Top 13 Games Similar to Mahjong Butterfly

Mahjong Journey: Tile Match 1.25.9200
Enjoy Majhong adventure - match tiles, complete quests, becomeamahjong master!
Egypt Solitaire Mahjong 1.1.9
This pyramid solitaire game you'll like it is well themed andtherelaxing music
I Love Mahjong 2.6
John Rouda
I ♥ MahjongThis game is for people that love Mahjong. Choose from4differentboards with endless play all for free! There areoptionsto undo yourlast move, if you're like me and sometimesmakemistakes.If you get stuck, you can use a "shuffle" which will costyou1minute of time on the clock. Good luck
Mahjong GoLink 3.0
Mahjong GoLink , the best Link Up Game !Funnybrain puzzle game, Nice UI and animation, Easy operation, 4GameMode, Special DIY Game Mode, more than 20 levels, 4 magicprops, 24lovely Mahjong icons and the secret trophies.Mahjong GoLink Game also is the classic kid's board game, alinkgame to improve memory skills for kids. It's fun , it also canhelpkids to identify these common Mahjong signs.Tips:* Use 'U/Z' lines to remove all pairs of identical icons.* The move ways are different for each level, You will need tolinkdifferently for different levels.* Get more Stars in each level to unlock the hidden level.* Special DIY Game Mode, You can play with your own letters .* More than five chain hits will create a props.* 4 magic props: Add your bonus , time, hint, and resettimes.* TIME LIMIT for each level, so keep link !* Zodiac GoLink can bring you lots of fun, and also trainyourreactivity ability !Go and have a challenge!About Mahjong:Mahjong is a game that originated in China, commonly played byfourplayers . Similar to the Western card game rummy, mahjong is agameof skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certaindegree ofchance.
upjers Mahjong 1.0.9
upjers GmbH
Upjers Mahjong – the Gripping Search-GameDive into the fascinating world of Upjers Mahjong. Scouraplaying field packed with tiles for pairs of tiles with thesamemotif. Click on them to remove them from the field! But beware–this only works for tiles that do not have other tiles onbothsides of them. Each matching tile needs to have either the leftorright side free so that you can click it. Try to remove asmanytiles as possible from the field following this guideline.Countless exciting tasks await you, depending on yourlevel.These include:* Find two tiles with a special motif and remove them* Flip covered tiles, find pairs and clear the playing field bitbybit* Remove all tiles within a given time limit* Work your way through the playing field in various stagesandsolve ever-changing mini tasks* Win puzzle pieces that you can use to decorate and expandyourgardenOver the course of the game, you’ll discover a numberofadditional features. The Lightbulb shows you a possible move.Thebutton with two crossed arrows is a Scramble Booster, whichwillrearrange all of the tiles anew. Discover the world ofUpjersMahjong – download the app for your smartphone or tablet andgetstarted right away!
Mahjong HD FREE! 1.0.0
Mass Creation
Still one of the most addicting classic games.Features:- Dozen layouts included and counting- Undo and hint option- Auto finish
Hidden Mahjong: Spring Babies 1.0.8
Hidden Mahjong: Spring Babies isarelaxingMahjong game with beautiful artwork and music, set inthespringwhen the animals are all having cute babies! Solve40beautiful,hand crafted boards as difficulty increases. Canyoubecome themahjong expert?This app is certified Actually Free© which means you getthefullgame experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Signupnow forour newsletter or learn moreathttp://actuallyfreegames.comFACEBOOK US: US: US: features:- New mahjong mechanic and unique power system- 40 hand-crafted backgrounds- Beat your best times- Daily rewards- Replay for high scores- Earn coins and unlock more boards- Become the mahjong master!- Save the cute animal babiesThis app is certified Actually Free(c) which means yougetthefull game experience and it has no paid in-apppurchases.Learnmore at
Butterfly Link Up 3.09
Funny and relax link up game
Mahjong Solitaire Titans 1.2.0
This mahjong solitaire Gamehavemanyfeatures,and interesting.Match all tiles to complete a board in one of thebestMahjongFree Games.The game can improve recognition of children.600+ levels and easy to see different tiles.A lot of traditional layouts.Simple ui layout.Addictive gameplay.
Mahjong Parlour 3.5.42
1. Majority of the players here are REALladyplayers2. Unique two players rules. Try it and you'll love it3. Round the clock, there are always someone online to playwithyou4. No more loneliness. Always someone waiting for you5. So help me God ! I want to winFor support, please subscribe to WeChat: WW075582871499(WaWaGame)or contact QQ number: 403902135
Mahjong Solitaire Classic 2.1.7
Nexus Mobile
Love playing solitaire Mahjong? This istheonlyversion of Mahjong you will need on your device!Seven different tile design options including:● Wooden● Stone● Shiny● BasicAlso seven different layout options including:● Shanghai (the standard tile layout)● Monkey● Snake● RamGives you a count of how many tiles you have left as well.Option to show hints or to reshuffle (but if you use these,youlosethe chance of getting a "fortune cookie" when youcompletetheboard.)Hours of enjoyment with this classic gameThe 144 tiles are arranged in a special four-layerpatternwiththeir faces upwards. A tile is said to be open orexposed if itcanbe moved either left or right without disturbingother tiles.Thegoal is to match open pairs of identical tiles andremove themfromthe board, exposing the tiles under them for play.The gameisfinished when all pairs of tiles have been removed fromtheboardor when there are no exposed pairs remaining.Completely free with no limitations!Small download size but packed with options and graphics.
Butterflies 1.01
Catch butterflies in forest clearings, catch raindrops inathunderstorm.
Clumsy Butterfly 1.0.1
Hi Girls! We have a new butterfly games foryouthat you can play each time you need a funny moment. We thingthat aButterfly Game with a nice pink design will be moreattractive forall girls. This game is from category games forgirls and is similarto other flap bird games. In this gameButterfly need your help tofly very high and avoid obstacles. Hewant to arrive at home veryfast, but will need your help becausehe can pass all obstacles onlywith your help. This Butterfly canfly very fast, flap his wings andget as far as possible. Tap thescreen to flap the Butterfly wingsand be carrefully to avoid allobstacles that will be on his road.You need to get a lot of pointsif you want to be the best player.Show us that you can have arecord score in this pink butterflygame. Enjoy our girls games,and if you like this game ClumsyButterfly, Rate it and Share withyour friends!