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Indian Recipes in Hindi
PSP Ventures
Offers thousand of tested vegetarian recipes in hindi.
Learn Recipes in Hindi 1.3
Akshay Khesal
1000 Recipes have been given in this app.
Veg Recipes of India Official 1.9
dassana amit
Cook delicious vegetarian food at homewithstep by step photos. App sharing 1400 recipes from the mostpopularIndian recipe website. All recipes are tried and tested byus aswell as by our readers. If you want to learn Indianvegetariancooking then do give this App a try as we include a lotof photosin our step by step recipe format. The App has many goodfeatures -like works in offline mode (make the recipes favorite forit towork in offline mode), the recipes can be easily bookmarkedbyusing the favorite option, multiple sharing options, facilitytosearch a particular recipe from 1400 recipes and so on. We arenowalso slowly adding nutrition info to the recipes.For ease of readers recipes in this App are divided intovariouscategories:1. Indian Breakfast Recipes2. Rice Recipes3. Main Course Recipes4. Indian Sweets and Desserts5. Starters and Snacks6. Indian Curries7. Indian Street Food8. Indian Vegan Recipes9. Indian Vegetable Recipes10. Dal Recipes11. Eggless Cakes Recipes12. Easy Bachelor Recipes13. Quick 30 Minutes Recipes14. Gluten Free Recipes15. North Indian Recipes16. South Indian Recipes17 Tiffin Recipes18 Toddler Recipes19 Paneer Recipes20 Indian Breads and Parathas21.Eggless Cakes22 Baked Snacks23 Bread Recipes24 Low Fat Recipes25 Gluten Free Recipes26 Bachelor RecipesThe App covers regional Indian cuisine like recipes from theregionof Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, West Bengal, Konkan,Awadh,Hyderabad and so on. It also has a big collection of No OnionNoGarlic Recipes, Eggless Baking, Low Fat Recipes, IndoChineseRecipes, Fasting Recipes, Festival Recipes, Veg Recipes forKids,Toddler Recipes and Punjabi Recipes. The App has a lot ofrecipesfrom North Indian Cuisine and South Indian Cuisine.If you are new to Indian cuisine and want to learn it, then youwilllike this App the more, since most of the step by steprecipescontain photos for each step and it makes cooking very easyforbeginners.
Rice Recipes
Rice recipes free app brings you thecollectionof largest number of healthy rice recipes across theworld. Ricerecipes always contains a rich amount of vitamins andproteins.Healthy rice recipes are always good for health. Doctorsalwayssuggests for healthy foods. Diabetic patients can also havehealthydishes for their proper life. The rice recipes listed herearecompletely good for health. Most of the countries preferricerecipes for dinner and lunch. Now you can prepare ricerecipessimply by using this app. Even kids can prepare easily. Wegive youa variety of rice recipes that makes cooking easy and fun.Now youdon't want to go any restaurants or hotels for having ricerecipes.Using rice recipes we can properly maintain our diet . Takethiscookbook to kitchen and prepare healthy rice recipes andmakewonders. Rice recipes including:fried ricecasserolepuddingsaladpilafbeansballsdishesnoodlesspanishmexicangreenredand more. Fish fry during our meals is one of the bestcombination.Rice recipes free cookbook includes lots of deliciousrice dishes.Chicken recipes, fish recipes, salads etc during ricedishes is abest combination. Variety of chicken recipes are alsoavailable.During marriages especially in south India people preferricerecipes for their function. Fried rice makes for an easy mealortasty accompaniment to a whole range of Asian-inspired dishes.Hereyou'll find plenty of fried rice recipes. Now cooking is madeveryeasily for you. This free app provides you step by step guideforpreparing recipes. The main features of this app includesGlobal searchSearch recipes by ingredients, names, tagsShopping listRecipe preparation timeOffline recipe accessFavorite recipes can be stored separatelyReverse recipe searchRecipes can be shared to anyone by a single clickRecipes are provided with their nutritional value, caloriesNumber of servings is also providedRecipe of the momentBrowse through the largest collection of how to guide ofricecooking and make cooking easy and fun. You can share thepleasureof cooking to anyone. The recipe search app is very handyand easyto use. It's free for all time. We have hundreds of wayswith rice- from a classic risotto to quick Chinese fried rice.Findrecipesfor rice pudding, Thai coconut rice, Mexican rice, pilafriceetc.A perfectly designed free Rice recipe cookbook.Happy Cooking!!
Quick and Easy Recipes 3.2
Easy time-saving recipes for delicious meals.
BigOven Recipes & Meal Planner 6.1.40
The ultimate home cooking tool to get you inspired and organizedinthe kitchen.
Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools 8.1
Conquer the kitchen with meal plans, personalized recipes,shoppinglists & more
Sauce Dip Jam Recipes 5.04
DIL Studio
We offer to you a lot of sauce recipes: chicken sauce, pastasauce,tomato sauce recipes, spreads recipes, marinades and saladdressingrecipes, cheesy sauce recipes, salad sauce recipes, pizzasaucerecipes, meat sauce recipes, fish sauce recipes, chickensaucerecipes, mushroom sauce recipes, cream sauce recipes andothertasty sauce recipes. Recipe app works offline. All saucerecipeswith photo and simple detailed instructions. You can chooseyourliked recipes and keep them in your favorites. You also can useashopping list. Just add the desired product directly fromtherecipe to the shopping list. In this application you can shareyourown delicious recipes and you can leave feedback aboutotherrecipes! The application does not require the Internet andyourfavorite recipes will always be with you, even when you havenotInternet connection! All sauce recipes are divided intothecategories for easy use. You can find a recipe for your mood!Thereis simple searching in the app by the name or by theingredients.Easy recipes using ingredients you already have in thekitchen. Themajority of recipes we offer can be both prepared andcooked in 20minutes or less, from start to finish. We offer to you:• A lot ofsauce recipes: sweet sauce recipes for cakes and pies,spredsrecipes, easy recipes of marinades, cooking recipes ofdressingsfor salads, mayonnaise, sauce recipe for pizza, CrabDip,Horseradish Cream Sauce, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Tex-Mex Dip, BLTDip,Pizza Dip, Sauce for Pasta, Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce,OnionDip, Cannoli Dip, Do Ahead Gravy, Crab Rangoon Dip, HomemadeSpicyGarlic Buffalo Sauce, Mexican Dip, Meaty Crock Pot PastaSauce,Cilantro Lime Dressing, Weight Watchers Jalapeno Popper Dip,Sweet& Spicy Dip, White Pizza Dip, Creamy Layered BLT Dip,etc.; •Cheese sauce recipes: cooking recipes of cream cheese saucewithmushrooms, hollandaise sauce recipes, Cheesy Spinach-ArtichokeDip,Cheesy Baked Dip, Charlestone Cheese Dip, Dip with Cheese andMilk,Creamy Bacon and Cheese Dip, The Cheese Dip Popular, etc.;•Delicious easy recipes of sweet sauces for baking: caramelsaucerecipes, recipes of homemade cream, pumpkin sauce recipes,recipesof sauces with berries, Peach Butter, Heavy Cream, PinaColadaFruit Dip, Pumpkin Pie Dip, Pie Dip, S'mores Dip, Toffee Dip,AppleMustard Marinade, Dip with Dark Brown Sugar and Vanilla,PeanutButter Sauce, Amazing Caramel Sauce, etc.; • Cooking recipesofsauce with mushroom; • Easy recipes of sauce with onion; •HotChili Sauce; • 1 cup Mayo; • Spinach Dip; • Amish Bacon FatSaladDressing; • Shrimp Dip; • Pizza Dip Cream; • Festive LayeredDip; •Chicken Beer Dip; • Homemade Ketchup; • Olive GardenSaladDressing; • Honey Mustard Sauce; • Tasty recipes of spreds tobeerand dip to crackers and chips; • A lot of recipes saucesforsandwiches; • Simple recipes of homemade mayonnaise; • Easyrecipesof salad dressings; • Quickly recipes of sauces and muchmore! Cookwith pleasure!
All free Recipes:World Cuisine 60.0.0
World recipes free app provides youthecollection of variety of yummy,delicious and healthy foodsfromdifferent regions of the world. Recipes may differ mainlydependson the region,festivals,some religious beliefs etc. Weprovide youspecial kids s , diabetic free , diet, salad, chicken,rice,smoothie, pasta, pork etc from different parts of the world.Thisapp is completely free for all time. People always searchesforhealthy dishes with more taste. Healthy foods will maintainourhealth in a proper way. Cook some mouth watering recipes andmakesurprises in cooking. From Mexican to Italian,from IndiantoChinese,from German to America,from Korean to Thai etcallintegrated in a single cookbook. This will be the best freecuisineapp for you. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacksandstarters - all delicious and nutritious. You'll even findburgerand chips. People who like to cook food now don't want torefer anymagazines or other sites. Take this cookbook to kitchenand cookyour favorite recipe without anyone's help. This world hasplentyof mind-blowing dishes and we have recipes from all cornersof it.All are categorized by country and region. The foods from themostpopular cuisines from the world. American, African, Asian,Canadian, European , Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Mexicanall in asingle app. Find recipe collections for your favoriteregionalfare, from authentic Chinese stir-fries to down-homeSouthernvegetables. You can get your favorite soup recipe bysearching thesoup recipe name,ingredients etc. You can accessdishes without theaid of internet by adding them into offline. Youcan bookmark yourfavorite recipes too. You can add ingredients toshopping list sothat you can buy it from the market very easily.Our extensivelibrary of World recipes highlights the many diversecuisines ofthis planet.App features:Global searchSearch recipes by ingredients, names, tagsShopping listRecipe preparation timeOffline recipe accessFavorite recipes can be stored separatelyReverse recipe searchRecipes can be shared to anyone by a single clickRecipes are provided with their nutritional value, caloriesNumber of servings is also providedRecipe of the momentCelebrate international dishes and recipes from around theworld.All type of holiday, festivals etc from differentregions.Authentic collection of delicious world recipes. Secret totasty& Healthy foods are here. Calorie of recipes is alsolisted inall pass. We have special categories for summerdishes.Download this best free recipe cookbook app and make surprisesincooking!!Happy Cooking !!
