Top 50 Apps Similar to How to PLAY? a puzzle game

Nameless Cat
Kotoba Games
Embark on a journey as a cat to search for a way to return toyourowner!
Bart Bonte
green, another puzzle game for you!
Get aCC_e55
Isometric puzzle adventure with the mechanics of room rotation,roomescape
Cats are Liquid - ABP
A 2D platformer about a liquid cat and her friends.
Dan Vogt
A neon racing adventure
Martin Magni
Simple games. And lots of them! Unlock a world of mini-games,ormake your own?
Not Not - A Brain-Buster
Alt Shift
Not Not is a new addictive puzzle game based on logicandorientation.
Reaction training 3.6.4
Do you agree that good reflexes and reaction speed at any ageonlyhave a positive effect? If you want to train your reactionspeedand reflexes or just want to check the speed of your reaction- youfound the right app. It has everything that you need toimproveyour reflexes and reaction! Believe us, training can also befunwhen it’s done like the game 😉 Some of you may perceive this appasa game and you might be right. But our main task was to helppeopledevelop and train their reaction speed. Everything in ourlifehappens very quickly, and a split second can affect your life.Inaddition to improving the speed of your reaction and thinking,thepositive effect of using the game will be to speed upyourreflexes, develop logical thinking and peripheral vision, aswellas train stress resistance and concentration in everydaylife.Features: • Flexible settings, set complications forsomeexercises, remove countdown if needed, change repetitions fortheexercise. • Ability to see statistics for each exercise •Abilityto change the theme if needed. • Great gameplay formaximumconvenience. • Can help gamers who, engaged in cybersport. •Thisgame recommended for ALL ages! In this game, you will find over30small games to train reaction. And here are some of them: •Schultetable exercise. • Practice with math exercises. • Soundreactiontest. • Reaction time to the vibration. • Simple colorchangelevel. • Practice with the textual representation of numbers.•Test quick numbers count. • Moving figure level. • Eyememoryexercise. • Train reaction to color changes in differentcells ofthe table. • Check the swipe reaction time. • Practice inaiminglevel. • Improve reaction time to moving shapes. • Memorytest. •Test peripheral vision. • Color matching text level. • F1startlights test. • Spatial imagination reaction. • Test clicklimit. •Shapes comparing level. • Shake exercise. • Numberorderingpractice. • Train quick click on the random aim. All youneed isdiligence. Train every day, and the result won't be long incoming.You will improve your reaction time. If you have difficultywithany of the levels - just try to think out of the box. Each ofthegame exercises is POSSIBLE to pass. You will succeed ⭐
Bart Bonte
black, another puzzle game for you!
Energy: Anti Stress Loops
Features: Simple gameplay: Just tap the lines to rotate andcreateconnected loops. The wires will shine when at least one boltand alamp are connected through a line. Relaxing: People with OCDissuesmention this game as a great way to get better. Energygameplay isvery calm – “just tap the line” – and a couple of levelsper dayare enough to fight OCD and anxiety issues. It’s likepracticingyoga with your smartphone. Smart brain-teasers: Energyfeaturesendless minimalist brain-teasers that will boost your logicskills,relax your soul and improve your concentration. It will makeyoubright! Classic game: Highly compared with other logic games duetoits simplicity, Energy is very satisfying and will illuminatethecreative side of your brain. Play everywhere: You will takelessthan 20 seconds to illuminate a circuit. That’s perfect to playonthe bus or while you wait for your flight at the airport.Startplaying and relax wherever you are! Recharge your battery: Ifyourbody battery is very low, Energy is the best way to rechargeit.Wherever you are at the airport, on the train, or on the bus,boostyour concentration and make your brain shine with thebrain-teasersreminiscent of Infinity Loop. Better than a yogasession, Energywill relax your soul! Play the king of logic gamesnow! If yourbody battery is fading, Energy is the perfect boost torecharge it!Featuring a minimalist style, a transmission circuit,and smartbrain-teasers, this bright game will help you to calm youranxietyand get your concentration in line! Energy is reminiscent oftheclassic Loop by its simplicity and satisfaction provided. Youjustneed to tap the wire to rotate it and manage to connect allthelines. Make sure the transmission includes at least a lampcircle,a wire, and a lightning bolt circle to illuminate thelightcircuit. The wire loops will shine when