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Adda : callbreak , 29 , 3 patt
Ulka Games
18Games in one app. Teen patti , Rummy ,Ludo , Carrom ,CallBreakand more
Hazari Gold with 9 Cards
Ulka Games
Finest offline Hazari game with Nine Cards game in one apponlinemultiplayer .
Callbreak, Ludo & 29 Card Game
Yarsa Games
Callbreak, Ludo, Rummy, 29, Solitaire, Kitti, Dhumbal, Jutpatti -8in 1 Game
Card Game 29
Z Level Apps
Card game 29 is a very addictive strategy card game. Enjoy thegame!
Spades - Offline Card Games
SNG Games
Offline Spades card game. Spades - card games that do not needwifior internet.
Hearts by NeuralPlay
Looking for a fun, challenging Hearts game?LetNeuralPlay's AI challenge you!• Supports many Hearts variants: Standard, Omnibus (J♢ or10♢),Spot, Hooligan, Pip, and more!• Six levels of computer AI to provide challenges for beginningtoadvanced players• Unique thinking AI to provide a strong AI opponent fordifferentHearts rulesFeatures include:• Pass and play hints• Learn by watching the computer. The computer can always showhintsor check your play as you play• Review the play of the hand trick by trick at the end ofthehand• Claim when you have all the tricks• Intelligent computer AI opponents attempt to claim when theycantake all the tricks• Optionally show number of points taken by players during theplayof the hand• Undo moves all the way to the beginning of the game• Replay hand• Achievements. Challenge yourself to accomplish them all!• Leaderboard. Climb to the top of the leaderboard as youwin!• Configurable rules• Sound and animation• Tablet and phone support• UI customizationRule customizations include:• Choose which pass directions to include in the game (we don'tlikehold hands)• Does the 2♧ lead?• Are points ok on first trick?• Does the Q♤ break hearts?• Can a hand with only hearts and the Q♤ lead hearts?• Does the 10♧ double a players score?• Does shooting the moon add or subtract points, or is it worthnopoints?• Are the players across from each other partners?• Does a score of 100 exactly return to 0?• How many points to game over? or does the game end at afixednumber of hands?
Spades by NeuralPlay 4.40
Looking for a fun, challenging Spades game?LetNeuralPlay's AI challenge you!Features include:• Support for Partnership Spades, Mirror Spades, SuicideSpades,Whiz Spades, and Solo Spades (Cut Throat)• Play with jokers and/or deuces as high trump• Pass up to two cards to partner on nil bids• Hints: see what the computer would bid, play, or pass• Show hints and/or check your play as you play. Greatforlearning!• The Rest Are Mine (TRAM) - claim the remaining tricks whenyourhand is high• Undo moves all the way to the beginning of the game• Review the play of the hand trick by trick at the end ofthehand• Replay hand• Achievements. Challenge yourself to accomplish them all!• Leaderboard. Climb to the top of the leaderboard as youwin!• Player statistics• Six levels of computer AI to provide challenges for beginningtoadvanced players• Unique thinking AI to provide a strong AI opponent fordifferentSpades rules• Designed for both tablets and phonesRule customizations include:• Blind nil: behind by 100, behind by 200, always, never• Nil/blind nil bonus: 100 or 200 points• Nil passing: pass up to two cards to partner on nil bids• Ten bag penalty: 100 points or no penalty• Overtrick (bag) points: 1 point, no points, or -1 point• Lead: left of dealer, two of clubs leads, everyone playslowestclub• Trump first trick: yes or no• Spades can be lead anytime: yes or no• Must beat winning card on trick: yes or no• Game over options: number of hands or number of pointsWe are continuing to develop and improve NeuralPlay Spades.Wewelcome all your feedback. Please contact us[email protected]
Spades card game featuring:- Really challenging computers- Rating-based online multiplayer and games with friends- Options for jokers, deuces, nils, blind nils, passing, ...- Regular spades, suicide, mirrors and whiz- Statistics- Change names and avatars- Change a color style of the game- Choose between several decks- Landscape and portrait supported- Fits phones, tablets and HD phonesEnjoy playing with partner who covers your Nil!
