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yioFiller 1.01
This is a simple strategy game. The goal is to capturemoreterritorythan your opponent. This game has simple rules but ithassometactical tricks. Features: - Simple rules - Niceanimation-Multiplayer
Bleentoro Pro
Game about building simple factories.
Achikaps Pro
Simple economic strategy without donations
Vodobanka Pro
Simple tactical game
Simple real-time strategy game
Game about building simple factories.
Simple economic strategy without donations
RAWAR strategy game (RTS)
Conquer the map and strive for world domination on your device!
Teremok Games
Start with one tiny cell.. spread your Influence.. and conquerallyour enemies!
Simple combat strategy
0h h1
A little logic game
Hoplite 2.6.2
Hoplite is a turn-based strategy gamefocusingon tactical movement around small maps.Challenging gameplayHoplite aims to make you think before you act. Everymovecounts!Make strategical choices to upgrade your abilities.Procedurally generated levels give a new experienceeveryplay.Leaderboard and achievements through Google Play - This isoptional.Don't log in when prompted if you don't want to useit!PremiumA one time purchase, granting premium features acrossmultipledevices* (using Google Play).Venture deeper, earn achievements, unlock additional choicesandaccess challenge mode.* Please note: In-App purchases are not available instantlyondevices they were not purchased from. You will need to wait afewhours or clear Google Play's cache on the second device.
Relaxing minimalist puzzle game with a beautiful soundtracktoimmerse yourself.
Roguelike game in which you affect room generation
Kropki Puzzle
6000 levels of KROPKI puzzle game.
0h n0
It's 0h h1's companion game! By Q42.
Galactic Civilization Wars 2.1.6
Start a galactic civilization war invade the galaxy! Not a veryfaraway future... Humanity finally reached other planets inouruniverse... this is when we have met new civilizations... andthewar has begun! Now its your duty to lead your units and conquerallplanets in the galaxy! It’s You against the galaxy - onlythestrongest can survive! Your mission is to ensure the survivalofyour species. Become a dominant species, rise your nation.Gainworld domination and defeat your opponents! GalacticCivilizationWars is a strategy game. There are 75 levels (newcoming soon). Youhave to plan well, be fast and have a little bitof luck to destroyall opponent's units and planets. Your speciesinfect the newworlds and fight for survival there. This is one ofthe epicexpansion games, actually you are the new bio galacticplague. Aplague for our galaxy and maybe the whole cosmos in thefuture!Write a new genesis of dominance, your history of infectionin thefuture. Every occupied planet's population increases overtime upto some point. Some planets have their statistics boosted,forexample: + Attack (red icon) - sent units are more effective.+Defence (green icon) - it is harder for enemy to conquertheplanet. + Reproduction (yellow icon) - population's increaserateis higher, reproduce faster. + Speed (blue icon) - sent unitsarefaster. You can also control the mutations of your alienspeciesindependently by adding reproducton, speed, defense andattackabilities. Imagine that you are the new phage or bacterialpandemicor colonization. Not for the human organism, but for wholegalaxy.Not for human cells, but for whole planets! You are notbacteria,but completely new alien species. There are also towers.Neutral orenemy towers will hit your units when they are closeenough. Themore population tower has, the higher damage it deals.You shouldeither avoid sending units near tower or conquer itfirst. GalacticCivilization Wars is very simple RTS game. Check itout. You candownload it for free.
Slitherlink Full
Ejelta LLC
In a Slitherlink puzzle your goal is to formasingle loop through the game field using numerical clues.In addition to classic square grids of different sizesanddifficulties this implementation of Slitherlink offershexagon,pentagon and mixed grids. Try solving those, it mayrequiredifferent ways of thinking than with squares.Automatic coloring of clues and lines helps thinking, but canbeturned off for more classic look and tougher challenge.A free ad-supported version is also available.*********************Add us on Google+ to vote on features, see updates, and togivefeedback: email if you have issues. It is impossible to respondtocomments left on the market. Thank you!*********************Highlights:- Tablets support- Dark and light themes- Unlimited supply of levels- Parity shading- Bookmarks- Scores & Sharing- Pre-loaded levels to play offline- "Kites", "Cairo", "Squares" and "Honeycomb" grids- Tutorial- Colored clues (optional)- Orientation lock
Ejelta LLC
In a Slitherlink puzzle your goal is to form a singleloopthroughthe game field using numerical clues. You can readmoreabout thehistory and rules in Wikipedia. In addition toclassicsquare gridsof different sizes and difficulties thisimplementationofSlitherlink offers hexagon, pentagon and mixedgrids. Trysolvingthose, it may require different ways ofthinking.Automaticcoloring of clues and lines helps thinking, butcan beturned offfor more classic look and tougher challenge. Pleaseemailif youhave issues. Thank you! Highlights: - Tablets support -Darkandlight themes - Many different grids - Unlimited supply oflevels-Parity shading - Bookmarks - Tutorial This game is alsoknownasLoopy, Loop-the-Loop, Fences, Takegaki, Suriza, andDottyDilemma.More variety than Sudoku!
