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R.B.I. Baseball 16 1.04
MLB Advanced Media, L.P.
REQUIREMENTS NOTICE: Android OS 5.0 or higher is required.Makethe play with your favorite Major League Baseball team and wintheWorld Series!   * Feel The Action: Fun,fast-paced,classic gameplay returns with more fielding moves likedives, wallcatches and more! * Your Team, Your Season: Modify yourteam’slineup with complete MLB rosters including over 1,100MLBPAplayers. Play the entire season or sim to the crucial games.*Authentic Ballparks: All 30 MLB ballparks featureuniquecharacteristics, enhanced graphics, daytime and nighttimegames. *New and Improved: More balanced gameplay with ourrevampeddefensive AI, improved batting engine and reworkedpitchingstrategy.   Please be aware, R.B.I. Baseball 16maycollect some personal data via associated APIs andSDKs.-----------------------------
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-----------------------------      © All rights reserved. OFFICIALLYLICENSED PRODUCT OF MAJORLEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION-MLBPAtrademarks andcopyrighted works, including the MLBPA logo, andother intellectualproperty rights are owned and/or held by MLBPAand may not be usedwithout MLBPA’s written consent.Visit, thePlayers Choice on the web.
EASY ONE-TOUCH CONTROLSTap to swing and watch home runs fly out of the park!Simplecontrols and short gameplay sessions let you playanywhere,anytime.BUILD YOUR TEAM WITH REAL PLAYERSCollect your favorite major league players, manage your rosterandclimb up the standings!COMPETE FOR BASEBALL LEGENDSEarn the greatest players in baseball history by competing indailyevents and challenges!BATTLE IT OUT IN TOURNAMENTS AND LEAGUESGo head-to-head online in live competitions, and dominateplayersfrom around the world!CHOOSE YOUR STRATEGYSteal bases, bunt, pinch-hit or bring in a reliever – it’syourcall! Outsmart your opponent and lead your team to victory.TRADE FOR SUPERSTAR PLAYERSUse the new Tap Sports Trading Block to acquire world-classplayers!Trade in 3 players from your roster to get a legendaryplayer.JOIN A CLUB AND EARN THE COOLEST REWARDSTeam up with your friends! Join a club or create your own,andcompete in exclusive events for top prizes.PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDSFun for everyone – get social and compete in multiplegamessimultaneously with players via email, username orFacebook!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRODUCT OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALLPLAYERSASSOCIATION-MLBPA trademarks and copyrighted works,including theMLBPA logo, and other intellectual property rights areowned and/orheld by MLBPA and may not be used without MLBPA’swritten consent.Visit, the Players Choice on theweb.Tap Sports Baseball 2016 is free to play, but you can choosetopay real money for some extra items.Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms ofUse.Collection and use of personal data are subject to GluMobile’sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are available terms may also apply.FOLLOW US atTwitter
R.B.I. Baseball 14 1.0
MLB Advanced Media, L.P.
"R.B.I. Baseball '14 is here in all its simple, perfectglory"-YahooSports "R.B.I. Baseball could become an instantclassic."-BleacherReport "I am wildly excited about the relaunchof R.B.I.Baseball"-Seth Meyers "Within a single exhibition game ofRBI 14,we got intoit." -Polygon "The game is super fun. They'vedone aterrific jobwith it." -Sports on Earth "Pure arcade fun,look nofurther" -PocketGamer Simple. Fun. Classic. The retrobaseballgameplay you’ve beencraving is back and updated withmoderngraphics, 2014 players andall 30 MLB teams. PlaySeason,Postseason and Exhibition modes.Experience PURE FUN thateveryonecan enjoy on the go! - Full gamecomplete with all 30 MLBteams and480 current MLB players - Playentire 9 inning games inunder 20minutes - Easy-to-use classiccontrols, two buttons tomanagegameplay - Player characteristicsbased on real stats -Unlockspecial retro jerseys by completingcustom team challengesinseason mode © 2014 All rightsreserved. ©MLBPA-OfficialLicensee, Major League Baseball PlayersAssociation.All othertrademarks and copyrights are the property oftheirrespectiveowners.