everything isconnected!Part of the famous Infinity Loop franchise, this calm,minimalist,and smart game will help you dealing with anxiety andOCD. Insteadof closing endless loops, you must tap to connect everywire to thelamp and create a closed light transmission. Once youtap the firstline, you will boost your concentration and reduce anysymptoms ofanxiety or OCD. Try to illuminate the circuit as manytimes as youcan and recharge your soul with positive ideas. Incalmbrain-teasers like this, you don’t need to be super smart orfastas a lightning bolt to succeed. Creating a functional lightcircleusing every wire, bolt, and lamp is more important thandeliveringa bright performance. ENERGY environment is satisfyingandminimalist, featuring a calm soundtrack and endless lightloops.The positive energy provided by this game will rechargeyoursmartphone battery or make your brain shine like a star. If youarelooking for a minimalist tap game to boost yourconcentration,ENERGY is the right choice. Like other easy-to-learnlogic games,this smart game features endless brain-teasers and itsstructureworks as a circle: since you can’t finish it, yourprogress is likean endless circle. Perfect to play while you are ina waiting lineor at the airport. Working as a concentration boostand a great wayof fighting anxiety and OCD issues, Energy is also afun way ofimproving creativity while you relax your soul. Byconnecting everywire, lamp, and bolt, you will illuminate thetransmission andcreate bright light shapes. You become anarchaeologist: once youcomplete the circuit, the loops will shineand you discover thehidden figure. We associate ENERGY with yogabecause this game isan excellent way to purify your mind and soulWhen you complete adozen levels, your heart rate slows down. Justlike in a yogaexercise. Note: This game is also available onAndroid Wear andAndroid Watches. And it's very fun as well!
MEGA QUIZ GAMING 2021 - Guess the game Trivia
Guess the new trending games in the best logo quiz game withover720 levels
∞ Infinity Loop
Simple, relaxing, endless game. Peopleloveit!∞ Infinity Loop is the most trending game in 2017. It canbeconsidered a puzzle game about creating intricate loopingpatternsor just the application of using a simple concept:"connectingmultiple things" and make fun out of it.Some people say this game is a good puzzle game but with a greatzenmode. The goal is to clear your mind, remove the stress fromyourdaily life without any pressure or tension to solvethelevels.If you are looking for a stress relief or a relaxing gametype,enjoy the loop!FAQHow to Play Infinity Loop?Connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections. Itislike killing the chaos and reaching perfection. Watch the videotooverview how it works. Check on youtube as well where severalpeoplepost the solutions. Nonetheless, we suggest you to try tofindyourself how the game works and what are you supposed todo.How to Play the Infinity Dark Mode?The goal of the dark mode is to make disconnections, breaking italland not leaving a single piece connected.How many levels the game has?Infinite.How can I save my game progress?Make sure you connect the app with Google Play Games on thesettingspanel (the button is in the bottom of the gameplay). Thisway yourprogress won't be lost. If you face further issues reachus bye-mail.Do I need to pay anything to play Infinity Loop?No. The original game is 100% free. There is no need to payanythingfor the original game. The game is free for unlimitedlevels. Onlyif you opt for the secondary game, called "blackmode", you may needto pay a coffee for it after level 100.I don't feel the game is challenging. Why?The challenge for us would be making the game withincreasingdifficulty after a certain level while at the same timerelaxingand allowing infinity levels. So how could level 100.000 bemoredifficult than level 10.000? It is hard. So as we cannot havethebest in all worlds, we have opted to make it relaxingfornow.Note: This game is also available on Android Wear andAndroidWatches. And it's very fun as well!Concept and Development: Jonas Lekevicius, BalysValentukevicius& the WebAvenue LTD TeamDesign & Logo Copyright: Alice Gmyrko & the WebAvenueLTDTeam
Antistress - Relaxing games 8.61
