Top 23 Apps Similar to Ugolki - Checkers - Dama

Shashki - Russian draughts
Play checkers with AI or online players
Draughts Pro
The most challenging and beautiful International Draughts Gameevermade.
Checkers 2.2.4
Play Checkers aka Draughts - the fastest-growing board gameappworldwide!
Checkers Puzzles 1.2
Bros Ogon's
Logical checkers puzzles according to the rules of Russian draughts
Checkers Premium 1.52
Take the classic game of Checkers with you wherever you gowithCheckers Premium
Draughts 10x10
International Checkers 10x10 with Online playing
Checkers Online - Duel friends 361
Hagstrom Dev
Checkers Online - Play draughts with your friends onlinewithamerican rules!
Checkers Online Elite
Online checkers (draughts) to play with friends!
Checkers 2.55
Challenge yourself with 12 different cpu levels or onlineopponents!
Checkers 1.88
Gamma Play
Unleash strategy with Checkers! Jump, capture, crown. Funforeveryone!
Checkers Land Online 2020.11.12
Checkersland Online is a free program for playing more than 30kindsof checkers
Backgammon LiveGames online 4.18
NanoFlash LLC
Backgammon LiveGames. Online games with real players.
Backgammon Masters Online 1.7.104
Play Online Backgammon,Tavla,Narde in live playertournaments,hotseat or AI !
Words AI, Online & Offline 2.4.0
Classic words game. Play offline & online. Strong AI. 5minigames. Elo Ranking
Backgammon 51
Backgammon is one of the oldest board games for two players.
Nardy: Championship online
Become a champion of Nardy! Pass career in ex-capitals of the USSR!
Four In A Row - Classic 1.3.0
Play the classic 4 In A Row board game, challenge friends ortrainvs. phone!
Backgammon Masters 1.7.103
Play Online Backgammon, Tavla, Narde in live playertournaments,hotseat or AI !
Durak (Fool) 1.7.2
Durak is a Russian card game that is popular in post-Soviet states
Durak LiveGames 3.03
NanoFlash LLC
* Games only with real people* Free, without advertisement* Chat, friends, gifts and achievements* Durak Throw-In and team play 2x2* Durak Passing and Pile-UpPLAY WITH A.I. CHARACTERS* Durak Throw-In, Passing, Pile-up* Durak 2x2 Throw-In, 2x2 PassingADVANTAGES:* Free points every hour and every day* Advanced system of achievements* Ratings and user tops* Private tables with password* Low prices for additional points* Quick game mode* Simple one-touch authorization- Game Center,- social networks,- LiveGames account or- guest mode* Detailed rules of each game* 3 kinds of chat in the game* Active support service* Actions and promotions from project Administration* Possible connection via WiFi, 3G, LTEYou should familiarize with project rules before playingMore than 10 000 000 people already play on,joinus!
BALDA - online with friends 90
Compose the longest words with friends and online
Backgammon Online 1.6.10
Magic Board
Backgammon Online (Narde) is a board game for two players onaspecial board.
Hardwood Backgammon Pro
Play Backgammon with the advanced computer or online withHardwoodBackgammon.