Top 40 Apps Similar to HD Video Player Pro

HD Video Player
Excellent Video Player with equalizer, improve video soundeffects& play HD
HD Video Player & Media Player
Video Player lets you enjoy HD video all formats playing likecinema
All Format Video Player - Mixx
Mixx is a video & music player that supports almost allaudioand video formats
OPlayer - Video Player
File manager, Video Player, no need to convert videos, enjoyyourmovie time.
Xtreme Media Player HD
Powerful video player with advanced hardware accelerationandsubtitle support.
Video Player HD
Enjoy high quality videos
Video player
Very fast, high quality and professional. It supports all formats.
Video Player
Video player with outstanding sound effects and Chrome Cast support
video player for android
play all video format
Video Player Media All Format
Ultra HD Video player & Media player & Musicbooster,Support all popular format
Lua Player Pro (HD POP-UP)
Lua Interactive
THIS IS THE AD-FREE VERSION OFLUAPLAYER.• With re-sizing window and multitasking feature, Lua Player isthemost powerful media player on android market. This supports"Realmulti-tasking" with "Picture in Picture" mode.Lua Player is a free and it plays most multimedia files andvariousstreaming protocols. It is supporting most codec withcontainersincluding MP4, AVI and more. File subtitles and onlinesubtitles issupporting and multi-audio selection as well.Just enjoy the video and do anything else at the same time withthisvideo player.☆ Main Features★ MULTI-TASKING with FLOATING WINDOW• Easy to resize and move to any screen positions! Play yourvideoswith game or chatting screen.• Can start from external file managers with popup windowmode,which is the most beneficial feature among video playerapps.★ Beautiful UI & THEMES• This supports by far beautiful user experience withinlimitedpopup window media player.★ HD PLAYER• Supporting high quality videos including 720p, 1080p andmore,which depends on hardware and software decoder.★ PLAYBACK SPEED CONTROL• 0.3x ~ 4.0x★ SCREEN CAPTURE & SCREEN ROTATION• Supporting screen capture and screen rotation during playingvideofiles★ Completely FREE, no spyware.★ BETTER USER INTERFACE• AB Repeat mode and auto-resize subtitle in accordance withwindowsize are supporting. You can control BRIGHTNESS and VOLUMNevencurrent VIDEO POSITION by gesture★ EASY TO SAVE YOUR FAVORITE VIDEOS• Very easy to add, delete your favorite Video from localmediafiles and from streaming url★ Support for most video, audio file formats and codec.★ Support for most subtitle file formats with onlinesubtitle.★ Supports network streaming.☆ Video Codecs• H.264, H.265, H.263, MPEG4, XVID, VP6, MPEG-1, MPEG-2andetc☆ Audio Codecs• AAC, Vorbis, MP3, MP2, WMA and etc• Multi-audio selection supported.☆ Network Stream• RTSP, RTP, RTMP• HTTP• MMS• HTTP Live Streaming with multiple bit rates (m3u8)☆ Subtitle• SAMI(.smi), .ssa/.ass, SubViewer(.sub),Subrip(.srt),MicroDVD(.sub)• Unicode Multibyte charset supported.• Online subtitle supported.☆ Permissions• Read phone status an identity: to pause player whenreceivingincoming calls.• Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: to deletemediafiles and thumbnails when receiving user action• Full network access: To open network streams.• View network connections: To see network state.• Prevent phone/tablet from sleeping: to prevent your phoneordevice from sleeping during playback.• Draw over other apps: to draw floating window overanyposition.Some of the screens are from the Big Buck Bunny licensed undertheCreative Commons Attribution 3.0.(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / www.bigbuckbunny.orgSome of the screens are from the Sintel licensed under theCreativeCommons Attribution 3.0.(c) copyright Blender Foundation |
Video Player Pro
