Top 40 Apps Similar to Kung Fu Do Fighting

SNK Allstar
Activate powerful combo and battle with classic fighters fromSNKuniverse
SNK Playmore authorized mobile phone game that uses combobattlemode.
Street Fighter IV Champion Edition
Try before you buy. Download for free and unlock the full gameforone price.
Streets of Rage 2 Classic
Take to the streets a second time in SEGA’s cult beat ‘em-up
Final Fighter
Jia Rong Tech
3D fighting game available now on mobile network
Dual Souls: The Last Bearer
A Real 2D Fighting Game with Rollback Netcode and Free to Play!
34 playable characters!!
Become the new challenger in the all-time classic KOF '97onAndroid!
Streets of Rage Classic
Brawl and beat the streets in SEGA’s ultimateside-scrollingbeat-‘em up.
Series’ masterpiece “KOF ’98” finally joins the battle on Android!
Warriors of the Universe Online
Gamer Mind
Fight with dragon warriors, shinigamis, shinobi ninjas andsuperheroes online
“METAL SLUG” returns in a brand new strategy game on Android!
Burst To Power
Fast paced battle anime action RPG!
The King of Fighters ALLSTAR
KOF ALLSTAR: A hard-hitting, beat 'em up action game!
The Revenge of Shinobi Classic
Rain down ninja vengeance in SEGA’s legendary side-scrollingbeat‘em up.
Stick Shadow Fighter - Supreme Dragon Warriors
Join Stick Shadow Fighter to Protect your Earth and Universefrombig Villains
Tengai 1.313
The king of famous shooting game, Tengaithesecond episode of Sengoku Ace.!Tengai confirmed the popularity and interested by beta test,isofficially released!Enjoy Tengai, you loved at arcade shooting gameyoursmartphone.Experience a fantastic adventure to save your princess in the ageofwar!Fall into a fantastic war adventure to save your princess!ⓒX-nauts·psikyo&Windysoftcheck out special features on Tengai▶ from low-end phones to tablet support, supports fivedifferentlanguages​​!    Supports most phones. List of people aroundtheworld and enjoy the competition.▶Easy to controlControl as you used to at an arcade.Offering a control system capable of fine adjustment.▶Unique six charactersFight your enemy with unique characters such as Samurai,Ninja,Shaman and so on.▶Three transformations for the boss.Meet the exclusive boss from Tengai, going throughvarioustransformations to combat.▶The third round for enthusiastic players.Game does not end when you finish the final boss.Challenge the best record at the Third round for realenthusiasticplayers.●How to control-touch screen to move your character.-touch the bomb button to fire a special bomb.-touch the skill button to fire charge ShotEnjoy the best shooting game, Tengai, right now!"Homepage: Achievements from Google Play Games- Leaderboards powered by Google Play- Language support - English, Korean, Japanese,Spanish,Chinese- Tablet device support
Karate King 3.3
BE THE FASTER MOVER IN Offline Fighting Games Ninjasfightingagainst the real fighters! King fights have been started inthis 3dfighting games play. This real kung fu: Kung Fu KarateFightingGames is basically coming under the kung fu games categorywithreal ninja fighting against the strongest heroes of fights.Ninjawhen start their fight they start it with their hidden moveswhichthey get during the fighting practice in starting game level.Whenyou are having this ninja fighting arts: kung fu games youdon’teven need a kung fu master all you have to do is start afightagainst the fastest extreme fighter. The ninja fighting gamesplaywith set free all your ninja skills inside you! Now is the timeforyou to learn all street kung fu arts. Intuitive moves,actionsfight and realistic sounds will give you get chills in thisFreeFighting Games 3D. WORLD TO LEARN AND FIGHT This Kung FuKarateFighting Games play is the world of where you learn andfightagainst the opponent in real fights. Ninjas fighting next tothekung fighters and waiting for you to the fight. This kung furealfight: free fighting games is basically a kung fu games playwithreal ninja fighting and learning to make you ninja games. Onceyoubecome the kung fu master you can choose any strongest fighterandstart over your fight on the roofs or streets. Ninja fightinggamesunleash the hidden in you by getting you in the ninja gamesandother extreme fights. What make you a strongest fight doer inthisninja action fights: free fight games are that if you learn allthestreet kung fu moves or just getting up. A CHANCE OT BECOMENINJALearn the street kung fu! Get into the extreme fights! Beginyourown ninja games. Many things to explore set this kung furealninja: ninja fight games among the Free Fighting Games 3D.Youdon’t need a proper Kungfu master to be the real ninja all youhaveto do is practice of ninja fighting. As this kung fu actions:3dfighting games is on the whole a Kungfu games category so youcanhave many big fights and other real fights. Ninja fighting maysetfree all the hidden powers you had never witness before in you.Getnow in this 3d fighting games play and explore the hiddenworldfight at your best apply all your and learning. Intuitivecontrols,sharp real sounds and best fighting game play is all youhave tostart an endless fight. Kung Fu Karate Fighting GamesFeatures : •Adrenaline filled fights • Realistic kung fu sounds •fightingmoves • Lifelike kung fu • Detailed fighting environment •Stunning3d graphics • Free and offline kung fu game play Have funplayingthis exciting real kung fu: Kung Fu Karate Fighting Gamesofferedby ZE Games Studio. This kung fu game is not only a freegame butis also an offline game. Fun is locked in the installbutton
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
nWay Inc.