Have you ever thought about AntiStress Relaxing game toreleasestress in minutes? If your answer is in Yes! Then you are attheright forum of endless calming games and relaxing games. Youhavebeen gone through many anti- stress games 2021 but let usassureyou that these are the best endless anxiety relief games forthemind freshness. The Anti-stress game is the cradle of power.It’squite obvious that stress comes from challenging situationsandcircumstances, but the stress-releasing games, which contain 3Dpopit toys and 3D fidget toys, help you calm your mind. Stressdoesn’tkill the inner soul, but its reaction does. The slime,sandcutting, piano, and pop it deluxe games allow you to calmyournerves and elevate your mood to a state of solace. The popitmaster game removes the grains of nervousness and makes yourlifeblissful. Download anti stress game in minutes and get rid ofyourdaily stresses and relax now. Come and join us in thesatisfyinggames and make yourself calm and relax. The othergreatest featurewhich will be interested for you is that it hasmany challenges andactivities. Download anti-stress satisfying game2021 and completeall the challenges to get rid of your day to daystress. Relax nowwith satisfying games that designed with greatconcept and full ofrelaxation toys. Use them and create fun lovingmoments in yourhectic routine. This relaxing game 2021 with colortherapy is forall ages. You just need to download it and plungeinto it for yourunlimited fun and relaxing. In this Endless AntiStress &Relaxing Game you have to play the role of a free kidwho is infree mode, who can relax from stress with playing theseantistressgames and who does not have any phobia in his mind. Whileplayingthis anti-stress games, you can fulfill your all desires andtheplus point is that your stress will be gone away in a fewminutes.So get your hands on the big screens of your mobiles andget out ofyour stress. you will get stress relief immediately. Youknow verywell that stress and problems are the part and parcel ofyour life.So you have to come out of it by playing games likerelaxing andthis anti stress game 2021. In this top satisfying gameyou have toplay the role like a kid who can touch each and everymaterialgiven in this relaxing game and you can have endless fun.This isone of the best anti-stress games 2020 which are presentedby us.Download satisfying slime games right now and enjoy handlingthesituations. Relax your brain with satisfying games! You justneedto download this pack of mind relaxing games and enjoy thestressreleasing therapy. 3D Antistress & Relaxing GameFeatures: -Realistic 3D brain exercise and relaxation - Differentmindfreshness toys - High quality relaxing sounds to release stress-Realistic experience of release stress in minutes - Smoothcontrolsto play with the 3D fidget toys - Different Relaxationtoysmissions - Play Relaxing, anxiety release Games Play one ofthegreatest endless satisfying games and experience a new lifewhichis full of cherishing moments. These anti stress Calming Gamesarefull of different activities, so you can relief from your stressbysignificantly performing simple activities in the games. Thebestpart of stress relief with satisfying games is that brainexercisesare given for your fun. Just join and enjoy! DownloadEndlessAnti-Stress & Relaxing Game on your android device andstartplaying the most fun oriented and stress relief game. If youenjoythese Antistress & anxiety relief games, be sure to rateus 5stars!
Exponential Idle 1.4.27
Conic Games
Play Exponential Idle, a math-inspired incremental game. Yourgoalis to stack up money by taking advantage of exponential growth.Todo so, you have to step through time by tapping the equationorsimply let the time follow its course. You can perform changeofvariables to accelerate the process, buy upgrades, get rewards,andunlock achievements while earning virtual money.
Samsara Room
Rusty Lake
You find yourself in a strange room. There is a telephone, amirror,a grandfather clock and some other odd objects you don’trecognise.It seems there is only one way to escape… becomeenlightened.Samsara Room is a new atmospheric point-and-clickadventure by thecreators of Rusty Lake and Cube Escape series.This praisedpredecessor to the Rusty Lake universe is completelyre-assembledwith brand new puzzles, story, graphics and animmersive soundtrackby Victor Butzelaar. Celebrate our five yearanniversary with us,download and play for free now! We will unfoldthe mysteries ofRusty Lake one step at a time, follow [email protected]
I Love Hue Too
A mind-bending colour adventure
Dingbats - Between the lines
Romain Lebouc
Can you guess the famous idioms from the drawings ? Solvehundredsof dingbats
Daddy Long Legs
Set Snail
Play the simple yet weirdly rewarding game that got so manypeoplehooked
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
Kiary games
Find the answers of town mystery in the game with escape theroommechanics
That Level Again
A small logic game where all levels are the same but ways to winarenot
7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel
Amazing story game full of surprises! Play Mystery Adventure Game!