Arnold Rauers
ENYO is a tactical roguelike about hook & shield combat.
Castle Battles : Fast RTS
A fast paced indie strategy game with humor, plot twists,swarms..and castles
flow Inc.
An evolution based tile puzzle game!
flow Inc.
Connect! Merge! and Collect the Elements!
Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense
Argon Games
Just a pure Tower Defense.
Tents and Trees Puzzles
Frozax Games
Place a tent next to each tree in this original nature puzzle game!
Subterfuge 497
Snappy Touch
* Multiplayer Game of the Year 2015 byPocketTactics ** Best Mobile Games of 2015 by CNET ** 10 Best Mobile Games of 2015 by Red Bull *Subterfuge is a week-long multiplayer game of strategy anddiplomacythat plays out in real time. Gather intelligence,coordinate withother players, issue orders, and influence how thegame unfolds.Master both strategy and diplomacy to come out ontop."One of the best strategy games I've played all year. And it's onmyphone, of all places." - Polygon"A diplomacy system more dynamic and tense than a Middle Eastpeacetalk" ~ Gamespresso"Subterfuge is the perfect mobile game for someone looking foranin-depth strategy game you can play for 5 minutes at a timeorstare at your phone for 45 minutes plotting schemes andexecutingflawlessly timed maneuvers" ~ TouchArcade"In a world of single-serving distractions, Subterfuge isaremarkable standout, a booming four-course meal ofstrategy,diplomacy, and damn fine gameplay." ~ The Daily Dot“The designers, to their credit, have created a trulybottomlesspuzzle. This app is hypnotizing” - Quintin Smith, CoolGhostsFeatures unlocked by buying Level 2 Security Clearance IAP:* Unlimited scheduled orders* Create private games* Play in rated games* Play multiple games simultaneously* Keep notes about other players
A rock climbing game that brings the essence of the sport toyoursmartphone!
ZHED - Puzzle Game 7.3
ZHED is an instant classic puzzle game. Based on a simplemechanicit builds onto increasingly complex puzzles that challengeyou to alevel you would not imagine. No timers, no clocks, no starsand notricks, just pure puzzles for you to enjoy. It's theperfectbrain-teaser that lets you train focus, concentration andmemory.How to Play ZHED? Tap a square and select a direction(upwards,downwards, to the left and to the right). See how thesquare reactswhen they intersect with each other, and build a pathto fill thegoal square. When you finished, the next level will showup! Youcan undo moves or restart levels as much as you want. Howmanylevels are there? There are currently 5 free level packs withatotal of 100 challenging and curated levels. How to save mygameprogress? Make sure you are connected to internet, andyourprogress will be saved automatically! Do I need to pay anythingtoplay this game? It is 100% free, but you can buy or earn hintstohelp you solve harder puzzles. NOTES ZHED​ containsoptionalrewarded video ads. ZHED​ sells hints and extra level packsasIAPs. Please read the PRIVACYPOLICY Like us onFACEBOOK Send us yourfeedback,we appreciate it. Enjoy :)
Bitwise Tech
An interesting and yet challenging puzzle game.
Starlight X-2: Space Sudoku
Frozax Games
A unique cosmic star light puzzle for space puzzle enthusiastsandexplorers.
Andrimon AB
Compete for zones with friends and strangers in real life!
Open source 4X civilization-building game
Pocket Rogue (Simple Roguelike)
A simple roguelike, right in your pocket!
Respect of the Realm
Build your economic and military empire in this retro-styleturnbased strategy.
Your mission: colonize the galaxy. Warning: things are gonnagetweird...
Planet Wars 1.30
Planet Wars is the cutest, yet challenging strategy game fortheAndroid platform. Travel between and conquer planets,destroyopposing forces and become the ruler of the galaxy. Makecleverdecisions to outsmart your opponents in this beautiful realtimestrategy game. The Internet permission is needed forthemultiplayer part of the game :) None of your personal data issentto anyone! If you have problems with the game, please don'tgive abad rating but contact me directly via e-mail! This makes itmucheasier for me to help you with your issue because it's notpossibleto reply to comments in the Android Play Store. Thanks! :)
Starlink 1604
Starlink is a tactical real-time strategy gameaboutgalacticdomination. You start by controlling a star inaprocedurallygenerated galaxy, and each star you controlproducesships. You candirect ships to other nearby stars thathappen to beconnected viahyperspace routes in order to capturethem, but bewareotherhostile factions trying to do the same. Don'tlet your guarddown,or you will quickly find your stars overrun withenemy ships.Ifthe AI proves to be too much of a challenge, invite afriend(orfive) to play with you, and share control of the galaxywiththem,or join opposing teams and compete against each other --it'sallup to you. To make the flow of the game even lesspredictable,eachplayer can choose from a large list of abilities totake withtheminto each match that can drastically change the waythe gameplays.Some abilities are defensive in nature, someoffensive, andothersare a mix of the two. There are even abilitiesthat let youreshapethe galaxy to your advantage, collapsing orcreating newhyperspaceroutes between stars. And if that's notenough, certainabilitiescan be used in a sequence for even moredevastatingeffects. Canyour galactic empire prevail and rise upabove others?There isonly one way to find out...
