Top 7 Games Similar to 3x1

Block Puzzle Mania 1000+ 1.0.3
This is a classic yet innovative game!As long as you tap sideways or vertically and connected into alinecan be eliminated and got scoresDownload it and you will love this game!
1024 - 두뇌 숫자 퍼즐 게임 1.4
숫자 두뇌 퍼즐 게임 1024블럭안의 같은 숫자를 합치면 숫자가 합쳐집니다.같은 숫자의 블럭을 계속 합쳐서블럭안의 숫자을 1024로 만드는 두뇌 퍼즐 게임입니다.* 간단한 게임 팁 *가급적 높은 숫자의 블럭들을 한쪽에 모으면서플레이하시면 보다 쉽게 플레이하실 수 있습니다.최고 스코어를 세워서 전 세계 이용자들과 순위경쟁을 해 보세요.Number brain puzzlegame1024Together with the block number is the same number inthecombined.Keep together the same number of blocksMade in the 1024 block sutjaeul brain puzzle game.* Simple Game Tips *One of the high number of blocks as possible while allYou can play it easier to play.Users with the highest score and rank the world stand but trytocompete.
Block! 21.0304.00
Here comes the KING of BLOCK PUZZLE createdbyBitMango, the creator of HIT app "Roll the Ball:slidepuzzle" & "Block! Hexa Puzzle".Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age.Simply Drag the blocks, and fill up all grids.From now on, let's enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle game!Once you start, you'll be hooked.You can play games for FREE!FEATURED ON GOOGLE PLAY• Fun Discovery Today, Let's play the games in TVCM inSouthKorea• Play Picks in Games in South Korea and India• Puzzle Games in Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt,France,Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa,Turkey andUkraine• Our Favorites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore,Thailand and Vietnam• Brain Teasers and Puzzles in Finland and Sweden• Brain Teasers in Denmark• Puzzle More in Norway• Brain and Puzzle in Greece• Riddles and Puzzles in IsraelHOW TO PLAY• Drag the blocks to move them.• Try to fit them all in the frame.• Blocks can't be rotated.• Don't worry! No time limits!FEATURES• Provide tons of free levels.• Simple rules and Easy control• Smooth and delicate animation• Hours of fun, exciting play• Support In-Game Store• Support both Phones and Tablets.• Offer 1 Free Hint per 5 min (Only in case of no hints!)• Multi Player Mode• FREE Update!NOTES• This app contains banner, interstitial and video ads.• This app sells In-app products like AdFree.- Video ad is an option for AdFree-usersE-MAIL• [email protected]••'s play.
Block Puzzle King 1.5.0
Make blocks put into right place! use your brain for solve it!
Quadris® - timeless puzzle 4.39
Timeless block Puzzle will bring to you a lot of fun! Joinmillionsplayers.
Block Puzzle Pop 1.0.5
Simple and Additive Block Puzzle Mania Game!
TetraBlocks 2.0
Happy Virus
TetraBlocks is a simple puzzle game.You can touch the screen to rotate the blocks to move.Fill the line disappears into blocks.Get a high score leaderboards viaYou can compete with other gamers.So get a good game -