Armory & Machine 2 - Idle Soul 1.9.3
Uken Games
A flickering light invades your vision. The Machine beckons.Willyou accept its invitation? Build an unstoppable Machine andexplorea decimated world in this idle inspired adventure. ◆◆THEMACHINE’SFEATURES ◆◆ • An ever-evolving puzzle: go from a single“press andhold” to managing over 20 functions • Sprawlingincremental clickeradventure with minimalist design • Build yourway: idle or activegameplay routes depend on your play style • Areinvention of theidle game experience through the “Sustain” system• Weeklychallenges to test the Machine’s strength • Play offline -nointernet connection needed ◆◆ABOUT THE MACHINE◆◆ • It’s liketheMachine was made with your soul in mind... • The Machineproducesportals... • Portals allow travel. Travel yieldsknowledge.Knowledge pleases The Machine… • The Machine has fourmysteriousbuttons. Perhaps others online know of their function?◆◆TALK TOUS◆◆ Join your fellow Machine Operators on... TWITTER [email protected] use the hashtag #ANM2 ! REDDIT-r/armoryandmachine2 - share theories andstrategies! DISCORD - FAQs anddeveloper Q&Asessions! Questions orFeedback? [email protected]
Samsara Game
Zee is lost in Samsara, a puzzling journey of beauty and confusion.
Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzle 4.5.8
Features: Tap and Glow: Harmony app is very easy to play: taketheline as a reference to tap the squares and mirror the musicnotes.The squares will glow when you tap on them! Anxiety antidote:Therelaxed melodies created on Harmony are perfect to kill anxietyorOCD problems. In fact, Infinity Games are known for slowingaplayer's heart rate after 10 levels played. Free of timersandother stress features, this game feels like a yoga sessioninparadise! Different instruments: There are severalinstrumentsavailable on Harmony. You start with a piano, but youcan go for adifferent melody later if you prefer wind instrumentsor stringinstruments. Music, Maestro: Tapping the squares on theright tempois the only thing you need to create smart music on thiscalm andminimalist IQ test. Can you play with differentinstruments? Justlike paradise: Like a mirror of relaxing sounds,the Harmony appprovides you a calm IQ test to feed your soul andtease your brain.You must get the same look on both sides of theline. Just tap theright polygon and the shapes will glow! Bosslevels: Besides theclassical music and the tacit IQ test present,the boss levelsfeatured on the Harmony app will relax your soul!Check how manyrelaxed melodies can you create during a boss level!Music,Maestro! Harmony: Relax Melodies is a smart music gamereminiscentof a guitar hero, where you must reflect the music notesby tappingthe free squares. To be successful, you need to take thewhite lineas a reference and create asymmetry. You will finish somelevels ina heartbeat. Others will demand more concentration. Eachtap willproduce a minimalist melody, providing the illusion you area realmaestro! Like a guitar hero, you will feel like a realmusician inparadise when you tap the music notes on the righttempo. The majordifference between guitar hero and the Harmony appis the classicalmusic: the relaxing sounds featured in the game arecalm andminimalist. Playing Harmony is very easy: just reflect eachpolygonand the symmetry will glow. If a polygon is three spaces ontheright, you must tap an empty polygon three spaces on the left.Onceyou reflect every symmetry, the squares will glow, and… it’sdone!By tapping the music notes on the right tempo, you will bethemaestro of relaxing melodies. Merging the brain exercise of anIQtest and the slow heartbeat of a yoga session, we could say youaresmartly relaxing. Just look at it as a mirror: your brain willbepleased for each melody you reflect! The chapter names are basedonclassical music composers – like Sibelius or Vivaldi – andeachchapter has its own relaxing sounds palette. Each chapterwillbring a different polygon, melody, and symmetry. Your soulwillrejoice with the 24 different relax melodies and morethanminimalist 1000 levels! Vivaldi built his legacy with theFourSeasons, you can start yours with Harmony! Feel free toactivateyour guitar hero mode and tap the music notes as fast asyou can!Go from mid-tempo to up-tempo! Music, Maestro! The smartmusiccombined with a calm IQ test will create a paradiseenvironment.Players who suffer from anxiety or OCD problems praiseour games.The Harmony app works as a yoga class and will keep youcalm,slowing your heartbeat. The relaxing sounds and the guitarherogameplay will numb your soul and help you deal with anxiety orOCD,while you become a classical music maestro. Harmony: RelaxMelodiesis a smart music odyssey through an abstract and aminimalistparadise, where tapping a polygon and reflectingasymmetry is allyou need to do to get rid of anxiety or OCDsymptoms.
