Top 50 Games Similar to Yatzy Ultimate

Yachty Dice Game – Yatzy 1.2.12
Yachty is classic dice game. Roll the dice with buddies oroffline!Play Yatzy!
Yachty 4.7r3
The classic dice game for all the family
Yatzy: Dice Game Online 1.2.30
Yatzy Classic - a one of a kind game of dice. Solo,triples,multiplayer yatzee!
Yatzy 1.65
Loop Games
Roll 5 dices and create the best combinations to win Yatzy!
Yatzy - Offline Dice Games 2.16.13
SNG Games
Classic offline dice game Yatzee. No wifi and no banner ads.
Yazy the yatzy dice game 1.1.9
Have fun playing Yazy! It is simple, fast to learn and a lot offun!
Royaldice 1.191.38246
Play Royaldice with friends. Enjoy fun and exciting dice games.
Golden Roll: The Yatzy Dice Ga 2.3.3
Greener Grass
Play the gold standard of real-time multiplayer yatzy!
Yatzy Online
This game goes by many names around theworld.Yatzy, Yahtzee, le Yams, Generala, Jatsi, Yacht and Yamb arejustsome of the names of the same amazing game.The game is available in the three major rule setsavailableglobally:- Scandinavian (Played mostly in Sweden, Denmark, NorwayandFinland)- International (The "original" rule set for Yahtzee)- 6 Dice (The more advanced rule set for hardcore players thatlikea tough challenge)All three rule sets are available to play in both online mode, orinoffline mode without the need for an Internet connection.Play online against your Facebook friends (Requires Facebooklogin),Yatzy friends or random opponents (Requires an YatzyOnlineaccount)Offline mode supports solo players, an incredibly hardcomputeropponent (No, it's not cheating, it really is that good!)andplaying friends that are sitting next to you (pass&play).There is a really extensive set of game history, high scores,onlineleaderboards and of course, all kinds of achievements.Users that upgrade to the premium version will get access to:- Cool personal statistics- Training mode (Let's you see the anticipated end scoredependingon choice of dice)- Colorful themes (Choose from a wide variety of colors)- Full screen experience (You will of course no longer needtosuffer from ads and full screen commercials)
Farkle - dice games online 1.3.9
Farkel Craps - great roller board dice games to play with buddies
Yatzy World 6.11
Play Yatzy with people from all over the world!
Dice Clubs® Classic Dice Game 4.0.3
Roll the dice, win big, and dominate Yatzy!
Yatzy Duels Live Tournaments 3.1.582
LazyLand SA
Play Yatzy Duels & challenge the odds! Rolling the dice maketheright choices!
Yatzy - Dice Game 1.43.0
Get relax, have fun for hours with a great Yatzy dice game byZenGarden Apps.
Dice World - 6 Fun Dice Games 11.41
AppA11y, Inc.
The only dice game you must have! Join everyone around theworldandget Dice'n! Why? Because it’s six dice games in one appwithmanydifferent options to play. Play the computer, playotherusers, orplay tournaments and win dice gold! Dice gamescurrentlyavailableinclude Farkle, Yatzy, Threes, 1-4-24, Balut..and Pig!And we arealways looking to add more. Farkle - Fun game ofriskand reward!Also known as Farkal, Zilch or 10,000. Yatzy -Classicgame enjoyedby everyone! Threes - Strategy game where lowestscorewins! AlsoKnown as 'Tripps'. 1-4-24 - Get a 1 and 4, andScore!Balut -Intellectually challenging! Gameplay resembles Poker!Pig -Simple,fast, fun and addicting!. You will love to hate thispig!BeatTrump, Arnold and the Hoff! Voices donebyprofessionalimpersonators & comedians! You can play DiceWorldwith anyone,anytime, anywhere around the world! Play against:-Beat any of thefunny computer players! - Buddies - Friends -Soloplay! -Tournaments! - Random opponents! - the possibilitiesareendless!Key Features: •Fully Accessible for the visuallyimpaired!•DailyTournaments! •Play multiple games against differentopponentsatthe same time! •Turn based game play. There is no needforbothplayers to be online at the same time! •Track fromwhichcountriesaround the world your opponents are playing!•Superiorstats -Wins, Losses, Ties, High Scores… it’s allrecorded!•Leaderboard –Are you good enough to make it onto theworldwideleader board?Represent your country! •Chat with yourfriends duringgame play -now with audio option! •Player ranking -work your wayup from astarting level of DiceJoke to the surprisehighest level!Be thefirst in your country to accomplish thisfeat!•Seamlessintegration with Push Notifications for lightningfastgame play.•Detailed help for each game to help new players getupto speed.•100% Talk Back Accessible! We take pride in makingourgameaccessible to the vision impaired. We look forward toyoujoiningus here in Dice World!