Recipe Keeper
Your recipes, shopping list and meal planner - synced acrossallyour devices
Bon APPetit - Recipes for ever 2.3.2
Discover everyday tasty and free recipes that teach to love foodandlife.
Kitchen Stories - recipes, baking, healthy cooking
***Kitchen Stories – anyone can cook***Loved by millions of users, Kitchen Stories adds the whole worldofcooking to your pocket. Find delicious recipes withbeautifulpictures, easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions,recipevideos, and clever how-to videos – completely FREE ofcharge!Learn how to cook with executive chefs and expand yourcookingwisdom by trying out new, mouth-watering dishes everyweek.The App at a Glance:- Discover tasty, easy-to-cook recipes offered in variousthematicpackages (e.g. “All-time classics”, “Pasta variations” or“20Minute Dishes”, incl. many vegan and gluten-freerecipeideas)- HD video recipes guide you through the dishes- Step-by-step photo instructions make recipes easy to follow- How To-videos explain basic tips and tricks in the kitchen- New recipes and How To-videos are added every week –forfreeSpecial Features:- Add automatically generated shopping lists to your remindersandplan your dinner on the go- Collect and save your favorite recipes- Make use of the practical measurement converter
Indian Recipes offline (hindi) 1.0.11
Different types of recipes have been included like sweetdishes,vegetarian, low calorie etc. Cooking procedure andingredients ofeach recipe has been given. The ways of servingrecipes and givingfinal touch to the recipe has also beendescribed. Users can alsoshare recipes through social networkingapplication like Hike,whatsapp, Line etc. Indian recipes fordiabetes. Recipe from famousindian chefs like tarla dalal, vikaskhanna, madhur jaffrey,ranveer brar, atul kochhar, ritu dalmia,hari nayak, nita mehta,saransh goila, Nishamadhulika Recipes. VegRecipes of India.Healthy recipes for weight loss, food recipes app.Search differenttypes of cuisines like italian, mexican, indian,thai, chinese,japanese, lebanese, continental, punjabi, american,german, korean,gujarati, gujrati thali, marwari thali. Alsoincludes north indianrecipes, south indian recipes, bengalirecipes, maharashtrianrecipes. Indian Recipes which includesStarters, Main Course,Desserts, Snacks, Sweets in Hindi Indian vegrecipes in hindioffline, Indian Veg Recipe Book. Now you can alsobecome chef likeSanjeev Kapoor who cooks delicious recipes. - HindiRecipes Apphave Categories which includes - Nashta (Breakfast) -Paratha/Thalipeeth - Fast Recipe in Hindi - Chatani Recipes - AcharRecipe- Salad Recipe - Ice Cream Recipe in Hindi - Roti Recipe -SabjiRecipe in Hindi - Sambar Recipe - Mithai Recipe in Hindi -Festivalin Hindi - Baby food Recipes - Gujarati Recipes - PanjabhiRecipes- South Indian Hindi Recipe - Soup Recipes in Hindi - RiceRecipes- Papad Recipes - Cake Recipes - Rayata Recipes - SweetRecipes KeyFeatures: ► Its Completly Free. ► the app works offline.► Hindifonts. ► Simple UI. ► if you really like this app, Pleaserate andshare.. ► Make favourite list of recipes ► Share recipeswithsocial media Tags: cooking recipes in hindi, Hindi recipesfree,Hindi recipes book, Indian recipes in hindi, new recipesupdatesdaily
Snack Recipes 6.02
DIL Studio
Snack recipes: healthy snack recipes, easy snacks, cheesysnacks,fish and chips
Oven Recipes 6.25
DIL Studio
We offer to you a lot of easy oven recipes: oven baked chicken,maindishes oven recipes, meat in the oven recipes, snacks in theovenrecipes, savory baking in the oven recipes, sweet baking inthe ovenrecipes, casseroles, duch oven cakes, and cookie recipes,potatorecipes in the oven, pizza recipes, oven pork recipes, andothertasty recipes in the oven. Recipe app works offline. Allovenrecipes with photos and simple detailed instructions. Youcanchoose your liked recipes and keep them in your favorites. Youalsocan use a shopping list. Just add the desired product directlyfromthe recipe to the shopping list. In this application you canshareyour