Top 24 Apps Similar to Reptile Scan

Reptile Buddy 1.19.12
Reptile Buddy
Keep track of your animals, breeding projects and calculategenetics
ExotiKeeper 3.20.08
E Rick
Organize your exotic pet collection. Keep track of growth,feedingsand more!
Tarantulas 2.10.01
E Rick
EoS- Organize your tarantula collection. Keep track ofmolts,feedings and more!
Crystal Guru 1.1
Aura Shop
Easy to use tool for those who seek to deepen their knowledgeofcrystals.
iFunch - Mushrooms identificat 1.2.0
Indispensable tool for occasional or experienced mushroom seekers.
Myco pro - Mushroom Guide 1.4.0
Myco pro contains information about 300+ types of mushrooms.
Era White Flat 4.8
Beautiful and Unique icon pack PS: please read description
Orthoptera 2.0.0
Garzotto GmbH
Determine and discover the Switzerland and Germany, thelocustsintuitive.
NaturaList 0.223
NaturaList allow you to quickly record all yournaturalisticobservations
MushtoolPro - Mushroom
Mushtool is an application for all the mushroom finders.
Nex Rain Pro Live Wallpaper 1.0.8
Nex Rain live wallpaper, beautiful abstract rain particles.
Era Flat 5.1
Beautiful and Unique icon pack PS: please read description
Emperial - Circle Retro Icons 15.0.0
Make your phone rule with Emperial
Book of Mushrooms PRO 4.4
A nice collection of all major fungi species.
B1ack Scorpion 6.3
•Beautiful theme with black and mint colors •Read for more
Camofire 11.0.15
Deeply discounted deals on hunting and outdoor gear, 365 daysayear!
Athys 6.8
Athys: an different type of icon pack. PS: read description toknowmore
Leopard Gecko Pro 1.0 1.6
Ron Tremper
A photographic reference guide to the genetic morphs ofleopardgeckos.
iKnow Mushrooms 2 PRO
The ultimate FIELD GUIDE to MUSHROOMS, all in the palm of yourhand!They grow in large numbers in forests and fields. Millionsofthem are hiding in the protective thicket and many withstandaneager collector. The common mushroom, dearly loved treasure inmanykitchens. But once it's found, fundamental doubts replacetheinitial euphoria. What kind of mushroom is this actually? Isitedible, perhaps toxic, even hallucinogenic?Finally, you have the option to identify species without thehelpof a heavy book. You get a comprehensive library full offacts,figures, and images. Learn where to find mushrooms, look upif theyare edible. Find inspiration and experience nature in awhole newway.CONTENT* 300 species - 2000 images* Extensive description of the species* Species names in 11 languages* Scientific identification* Online Mushroom Consultation* Quiz gameSEARCH AND IDENTIFY SPECIES BY* APPEARANCE AND SCENT- size, color, hat, gills, stem, etc.* EDIBILITY AND TASTE- toxic, edible, allergen, etc.* FRUIT BODY TYPE- belly mushrooms, gilled mushrooms, truffle, etc.* HABITAT- deciduous or coniferous forest floor, etc.* FAMILY- Agaricaceae, Boletaceae, Clathraceae, etc.* MEDICINAL BENEFIT AND POISON- antibiotic, Psilocybin, Muscarin, etc.QUIZ GAME* Guess species from pictures* Learn to distinguish different speciesNATURE MOBILE on YouTube: NATURE MOBILEThe mission of NATURE MOBILE is to present exciting topicsfromnature and other areas to a wide audience of interestedpeople,enthusiasts, and experts in an attractive way. You are anauthor orphotographer, you have fascinating ideas or content,please contactus at [email protected] OUT MORE APPS BY NATURE MOBILETopics: mushroom hunting, collect, fungi, grow,funghi,collecting, growing, identification, vegetables, trees,plants,recipes, vegetarian, vegan, cooking, collecting
Aragon 7.3
Aragon an unique look. PS: please read description to know more
Digital Pixel Pro Live WP 1.1.6
Digital Pixel live wallpaper, beautiful interactive digital pixels.
Math for GED ® Lite 1.0.2-hh-inapp-ged-math-lite
Effective Math Prep tool that monitors progress &trackperformance
US Lighthouses 2.10.0
With significant coastline on theAtlanticOcean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Great Lakes,theUnited States of America has hundreds of lighthouses thathavefaithfully served mariners through the years. Usingphotographs,information, and insights gathered while visiting thecountry’s800+ lighthouses, Kraig Anderson to help others learn aboutlighthouses andplan their own visits to these historic structures.This app istailored to present this content on your mobile devicewith thefollowing useful features:• Have historical information READ OUT LOUD while you drive toalighthouse• View MAPS showing the location of lighthouses in each state• Transfer GPS coordinates to a navigation app to get DIRECTIONStoa lighthouse• RECORD the date of your visit to each lighthouse along withanypersonal notes• TRACK the number of lighthouses you’ve visited by state• BACKUP your data on Google Drive and SYNC acrossyourdevices• FILTER the lighthouses to show only those that interest you• List and map lighthouses NEAREST to you• DISCOVERY MODE: get automatically notified of nearbylighthousesas you wander around.• SEARCH lighthouses by name within the app or from your homescreenusing "OK Google, search for ... in US Lighthouses".Example: "OKGoogle, search for lightship in US Lighthouses"Intuitive icons are shown for each lighthouse to quickly helpyoudetermine if, among other things, a lighthouse iseasilyaccessible, open for climbing, offers overnightaccommodations, hasappeared in a movie, and if it is reportedlyhaunted.A picture and the history of each lighthouse are available withoutadata connection, but a data connection is needed to view mapsandthe full gallery of images.A few lighthouses not built by the federal government, like thoseonGrand Lake St. Marys in Ohio, are included in the app, but theyarenot the focus of the app and should be viewed as bonuses.Coverageof lighthouses in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, isalsoincluded.