Experience the Power and become part of the Legacy. It’sMorphinTime!
Beat Em Up Fight: Karate Game
Show your karate game skills & beat em up your rivals inkaratefighting games.
Shadow Knight: Ninja Game War
Try this Shadow Fighting Ninja Gacha Game. Be the Legend ofShadowGacha World
Real Robot Ring Fighting 2020
Game Giant
Real robot fighting 2020 is all set like Human ring fighting initsreal form for player who wants to take robot revenge againstthedark robot of underworld dons robot. There is great fightingallaround in this online robot fighting game and everythingseemsfighting. In the past fighting of Real robot fighting game,theStronger robot have won fighting of 3d robot fighting gameswherefuturistic robots have to lick the dust. Now we hope,incrediblerobot fighting whose must act like Brave robot againstthe corruptpowers of real robot games. Be careful while dealingwith ring offree robot fighting games to send them toward theirbackdestination of ring fighting games. Now you have all kindsofbackups in the use of powers of robot war games in thisringfighting escape mission where your active presence reallymatters.please Raise your own flag by making suitable of all robotuniverseof new ring robot games in current amazing fighting.Superhero CityRampage features: Warlike atmosphere. fighting gameplay. Fullytuned and planned missions. Unimaginable robot powers.Endlesspowers and awesome controls. Nothing hidden or ambiguous.Beautifulscenes and levels. Install this new comics to experiencerealthrills of robot power fighting, play your positive role tothrashagainst robot of ring attack games.please Don’t forget toreviewthis developed form of offline real robot ring fighting toaware usabout any issue relating to our game product.
Real Steel Boxing Champions
Craft Mighty Robots & Unleash powerful Elements toReignSupremacy!
Tengai classic
Odd horizontal-scrolling shooting game
Stickman Warriors - Super Dragon Shadow Fight
The best action games and top 1 feature arcade games on GooglePlay.
Stick Super Fight
Choose a superhero, upgrade power & defeat super bossesrightnow. Fight Now!
Tag Team Karate Fighting Game
Show off your kung fu karate fighting skills & win the tagteamkarate fight.
Stickman Fight : Dragon Legends Battle
Become Super Stickman Dragon Warriors! Ui power is the mostpowerfulhero form ?
BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game
Unique and revolutionary mobile action game
Shadow fighter 2: Shadow & ninja fighting games
TOH Games
Shadow Fighter 2, one of the best action and fighting games
Answer the call of the sword!
Karate King Kung Fu Fight Game
Be the karate king champ & fight with kung fu warriors inkaratefighting games.
PPKP 1.1.9
Suddenly the Monster Corps attacks and breaks the city. Betheherowho will revive the city while taking down monsters.-ScrapyardGet building materials by smashing old cars to pieces.Themorefingers on that button the better. - RestaurantReplenishyourstrength and boost your combo powers whilegainingneededexperience to level up. Don't worry about losing somefights;therestaurant is always open to satisfy your appetite. So gooutandchallenge those monsters again and again. - Dojo Ancientscrollsofmartial arts are available for you to learn. Learningmoremartialarts allows you to upgrade the dojo and learn muchmore.Don'tforget to check the hidden room for the forbiddentechniques.-Laboratory Do you want upgrades? The laboratory hasthem.Fromspecial goggles that let's you see the monstersweaknesses,topower ups that will make you the best monsterhunter,thelaboratory has them all. Some power ups will gainexperienceifequipped at your house. - People Tapping on people inthe citywillgive you some nice hints. Animals also deserve some ofyourtendertaps.
Kung Fu karate: Fighting Games
Polish your Kung Fu karate skills with action in fighting games.
Cyber Fighters: offline action
Fighting Shadow Crime with your Legend Cyber Stickman
Stickman Battle Fight
Transform into the strongest superhero, upgrade your ultimatepower& fight now.
Overdrive II: Shadow Battle
The world stands on the edge of an epic war! Suit up for theshadowfight!
Contra Returns
Contra Returns is a classic side scrolling shooter game
Shadow Fight 3 - RPG fighting
Start cool brawls with powerful fighters! Your ultimateninjaadventure awaits!
Metal Soldiers 2
Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action game!