Two Dots 7.7.11
Join two brave dots as they traverse the arctictundra,navigatefiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths inthisbeautiful puzzleadventure. • Free to play for life • Connectonedot to another,sink anchors, make a line, create bombs, fightfire,and much morein this fun free puzzle game • Adventure through3600fun andaddicting levels • Adorable fun, and thoughtful gamedesignin thisbeautiful game about connecting • Enjoybeautifulminimalistic flatdesign with relaxing game music and funsound FX •Play at your ownpace to figure out the perfect movewithout havingto worry aboutthe old time clock • Challenge yourfriends to a TwoDots match onFacebook, beat their scores, and earnmedals • Make aline or asquare, not a circle, to connect every dotof a singlecolor Let’sbe Facebook friends us Add us on loveall of our friends and everyone who hasplayed Dots and TwoDots.Why not connect? Add us on Facebook or yourfavorite socialnetworkand send us your suggestions and feedback, aswe are alwayslookingto add new levels and features! Use of Two Dotsis governedby theDots terms of service
Orbia: Tap and Relax
Test your skill in an exciting adventure, full of bizarre worlds!
Music Racer
Music Racer is a music-adapting racing game where you use yourmusicto race!
★ Tangle can be used for: ● To release stress ● To get relaxed ●Tohave fun ● Be calm ● To mediate ● See cool physics ● Spendsomequality time ★ How to use Tangle ● Just swipe or touch acrossthescreen to see the magic ● Tangle Features ● Tangle: tanglebehaveslike a spring, a fine touch causes the spring to makelovelypatterns resulting in stress relief ● Net: net is made upofbeautiful flowers and helps to be calm. net can be wiggledtorelease stress ● Harmony: Harmony is a great's like a reflective fluid. a great way for mediation ●Bomb: thebomb is one of the funniest options. when touchon-screenfirecrackers are thrown giving great joy ● Tentacles:tentacleslook like colorful snakes help to stay relaxed ● Mat: matis madeup of a number of particles which attract and glow on touch●Chian: chain is for mediation ● Illusion: one of my favorites,justswipe across the screen and see the magic ● Bubbles:colorfulbubbles make you calm ● Flowers: become a painter on touchand drawbeautiful colorful flowers ● Jelly: Jelly is made up oftinysliding particles so it's hard to touch ● Gravity Points: taponthe screen to see how gravity works. you will be amazedandsatisfied ● Sketch: a real stress buster disturb the flow ofthesketch ● Snow: generate snow at the tip of your hand and be calm●Tripalium: your touch can blow the wind shake the trees andflowers● Unexpected: see the unexpected colorful lights of fun andjoy ●What power: release your stress on the dolls ● Repeat: abetter wayto stay cool even a great time killer ● Sphere Cube:break thesphere cube into tiny sphere cubes and have a great time ●Worm:see the tiny worm with microscopic eyes and see the magic ●Alter:sometimes insects can form a pattern too ● Fluid: catch thefluidif you can ● Dolls: watch the dancing dolls and stay relaxed●Light: experience the light of the universe ● Oriented:stayoriented and stress-free ● Storm: handle the storm withyourfingers ● Lately: play with the flying particles to see themagic ●Tunnel: create your own tunnel and stay calm and have fun ●Unfold:unfold the straight line of particles and stay meditate ●Physics:experience some cool and amazing physics ● Sea: Explorethebeautiful sea and be relaxed with the twist and turn of the sea●Box: play a 2d box game, build your own empire with the box●Quadratics: a wiggly element just like jelly ● Frame: breaktheframes into much smaller frames.
QuizzLand. Quiz & Trivia game
Train your brain in our general knowledge quiz. Answeruniquequestions & learn!
Spout: monochrome mission
Never heard of Spout? Then try this low-res space adventure toreachthe stars!