HD Videos Player Video Player and Music Player, MP4 playerOnlinetrending videos with multiple categories Search anddownloadsubtitle of videos Equalizer with Bass Boost and VirtualizeSearchVideo, Songs, Album, Artist, mp3 files, video files,songsplaylist, search Media folders, Create a playlist, setringtone,equalizer, music library are the features of ASD dev videoplayer.Video player for all formats gives the list of feature toeasilymanage and play videos and songs. KEY FEATURES: ● Support ALLvideoformats, including MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV,RMVB,TS, etc. ● Hardware acceleration ● Playback speed control from.5Xto 4X ● Pinch to zoom video feature ● Sleep timer in VideoandMusic Player ● Ultra HD video player, supports 4K and all typesofvideo formats. ● Manage audio files, video files, and photoalbums.● Online trending videos. ● Video player HD for both anandroidtablet and an android phone. ● Search all media files,create aplaylist, search artists, albums, genre, etc. ● Croppingfeature inAlbums section ● Filter video folders and song folders. ●Managerecently played videos and songs, resume and start overoption inthe video player. ● Support Subtitle downloader and more.● Playvideo in the pop-up window, split-screen and Play-InBackground. ●Night Mode to protect eyes from blue light, Quick Muteoption inPlayer screen. ● Identify ALL video files on your deviceand SDCard automatically. ● Manage or share videos, songs, andphotoseasily. ● Easy to control volume, brightness and playingprogress.● Multi-playback option: auto-rotation, aspect-ratio,screen-locketc. ● Multiple theme settings. ● Equalizer with BassBoost andVirtualizer and custom band support. All Format VideoPlayer Playall format videos, including MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV,3GP, FLV,WMV, RMVB, TS. Asd dev video player Play all formataudio,including mp3, midi, wav, FLAC raw, aac, and other audioformatfiles. Full HD Video Player Play HD, Full HD, 4k and alltypes ofvideo files smoothly. Background Video Player Play videosin thebackground option on the video player screen. Enjoy video onthebackground just like a music playback. Now you can watch a videointhe way of listening to books. Floating Video Player Videopopupenables multitasking. The floating video player overridesotherapps and it can be moved and resized easily. Enjoy video onthesplit-screen and use other apps as usual. Video Player forandroidphones Support all devices, watch videos on both an androidtabletand an android phone. Recently played video queue, createplaylist,filter duplicate media files, search video and songs,manage photoalbums. Easy to use Easy to control brightness, volumeand playingprogress by sliding on the playback screen. Manageplaying queuewith a swipe - reorder and dequeue videos from theplaylist.rFilter duplicate files Identify ALL video files on yourdevice andSD Card automatically. In addition, Filter duplicateimages,photos, and videos and delete them to make free space in Sdcard,select multiple and share videos and all media fileseasily.Required Permission Details:–––––––––––––––––––READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is required inorder to read yourmedia files in your primary & secondarystorage.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is required in order torename ordeletion of files and to store the downloadedsubtitles.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permissionsare requiredin order to get the network status which is requiredfor variousactivities like online videos, subtitle searching anddownloadingsubtitle of videos, license checking, update checking,etc. DRAWOVER OTHER APPS permission is required in custom PIP mode.If youhave any questions, please visit our FacebookPage.
HD Video Player - Media Player
Powerful video player & media player for Android, enjoy yourHDMovies
Meridian Player
Sais Workshop
The video and music player withcustomizablespace.Convenient gestures control, advanced media folder settings, youcanset including and excluding folders -- in ANY DEPTH. Not onlyonelevel under /sdcard now.PlayQ rather than playlists, can handle videos, musics, andtheirMIXTURE. Also, you can put a folder, an artist, an album orlikethat into a PlayQ.Other features:- Music tag editing (mp3, flac, ogg, mp4 audio, etc.)- .srt subtitle support- Song rating, can synchronize with PC in Pro version- Play video as music, for your music videos- Toolkit to rescan SD card, clean media database- Folder browsing and index browsing- Customizable tabs...and more.If you see telephone permission requirements, it's for proversionauthorization (needs IMEI) only. Meridian won't use anyother phonecall features.
