Top 49 Games Similar to Roads of Rome: New Generation 2

Roads Of Rome 3 1.15
Rewrite history - save Rome from the invasion
Roads of Rome: Next Generation 1.8.0
Build settlements, roads and future for the residents of theRomanEmpire
Roads of Rome 2 1.1.44
Shatter the peace and quiet of the Roman Empire!
Adelantado. 4 Aztec Skulls 1.1.2
New game in familiar universe from developers of RoadsofRomeseries! The Queen once again calls upon Don Diego de Leóntofulfilan important mission. He must organize an expedition totheNewLand and appoint its leader to expand thediscoveredterritoriesand replenish the treasury with gold. DonFelipe deSilva becomesthe Governor. Upon arrival, the expeditionmeetsfriendly-mindedlocals who tell them about their troubles.Evilpriests are tryingto summon a demon to subdue allknownterritories. Spaniards decideto help the Indians. To do this,theyneed to find 4 skulls thatcan cast a protective spell.MasterMiguel Sanchez is chosen forthis serious mission. Play“Adelantado.4 Aztec Skulls” to help himexplore new territories,collect gold,and protect the locals. -Four colorful episodes, plusa bonus levelfor experts. -Captivating storyline. - Search forsecrets. -Dynamic gameplay.____________________________ Gameavailable in:English, French,German, Spanish, Italian,Russian____________________________VISIT US:
Roman Adventures: Britons 1 1.0.2
Caesar sent General Flavius to the British Isles to conquer them
Adelantado Trilogy. Book Three 1.1.2
The story of Adelantado continues in Book Three – get readyforanepic conclusion of this amazing trilogy! The sequelstartswherethe previous part left off. Don Diego finds himself ontop ofthehigh cliff. There he comes across a stone that tells thestoryofthese ancient and mysterious lands and its beautifulbutdangerousinhabitants. Despite the risks that lay ahead thebraveexplorerhas to push forward and finish his quest to findthelostexpedition. On his way to a gigantic volcano visible afarourbravehero will be accompanied by his fellow crew members.Togethertheywill build forts, discover ancient ruinsandnever-before-seencreatures of the forest, defend againsttheNeanderthals and helpthe locals. Awesome new features,mesmerizinglocations and quests,improved graphics and the lastchapter of DonDiego's epic travelawait you in Adelantado Trilogy:Book Three!Game Features: - Newstory about noble Adelantado; - 10challenginglevels; - Improvedgraphics; - Mesmerizing locations andquests; -Proven formula ofits predecessors.____________________________Game available in:English, French,German, Spanish, Italian,Russian____________________________ VISITUS:
Northern Tale 3 1.1.0
See the power of the elemental magic!
Viking Saga 1: The Cursed Ring 1.53
The story of the game starts in the kingdom of old Viking kingArnar
Northern Tale 4
In Northern Tale 4, Ragnar's kingdom is in danger onceagain.Afterdefeating the evil witch Gesta and the Dragon of Ether,theVikinglands are on the verge of a new invasion. Collect, repairandbuildto defend against a vast army of Giants, Witches andBlackKnights.Travel to your favourite Viking Kingdom and stop thevilesorceryin Northern Tale 4! Play Northern Tale 4 for free -noobligationto buy! Northern Tale 4 features: - let your innerVikingout andprotect Ragnar's kingdom from an evil invasion; - stepintotherole of 3 different characters to save your royal realm;-facenumerous trials and earn Awards for your bravery; -fix,construct,grow and collect in thisepicdiscovery.____________________________ VISITUS: WATCHUS:
Roads of time 1 (free-to-play) 1.0
A time travel adventure gone wrong! Brian and P.E.T. are thrownbackin time after a miscalculation to the era of pharaohs inAncientEgypt! Evil Anubis and his minions are terrorizing thepeople.Without a second thought, Brian and P.E.T. charge forwardto stopthe evil pharaoh’s plots! Get ready for a wild adventureacrossancient Egypt full of ancient relics and mysteriousartifacts. Roadsof Time is the exciting casual strategy gameyou’ve been waitingfor! Tons of different tasks, more than 40levels, a fun plot,simple and exciting gameplay, and a hugefantasy world… What morecould you want! Hunt for treasure, restorehistoric monuments, lookfor mysterious artifacts, fight Anubis’evil henchmen, battle to theend and manage your resources. Simplecontrols and a clear tutorialwill help you dive right into thegame! Roads of Time — save timefrom collapse!! -A fantasy worldfull of mythical creatures andancient artifacts, from totems andhyroglifics to pyramids, to helpyou uncover the secret of Anubis-A fun plot with cool comics andunforgettable characters! -Tons ofdifferent tasks you’ve never seenbefore -40+ unique levels-Dangerous enemies: Anubis’ henchmen,warrior animals, anddangerous scarabs -4 fun locations: Oceanbeaches, lush valleys,mystical oases and the hot savannah -Helpfulbonuses: Walk and workspeed boosts, building upgrades, treasurehunts and time travel-Simple controls and a clear tutorial -Morethan 20 hours of fungameplay for any age -Awesome music and sounds
Demigods 1.2
Play a new casual game - Demigods!