Yatzy Dice Clash - Dice Game
The Ultimate Dice Game with Collectible Lucky Charms - Try It Now!
YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game 8.29.4
Join the multiplayer fun and play the classic dice game withfamilyand friends
Farkle online 10000 Dice Game 2.5.3
Play Farkle with friends online! 10000 Dice game with buddies!ZonkPro live.
Farkle 3.2.7
Farkle is the best dice game for a good time
Hit the Board: Fortune Fever 1.0.16
Start your 🌲Christmas season with 🎲Hit the Board dice! Feelthe❄️Magic of Christmas with our addictive 🎲DICE GAME🎲 - rollthedice, defeat your opponnets, play snowball or bakecookies!Challenge your mates to free endless dice fun in HIT THEBOARD:FORTUNE FEVER game! So ❄️get chilled, roll your dice andplayluckier than your opponents in fun fortune dice action! Getfestivewith short 🎲Dice Mini Games: • It's ALL IN YOUR HANDS - testyourluck to pick the higher King than your mate! • Is FORTUNE onyourside today? Roll the dice to land on lucky cell! • CatchPERFECTRAINBOW ROLL and gain unbridled access to the desired cellto winyour mates faster! • Put your fortunes to the test andCHALLENGEthe most exciting game mode! • SCORE BIG and leave youropponentsin the dust in a hotly-contested RATING RUSH EVENT!!You'll loveour FUN AND SHORT 🎲DICE GAMES🎲! 👍That's not even thehalf of it!It's fun and keeps you entertained! You'll like themonopoly feelwith a quicker play time 🎲! Ready to hit the board?! •INVITE ANDBATTLE YOUR FRIENDS for extreme fun! Play nice...thenthrow a bomb,put a mine, 💣DESTROY and Steal their goodies! • Getthe chance totravel across numerous 🗺️ THEMED BOARDS! Try tooutplay yourfriends on every single BOARD for a massive fun! Showwho is thereal Board King! • Super-charged GAME FIGURES and DICEequippedwith amazing skills will help in this friendly heatedcompetition(....or probably it will be hotly-contested...)) PLANYOUR STRATEGYto the combos with what figure goes to what dice! •Tons ofvaluable BOOSTERS! Put them to good use and win faster! •TICKETSON TICKETS! Never have to stop playing! PLAY and WINNON-STOP! •Absolutely exhilarating gameplay! Super-smoothvisuals,cutting-edge animations! Follow HIT THE BOARD on Facebook,findmore friends, play together and have fun with this freegamewherever your opponent is: in front of you or milesaway! Any questions aboutthegame? Email us at [email protected] Still here?! Download 🔥Hitthe Board: Fortune Fever 🔥 now and enjoy free endless dice fun!
Five Dice 27.5
If you like YAHTZEE, you'll love Five Dice.
Backgammon Club 2.1.4
Backgammon online on Android phones & tablets for FREE.Gamesand Tournaments.
FARKLE 1.2.6
Viral s.r.o.
Farkle is a fun dice game that is easy to learn and very addictive!
Dice Merge: Matchingdom Puzzle 0.1.36
Enjoy the relaxing & challenging dice merge puzzle game!