Your interpretation begets your own story.
brain code — hard puzzle game 2.3.3
brain : code — hard puzzle games. Five words which fullydescribesthe game: • brain — you should use the full power of yourbrain tocomplete all the puzzles. • code — yep, you need tocode(noworries, programming skills are not required). brain codeprovidesyou a unique experience with the puzzles you have neverplayedbefore. • hard — yes, this game is hard, but you can completeit. •puzzle — six letters, one word, one meaning. Noadditionalexplanation needed. • game — great brain test, still awonderfuloffline game. But not only the brain is needed,attentiveness - iswhat you also need. Every piece of text in thegame can give you atip for the next level. Unexpected The solutionsfor the levelscould be everywhere - on one of the previous levels,in yourfriend's phone or even on the Maps (seriously, no jokes) andmuchmore. That's why brain code is a mix of unique puzzle gamesandbrain games. In short: Brain games — impressive Experience —uniqueGameplay — attractive Design — great Jokes — inluded FYI: Wegaveyou enough tips to complete the game. The reviews like "Thereis nologic in this puzzle games" and similar are not accepted. Ifyoudon't see the logic, then these brain games does not fitsyou.However, you can always ask for help in the comment sectionbelowor via email [email protected] Peace! ------------- --Thebug has been detected and process "description" has been shutdown.-- brain code system message : brain test stopped. Offlinegamemode enabled -- If this is the first time you've seen thismessage,just skip it. -- If you reading description again, thisinformationcan be useful for you. -- Tech info: -- STOP 0x000LVL09(Bad levelchecksum) -- CALCULATING REASON CODE -- [email protected]!#%*(!):+=% --Contact our support group in comments for furtherassistance.-------------
blue 2.6
Bart Bonte
The sequel to my 'yellow', 'red' and 'black' games is here! Canyoumake the screen blue in 50 levels? Each level has its own logic.Doyou need help? Use the light bulb button that will appear afterawhile in the top right of each level to get a hint. Therearemultiple hints for each level. With the premium unlock in-appyouwill not get ads before the hints. A Bart Bonte / bontegamespuzzlegame. "Mobile Game of the Year" winner at the Belgian GameAwards2020. Enjoy! @BartBonte
Progressbar95 - nostalgic casual game
Progressbar95 is a unique nostalgic game. It'll make you smile.Oldvisuals, buttons and icons on your smartphone or tablet. Youneedto fill the progress bar to win. Move your progress bar withonefinger to fill it faster. It seems simple at first. But it mightbeharder to master. Powerful retro time killer. Lovely HDD noisesareincluded :) The game is very easy to handle witheasy-to-learncontrols, familiar visual effects and addictivegameplay.Progressbar95 Game Features: - Free to play - One fingercontrol -Different obstacles and experience every time - EndlessgameplayProgressbar95 is simple, but addictive. Play this amazingnewmobile game for free. Progressbar95 is an original,nostalgiccomputer simulation game. Players will be pleasantlysurprised bytheir favorite old windows, retro designs and cutecharacters ontheir mobile device. A smile and pleasant memories areguaranteed.Play Colored segments are flying from everywhere. Thetask is tochoose the right colors and catch them in the progressbar. Themovement of the progress bar is easy to control with onefinger. Itsounds simple, but tricky pop-ups will get in the way.Closewindows quickly and try to dodge destructive segments. Thiscasualgame allows you to kill time and reduce waiting. ProgressFillprogress bars, accumulate points and move from level to level.Itis incredible pleasure to collect the perfect bar. Remember-perfectionists gain more points. The more points you earn,thecloser the long-awaited OS update. Update You start playing onanold Progressbar95. You have a chubby CRT monitor that runsstripesand a hard drive makes noise like tractor. Update thecomponents ofthe computer simulator step by step and get newversions ofoperating system. The player will have to open 20+ OSversions inthe Progressbar Computer (PC) line and switch toProgresh. Refreshyour memory Nostalgic Progressbar95 will jog inyour memory historyof computer development. You will go throughupgrades from thefirst version to the latest OS update. Memoriespop up bythemselves as soon as the hard drive makes a noise at thestart ofthe launch. It's like a history textbook for young peopleand amemory storage for those older ones. Desktop wallpapers arealsoincluded. A great way to kill time! Explore Surprises andeastereggs are hidden in the game. Find them and get achievementswithnice bonuses. True hackers will find fun in ProgressDOS mode.Thisis a text quest in which you explore directories using alimitedset of commands. Only the persistent find cherished bonusesin thedepths of the black screen. Want to conquer the systemdirectory?Go for it! Smile & Enjoy Casual game Progressbar95combines initself a nostalgic style, retro design and accuratereflection oftime details. Great music, cute characters and acaring, passionatecommunity create a unique atmosphere. Each playerwill findsomething to do to his taste. Progressbar95 Key features:- 2 typesof computer platforms with a dozen operating systems each-Fascinating hardware upgrade system - Original wallpapers foryourdesktop in every system - Cute and annoying pop-ups - Libraryofmini games - Pet - annoying but vulnerable Trash Bin - Caring&passionate community - Hidden surprises and pleasant Eastereggs -Achievements that will bring a reward - Regular updates -Playwithout internet connection - Free to play - One finger control-Retro styling and design, delight in every detail -Pleasantmemories Progressbar95 is a casual game, but very addictiveone.Vintage computer simulator game with old pop-ups andhardwareupgrades.