MLB Manager 2015 1.1.12
Guide your favorite MLB franchise to glory!MLBManager 2015, officially licensed by, is the most funandrealistic baseball simulation game ever created for mobiledevices.PLEASE NOTE: Android devices with less than 512 MB of RAM areNOTsupported!The game offers three gameplay modes:- Major League Baseball Game: Choose your favorite MLB team andplayout the 2015 season and beyond. There is no limit, guide yourteaminto the future! It's the ultimate "What if?"simulation!- Fictional Game: MLB Manager creates one of four fictionalbaseballworlds and populates it with fresh players and clubs.Select a teamand build a dynasty from scratch.- Historical MLB Game: Choose one of three past MLB seasons --1919,1939, or 2012 -- and see if it produces a differentoutcome.After selecting a gameplay mode, choose a team and handleeveryaspect of managing it:- Manage your team, set lineups, depth charts, pitching staffandmore!- Call the shots from the dugout and watch the game unfold inourstunningly realistic simulation.- Step into the shoes of the General Manager: Negotiatecontracts,sign free agents, put together trades, draft the nextsuperstar,promote players from the minors etc.During simulations, the play-by-play text is generated fromahuge database of tens of thousands of lines that bring thein-gameaction alive. Bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded,you'redown by two runs and you have your best hitter stepping totheplate against your opponent's rock-solid closer ... Whatwillhappen next?During the season, news tickers bring you headlines fromaroundthe leagues! Your biggest rival just pulled off a blockbustertradewith the trading deadline looming ... How will yourespond?As MLB Manager's living world evolves, players developtheircareers, age, and eventually retire, with a possible spot intheOOTP Hall of Fame waiting for them. New players drafted by youandgroomed in the minors take their place and become thenextgeneration of superstars.MLB Manager 2015 is the ultimate simulation game forbaseballfans!Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are usedwithpermission of MLB Advanced Media, L.P. Minor LeagueBaseballtrademarks and copyrights are used with the permission ofMinorLeague Baseball. All rights reserved.
R.B.I. Baseball 15 1.06
MLB Advanced Media, L.P.
The legendary Major League Baseball franchise returns tothediamond.Make History. "RBI Baseball 15’ Mobile Review:Old-Schoolfun on thego 4 out of 5 Stars" - What's Newin 2015:*Authenticballparks with unique characteristics from everyMajorLeagueBaseball club *Modify your lineup with complete MLBrostersor playclassic R.B.I. Baseball mode with 16 player rosters*Stattracking byteam, player and season league leaders acrossmultipleseasons*Features over 1,000 MLB Players with detailedattributesbased onhundreds of millions of data points from theMLB.comdatabase *Ownthe pitch: Control the movement of your pitchfromstart to finish*Season, Postseason & ExhibitionMode*Adjustable difficultysettings; Easy, Medium, Hard*Intuitivetouch controls *AutomaticallySave and Resume yourin-progressballgame © 2015 All MajorLeague Baseballtrademarks usedherein are the property of theapplicable MLBentity. All rightsreserved.