own delicious recipes and you can leave feedback aboutotherrecipes! The application does not require the Internet andyourfavorite recipes will always be with you, even when you havenotInternet connection! All easy oven recipes are dividedintocategories for easy use. You can find a recipe for your mood!Thereis simple searching in the app by the name or by theingredients.Easy recipes using ingredients you already have in thekitchen. Themajority of recipes we offer can be both prepared andcooked in 20minutes or less, from start to finish. We offer to you:• Deliciouseasy recipes in the oven: meat dishes recipes in theoven, homemaderecipes of poultry in the oven, tasty recipes of fishdishes in theoven, cooking recipes of sweet and savory baking inthe oven, TatorTot Taco Bake, Baked Oatmeal Casserole, Zucchiniwith Cheese,Creamy Chicken Alfredo Lasagna, Chicken Burritos, BaconWrappedGreen Beans, Noodles and Ham, Chicken Francaise, EggplantandSpinach Parmesan, Marsala Chicken and Mushroom Casserole,SummerSquash “Casserole”, "Sweet Brown" Sugar Meatloaf, BakedChicken,Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken and Bacon BBQ Melt, etc.; •Tastyrecipes in the oven with potatoes: potato with cheeserecipes,flaky potato casserole recipes in the oven, potatoes withcheeseand garlic recipes in the oven, easy recipes of stuffeddishes withpotato, Parmesan Upside Down Baked Potatoes, Sweet &SaltyPotato Chip Toffee Cookies, Dori's Infamous Party Potatoes,SlicedBaked Potatoes, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, etc.; • A lot ofsnack andsweets recipes for oven: cheesecake recipes for oven, easyrecipesof hot sandwiches in the oven, pie recipes in the oven,potatochips in the oven, roll recipes, Garlic Parmesan Pull ApartBread,Hummingbird Cake, Mini Peach Cobblers, Banana Pudding PokeCake,Red Lobsters Cheese Biscuit Loaf, Bailey's Irish CreamBrownies,Slutty Brownies, Oven-Baked Frito Pie, Hazelnut (Nutella)CrescentRolls, Nacho Pie, Bananas Foster French Toast, ItalianSausageSpinach Pie, Pineapple Casserole, etc.; • Yummy recipes ofpizza inthe oven; • Cooking Recipes of baked ratatouille; •ZucchiniCasserole; • Creamy Burrito Casserole; • Cream CheeseChickenEnchiladas; • Homemade Recipes of Chocolate Orange Cupcakes;•Doughnuts; • Peanut Butter Cookies; • Cooking Recipes ofWhiteChocolate Brownies; • Quiche Lorraine; • Homemade Lemon Curd;•Spareribs Chinese; • Homemade Recipes of Balsamic Glazed Salmon;•Easy Recipes of casseroles and cheesecakes in the oven; •Quickrecipes of breakfast omelets in the oven; • Recipes of simpleandquick cakes in the oven and much more! Cook with pleasure!
Filipino Recipes 2016 2.4
This Application contains 100 recipesinfilipino language.No internet connection after download.Will be updated weekly.
दावत - Hindi Recipes 1.0
Kahi bhi , kabhi bhi , Recipes sirf aapke liye ! to aaj kya planbanraha hai ?
Best Authentic Indian Recipes 1.7.3
If you’re looking for quality, instead of quantity, then thisistheapp for you. We’ve handpicked only the best and mostfamousIndianrecipes. They’re all authentic, tested, andheavenlydelicious. Foodlovers, this is gourmet stuff only. InBestAuthentic Indian Recipesapp you get: - North Indian Recipes(Top10) - South Indian Recipes(Top 10) - Simple Indian Recipes(quickand easy, beginner friendly)- FREE cookbook (PDF) with over150other various Indian recipes forbreakfasts, lunches anddinners(breads, appetizers, soups, salads,snacks, drinks,vegetarian onlyand much more) Traditional Indianfood is healthy,spicy, and fullof flavor and is considered as oneof the bestcuisines in theworld. Get this app now and preparegreat meals foryourself, yourfamily and your friends. They’ll loveyou for it!
1500+ Tamil Nadu Recipes (T) 2.4
This Application Contains 1500+ Tamilrecipesin Tamil Language.-Will Update Weekly-Contains South Indian recipes-Veg, Non-Veg, Sweets & Snacks-Numbers to identify the recipes
ChefTap: Recipe Clipper, Plann
ChefTap is the only app that can automatically clip recipes fromanywebsite.