Dark Stories
ATTENTION! THIS GAME IS MEANT TO BE PLAYED WITH FRIENDS INPERSON.IF YOU ARE ALONE YOU CANNOT PLAY! Dark Stories is an easy toplayand fun game but some of the stories are quite difficult. Allthestories are fictional. To solve them, the players will needtoprove their skills as detectives. HOW TO PLAY Dark Stories mustbeplayed in group. A person -chosen as narrator- picks a mysteryandreads its description aloud. Then he/she reads its solutionwithouttelling the other people. The rest of the players then haveto makequestions in order to solve the mystery. The narrator canonlyanswer the questions using "Yes", "No" or "It is not relevant".Theonly possible solution is the one given at the back of eachmysterycard. If the answer is still not clear enough, the playersmustfollow the narrator's interpretation of the mystery. EXAMPLEAtypical fragment of a gameplay could be: Player1: "Did hediebecause of the shot?" Narrator:"No" Player2: "Was hepoisoned?"Narrator: "No" Player3: "Did he have children?" Narrator:"It's notrelevant" Player1: "Are there other people in the story?"Narrator:"No" Player2: "Did he commit suicide?" Narrator: "Yes" ...END OFTHE GAME When the narrator considers that the story has beensolvedenough, the narrator can conclude the game and read thewholesolution. It is up to the narrator to give some clues if thestoryis in a deadlock. WHEN TO PLAY It is perfect for birthdayparties,camps... and every situation in which you join severalfriends.STORIES This free App includes more than 200 stories and wewilladd new stories periodically. Accidents, suicides, thefts...Willyou be able to solve every mystery? Special thanks toLorenaRebollo, mcwc307 Chan, Rachel Long and Zak Freckelton fortheirhelp with the English translation.
Eureka - Brain Training
Eureka features more than 50 mini-games and infinite hours of fun.
Project: Muse 6.6.4
**An incredible music adventure** It was an incredible music gameina different way! Every note, every voice is respond to yourtap!Game Features: • Rhythm gameplay, innovative real-timekeypronunciation. • Original Independent electronic music producer.•Innovative multi track music games. • Different stylesofelectronic music, constantly updated. • Cool and rich themedskinswith unparalleled visual effects. • 40 characters withdifferentpersonalities, all with their own characteristics. •Selected themesong package, take you into the characters of thestory. • Competewith friends and global players. • Apple's fulldevice support,with full resolution. • The rhythm of the electronicsound, and theplayers have an emotional resonance. • This GameObviousImprovement On Amblyopiapia. Game rules: • Tap the notewhilefollowing the rhyme, ensure to get perfect. • Don't miss anote,hit combos and hit perfectly to get high scores. Bestexperiencewith headphones. This Game Obvious Improvement OnAmblyopia!Instructions on the use of amblyopia / hyperopiatraining: 1.First, you need to choose special skin for [amblyopia /hyperopia]in the game (those with normal vision are notrecommended) 2. Theprinciple of hyperopia is to increase vision byusing thesensitivity of awakening visual cells such as red light,bluelight, lattice light and afterimage light to stimulateeyeballdevelopment and enhance vision. Hope you to enjoy the game!Thanksto the game icon p. Muse-- Emily made by the player"SmolAntBoi"Facebook: Disclaimer:“Project:Muse” is a free game,but it involves optional VIP paidservice andsome game props need to be paid for. Tips: If youencounterproblems in the game, please contact the customer serviceemail:[email protected]
Bart Bonte
red, another puzzle game for you!