Viking Saga 2: Northern World 1.22
Help the viking king find a cure!
Roads of Time 1 1.9
Roads of Time is a fun strategy game about adventure andhistoricaldiscoveries!
Island Tribe 4 1.3.1
The islanders are back! Participate in the fun adventures oftheisland tribe
Viking Saga 3: Epic Adventure 1.22
Travel to unknown far lands to find the legendary Stone of Destiny
Island Tribe 3 1.5.1
Help the future leader of the tribe open the doors of theancienttemple!
Pirate Chronicles 1.0.0
Pirate Chronicles is a time-management game for adventure lovers!
Gardens Inc 4 - Blooming Stars 1.11
Enjoy an amazing and varied gardening game with an exciting story!
Gnomes Garden 5: Halloween 1.0
Gnomes Garden: Halloween — get ready for mysterious adventures!
Kingdom Chronicles 2022.2.254
Journey to a land of royalty and adventure!
Rise of the Roman Empire 2.9.1
Rise of Empire. Build an Empire! Grow Empire! Cultures rising.Citybuilding.
Lost Artifacts 2:Golden island 1.0
Restore Atlantis and defeat the villain!
Lost Artifacts 1 5.6
Lost Artifacts — an adventure you're not soon to forget.Ancienttribe survival
Pioneer Lands Lite 1.0
Welcome to America's Old West! Unbelievable adventures are abouttobegin!
Lost Artifacts 5: Ice Queen 1.0
Save the world from a new Ice Age!
Island Tribe 2 1.6.9
Get ready for adventures in the second part of the IslandTribeseries!
My Kingdom for the Princess 3 2.0
This continuation of the bestseller which has won the hearts oftheiPhone and iPad users is now available on Google Play! In thethirdpart of everybody's favorite game, you will findfantasticlandscapes and a very interesting game play combining thefeaturesof time management, simulation, and strategy. Now there arethreeheroes fighting for the beautiful princess' hand. They areArthurand Helen's sons who have all chosen the same woman to becometheirwife. You will have to figure out which one is worth toreceiveElizabeth's hand in marriage! To do this, you would need toperformmultiple tasks, survive treachery, and save the country fromruin.There will be some surprises: - your workers are morediligent; -buildings bring in more resources; - five magicalartifacts; -unexpected bonuses; - more charming mini games; - newcolorfulinterface; - unique trophies; - beautiful comics; - wellbalancedlevels, that gradually become more challenging; - awonderful newcastle to build - this time with a bear! It’s time toprove thatyou are worthy of marrying a princess! Pass all the testsand winher love! TRY IT NOW FOR FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULLADVENTURE FROMINSIDE THE GAME.
Gnomes Garden 1.4
Help the princess save the gardens and make the king better again.
Jewels of Rome: Gems Puzzle 1.44.4400
Build Сity by Matching Gems & Jewels! Match 3 adventure:TownRenovation Puzzle
Gnomes Garden 3: The Thief of 1.2
Gnomes Garden - a fantasy strategy about the world ofcastles,royals, clans
Empire:Rome Rising 1.57
Mountain Lion
Forge an empire to stand the test of time. Play the mostaddictivewar game!
My Kingdom for the Princess 1.1
Be the real hero for the Kingdom and your Princess!
