Top 34 Games Similar to Minesweeper Classic+

Mind Games Pro 3.4.5
The unlimited version of Mindware's great collection ofbraintraining games.
Shuffle 'n Slide Brain Game 1.5.1
A great way to pass the time while practicing your visualanalysisskills.
Mind Games 3.4.6
Exercise Your Brain! A great collection of mind and braintraininggames.
Puzzle My Mind 1.2.0
A fun and challenging mind game to practice your visualanalysisskills.
Zombie Minesweeper
Octo Industries
★★★★ A Gizmodo "Essential App!" ★ "GamingAppof the Day!" on Kotaku ★ GameZebo Best Hidden Gems of 2011★★★★Zombie Minesweeper is a frantic adventure game filledwithsatisfying puzzles and juicy Zombie explosions. Our snarkyheroineis caught up in a Zombie apocalypse and must escape hersuburbanneighbourhood and cross the countryside to safely meetherboyfriend. By using markings on the ground, you must help herflagexplosive mines and outrun hordes of brain-hungry Zombiewildlife.Fortunately, you have an assortment of weapons and toolsto dealwith the pesky Zombies in thismind-blowingsoon-to-be-classic!* Optimized for Phone & Tablets!* Over 30 Zombie EXPLODING levels!* Exciting environments such as a Zombie farm, a spooky forest,andthe pet cemetery!* 14 hungry Zombie animals to destroy* Fight against birds that are angry!* Fun puzzles based on classic minesweeper!----* Gamezebo: 4.5/5 "Zombie Minesweeper is one of those gamesthatsounds like it might be stupid but winds up being stupidlyfun.It's adorable and strange and just violent enough to begoofilyawesome."* iFanzine: (4.5/5) "The threat of moving enemies really upstheante on ye olde Minesweeperformula; stir in a macabre senseofhumor and you’ve got a product that’s ripe for a cultfollowingamong casual and [seasoned] gamers alike."* Touch Arcade: "There's something special in the combinationofzombies and minefields. This top-down action puzzler puts thetwotogether to explosive effect."* BunchOfGamers: (4/5) "A really captivating process of shootingandblowing up zombies, while trying to advance through thelevelwithout blowing up yourself."*JayIsGames: "One of the best efforts to combine logic puzzlesandshotguns we've ever seen!"
Minesweeper for Android - Mines & Landmines Game 2.8.26
Minesweeper for Android is the bestversionof the classic mines game! Play minesweeper free on yourAndroiddevice! The classic game, just like you remember!Version 2 of the game brings you a significantly betterclassicminesweeper game experience, now with global high scores andmoremines! Challenge strangers and your friends for fastest times.Setthe level of mines for a higher and give yourselfachallenge!Minesweeper for Android Features:* Classic minesweeper gameplay* 5 difficulty levels: beginner, easy, intermediate, expertandcustom games for more mines* Increase or decrease the number of mines* Advanced gameplay designed for accuracy and fast times* Tablet support for larger screen games* Avoid the mines and join the leaderboard* Global high scores, both weekly and all-time high* Variable zoom levels to help dodge mines* The original Minesweeper for Android* Experience Minesweeper in 3D with cool effects like theclassicgameChallenge your friends to see if they can beat your score, findoutwho will become a minesweeper king!Enjoy the game and avoid the mines!
Minesweeper: Collector 3.3.5
The only minesweeper with сoins, items, pets, online mode andmuchmore! Try it!
Minesweeper Classic 1.6.0
Juraj Kusnier
The object of the game is to clear a minefield without detonatingamine.
Minesweeper Classic 3.3.2
Maple Media
Enjoy Minesweeper! Learn to play the classic logic game fromthe90's.
Minesweeper 1.17.7
Evkar games
Minesweeper classic is logic puzzle game
Minesweeper King 1.4.0
Addictive Minesweeper! To challenge the master of Minesweeper.
Minesweeper - classic game 9.2.4
Andrei Ivanov
A classic minesweeper with the ability to fully customizetheplaying field.
Minesweeper 2.0.2
Drew Romanyk
Play the classic game of Minesweeper on Android.
Minesweeper 3D M3D-7.3.1
Pink Pointer
Minesweeper is a classic game and this 3D version takes it tothenext level.
Mine Sweeper 2239
Enjoy our version of the original time-killer - the MineSweeper.
Minesweeper Classic 3.4
Minesweeper Classic is part of the greatfamilyof classic puzzle games. Easy, free, with a modern style (nomoreold gray boxes...) and in english this game for androidincludes:★ Bombs, flags, question mark, etc... ★All ingredients of the classic minesweeper game are present inthisversion dusted and up to date !★ 2 147 483 647 grids to solve ★For hours and hours of fun, all for free !★ Avoid the millions of bombs ★Beware of the explosions !★ Discover 3 level of difficulty ★Easy, medium, hard : to adapt to the level of children as toadults!★ A grid minesweeper that automatically adapts to yourandroiddevice ★Phone, phablet or even tablet, it is always perfectly adaptedtoyour device in portrait mode as in landscape mode !★ 3 world leaderboards ★Compare your best times with friends and other players aroundtheworld !★ 42 achievements to discover ★Collect the games and unlock the 42 achievements available inthegame !★ Minimum 71 582 788 hours of playing ★Download quickly ! And you will never be bored again !
