Top 10 Games Similar to Tap Tap Showdown

Warrior Clicker 1.2.4
TTT Games
*Let's clean up the Dungeon! Dungeon RPG!
Defence Master 27.9
Time is precious. Busy but can play game Busy but can playgameBusybut can be strong Busy but can be happy
Runachay 2.2.19
Digital Agenda
ZZANG RPG : Idle Auto RPG 1.50
Acquire good grade equipment in the dungeon and make mycharacterstronger!! The stronger you get, the more powerful youenter thedungeon that gives you better rewards! Disassemble theacquiredequipment and make it into equipment of the desired grade!In thedungeon selection screen, display the equipment that canbeobtained in the dungeon! - Boss contents will be updatedinmid-October. ※ (Caution) Data will be initialized when youdeletethe app. Automatic hunting immediately upon entering thedungeon!!
LabBuster 1.1.9
Stop the monsters from escaping the lab!
Dungeon Mart
Orobas Soft
Rip off heroes, extort treasures!
Merge Tactics: Kingdom Defense 1.8.1
Your Majesty, please grow your kingdom and protect usagainstinvasions!
RAPIDFIRE - Gun Idle Game 0.8.9
An idle defense game where you collect various guns anddefeatenemies!
RUNExRUNE - Tower Defence 2.0.4
A tower defense that combines runes to block enemies!