9 Innings Manager 1.4.2
Baseball comes to life in 9 Innings Manager!CREATE YOUR OWN ALL-STAR TEAM!- Over 5,000 registered MLB PA Players- Recruit your favorite players through TRADES and DRAFTS- Sign and renew contracts with the best players- Scout players through FA Market to keep your team strong!RECRUITMENT IS JUST THE BEGINNING!- Player stats are set according to real records as they willchangeand develop continuously to their maximum potential- Each player goes through unique Growth and Prime periods- It’s your duty as the GM to come up with the most efficientgamestrategy: manage your roster, pick fitting skills for yourplayers,and address the media and more!BASEBALL MANAGEMENT GAMEPLAY!- Strengthen your team and get rewards in LEAGUE matches andcompetearound the globe in LADDER mode- Observe your team perform through a sophisticatedsimulationbroadcast- Minute details such as the ball’s trajectory and speedarecalculated to be simulated- Speed up the gameplay simulation or skip to the endWORLDWIDE COMPETITION!- Compete against users around the world for a true fantasybaseballexperience!*Android Minimum Requirements- 9 Innngs Manager will run as long as you have 1GB memory onthedevice.*Network Requirements- Internet connection is required- Check your data network status before starting the game- About 55MB of game data will be downloaded upon first launch*License Info- 9 Innings Manager uses the official license of the MajorLeagueBaseball Players Association (MLB PA).- 9 Innings Manager is not supported by and is not affiliatedwiththe Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLB AM)*9 Innings Manager is free to play, but you can choose topayreal money for extra items.*9 Innings Manager supports English, 한글, 中文繁體 and 日本語.This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoneyfor extra items.Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paiditemsmay be refundable depending on the type of item.For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit questions or customer support, please contact ourCustomerSupport by visiting────────────────Play with Com2uS!────────────────Follow us! us on Facebook! and Updates
Football Manager Mobile 2016
Football Manager Mobile 2016 is designed tobeplayed on the move and is the quickest way to manage yourfavouriteclub to glory with a focus on tactics and transfers.Take charge of clubs from 14 countries across theworld,including all the big European leagues. You decide ontransfers,tactics, who plays and who warms the bench. It’s down toyou tokeep the players, the board and the fans happy and lead yourclubto victory.Football Manager Mobile 2016 delivers many new andimprovedfeatures including:FOOTBALL MANAGER MOBILE 2016 – KEY FEATURESEnhanced TacticsTake greater control of your squad with the introduction ofnewtactical instructions. You can choose where your teamconcentratesits passing, as well as selecting your main attackingthreat andcreative outlet – and even advise your goalkeeperondistribution.Coaching StaffPrepare your squad for match days better than ever before withtheaddition of coaches, providing your team with focused trainingtoprepare for their next big fixture.Management StyleThe introduction of gold, silver and bronze coaching badgesallowsyou to define your own management style. Will you concentrateonimproving your defence or attack, or focus on morale andmanmanagement? Your decision will influence your team’s style.Improved ScreensRedesigns to key screens makes Football Manager Mobile 2016moreintuitive than ever, while the improved news screen makes iteasierthan ever to take in all the information you need.Player LoansDevelop newly-signed younger players by loaning them back totheirprevious club so that they can continue to gain firstteamexperience.First Transfer Window ParityManagers who want to start a new career with largelyunchangedsquads across their entire game world can choose to enablethe ‘nobudgets in first transfer window’ option, allowing onlyfreetransfers to take place.Requires internet connection to install.