Classic Minesweeper 1.1
Ad Free! Classic Minesweeper game with difficulties and highscores!
2048 2.9
Super 2048 Plus Puzzle. More challenge, much more fun!
Minesweeper 1.2.1
Minesweeper is a logic game where mines are hidden in a gridofsquares.
100 Doors Challenge 1.3.1f4
An unique puzzle game of a series of 100 Doors
Classic Minesweeper (Online) 1.2
Funny classical Minesweeper game with online Liderboard This isasingle player Minesweeper game to open all boxes but dontclickmine. The numbers in boxes tell you total bomb count ofneighbourboxes - If you win the game wear sunglasses and do betterfor takeplace online Top 100 Liderboard - if you lose, close allopenwindows :) -Classical look and have 3 difficulty level. Firsttwolevel for training but you can take place in top 100liderboardwhen you won any hard level game.
Skills - Logic Brain Games 5.3.0
App Holdings
Brain training game to improve your memory, attention,accuracy,logic, skills💪
Minesweeper 1.2
Minesweeper is a funny classical game.
Griddlers Plus 1.19.6
Enjoy more than 15000 griddlers in a single app...
∞ Infinity Loop
Simple, relaxing, endless game. Peopleloveit!∞ Infinity Loop is the most trending game in 2017. It canbeconsidered a puzzle game about creating intricate loopingpatternsor just the application of using a simple concept:"connectingmultiple things" and make fun out of it.Some people say this game is a good puzzle game but with a greatzenmode. The goal is to clear your mind, remove the stress fromyourdaily life without any pressure or tension to solvethelevels.If you are looking for a stress relief or a relaxing gametype,enjoy the loop!FAQHow to Play Infinity Loop?Connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections. Itislike killing the chaos and reaching perfection. Watch the videotooverview how it works. Check on youtube as well where severalpeoplepost the solutions. Nonetheless, we suggest you to try tofindyourself how the game works and what are you supposed todo.How to Play the Infinity Dark Mode?The goal of the dark mode is to make disconnections, breaking italland not leaving a single piece connected.How many levels the game has?Infinite.How can I save my game progress?Make sure you connect the app with Google Play Games on thesettingspanel (the button is in the bottom of the gameplay). Thisway yourprogress won't be lost. If you face further issues reachus bye-mail.Do I need to pay anything to play Infinity Loop?No. The original game is 100% free. There is no need to payanythingfor the original game. The game is free for unlimitedlevels. Onlyif you opt for the secondary game, called "blackmode", you may needto pay a coffee for it after level 100.I don't feel the game is challenging. Why?The challenge for us would be making the game withincreasingdifficulty after a certain level while at the same timerelaxingand allowing infinity levels. So how could level 100.000 bemoredifficult than level 10.000? It is hard. So as we cannot havethebest in all worlds, we have opted to make it relaxingfornow.Note: This game is also available on Android Wear andAndroidWatches. And it's very fun as well!Concept and Development: Jonas Lekevicius, BalysValentukevicius& the WebAvenue LTD TeamDesign & Logo Copyright: Alice Gmyrko & the WebAvenueLTDTeam
Gears logic puzzles 225
Sergey Tropin
Challenging, addictive, relaxing game. Move and connectthecogwheels..
Minesweeper Planet
Have fun while watching your step in Minesweeper Planet!
Minesweeper 1.0
Minesweeper for Android is aWindowsclassicgame from Windows 2000/XP,we bring minesweeper foryourphonenow!The goal of the minesweeper is to uncover all the squares thatdonotcontain mines.Minesweeper is played in two modes: mine mode, click toopentiles,and flag mode, flag mines.You can play our predefined stage to increase your skill,alsoyoucanchallenge the master modes.Minesweeper for Android features:1.100 stages predefined,the higher stage,the more difficult2.4 master stage,many mines, to test your skill.3.Tools for you to find the mines.4.Smooth zoom & scrolling5.Game pause during a phone callIf you like Windows classic minesweeper, you're goingtoloveMinesweeper for Android!Just try.
Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles 1.6.271
Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain
Minesweeper 1.0
- Classic minesweeper with beautifully minimal design. - FREE-NO-ADDS
Abandoned Mine - Escape Room 5.2.0
Enjoy the thrill cracking the hidden clues to get out oftheabandoned mines!
Mahjong King 1.5.0
Mahjong game is an addictive puzzle game that anyone can enjoy.
Math Puzzles 1.1.6
Enhance your out of the box thinking with the set ofinterestingpuzzles.
Zen Sweeper (Minesweeper)
Zen Sweeper: Arrange the stones with Feng Shui