But, Game is not limited to 3slices,there is red ball shapes alien character addition. Differentgametarget and different game style. All game images and codesandcutting game level design created by Gamikro team.