No Humanity - The Hardest Game 8.1.1
Once upon a time, there is a spaceship, it got caught up inagalactic doodle war between Brian and Shan, where lasersarebeaming, bullets are firing, little boys’ hairs are rapidlygrowingand monsters eyes are popping. To be warned, this is not agame foreveryone, we made this game extremely hard andunpredictable tojust make our fans very happy. Therefore this gamecontains: - Mildfrustration and unfair gameplay - Ugly doodle onspace-themedapocalypse - poorly made bullet hell without shoot'emup - up to 8players online multiplayer: only not lag if you playwith friends -a lot of fish - poor taste humour - amateur graphicand limitedbudget music - rewarded video ads - definitely once atime lifeexperience - decent amount of Chinese - no wifi kindaworks - clawmachine This game probably deserves no attention, butsomehow wewent viral from TikTok. Thank you our dear fans, becauseyou sharedthis game with your friends and watched them struggle,this gamesurvived, and the team gets to go crazy with their ideas.Manylove, Brian from the discord community.
Garam - Logic puzzles
Intuitive and addictive, excellent logic puzzles! Excellentmathriddles!
Unique gameplay to sharpen your mind!
Tricky Castle: Trap Adventure
Solve super unusual puzzles & save the princess! Funtrapadventure escape games
Connect Me - Logic Puzzle 3.1.12
Viktor Bohush
The basis of this puzzle game is simple: you need to connectallblocks, either by moving them or rotating them, there are 6typesof blocks and a total of 1000 levels. enjoy it! CONNECT ME -LOGICPUZZLE FEATURES: • 1000 levels of varying complexity. •Varioustypes of blocks. • Square, hexagonal and triangular levels•Beautiful and simple UI. • Intuitive gameplay. • No time limit.•Compact size. Connect all blocks by matching their links toeachother, to solve the level! There are 6 types of blocks: •Redblocks can not be rotated or moved. • Green blocks can beplacedanywhere but can not be rotated. • Blue blocks can be rotatedbutare stuck in one place. • Orange blocks can both be rotatedandplaced anywhere. • Purple blocks can be moved only horizontallyorvertically but can not be rotated. • Brown blocks can be movedonlyhorizontally or vertically and can be rotated. Connect Me -LogicPuzzle will get you to move, turn and join the blocks untiltheystick together. Tease your brain and have tons of fun withthispuzzle game!
Okay? 4.09
Clear the board. Pay what you want.Okay?
Escape Game Basic 4.9
Welcome to "Escape Game Basic"! You have been trapped in manyrooms.Please escape by solving the mystery and tricks in theruins."Escape Game Basic" includes below. *Escape Game Tiny Cube*EscapeGame Cactus Cube *Escape Game Apple Cube *Escape GameDaruma Cube*Escape Game Hat Cube *Escape Game Egg Cube *EscapeGame Plain Room*Escape Game Toys *Escape Game Fish *Escape GameGadget Room *EscapeGame Fireplace *Escape Game Autumn *Escape GameIsland *Escape GameFactory *Escape Game Snowman *Escape GameSpring *Escape Game Beaver*Escape Game Statue You can play witheasy operation only with taps.■ How to play Tap to find out. Ifyou want to use items, select theitem and tap the place you wantto use. To enlarge an item, tap theitem twice. If you want tocombine items, enlarge the item, selectthe item you want tocombine, and tap. To close an enlarged item,tap the cross button.If you need hints, tap the bulb button. ■Function There is an autosave function. Long press icon to changegame progress. Downloadassets before playing game. Tap Trash Can toremove downloadassets. ■ Features Beginners can enjoy it to thelast. Recommendedfor those who like cute world view.
Euclidea: Geometric Construction Puzzles
Little Alchemy
Start with four basic items and use themtofind dinosaurs, unicorns and spaceships!FEATURES• 560 elements.• One-handed gameplay.• Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French,Polish,Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian.• Mix elements to create interesting, fun andsurprisingitems.• Play at your own pace.• Every combination is a little puzzle to solve.• Achievements.• Google Play Games integration.The game is free. And when we say free we mean it!• No ads.• No in-app payments.
A puzzle game, which you can learn in seconds but will entertainyoufor weeks.