Top 10 Games Similar to Game Algebra for class 8

Learn Algebra Bubble Bath Game 56
Learn Algebra quickly. Play a game and study Math at the same time.
Math Workout - The Challenge 2.0
HyperDimBrain: lots of math exercises to train your brain!
Cool Math + Algebra Game 1.11
Sunny Appz
"My IQ went up! I'm sure my IQ hasincreasedfrom using this, I'm so much quicker now atmathematicalcalculations. You know what they say, use it or loseit." - MatthewSun on Aug 12, 2013Practise your algebra and maths using our cool games. Itget'sharder as you go on, and features inspiring photos asthebackground that change each time the app is reloaded.There is 2 games to choose from:-Maths Surfin-Calculus Space BattleHelps to keep your mind alert as you are presented withdifferentmaths and algebra problems, drills and brain trainingexercises tosolve each time you play.FEATURES► Sunny Appz exclusive random generator to generate new problemstosolve each time► You have 3 lives to get to the highest math level possible► Fun for all ages from 3rd grade onwards► Helps keep you sharp►Share the app with friends via Facebook, Google+, emailandmore.Our app is FREE, an supported by in app ads, which can beremovedinside the app by paying a nominal one time fee.
Fifth Grade Learning Games 6.7
Teach important 5th Grade subjects with 21 fun andinteractivegames!
Touch Math 1.1
Show the world that you areamathematician.Test your math prowess in a matter of 2.3 seconds.This game will make you angry and fun.
Algebra Study Cards 1.0
Algebra Study Cards is a fast-paced mathgamewhere you must use all your algebra knowledge beat the clockwithaddition, multiplication, division and subtraction. Climbtheleaderboards and unlock achievements while you compete withtherest of the world.Algebra Study Cards allows you to build score totals based onhowoften you play and how difficult your settings are. Solveanequation in 10 seconds with normal mode . . . or try to solve itin3 seconds for triple the points in “Crazy” mode.Mathematics and Education have never been this fun.Solve common algebra equations with lightning speed. How fastareyou?Algebra Study Cards has 4 categories:-- Multiplication-- Division-- Addition-- SubtractionYou can get more points by selecting your speed:-- Normal - Answer in less than 10 seconds-- Fast - Answer in less than 8 seconds and double your score-- Crazy - Answer in less than 5 seconds for triple scorePlace on the leaderboard against friends with Google Play.Place on the leaderboard against friends withiTunesGameCenter.
Bouncy Algebra Version
An application to encourage childrentopractice mathematics by playing games.
Hair Salon around the World 1.0.12
A super hairdresser Game for kids and little girls ! helpthehairstylist !
Logic Land Puzzles Adventures 3.4.0
Games for all ages to train IQ, memory, logic, spatial reasoningandattention
Math Games - Zeus vs. Monsters 1.22
Peaksel Games
Join a math challenge against evil creatures in Math Games -Zeusvs. Monsters.