棒球殿堂:CPBL 2016 新世代 2.5.0
立即加入殿堂級棒球手遊《棒球殿堂:CPBL 2016 新世代》遊戲畫面精緻細膩,史上最強寫實風格!打破選手登錄限制,40人名單全員到齊!-------------------------------------------------------【系統建議】最低需求:處理器1.5 GHZ、或記憶體 2GB RAM以上。為了確保能安裝遊戲,請至少保留1.2 GB以上儲存空間。要執行《棒球殿堂:CPBL 2016 新世代》需連接網路,因電信業者經營大小、連線品質有相關影響,建議在訊號接收、網路穩定的環境下進行遊戲!-------------------------------------------------------例行維護時間:伺服器例行性維護時間為每週四10:00~14:00進行,屆時將無法登入,造成您的不便敬請見諒。官方網站:官方粉絲團:聯絡客服:【最精緻寫實風格】畫面直逼次世代遊戲主機,全3D場景從草皮到看板,重現全台6大球場原景,讓你在家就像置身棒球場!【最完整球員資料】打破傳統數據極限,全隊40人資料完整收錄,打造屬於你的最強戰力,燃燒你的熱血棒球魂!【最擬真聲光效果】主播常富寧、球評曾文誠黃金搭檔,即時轉播球場上的每個招牌美技,享受投打對決的爽快臨場感!※風靡全球,突破千萬下載,球迷最愛棒球手遊,正式進軍中華職棒大聯盟!最血脈賁張的中職賽事,都在《棒球殿堂:CPBL 2016 新世代》!Join ChanticleerbaseballTour "baseball hall: CPBL 2016 New Generation"Game screen delicate, realistic style history ofthestrongest!Login restrictions player to break 40-man squad gigs!-------------------------------------------------- -----[System RecommendationsMinimum requirements: Processor 1.5 GHZ, 2GB RAM memoryormore.In order to ensure that the game is installed, leave at least 1.2GBor more storage space.To perform a "baseball hall: CPBL 2016 New Generation" tobeconnected to the web,Because carriers operating size, the connection quality isrelatedimpacts,Recommended games in signal reception, networkstableenvironment!-------------------------------------------------- -----Routine maintenance time:Routine server maintenance time is every Thursday 10:00 ~ 14:00,will be unable to sign in, I apologize for theinconvenience.Official website: http: // fan group: https: // Customer Service: -----[] The most exquisite realistic styleEncroaching upon the next-generation game console screen, full3Dscene from turf to billboards, Taiwan 6 reproduce the originalKingKong Stadium, so you like being at home baseball field![] The most complete player profileBreak the traditional limits of the data, the team included40people with complete data, create your strongest fightingforce,burn your blood baseball soul!The most realistic shot in []Anchor Chang Fu Ning, Zeng Cheng ball commentary gold partner,eachsign US technology for real time broadcast on the pitch andenjoyplaying showdown vote refreshing presence!※ swept the world, breaks through ten million downloads,tourfans favorite baseball player, entered the Chinese MajorLeagueBaseball!The most Xuemaibizhang vocational competitions, are inthe"temple of baseball: CPBL 2016 New Generation"!
Franchise Baseball 2.1.5
Build your own big league ball club and play a newseasoneverysingle day! Realistic Game Play Run your ownbaseballfranchise andbuild a pennant contender. Our advanced,real-timesimulationallows you to play full seasons each day as wellaschallenge someof the best teams from baseball’s storiedhistory.Collect 2000+Real-Life Ballplayers Put together a teamfeaturingthe biggestnames in baseball history. Unwrap packs andcollectplayers fromevery era, including Special Edition players,Legendplayers andUltimate players. Build a Champion Use yourknowledge ofbig leaguehistory to put together an all-star lineupand build achampionshipball club that can hold its own against thegreatestteams in thehistory of the game. Step into the batter’s boxandplay the mobilebaseball game the hits it out of the park!PrivacyPolicy: TermsofService:
NHL 2K 1.0.3
2K Games, Inc.