NOVA Video Player
Video player for local/network content withsubtitle/metadatadownload support
Video player - Ultimate video player 1.1.1
Video player will be a great choice that you should try if youarelooking for an application to play all the videos on yourmobilephone or memory card with the best quality. With advancedfeaturessuch as support for playing videos on all types of videoformats,great HD resolution, high frame rates and a lot of otherusefulfeatures, we are confident that this media player classicwill notmake you are disappointed. * Feature: • Mp4 player on mostpopularvideo formats: MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB,TS ...• Full HD video player with 1080p resolution, supports 4K •Detectsand displays all videos on your device or SD card, externalmemory.• Feature guide: makes it easy for the first time to use. •Smartvideo manager: sort videos by name, capacity, update date ...•Create playlists, video management folders. • Easily find andviewthe most recently played video • Play video as audio withmediaplayer classic • Movie video player, mp4 HD player • See videoHDvia URL • Wide variety of video aspect ratios: full HD,default,16: 9, 4: 3 ... • Mp4 HD player with background mode •Self-timeroff video. • Media player have title support • Locked upmode: donot turn off the screen while watching • Improve thequality ofvideo and audio with the control set. • Diversebackground colorthemes. • See video HD with detail informations ofthe video:creation date, size, duration ... • Enjoy sharing videosforeveryone via email, facebook, zalo, dropbox, bluetooth ... Ifyoualready own a smartphone, you should definitely have a usefulmp4player like an HD video player. This is the app to meet alltheneeds of the media player and along with attractive interfacewillbring you the best experience. Share the full HD video playerwithyour friends to enjoy great movies together anytime andanywhere.In particular, good reviews and user feedback is thebiggestmotivation for us.
All Formats video Player - NPlayer 1.0.5
Apps Dev Team
** N Player Ads free Version ** A light-weight video playerwithsubtitles downloading & almost all video formatssupport.N-Media Player has the capacity to seamlessly play 4k, 8K ,HD& Ultra HD. N-Media player's team has focused onhardwareacceleration & battery optimization of video playing.Unlikeany other video player, N-Media video player doesn't requireanyexternal codecs. Primary Features: - Chromecast support.-Subtitles download / Add from memory support. - Android TVversion- SD-Card Support - 4K, 8K & Ultra-HD video player -FloatingVideo Player a.k.a Picture in Picture mode or BackgroundPlayer -Video as audio playing support - Equalizer for audio lovers-Playback speed controls - Subtitles customization support-Multiple Audio tracks support N-Media video player plays almostallthe formats including AVI, MKV, MP4, M4V, MOV, FLV, WMV, TSetc.N-Media video player's team is working day & night tooptimizeour algorithms to make them more light-weight yet powerful.We'dlove to hear your suggestions & queries. Enjoy yourfreeN-Media Video player :) Love Team N-Media Pro 💖
Video Player All Format
Hd video player, video locker, media player with subtitles,audio,equalizer
Wuffy Media Player
The next generation media player
Video Player All Format
All format Video Player with Music Editor, Equalizer and Tageditor.
CPLAYER HD Stream Video Player
All in One Video Player All format, HD Stream player & Mp3MusicVideo Player
FX Video Player Pro
FX Studio UK
🔔 Enhance the experience, immerse yourself in the full HD videosofFX Player
Full HD Video Player
Full HD Video Player All Formats with Popup Play, BackgroundPlay& Equalizer
Video Player - All Format HD
Small and powerful 4K HD Video player & media player,supportall popular format
Just (Video) Player
Marcel Dopita
Open source video player with no Bluetooth lag and supportforvarious codecs
HD Video Player
Leopard V7
The most easiest and powerful video player. Quick search andHDplayback.
Pi Video Player - MP4 Player, All Format HD Player
100Pi Labs
Offline Video Player app - HD Player with subtitles support,MP4player, themes
Video player - PRO version
Video player - unlimited features, 30 days money back guarantee.