Hardwood Spades Free
Spades is a popular trick-taking card gamelikeHearts, Euchre & Canasta, but this Multiplayer card gameisplayed in 2 player teams which adds a total new element ofstrategy.In Spades, Aces are high and Spades are trump which iswhere thegame gets it name.Hardwood Spades Free breathes new life into your favorite cardgamewith excellent graphics and soothing environments. If you'renew tothe game, don't worry you can find how to play withourtutorials.You can play Hardwood Spades not just on your phone or tablet butonyour computer and even your TV as well!Play Spades online with players from across the internet orwithfamily and friends. You can even post your winnings to Facebookforall your friends to see.Game variations included:* Partnership* Partnership - Suicide* Partnership - Mirrors* Individual (solo)* Individual -Mirror* Individual-Cutthroat* Individual -Cutthroat MirrorUp your game, and test your skill in Tournament play.Fullintegration with Tourney King tournament service, allow you toplayin or run tournaments of your own! Win prizes and glory inShowdowntournaments where winners of previous tourneys face off ina battleroyal to crown the best.Online Multiplayer social games are free to play.We've got spades plus other card and boardgames:Hardwood Euchre - Jacks are Trump in this trick taking game.Hardwood Hearts - A great trick taking game where the goal istotake the least amount of points.Hardwood Backgammon - Who can move their men to safety 1st?& Video Poker Duel - Play competitive video poker justlikeyou'd find in a casino.If you also like some solitude, all of our games can be playedassingle player with multiple difficulty levels. But for theultimatesingle player experience, check out our game HardwoodSolitaire IVavailable here on google play.
Aces® Hearts
Fall in love with playing cards again with Aces® Hearts
Spades: Classic Card Games
Play the Social Multiplayer Strategy Card Game Online &Offlinewith Friends!
Blackjack 21: casino card game
Play GRATIS Blackjack 21 casino card game!
Gin Rummy 1.5.2
Welcome to most classic, interesting and special Gin Rummy!GinRummy is a world-wide popular card game for 2 players,theobjective of which is to form melds and reach an agreed numberofpoints before the opponent does. Play Gin Rummy with millionsofreal players around the world. You will be fascinated by thesmoothgameplay, distinctive graphic and personalized features,which willbring you excellent gaming pleasure. Join us toexperience all theclassic gin rummy and variations with customizedgamingbackgrounds. Unique Features: Free Bonus: Earn Free Coinsthroughnumerous ways. Sign-in bonus, friend bonus, video bonus,onlinetime bonus, level-up bonus, it’s more than you canimagine!Collections: Accomplish mystery collections of diversethemes witha lot of fun! Earn it either from friends or winning thegame.Customized Suit: Unlocked Customized suit including scenes,decks,and special gin & undercut effects. Play differentlyfromothers! Social Functions: Connect with Facebook friends toplaytogether and send gifts & collections to each other. Spreadoutthe fortune and double your happiness. Tutorial: If you are newtoGin Rummy, don’t worry! Tutorial can help you to get thegamestarted easily. Just follow the steps and you will be familiarwiththe gameplay! Auto-sort: Arrange your cards and minimizethedeadwood automatically for you! It’s a great helper to WINBIG.Multiple Game Modes Quick Start: Match opponent automaticallyandget into the play of classic Knock & Gin quickly.Classic:Under this category, Knock & Gin, Straight Gin andOklahoma Ginare included. You can set your own bet to match theopponent.Whoever reaches the chosen points first will win! QuickStraightGin: Play one game of Straight Gin for fast wins! Selectthe pointvalue to decide your final winnings! Private: Create aprivatetable to challenge your friends! All game modes areavailable here.Training: Improve your skills through trainingsystem. No internetconnection required! More tables such asTournament will come alongin the near future to enrich the game.Basic Rules of Gin Rummy -Gin rummy is played with a standard52-card pack of cards. Theranking from high to low is King, Queen,Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,4, 3, 2, Ace. - Form the cards into sets of3 or 4 cards sharingthe same rank OR runs of 3 or more cards insequence of the samesuit. - In standard gin, only a player with 10or fewer points ofdeadwood may knock. Knocking with 0 point ofdeadwood is known asgoing Gin. - If you initiate the Knock andscore fewer points thanthe opponent, you win! If you score morepoints, the Undercutoccurs and the opponent wins! How to playVariations Classic Knock& Gin Rummy: It follows the basic rulesof class gin rummymentioned above. Straight Gin Rummy: The featureof Straight Gin isthat knocking is not allowed. Players arerequired to play untilone of them can go gin. Oklahoma Gin Gummy:The value of the firstface-up card is used to determine the maximumcount at whichplayers can knock. If the card is a spade, the handwill countdouble. Experience the unique features and enjoy avariety of gamemodes in Gin Rummy for extreme funs! Download now toshow us yourluck and skills. Enjoying the game? Rate and review GinRummy ifyou find it attractive and amazing. Feel free to contact usas wellvia email or in-game support! Any suggestion or feedbackwill helpus a lot for further game improvement and optimization.Please benoted that this game doesn’t offer real money gambling oranopportunity to win real money or prizes. The coins you win orlosehave no real cash value.