Dice With Buddies™ Free 8.1.1
Dice with Buddies puts a new spin on oneofyour classic dice game by letting you play multiplayer boardgamesfor free with friends, family, or random opponents—share thefunwhether they're sitting next to you or thousands of milesaway!Play the exhilarating board game from the same account onanyAndroid tablet or phone!Board games are now even easier and more exciting to play withbrandnew Custom Dice, improved interface, Biggest Winner eventsandpremium tournaments! Roll the dice with all your friends in afunnew social board game experience!How to Play Dice with Buddies:Dice with Buddies is a dice game where players need to score asmanypoints as possible, by rolling five dice to makedifferentcombinations. This free dice game consists of 13 roundswith thescorecard having 13 categories. In each round, you can rollthedice up to three times and choose which scoring category is tobeused for that round. Once a category has been used in the game,itcannot be used again. To get the best dice score, a playerwouldhave to had rolled five-of-a-kind and scores 50 points; thehighestof any category. The winner is the player who scores themostpoints.This dice game has also been referred to as Poker Dice sincetherecombinations such as Full house, Three of a Kind, Four of aKind,Small Straight, Large Straight that resembles that ofPoker.If you love Yathzee, Yatzy and Farkle you would love DicewithBuddies! Play this classic dice game with your friends andfamilyprepare to have fun!===Dice With Buddies Features===Board Games with Buddies! Multiplayer Games and More:• Dice Master Showdown! Beat the Dice Masters for huge XP andbonusroll prizes!• Dice tournaments give you a new thrilling challengeeachday!Dice Game Bonuses• Play the in-game scratchers to win bonus dice rolls• Activate a bonus roll to get an extra boost right when youneeditSocial Games with Friends• Multiplayer games with random opponents• Chat room in the game - joke and heckle with youropponents!• Play with friends and family through FacebookDice Game Customization:• Personalize your experience with CUSTOM DICE!• Level up your frames by earning Achievements!Fans of card games and fun social experiences will LOVE DicewithBuddies! Addictive games with friends await in Dice withBuddies!Download today and roll the dice on your Androiddevice!
Board Games Pro 3.5.6
With BOARD GAMES you can enjoy all-time games like in yourchildhood
Gin Rummy 2.19.0
Gin, play Gin Rummy. Play Gin now! Gin Rummy card game.
Dice Merge! Puzzle Master
Fun Drag & Match Puzzles Game
Cribbage Club (free cribbage app and board) 3.2.9
Cribbage, or Crib, (much like Solitaire, Hearts, or Spades) isaclassic card and board game many of us remember playing withourGrandpa. And now you can play our free cribbage card game onyourAndroid device. Cribbage ClubTM is a fun, easy to playcribbagegame that you can enjoy anywhere! Whether you're justlearning therules, or a cribbage pro, Cribbage Club has somethingto offereveryone. Looking for a cribbage board? Included withCribbage Clubis a free cribbage travel board for those times whenyou want toplay with your own cards and just need a cribbage boardto keepscore! ****************************** Now available:multiplayercribbage! Play Cribbage Club Online against realopponents.****************************** Featuring: ● Elsa, Jack,and Anne:play with 3 computer friends of varying skills andabilities; Elsais a beginner, but Anne is a Cribbage Pro! ●Complete instructionswith game rules and a glossary of Cribbageterms. ● For beginners,a tutorial mode to help learn to playclassic Cribbage. ● Savesyour progress, so you can resume at anytime. ● Game statistics foreach difficulty level. ● Manual orautomatic scoring of your criband hand. ● For expert players, youmay play with Muggins scoring!● Google Play Achievements. ● ClassicCribbage Board. ● BonusCribbage Solitaire game. ● Online or offlineplay. Extras makeCribbage Club(TM) the Ultimate Cribbage Game!: ✔New!: MultiplayerCribbage Club Online (beta). Play against otherpeople. ✔ CribbageSquares Solitaire: take a break from regularCribbage and try thisCribbage Solitaire game when you want a quickdistraction. It's afun way to think about scoring Cribbage handswhether you arelearning to play, or already a Crib expert. ✔ CribDiscard Analyzer✔ Cribbage Hand Calculator to settle arguments whenplayingcribbage. ✔ Cribbage Travel Board - peg board to track yourscorewhen you want to play Cribage with your own deck of cards,butdon't have a cribbage board available.