Video Player - NPlayer 1.1
Apps Dev Team
A light-weight video player with subtitles downloading &almostall video formats support. N-Media Player has the capacitytoseamlessly play 4k, 8K , HD & Ultra HD. N-Media player'steamhas focused on hardware acceleration & battery optimizationofvideo playing. Unlike any other video player, N-Media videoplayerdoesn't require any external codecs. Primary Features: -Chromecastsupport. - Subtitles download / Add from memory support.- AndroidTV version - SD-Card Support - 4K, 8K & Ultra-HD videoplayer -Floating Video Player a.k.a Picture in Picture mode orBackgroundPlayer - Video as audio playing support - Equalizer foraudiolovers - Playback speed controls - Subtitles customizationsupport- Multiple Audio tracks support N-Media video player playsalmostall the formats including AVI, MKV, MP4, M4V, MOV, FLV, WMV,TSetc. N-Media video player's team is working day & nighttooptimize our algorithms to make them more light-weightyetpowerful. We'd love to hear your suggestions & queries.Enjoyyour free N-Media Video player :) Love Team N-Media 💖
OPlayer Lite - Video Player
Media Player, File manager, All format video player, 4kvideoplayer!
Video Player - Full HD Format
Leopard V7
Video Player for Android is Full HD video player for you toAllFormats videos.
HD Video Player & Video Editor
Mp4 Player, an All format Mix HD video player with subtitle&Chromecast support
Video Player All Format
HD Video Player and Music Player with Equalizer, Subtitle,Videolocker & more.
HD Video Player
HD Video Player is a professional multimedia player forandroidphoneand tablet. It supports ALL video formats, 4K/ultraHDvideos, andplays them with high-definition, sound effectandsubtitle. HD VideoPlayer also protects your private videosfrombeing seen or deletedwrongly by others. KEY FEATURES: ●ALLformats, including MKV, MP4,M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB,TSetc. ● Play HD, full HD, 1080pand 4K video. ●Hardwareacceleration. ● Protect private video withPIN code. ●subtitledownloader. ● Play video in pop-up window, splitscreenorbackground. ● Cast videos to TV with Chromecast. ●Equalizerforoutstanding sound effects. More amazing features ofHDVideoPlayer: ● SD card support. ● Night mode and quick mute.●Soundboost. ● Progress seek and resume. ● Ratio aspect remember.●SleepTimer & screen lock. ● Easy control with gesture. ●HDVideoPlayer is for both android phone and tablet. ● Manageorsharevideos easily. Floating Video Player Videopopupenablesmultitasking. The floating video player overrides otherappsand itcan be moved and resized easily. Enjoy video onthesplit-screenand use other apps as usual. All Format VideoPlayerPlay allformat video & audio, including AVI, MP3, WAV,AAC,MOV, MP4,WMV, RMVB, FLAC, 3GP, M4V, MKV, TS, MPG, FLV, etc.VideoPlayer HDwith slow motion Video Player HD plays full HD &4kvideosmoothly with slow motion. It is the easiest Video PlayerHDforandroid, free and powerful. Background Video Player Enjoyvideoonthe background just like a music playback. Now you canenjoythevideo and save battery for your phone. OutstandingsoundeffectsOur app applied frequency equalizer, thus ensuring thespeedandeffectiveness of the video for you to personalizeyouraudioexperience. HD Video Player for android tablet Supportalldevices,watch videos on both android tablet and androidphone.Thank youfor using HD Video Player. And your suggestionsorproblems arealways welcomed. Please feel free to [email protected]
Video Player
Video Player is good Multimedia player for Android such as HDVideoPlayer
Video Player - Media Player
All Full Format Video Player, You Can Play AVI, MKV, MP4 AndOtherMedia Movies.
Video player for Android based on libmpv
Equalizer Music Player Pro
An intuitive equalizer app to control your music and videosoundeffects.
Video Player - FX Player
I guarantee, it is the advanced video player on this planet!
VRTV VR Video Player
Chai Software
VRTV is the best VR Video Player with full format support andagreat UI!