Teen Patti Tycoon - TPT
#1 Teen Patti Game , Play Best 3 Patti Game Variations likeMuflis,AK47 & more.
Spades - Classic Card Game! 1.0.22
Enjoy the essence of the classic Spades game, speciallyconceivedfor your you. This will be your best ever experience on aSpadesgame! The awesome AI adjusts to your playing level so you aresureto put your skills to test and have lots of fun. You will beamazedby the crisp clear cards, fantastic graphics and soundeffects. Butmost of all, you will LOVE the incredible artificialintelligencethat adapts to your level. It is always challenging andengaging.Best, you play for free! Stable, fast, always improving!But aboveall: fun! SPADES GAMES FEATURES : ♠ Amazing graphics andawesomesound effects ♠ Unbelievable self adjusting AI ♠ 120, 500 or750score games ♠ Play with or without Blind Nill ♠ Customizablecards,backgrounds and faces ♠ Full Scoreboard and Stats tracking♠Outstanding card animations ♠ Several game options ♠ ClassicSpadesgameplay with no Jokers ♠ Auto save and resume when you arebackThis is the killer Spades app that you were waiting for.Install itNOW on your device. Try our Spades plus Gin Rummy,Solitaire andother super titles we developed for you! Install itNOW - !! -Sharpen your brain; - Have fun and relax!
Solitaire Free Pack
How many ways can you play solitaire? 💯The Solitaire Free Pack has over 100 great solitaire games. Allthebest games with all the best features!The most popular solitaire is called “Klondike”, though you mayknowit as Patience or Windows Solitaire. Single or double deck,draw 1,2 or 3, Vegas scoring & many more! Find them all underthe“Klondike” category.Plus we have all the popular games, like FreeCell, Spider, 3Towersand Pyramid, all together here in 1 app! If you like thosegames,you'll find even more games to love by exploring the variousgamecategories in our “Change Game” screen. Our app makes it easytofind the perfect game for you!You'll discover unique games like Poker Square, King'sCorner,Bowling and Church, the game famously played by WinstonChurchill.These games are nothing like classic solitaire!Fortunately, ourapp has in-game hints and instructions that make iteasy to learnnew games.We also have rare and unusual games like Accordion, Grandma'sGame,Fission, Crazy Quilt and Alternations. These arecustomerfavorites, requested because they could not be foundanywhere elseon Android!We are passionate about making great solitaire gameswithtop-of-the-line features!♠ Smart hints♥ Smooth “one tap” game movements♣ The best intuitive autoplay available in any solitaire game♦ Well-designed game layouts and concise instructions make iteasyto learn new games♠ Interactive fireworks display when you win♥ Lots of options to customize your game's look and play♣ Permissions are for custom backgrounds and card backsEach game is meticulously created to bring you the bestexperienceimaginable. Download now and experience it foryourself!Check out our website at foracomplete list of our solitaire games with rulesandscreenshots.For solitaire tips, strategy articles, and an inside lookatupcoming features:♣ Like us on Facebook♦ Follow us onInstagram♠ And don't forget to leave a rating for our freesolitairecollection!
Play the classic Spades Game! Check what users are saying!DownloadNOW!
Hearts - Card Game Classic 1.1.5
Start playing Hearts now! Download it now and have lots of fun
Poker Gold (With Rummy & Andar Bahar)
Andar Bahar card game. Also available are Poker, Rummy game modes
Gin Rummy - Online Card Game
SNG Games
Play the best online Gin Rummy card game. It is totally free.