This year, NHL 2K is back and better than ever! Whet yourhockeyappetite with the brand-new all-star NHL experience onmobile.Every NHL fan will be able to enjoy exciting new gamemodesincluding a fast paced 3v3 mini rink mode, turn-basedmultiplayershootouts and an immersive My Career Mode with enhancedgraphicsand live roster updates. See if you have what it takes totake homethe cup in NHL 2K!• My Career: Control one player and earn skill points to buildupratings over multiple seasons.• Mini Rink: Fast-paced arcade style 3 on 3 gameplay mode.• Shootout: Turn-based multiplayer penalty shootout usingGooglePlay. Battle your friends or simply enjoy a fast-pacedgame.• Live Roster Updates• Controller Support
Homerun Battle 1.9.0
Com2uS USA
☆★Homerun Battle Series at its PEAK!★☆★20 Million Sluggers battling in 300 million match-ups!!★Hit homeruns and become the hero of the arena!*** Over 10 MILLION players in more than 300 MILLIONmatch-upgames!*** The Best of the Best Apps Awards Winner*** Nominated as IMGA's Best GameAre you prepared to be the next batter up?Real-time Online Matchup Homerun Battle !!Play ONLINE MATCHUP & go Head-to-Head against millionsofHomerun Battle sluggers around the world.- 4 Extra Modes : Online Match up, Arcade, Training,andClassic- Over 100 Items : Uniforms, hats, equipment and othercustomizablefeatures- Exclusive Baseball Wear : Includes the official DeMariniCF4,Voodoo and other M2M bat equipment.- This game supports English### Com2uS Hub Connection Notice ###- Your play data will automatically be saved in server whenyoulogin to Com2uS hub in Homerun Battle.- Enjoy a game of Homerun Battle in many different kinds ofdeviceswith the same ID, and save all data in your personalhubaccount.- GUEST PLAY allows you to play a game without a Com2uS hubaccount.Game data will automatically be transmitted to the serveronce youjoin or login to your hub account. (Homerun Battle playdata in theprevious account cannot be transmitted.)- For questions or customer support, please contact ourCustomerSupport by visiting
Baseball Kings 2015 1.5
★ Paid version = Free version + Infinite stamina ($5 worth) ★Baseball Kings is a Real 3D game you've ever seen before !“Fun in Your Pocket” - 9.7)“Amazing 3D baseball game” -“Taking the Action off the Ballpark diamond”“Excellent game for die hard MLB baseball fans” -ZaheerShaikh“Perfect example of how a baseball game shouldbe”“Best sports game ever!”-Freddy Rivera“Very Engaging and Fun!”-Andy Wu“Perfect baseball game for mobile”-“Fun mechanics I dig the feel of pitching”- Ian Jones♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Try Real 3D Baseball Simulation Game TODAY! ♦ ♦♦♦Baseball Kings | Real Baseball Simulator Game features:• Easy, fun and realistic• Uses real data, photos, and stats• Real Baseball Strategies• Different game modes and difficulty levels• Individual player statistics▶ SIMPLE and EASY yet FUN !Simple controls and short game play sessions let youplayanywhere, anytime!High-End 3D quality performance with low capacity storage(under50MB).▶ REAL BASEBALL OUTCOMES / STRATEGYStrikeouts, Double Plays,Slugger, Perfect Inning,Homerun derby/Flies and more happen exactly as much as fans would expect!Inshort, a super-realistic 3D baseball simulator▶ PROGRESSIONRookie - Single A- Double A – Triple A – Major LeagueRegular Season – Division – Champion Ship Series –WorldSeriesCompile lots of wins and qualify for intense Playoff Games in3Dbaseball stadium.▶ STATSMore SAVE / Blown SAVE,Loss, ERA,RBI,IP and IndividualPlayerStats than any other game!Even K per 9 inning,CYP point as a MVP allstar pitcher!▶ UPGRADE YOUR TEAMGet your players in shape so that they can play at theirmaximumperformance.You can also raise batting average and improve the pitchingball’sspeed up to 110MPH !Work hard and build yourself an unbeatable team. Lead your teamtoWorld Series Champion !16 USA Major team included : Newyork,Chicago,LosAngeles,Pittsburgh,Philadelphia,Sanfransisco,ST.Lous,Baltimore,Boston,Detroit,Minnesota,Oakland,Texas,Atlanta,CincinnatiandToronto.Baseball Kings | Real Baseball Simulator Game it is a greatandrealistic game for you to play in your spare short time due toitsshort gameplay sessions.HOW TO PLAY :Pitching/Batting guide for pitcher/batter- Put your finger on the ball and flick forward.- Throw the ball following the pitching guideline and in adirectionwhere the catcher is leading to.- If you flick your finger a shorter, the ball is thrown low.- The gauge of the arrow shows ball's amount of spin.- The ball curves toward the direction of the arrow, so throw ittothe opposite direction to fix it.- The larger the amount of spin on the ball, throw it bytiltingyour finger at a proper angle .- Press the fireball button you can pitch an extremelypowerfulball.◈ google + will be a great help to the developer. ◈
Baseball Games 1.00
One HD Games
Baseball Games================A wonderful way to find baseball games quickly and easily.================The top baseball games that can be enjoyed in one place, thefleetofbest sport games, perfect game baseball like make aninthinningcomeback in our baseball game, or play both sides for afullgameof baseball! HD, 2D, 3D, fun games, and carefullyselectedqualitygames with excellent graphics. Play all baseballgames,baseballgames for kids are available to download now in thisapp onGooglePlay store. This app will help you to find perfectgamebaseball.You don't have to waste your time finding the games.Feature Highlight:- A comprehensive baseball games collection- Ease of access and installing- HD, 2D platform, 3D perfect game baseball, virtual reality- Great screenshots- Game DescriptionYou must have Internet access service is available.