Woody Dice Merge Puzzle 2.3.0
Athena Studio
Merge dice puzzle game for your healthy brain
Phone Dice™ Street Dice Game 1.3.93
Multiplayer Street Craps game - Take dice from the street toyourphone.
Woody Dice - Merge Master 1.9.1
Athena Studio
Strategic merge random dice puzzle
Backgammon Classic + Online 2.0
Put your skills and luck to the test with this challengingboardgame.
Dice Kings 2.2.3
Roll dice to have fun and win!
Yatzy - Free 3D Dice Game 7.5
Nyluz Games
Yatzy 3D - Free Dice Game is a combination ofYahtzee,Dice,Strategy, Luck, Customization and real physics in a3Dsimulationwhich is Free to Play and No Ads are shown. You cannowdownloadthe yahtze dice game free. Yatzy Offline needs nowificonnection.Features: 🔸 Yahtee Dice Game 🔸 Smooth Graphics andGamePlay 🔸 SlowMotion 🔸 No need for Internet connection 🔸Multiplayer(Pass andPlay) 🔸 Customizable Dice 🔸 Leaderboards 🔸AchievementsComing inthe next updates: 💠 Token Rewards 💠 NewSpecial dices Yazyis aboard game with its original rules. Fivedices with six sidesand14 sections to be filled in a finite amountof rounds. It isaScandinavian public domain dice game very similarto PokerDice,Yacht, Generala, and Cheerio. Yatzy is also known asYachtyandFarkle in different countries. You can play Yatze DiceGameofflinewithout an internet connection Play and analyzeallthepossibilities to get the best Yahtzee score possible.Thegameplayis made as easy and straight forward as possible. Withtheuse ofreal-world physics and 3D throwing dice the game isengagingandfun to play. The build-in SLOW-MOTION featurebringsmoreexcitement to the table as it kicks in when you are onlyonediceaway from throwing a Yahtzee. Customization is a huge partofYatzy3D - Free Dice Game. You’ll earn in-game currency witheverygameplayed that can be used to unlock colors for your dice.Youcanunlock a lot of different colors for your diceincludingspecialcolors that can only be obtained with “Tokens”,which you’llearnfrom throwing a Yahtzee. Each round you can rollfive dice uptothree times to achieve one of the 13 combinations.Eachcombinationmust be done once except for Yatzy. The objective istoachieve thehighest score possible at the end of the game. Amoredetailedexplanation of how the Yatsy 3D - Free Dice Gamescoringworks canbe found in-game. Most common typos of our game canbelisted asYatzie, Yatsy, Yazy, Yatzee, Yatze, Yahztee,Yatzi,Yhatzee andYatzee. Note* This Yahtzee Dice Game is still awork inprogress byme, any feedback would be much appreciated.PrivacyPolicy:
Generala 2.0.8
The Generala for Android!
Backgammon Live - Online Games 3.38.320
Backgammon Classic Board Games - Play PvP Games to BecomeaBackgammon Pro!
Backgammon King Online 2.11.2
Play the popular backgammon game onlineforfree!- Play live backgammon game against opponents aroundtheworld.- Get *FREE* chips every day! Play backgammon and bet onyourchips.- Compete in tournaments, and see your ranking compared to thetopplayers in the world.- Easy and convenient way to play with your friends and compareyourranking.- Chat with opponent while playing.Have fun! :-)
Cribbage JD
Play Cribbage online with your friends. The card game Crib,Cribble,and Noddy.
Super Spite & Malice card game 15.5
PB Softworks
Play a mobile version of a popular card game with a high fun factor
Five Dice Paid 21.8
If you like YAHTZEE, you'll love Five Dice.
Backgammon 4.03
Addictive, challenging and beautiful - test yourself in thisancientgame!
Hearts: Card Game 2.10.2
Play hearts plus offline with leaderboards and smart AI opponents!
Triominos, Triangular Dominoes 1.17.12
Goliath BV
Online board game, multiplayer & single player!