Teen Patti Tycoon Gold Indian Poker 2.5
Experience the best card game in Indian poker category calledTeenPatti Tycoon Gold. Download Now and get up to 10 Cr FreeChips*Play now Teen Patti with your nears and dears. Challengeyourfriends or play with million’s of other 3 Patti Tycoonplayersacross the globe. Teen Patti Tycoon Gold is Tycoon Clubfirstversion which is liked by thousands of teen patti players Bereadyto get addicted with thrilling Teen Patti Tycoon Gold version.Windaily big bonus and jackpots! Get ready to Connect and Playwithtop in class Teen Patti players across the globe. DownloadNow!Ultimate Features 1. Login : Hassle free one click loginwithFacebook or login as a guest. 2. Collect Bonus: Get upto 10,00,000chips and 100 Force Side Show on download 3. Daily Bonus: Getupto20,00,000 chips and 10 Force Side Show as a bonus every day.4.Tables: Fixed and No Limit Tables for players who believeinPlaying Big! Winning Big! 5. Force Side Show: After viewing cardsaplayer can ask for a force side show with other players whichhecan use force bottles. Hands will be compared and the winnerwillcollect everything in the pot. 6. Connect with Friends: Inviteyourfriends and family or play with other teen patti playersonline. 7.Chat: Chat feature to discuss your game strategies anddiscuss withother players. 8. Internet Connection: Works excellenton 2G 3G, 4Gand fast wifi connection. 9. Interface: ExcellentUser-friendlyinterface which makes game interactive and addictive.Teen PattiTycoon Gold Modes Public Table: Classic Teen Patti Mode,Play withother players of the same level. Private Table: Createyour ownprivate table or invite your beloved ones to join yourprivatetable. You can create your own private Teen Patti table, andinviteyour friends, relatives, and colleagues to join. Muflis :Trypopular Teen Patti variations like Muflis Slots : Try your luckinslots and multiply your bonus. Andar Bahaar : Play mostpopularAndar Bahar multiplayer Version also known as Katti,Mangatha MaangPatta : Try our new multiplayer Maang Patta singlecard poker. Mostinteresting and addictive feature. Teen PattiTycoon Gold isn'tinvolved in any sort of gambling, just stimulatesthe game withrewards, Chips and In-app purchases. Look no further,Download andplay Teen Patti Tycoon Gold Anytime, Anywhere for FREE.Contact UsKindly share your feedback and tell us how we canimprove. In caseof any issues with the game play or app usage [email protected]
Carrom Friends : Carrom Board Game
Yoozoo Global
Carrom is easy to play board pool games. Carrom board & beacarrom board king
Gin Rummy * 1.0.29
Play Gin Rummy now!
Grand Gin Rummy: Card Game
Classic Gin Rummy card game. Compete online and enjoymultiplayerfun!
Hearts: Card Game
Compete against easy or hard AI offline in a classic Heartscardgame!
Hearts - Offline Card Games
SNG Games
Classic offline card game Hearts. No wifi and no banner ads.
Hearts +
Top Free Hearts - achievements, stats, smart AI & tonsmorefeatures & options!
Euchre 1.82
Free Euchre card game featuring bothstrongcomputer players and online play.- Challenging computers- Online multiplayer - play euchre with friends or join ratedgameswith players from all over the world matched by theirratings(requires Android 2.3+)- Rules options for Joker (Benny), Canadian Loner, GoingUnder,Stick The Dealer, ...- Statistics- Change names and avatars- Landscape and portrait support- Fits phones, tablets and HD phonesDon't miss all the fun - play euchre online for free.It's time to euchre someone!If you like our Euchre, please, try out our other games!
Play the classic Klondike & Patience solitaire card game now!
Spades +
Top Free Spades - achievements, stats, smart AI & tonsmorefeatures & options!
Euchre Online Trickster Cards
Play Euchre with friends to have fun! The most famoustrickstercards is Yuker!
Gin Rummy Stars - Card Game
Gin Rummy Game! Play The Multiplayer Classic Gin Rummy GamewithFriends!
ZingPlay card game portal
No. 1 online Tongits game in the Philippines
Gin Rummy - Lami mahjong Texas
Gin Rummy online card game, real-time duel, fun and exciting.
Hearts card game featuring:- Really challenging computers- Online multiplayer- Statistics- Jack of diamonds settings- Passing rules settings- Change names and avatars- Change a color style of the game- Choose between several decks- Landscape and portrait support- Fits phones, tablets and HD phonesIt’s time to break some hearts!And beware of computers – they don’t cheat, but they are evilandunforgiving!