Caveman Dash - time management
Feel like a real caveman in this time management game aboutatribe’s adventures
Lost Artifact 4: Time machine (free-to-play) 1.1
A mysterious villain is using a time machine to destroyeverythinginhis path. He wants to return the Priest, the King ofAtlantisand theAncient Emperor so he can use them to create a newworldorder!Claire and her friends must find out who the villain isandstop himand all his minions. Hurry, let's go on a journey! Goon ajourneyacross a world full of extinct creatures andfantastictechnologiesin the exciting casual strategy LostArtifacts. Manyvaried quests,over 50 levels, a fun storyline,simple and excitinggameplay, and afantasy world – all this awaitsyou right now!Create portals,restore epic buildings, seek outextinct animals,overcome challengesand manage resources. Simplecontrols and aclear tutorial will helpyou easily learn the basicsof the game.Lost Artifacts – Fix timeparadoxes!! -A world full ofextinctcreatures and fantasytechnologies – energy generators,portals andthe Sands of Time willhelp you find and stop thevillains! -A funplot, colorful comics andmemorable characters! -Amultitude ofvaried quests that you've neverseen before. -Over 40uniquelevels. -Dangerous enemies: Skeletons,mammoths, seamonsters,drones, and dinosaurs. -4 inimitablelocations: rockymountains,endless deserts, impassible jungles andvalleys ofeternal snow.-Useful bonuses: speed up time, stop time,run fast.-Simplecontrols and an easy to understand tutorial. -Morethan 20hours ofexciting gameplay for any age. -Nice themed music.
Gnomes Garden 2: The Queen of 1.2
Gnomes Garden: The Queen of Trolls – the gnome princess’sjourneycontinues!
Gnomes Garden 6: The Lost King 1.0
Gnomes Garden: The Lost King – a fun fantasy strategy game inagnome world.
Empire World Reloaded 1.2.2
Empire World is an online city building and strategy game setinmedieval times.
Queen's Quest (Full)
Artifex Mundi
FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTUREGAMEFROM THE CREATORS OF ENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS!Defeat the scary sorcerer and save the royal heir in a beautifulandcaptivating story inspired by one of the Grimms’ fairytales.Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness is an exciting adventuregame thattakes place in a faraway realm full of magic andwonders.Explore 30 hand painted vistas to save the princess!The idyllic life of the beautiful queen and her husband isshatteredwhen a scary sorcerer arrives at their palace to kidnaptheirnewborn daughter.Solve 39 puzzles and HO scenes!The godfather Magnus saves our heroine with his magic, butPrinceHenrik is turned to stone, allowing the intruder to escapewith theroyal heiress. Detective skills are called upon to solvethemystery.Immersive hand drawn locations and mini games!To save her family, our beautiful heroine will have to provehermettle and act like a true queen. She will have to embark on alongadventure through beautiful hand painted locations, solvenumerouspuzzles, deal with plenty of hidden objects, and discoverthe truthabout the scary curse that has befallen her family. Canshe breakthe spell cast on her husband and retrieve herdaughter?Save Prince Henrik in the Collector’s Edition!Save your spouse in a bonus chapter with more additionalcontent,hidden objects, and puzzles as well as a captivatingsoundtrack andhand painted concept art.Play with your family!A simple but beautiful game that’s easy to enjoy withyourkids!Take the adventure on the bus!Optimized for phones and tablets, filled with hiddenobjects,perfect for playing while traveling. No internetconnectionrequired, so you can play offline!Sign up to our newsletter and get adventure gamesonsale!Captivating adventures, beautiful stories, and scary mysteriesawaitin our selection of immersive hidden object puzzlegames!• Explore 30 hand painted vistas to save the princess!• Solve 39 puzzles and HO scenes!• Immersive hand drawn locations and mini games!• Save Prince Henrik in the Collector’s Edition!• High-end, immersive gameplay, optimized for tabletsandphones!+++ WE ARE HERE +++WWW: http://artifexmundi.comFACEBOOK:
Archimedes: Eureka! (Platinum) 1.0.2
JetDogs Oy
Help Archimedes recover the land after series of disasters!
12 Labours of Hercules VII (Pl 1.0.3
JetDogs Oy
12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece (Platinum Edition)
Hidden Object Fantasy Kingdom
Search for Hidden Objects to solve a royal murder mystery!
The Secret Order 5: The Buried 2.2
Artifex Mundi
Jump right in! Become AM Club member and get this game with a30%discount!
Polynesia Adventure 2.10.0
Lens Studio
Free fun game with farming, city building and adventures onwildparadise island
The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken 1.0
Artifex Mundi
Can love revive what hate has ruined?