Yamb 3.43
Multiplayer game with six dice
Dice with Ellen 8.6.6
Dice with Ellen is ALL NEW! Roll the dice to compete withfriendsand fans of The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Play head to headagainstEllen fans from around the world - it’s all the fun,excitement andcraziness of your favorite TV personality, in afast-paced, easy toplay dice game! Check out the brand new solo andmulti-player gamemodes to put your skills to the test! Win evenmore rewardsincluding amazing new Ellen themed dice! ===Dice withEllenFeatures=== All new ways to play! • Head to head games withfriendsand Ellen fans that you can start and continue at any time•Challenge the dice masters in dozens of new levels with brandnewboosts and obstacles like ice blocks, flying multipliers andmore •Tournaments like Solitaire, Bingo and Stars give you newchallengesand awesome bonuses 6 times each and every day Great newrewards! •Hundreds of seasonal and Ellen themed dice • Specialportraitframes to dress up your profile • Tons of custom gameboards Socialgames with friends! • Chat, challenge and favoriteyour friendswith the new social buddies system • Play with Ellenfans aroundthe world [© 2019 Ellen Digital Ventures | Inpartnership withWarner Bros. Entertainment] PrivacyPolicy: Additional Information, Rights,andChoices Available to CaliforniaPlayers:
Backgammon Champs - Board Game 3.8
Backgammon is a popular board game for two players, playwithfriends and chat.
Ultimate Cribbage: Card Board 2.8.2
Score, compete, win! It's Cribbage time in this ultimate card game.
Cardparty 38334
Play a fun and relaxing card game with friends and family
Bingo Pop 9.4.7
Uken Games
Bingo Pop is a free award-winning classicbingogame mixed with Fast-Paced action, Power-Ups, Huge Jackpots&more! Escape into the world of Bingo Pop where you canexplorecaves, plant tropical fruit, or even fly through thesky!Bingo has never been better! Download Bingo Pop forFREEtoday!Bingo Pop’s AWESOME Features:★ Enter COLLECTION EVENTS to WIN MORE!★ Win EXCLUSIVE daubers and coins from the collection events★ High-quality graphics and over 100 unique levels withbonuscontent!★ Play on the go with our OFFLINE MODE to win anytime andanywhereyou want!★ Increase your chances of winning by daubing 4 CARDS ATONCE!★ Join thousands of Bingo Lovers around the globe!★ Use GAME-CHANGING POWER-UPS such as Instant Bingo andDoubleDaub!★ Climb to the top of the leaderboard against your FRIENDSANDFAMILY!★ Constant game updates! NEW Collection Events and BiggerJackpotssoon!FAST-PACED BINGO EXPERIENCEIt’s time to add some spice to your life! Win BIG REWARDS attheshores of Havana Cabana or win even BIGGER JACKPOTS onthehigh-stakes cards of Monte Carlo! Play your way through over15+rooms with over 100+ levels and bonus content! Start playingBingofor FREE with no deposits required!COLLECTION EVENTSUnlock exclusive daubers and claim free coins as you completeeachcollection event! Constant collection event updates sothere’salways something new to discover!EXCLUSIVE OFFLINE MODEPlay anytime anywhere! Bingo Pop is the only Bingo game withanoffline mode! Tons of bingo fun on the go!WIN MORE WITH POWER-UPSEarn free Power-Ups as you daub your way through hundreds ofuniquelevels and bonus content that feature special themes,hugejackpots, and more!CLIMB THE LEADERBOARDSPlay alone or bet your cards against friends, family, andthousandsof others around the world as you climb to the top oftheleaderboards! Enjoy multiplayer Bingo with the #1 BingoCommunityin the world!NEW FEATURES & CONTENTBingo Pop is constantly updating the game with new features wethinkour players will DAUB for! We listen to all our player’sinputs inmaking the best bingo game!Download Bingo Pop today!The game is intended for an older audience. The game does notofferreal money gambling or an opportunity to win real money orprizes.Practice or success at social casino gaming does not implyfuturesuccess at real money gambling.Privacy Policy: of Service: us on Facebook:, Comments, or Suggestions? We would love to hear fromyou!Сontact us using the game’s Feedback form or via [email protected]. We want to hear from you!