Soccer Manager 2017 2.01
Soccer Manager 2017 - Play for Free,Competefor Real.The most diverse FREE 2 PLAY football management simulator intheworld. Take on a top flight club and test your managementskillsagainst the best or help a struggling, lower division teamfight forglory.Soccer Manager 2017 FeaturesReactive 2D Live Match EnvironmentMonitor your team's performance during live games. Reactwithdifferent tactics and strategies and watch your team adapt toyourdecisions in real time.Play Anywhere, EverywhereOur cloud-based technology allows you to save your game onanydevice and continue to play on another. No need to set upadifferent account for different devices, take your team withyouanywhere and play anytime.Soccer Manager 2017 contains the following new improvementsandfeatures:Updated leagues and teams for 2016/17 season.Updated domestic and continental competitions.New user interface.New facilities upgrade.Player Spotlight.Player, manager and team awards.So dust off your tracksuit and get ready to start yournewmanagerial career on Soccer Manager 2017.Terms of use - Policy -
NBA All Net 7.2
PRODUCT OVERVIEWCreate your dream line-up choosing from over 500 NBA superstarsfrompast and present!Train and evolve players, unlock unique skills, and strategizetobeat thousands of online rivals from around the world! Leadyourteam to victory and become the ultimate NBA manager!The only strategic card game which combines savvychemistrycombinations of NBA players, multiple exciting game modes,endlesslive challenges, and realistic 3D matches!Feel the excitement of the new NBA Season, free on yourmobiledevice! NBA All Net, the power is in your hands!KEY FEATURES• Harness the Power of your favorite NBA Starswhilecollecting, managing, and customizing a roster of up to 300NBAplayers from past and present! Unlock your rosters’ skillstoensure they reach their full potential and prove to theworldyou’re an elite manager!• Create Your Dream Roster: Manage your teams’line-up,coaching style, and strategic decisions. Deck your playersout inthe best gear you can get your hands on. Play your cardsright andyou’ll have a true dream roster on your hands!• Compete in Multiple Game Modes: Play throughLegendaryMatches experiencing historic moments in NBA history. Testyourlimits in Road to Glory, battle your way through tournaments,orcompete in Ranked Matches!• Play Against Real World Opponents: Battle with liveplayersaround the world with a never-ending calendar ofchallenges! Earnyour place on the seasonal leaderboard!Due to the large game size (115MB), we suggest downloadingandinstalling using a WIFI connection.
Soccer 2016 1.01
Do you play football?This is the best Soccer game of the year 2016.Is the only one with the best teams in the world, buyyourfavourite players and win the season.With 2016 you can play football with friends wherever you are.Playall game modes available, equipment selection, fast playandmore.The graphics have been improved for better experience withSoccer2016.Be the next Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, JamesRodriguez,Neymar and share with friends, runs, dribbles,shoot andwin!LEGAL WARNING:Ads may appear in the free version of the game, for moreinformationplease write to email.