A zen puzzle game with a beautifully immersive atmosphere tosharpenyour mind.
Bad Banker
Puzzle game about economics which becomes more strategic themoreyou play it
This is PuzzleGames Collection. Free and No Ads. You canplaywithout stress.
Unique gameplay to sharpen your mind!
Portals: tactical 2D shooter
Anton Chura
Epic large-scale strategy 2D game
Squatris 1.5.10
Have some free time? It's time to train your brain withtheSquatrispuzzle! Simple controls and rules. No restrictions onmovetime,play at your own speed. Automatic save when you exit,stopandcontinue a game at any time. Unlock more than50achievements.Squares game modes rules: Place figures on gamefieldto fill theplaces marked with the same color (squares). Whenyoufill a squareit is erased to make space for new figures, andyouearn scorepoints. Erasing the large squares gives more points.Thegamecontinues until there is a space to put the next figure.Madewrongmove? The last move can be canceled unless it led totheerasing ofa square. Lines game modes rules: Place figures ongamefield tofill horizontal lines. When you fill a line it iserased tomakespace for new figures, and you earn score points.Erasing morethanone line at once will give you more score points.Thegamecontinues until there is a space to put the next figure.Madewrongmove? The last move can be canceled unless it led totheerasing ofa line. Sign in to Google Play Game services andcompetewith otherplayers for highest score.
Hashi Puzzle
A challenging logic puzzle. Connect all islands with bridges,solvethe puzzle!
Like Free Number Logic Puzzles Kakuro, Kenken, Mathdoku? Youwilllove Futoshiki
Simple turn-based strategy
Drill Down
Dakror Games
Mine and process natural resources to construct a giantfullyautomated factory.
Abalone - The Official Board Game  2.1.0
Discover our new version with brand new graphics inspiredbythelatest edition of the famous strategy game. Abalone has beenoneofthe best games around for nearly 30 years, known foritshexagonalboard and black and white marbles. The goal ofthisabstract boardgame is simple: push your opponent’s marbles offtheboard! Butbeware, it’s not easy to master, so keep your witsaboutyou andrise to the challenge! HAVE A PLAN OF ATTACK... Createaplan ofattack to push your opponent’s marbles off the board.Oneveryturn, you can move one space in any direction with 1, 2,or3lined-up marbles. When you’re in a Sumito position (thatis,whenyour marbles both outnumber and are in contactwithyouropponent’s) you can push their marbles out! For example,youneedthree black marbles to push one or two white marbles.There’snouse in rushing; it’s better to take your time and thinkofeverypossibility since one hasty move can put you in a badpositionandlet victory slip through your fingers. ...AND HAVEASTRONGDEFENSE. If you want to win, the key is not to attack,butratherto take specific positions with certain combinationsofmoves. Justlike in chess and checkers, you can try to createtrapsbysacrificing marbles or strategic positions to blockyouropponent.The most dangerous contact points are at the edges oftheboard,where a bad move means losing a marble or thewholegame!Sometimes, it’s better to be patient if you want towin!DON’TCONFUSE FORESIGHT AND HASTE The keys to victory arelookingaheadand analyzing your opponent’s play. Although the gameis easytolearn, it requires strategy and thought. To honeyourstrategicthinking, the game offers several modes that letyoureview yourgames play by play. For example, Challenge Modehelpsyou become atrue Abalone master, one move at a time. Thechallengesget harderas you advance. For example, at first you mustpush out asinglemarble only to win a challenge, then two, and themaster willgetprogressively tougher. PLAY ALONE OR WITH FRIENDSPlayaloneagainst the computer with Challenge Mode and Free PlayMode,orplay against your friends. With Pass & Play Mode, youcanduelon the same device! Tired of playing your friends? Facethebestplayers in the world with Online Mode by logging in toyourAsmodeeaccount! Features: • Solo: - 3 levels of difficultyagainstthe AI(Easy, Medium, Hard) - A solo campaign with uniquechallenges- Agame mode that lets you create your own game, your ownrules,andplace the first marbles • Multiplayer: - Pass & PlayMode-Online Mode To find more information about AsmodeeDigital,pleasego to Having an issue?Lookingforsupport? Please contactus: can follow usonFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!Facebook: • AvailableinEnglish,French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.