Gin Rummy Pro
Collect sets and runs but don't give away a card youropponentneeds!
Gin Rummy - Offline Card Games
SNG Games
Offline Gin Rummy card game for mobile phones and tablets.
Spades Offline - Single Player 2.0.63
Spades Offline - Single Player Card Games is a free version oftheclassic free spades trick-taking card game. Spades is a52-cardtrick-taking game similar to Hearths, Bridge and Euchre.This is afree spades game and easy to play! Spades Offline - SinglePlayeris very fast and responsive, with card animation for morerealisticgameplay. 👑👑👑WHAT ARE THE KEY FEATURES OF THIS FREEGAME👑👑👑 ♠ Playsingleplayer ♠ Play offline ♠ No need for Internetconnection ♠Entertaining gameplay and amazing HD graphics! ♠ Themost real andcorrect official rules for pairs and solo! ♠ Playagainst computerplayers (AI) ♠ Improved AI and score summary ♠ Niceand simplegameplay ♠ 5 game modes ♠ Game design is optimized forallsmartphones ♠ Can be played on both Tablet and Phone ♠ PortraitandLandscape orientation 5 GAME MODES • Pairs • Solo • Mirror •Whiz •Suicide Spades Offline - Single Player Card Games allows youtoplay at your pace and level. Whether you’re a beginner or apro,Spades Offline is ideal for all players and card gameslovers.Spades Offline Options: • Option to enable disable nil andblindnil • Penalty for 10 bags (5 if solo) • Penalty forfailingnil/blind nil • Requiring spades to be broken • Round limit-endless to 15 • No turn limit - take as long as you like for aturn• Multiple winning/losing scores Love trick-taking card games?Thisfree Spades game is just for you! Download Spades Offline-SinglePlayer for free! 📣📣📣NEED TO PLAY SPADES ONLINE?📣📣📣 Weofferyou a step beyond! Go Online, Meet real people, play with thebestplayers! If you want to play with real players - CHECK OUTSpadesOnline: VIP Free Spades. Spades Online: VIP Free Spadesoffers youan amazing multiplayer experience with the best spadescommunity! *Play Spades plus friends and strangers alike - sendgifts andsocialize; * Invite your Facebook friends to play and geta bonus!The rules are not that hard when you play with friends! *Dailybonus and weekly/monthly raffles and rewards. * BlitzTournaments -Classic and Quick with prizes! 🎉🎉🎉TRUE FANS OF SpadesOffline -Single Player Card Games?🎉🎉🎉 Your opinion is important tous!Contact us at [email protected] or write us on This game is intended for an adultaudienceand does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity towinreal money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming doesnotimply future success at real money gambling. Disclaimer: Thegameis optimized for high-end devices, however, you will get agreatexperience with all other phones and tablets. On somelow-enddevices is possible to see flicker or the screen.
Solitaire Tripeaks Adventure
Play the best classic Solitaire card games for FREE!
Hardwood Spades
Specially designed for tablets andphonesHardwood Spades breathes new life into your favorite cardgame withexcellent graphics. Enjoy calming spades playingenvironments withocean waves breaking in the distance.Play spades online live with players from around the world orwithfamily and friends.Check out where you stand with the online leader board.Enjoyachievement challenges that take the experience from just asinglegame of spades to even more fun.Hardwood Spades is customizable with new backgrounds, cards,playeravatars and tables that can be added to the game viapaiddownloadable content.Spades variations included in Hardwood Spades in offlineandMultiplayer spades modes with multiple levels ofdifficulty:✔ Partnership (traditional)✔ Partnership - Suicide✔ Partnership - Mirrors✔ Individual✔ Individual - Mirror✔ Individual - Cutthroat✔ Individual - Cutthroat MirrorUse your camera to take a background image to use right inthegame.Includes 200 Tokens to use in the In-game store.Free 30 day Plus Membership for advanced online MultiplayerLivespades gameplaySame as our Free Spades game, but without advertisingWorks great on devices with Nvidia Tegra Processors and phoneslikethe Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II and Evo 3dphones.★ Want new features? Have some suggestions? Found an issue?Emailyour feedback to [email protected]